Griefing Raiding Smp Survival Vanilla

5000 Blocks Vanilla Survival

This server is a completely vanilla 1.16.4 Minecraft server with one added twist. The world is only 5,000 blocks in each direction.

That being said, you better build underground because raiding/griefing is allowed.

No hacking/cheating (xraying, hacked clients, dupping, etc.)
No racism, sexism or homophobia.


That’s it! Good luck have fun!

Griefing Hard Pvp Survival

This server is an anarchy server. Just about anything is allowed. The only real rule is don’t crash the server.

18plus Faction Factions Griefing Survivalpvp Tpa

Morpher PvP Survival

FRESH NEW SERVER! Faction PvP, griefing is allowed!
Right now it’s only me running the server, I will continue to develop to satisfaction.
If you want to start fresh in a multiplayer server, this is the one for you.
No annoying plugins, or messages, just straight survival.

2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone Alwaysonline Alwaysupdated Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Dream Fit Fitmc Free Freebuild Freedom Freeplaynet Grief Griefing Griefingallowed Hack Hacks Permanent Play Pvp Savage Survival Survive Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vannila

Free Play Net – Freedom to play [1.16.4]

Come play with no rules and everything is allowed (except speed). We encourage users to fully exploit the game of Minecraft to make it how they want it to be. Cheat, grief, and exploit your way to Minecraft domination. The only thing not allowed is speed. We still want a vanilla experience and it lags the server.

The only plugins used are for server management and will not be used to tamper with gameplay, players, or their creations.

Griefing Hard Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Hardmode Hermitcraft Mojang Purevanilla Pvp Raiding Smp Survival Survivalmultiplayer Vanilla Vanillasurvival

1.16.3 | | Pure Vanilla Survival

✓ Hard Mode ✓ Pure Vanilla ✓ Chill ✓ Laid-Back Community ✓ SMP ✓ TPA ✓ Set Home ✓ PvP ✓ Griefing ✓ Raiding ✓ PvE ✓ 24/7 Uptime ✓ Friendly ✓ Zero Lag ★ IP: VANILLA.WTF ★ GET AN EARLY START NOW ★

VanillaWTF is a vanilla server built around YOU.
Our PURE vanilla server ensures a seamless true-vanilla experience without the interruptions of lag or hackers – we only use Functions from 1.12.2!

PvP & Raiding Permitted.

This is community-oriented SMP.
This is

A simplified donation ranking system provides balanced mechanics for all players – only vanilla features in-mind!

Ready to join?It’s really easy – our server ip is
Literally, it’s


Economy Griefing Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

⚔️ Semivanilla 1.16.3 Survival ⚔️

Semivanilla Survival

  • Vanilla Survival
  • 50,000 Blocks Both Ways (100,000)
  • Raiding Allowed
  • Griefing Allowed
  • No Land Protection or Chest Protection
  • Economy
  • Discord Integration
  • Hiring for Staff
  • and more!
  • Categories
    Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Custom Customenchants Customitems Custommobs Customplugins Grief Griefing Pvp Raiding Survival Tnt Vanillaplus

    Anarchus 1.16.3 Vanilla+ Server / Custom Anarchy

    Anarchus is a very unique server that prioritizes player experience. We have many unique features including but not limited to: OP custom items, a protected spawn, no claims, and custom mobs as well. Our OP custom items include many sets of armor, swords, bows and even potions with multiple, abnormally strong effects. You can learn more about these custom items by joining the server and visiting our library travel point via /tr library. These items are very effective for combat of course, but are also very versatile for dealing with mobs, many of which are extra strong on our server.

    We have very little rules which can be found in game by running the command /rules. Our custom mobs are buffed: wither skeletons, witches, the ender dragon, and withers are all much stronger and may summon other mobs. They all drop custom items and lots of money. Other vanilla mobs have difficulty and health that scales as you travel further from the spawn.

    For your personal gain we are allowing a limited time offer to new players: If you vote, you get the first donor rank, completely free! Anarchus also has a custom referral system where if you bring enough players to our server you will be able to rank up after 10 referrals, meaning you can get the second donor rank, Free (it is much more substantial than the first).

    Anarchus also has new custom events coming up including our 2020 Halloween event and in time our Christmas 2020 event. With these events you can gain special limited time gear which can only be gained during the event, and never again! Event gear offers unique abilities and spells, and are also marked under the seasonal event they were from. We hope to see you online!

    Anarchus Links
    Server IP:
    Online Webstore:
    Email: [email protected]

    116server 116x Auction Buy Cyber Factions Grief Griefing Market Mines Mining Online Playermine Prisonmine Prisonmines Pvp Raiding Sell Vote Voting Warfare

    Cyber Warfare Online | PvP Raiding | 1.16.X


    Cyber Warfare Online is a perfect combination of balance and power. Custom market plugin for buying and selling, player mines, donor ranks, RTP function, holographic displays, and voting rewards with loot crates! Come join and become one of the most powerful on the server! Rule the land and the economy!
    Discord –

    Grief Griefing Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

    Play Vanilla

    A Vanilla server with minimal modifications, griefing and raiding is allowed.

    Anarchy Dupe Girls Griefing Hacksallowed Normal Norules Other Pvp Survival Vanilla

    1.16.3 anarchy server

    1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules
    1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules
    1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules

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