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were a cross play Minecraft server.
we have the following features

-custom Enchantments.
-Custom Mines
-Free world
-Vip Mines that will rock your experience
Everything on MooshMc is fully customized.
We’re not like another server what are you waiting for come check us out
we also provide MC hosting

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SL-Craft | Semi-Vanilla Survival Server

SL-Craft a survival server in 1.18.2, open since the end of 2020 and offering players an improved survival experience. We have various plugins (including one developed according to our needs) to allow trade between players, to prevent grievances and to allow self-protection of constructions. We also have a dynamic online map available at this address.

We have a small player base, the server is very quiet at the moment. :p

How it works
The server is designed to operate in total autonomy. If the server does not have active staff on the server, a simple request for help on our Discord is enough to bring me (nesquik78) to help you as soon as possible. We work hard to try to offer you a play space worthy of the name.

Thus, the following plugins are installed (sparing the basic plugins):

  • Timberland (cuts trees on its own while passing damage to tools).
  • QuickShop (allows you to create a shop between players)
  • Harbor (advanced bed system)
  • MoneyFromMobs (pays the player for killing mobs)
  • Gsit (allows you to sit on the blocks :D)
  • RedProtect (allows you to protect your creations)
  • But features are actively developed to provide you with the best gaming experience possible!

    Don’t hesitate to come with your friends, it’s always more fun together. 😀

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition​
    The server can be reached from Bedrock edition at this ip:

    You can join our discord here:

    Antigrief Creative Freebuild


    Suffana is a creative free build server. With no plots and access to most blocks, the opportunity for creating is endless! Ask a moderator for a region protection in order to protect your build from griefing, set flags for PvP game maps and more! If a moderator is not online, get the coordinates, join our discord and leave a ticket in staff assistance with the details. Multiple worlds open to everyone to enjoy and create in as well as a ranking system granting you more access to blocks and commands as you play.

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    The SMP Without A Cool Acronym

    Welcome to the SMP!

    Our mission here is simple:

    “SMPWACA’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by uniting people from diverse backgrounds through shared motivation, recreation, and development.”

    We want you to have the best experience possible, so you can bond with friend, make new ones, and battle and build your way to the top! We don’t believe in pay to win mechanics, so supporting us gives you a few aesthetic changes, and some wonderful quality of life changes that don’t effect game balance (Such as access to inspect commands to see who placed what blocks and where!)

    With higher quality plugins that focus on what we need, and lower restrictions on the things you love, we hope it’ll be your new favorite SMP!

    Discord Server Information:

    Everything in the server is intentionally designed to be as informative, and easy to work with as possible. If you find that we’re missing a channel you’d like, or have a suggestion for layouts, feel free to let us know!

    Discord Server Boosters are always appreciated! As a token of our thanks, we offer these perks when you boost our Discord Server:

    – Custom Role and Color of your choosing
    – Custom Emoji of your choosing being added
    – Access to Core Inspect (Find out who placed blocks and where)
    – Early access to plugin tests or new worlds
    – Priority for migration
    – And more that we’re adding all the time!


    Server Features:

    We care about your experience in the SMP, that’s why this server is run on Bloom Hosting, a well known and reliable service. using the 24 GB plan, we have enough RAM to properly run the server without much issue at all.

    Featuring VanillaTweaks datapacks, small additions have been made to help you throughout your journey, such as duraping, which informs you when tool durability is low, or a fun game of tag featured on Grian’s channel!

    Essentials provides support for /home, /spawn, /tpa, and /back to all players, allowing you to converse and cooperate with your friends without all the hassle.

    Moderators get all of the support they would need as well, with full access to The Core Project, Essentials jail access, as well as Inventory see, Enderchest see, and Inventory rollback.

    Worried about thieves? Not to worry! We offer Lockette Pro, allowing you to lock your chests so only you and a set group of people can access them.

    Oh. And we have the sitting plugin.

    World Generation:

    Great consideration was taken by our Senior Admin ItsADaisyy to find a high quality world seed that provides great locations for building, as well as convenient village locations.


    We know SOMEONE is going to have an issue at some point in time. For that reason, we’ve included the support-ticket channel to assist. Just click a button, and instantly get access to a private chat with our staff team! No need to share your issues with the world, and once you’re done, just close it up and it’s archived in case we need it later!


    We take staffing very seriously, which is why we have Staff Applications coming out at regular intervals to create the atmosphere for proper vetting, training, and deployment of staff. Staff have access to all the information and support they would need, and we take pride in our use of technology to make the process easier. Ban appeals are sent straight to an appeals channel, where people can look through and approve or deny them accordingly.

    Community Involvement:

    While the initial setup was done in quite a closed setup, most things will be decided by a vote, so people can give direct input on if they approve of a decision or not.


    In order to facilitate an environment that unites people, we encourage you to bring your friends in, and have fun interacting with each other! Form a community that rivals none other, and have fun playing!

    Once again, thank you for your support, and have fun!



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    Zelkyn MC

    1.7.0 – 1.19.2
    +Bedrock Support

    Custom Survival – beta*
    Vanilla Survival – beta*

    Years of minecraft server hosting experience and many hours of care are going into the creation of your new go to Minecraft server!
    We are now in open beta and are looking for new players to try out our server and join our new and budding community.
    For more info feel free to join our server any time or come chat with us on our discord server.

    *Beta world/player data will be wiped apon leaving beta

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    K.O.S. Vanilla Survival


    Hello welcome to the K.O.S. Minecraft server! We are a new 1.19 semi vanilla PC server hosted in North America. We provide a nice feeling of vanilla Minecraft along with a skill leveling menu, seasons, an economy, heads, claiming, and player shops. There is anti grief protection along with containers, and death chests to keep your items safe. The server hosts a monthly event to let players have a chance in winning prizes!


    1) Don’t discriminate against race, gender, or sexuality.
    2) Be respectful
    3) Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or hardware results in an immediate, permanent ban.
    4) Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.
    5) Don’t post someone’s personal information without permission.
    6) Listen to what Staff says.
    7) Don’t be a nuisance. (spamming, being annoying on purpose, attempting to exploit a rule.)


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    The VividSMP

    Hi. Are you a small Minecraft content creators that have problems finding a good SMP to join. Well, i’ve got you covered.
    Welcome to The Vivid SMP (Or The Vivid Road SMP). This is a Vanilla+ SMP! In This SMP, We just Survive.
    No lore(maybe little), Just a fun survival SMP for you all. I hope can take the time to join, The IP is in the Discord!

    The Discord: { }

    Antigrief Dynmap Goldenshovel Hardmode Mobarena Pvp Rollback Shops Smp Survival

    FatHorseCraft | 1.19 Semi-Vanilla Middle School

    Looking to find your new home in Minecraft 1.19 – look no further.

    FatHorseCraft is a new semi-vanilla Minecraft server, with minimal plugins focussed on enhancing the vanilla SMP experience. We love having a laugh and building amazing worlds together, if the following features sound good, we think you should join us.

    >> Dynmap.

    >> Proactive grief and cheat prevention.

    >> Golden Shovel claim protection.

    >> Periodic End dimension resets.

    >> Semi-regular events, such as treasure hunts, PVP matches, and updated spawn locations to explore.

    >> An active discord server community.

    >> A funny fat horse mascot.

    >> Boss Mobs.*

    >> Mob arena.*

    >> Player & admin shops.*

    *These features are currently under construction, but will be live soon!

    As we are a new server, we are seeking players eager to help build a strong community. Trustworthy and dedicated members may be rewarded with staff roles to help us manage the server to a consistent standard. (Please note, repeatedly asking for a staff role won’t work – we will let you know if you’re picked).

    See you soon.

    Server IP:



    Antigrief Friendly Friendlystaff Landclaim Pve Survival

    Shogun Craft

    Welcome to Shogun Craft! We’re a new Minecraft anti-grief/land-claim server focused on a polished experience! We guarantee our server won’t dissatisfy you!

    Anarchy Antigrief Economy Javabedrockcrossplay Pvpsurvival Survival Survivalop


    We are a Latino community that loves minecraft
    We like to share ideas, game experiences and above all quality time with our friends.
    We have:

  • Survival Vanilla Anarchic (A server where you can do whatever you want – Version 1.16.5-1.18.2)
  • Survival OP (A newly updated server to 1.18.2) with:
  • – Custom Enchantments
    – Free Ranks and VIP Ranks
    – PvP 1.8
    – Crates
    – Store and store rental (For you to sell your items to other users)
    – Colosseum PvP
    – Colosseum PvE
    – Top kills- Top Dinero
    – Jobs
    – Marriages
    – Protections
    – Special Items And many other things.

    We are always in constant improvement, you can leave your suggestions in our discord and we will gladly read them and take them into account for future updates.

    join our Discord by clicking here.
    Also follow us on Facebook Here.
    Stay connected on Twitter Here.