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Voyage Season 2: The Reborn Star

Voyage Is a Nation/Economy/war/Player Driven Lore RP Server where You decide your story, be a Bandit, be a politician, Create your own nation, you decide your place in history on Voyage!

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GaelCraft – Survival | Towny | MCMMO | Jobs | Slimefun

GaelCraft is a new survival/towny server with tonnes of features!

We are currently in open development and we are looking for player suggestions to better our community.

Join now on – (Dedicated IP coming soon)

Full staff team will be recruited as we go on.

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Economy SMP


• Experience that classic SMP feel while taking part in one of the most balanced and intuitive player driven economies ever made. Built by real economy experts and Minecraft veterans

• Search all playershops to find exactly what you’re looking for or manage your own shop all from one visual gui accessible from anywhere on the server. Built to eliminate inflation and provide a realistic experience

• Make money automatically doing things you enjoy in the game. This includes hundreds of actions from mining, building, hunting, farming, chopping wood, smelting items, fishing, and running your shop. All jobs pay out a balanced amount of money factoring in time and difficulty for each action

• Climb your way up the in-game ranks with your earnings or use it to grow your town/nation into a glistening empire. We could go on for days about the features and little details we have spent endless hours perfecting but instead we’d like to invite you to come experience it for yourself

Semi-Vanilla | Realistic Economy | Advanced Playershops | Towns/Nations | Fly in Your Town Free | In-Game Ranks

Landclaim Mythicmobs Playershops Survival

Soup Server

A New Community Based Survival Minecraft Server with MythicMobs as well as Custom Enchants and Items

We have all the features you would need to enjoy survival Minecraft the Ender Dragon respawns, Tree Feller, Rtp, Tpa, 5 Homes per player, Land Claim 500 blocks to build your base and gain more by playing and voting.

We are also looking for active players to become staff and or builders on the server, we plan on adding custom dungeons that spawn within the world and need help building them come online if you want to know more.

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TavernMC | Peaceful Survival | No Grief | PvE Style | Looking for Staff!

☃ TavernMC ☃

Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Items ➠ Player Market


TavernMC is a friendly, peaceful and relaxed survival economy server which aims to preserve the semi-vanilla experience of minecraft. On top of this amazing community, our server features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

Main Features:

✓ NEW Custom Enchantments

✓ NEW Crate System

✓ Claim Protection

✓ Keep Inventory


✓ Mineable Spawners

✓ Chest Shops

✓ Player Warps

✓ Player Shops

✓ Custom BAR API

✓ Loot Crates
✓ 1.17.1 Compatible

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WakeMC! A 1.18 Server

Server is economy based with the aim of creating a player economy with the use of player shops and player warps!

No paying for ranks as all ranks and perks are acquired in game by leveling up!

Player shops and player warps! You can set up a warp to your own shop!



Limited player slots as we are looking for a dedicated active player base. 🙂

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★ DifferentCraft ★ – Minecraft Towny Survival Server 1.15 | MythicDrops | Jobs | Much More

DifferentCraft is a mainstream Minecraft Towny server with a bunch of custom features. We’ve been running since early 2014 nonstop and have invested heavily into our own privately owned hardware keeping performance and up-time our main priority (We won’t be going anywhere any time soon).

We run a bunch of custom-made plugins so you’ll never get bored! You’ll find custom items and crafting systems at your fingertips, a rank progression system that grants you new perks while climbing the ranks! Some other things you’ll find are a brewing plugin that adds 60+ custom brewing recipes, a modified version of Slimefun to offer over 200 new items with lag-free gameplay, MythicDrops and so much more!

We’re always looking to add new awesome features to our server and are always listening to the community’s suggestions. Some of our most popular plugins are:

Custom GUI’s
Custom NPC’s
Grief Rollback system
McMMO and Marriage and many many more.

The staff is always available on the discord server and in-game, so there’s no need to worry about rule breakers. If you ever have a problem you can always count on our staff to rectify the situation. We also have specialized plugins to rollback any griefs done by rule breakers to keep your mind at peace.

During the holidays we put on events for players to play through and collect amazing custom items. Major events are usually around Summer & Christmas (My favorite) which are absolutely fabulous! We often add new fresh content to keep the game fun and enjoyable! We’re always listening to everyone’s suggestions to keep the community a happy and fun place to be.

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[24/7] ShadowRaptor Network | FTB StoneBlock 2 (Economy)(Player-owned Shops)

We currently looking for Moderators for our SkyFactory 4, FTB StoneBlock 2, and FTB OceanBlock servers. We’re accepting Admin applications as well VERY selectively.


Welcome to ShadowRaptor Network! We are a sprouting Minecraft server network that will consist of many servers. Currently, we offer a SkyFactory 4 server, however we have a StoneBlock 2 server, and a server that will feature our custom modpack, “Galactic Drive” on the way!

The FTB StoneBlock 2 Server features a full fledged economy, with plans for economic expansion as the server grows. Currently, there are admin shops to sell Reinforced Stone, and a rental plot area for players to set up their own shops at their own prices is currently under construction. The area for this will constantly expand to fit need. A full virtual marketplace is also available for you with /gts to sell and buy items! Our network also featueres Timed Ranks that will automatically be given upon reaching certain playtimes! You also have access to setting your own personal time with /ptime and weather with /pweather, so you can free yourself of rain’s annoyance 🙂

Our rules are simple, but ever changing. Make sure to check them for changes occasionally. CLICK HERE TO READ THE RULES

Owner: Zediious
Moderator: R_Macs | DivineJetz

Caves Custom Journey Lush New Playershops Silktouch Spawners Survival Vanilla

Journey Survival – Vanilla Gameplay | Chunk Claiming |1.8 PvP | Player Shops | Caves

Journey Survival - Vanilla Gameplay | Chunk Claiming |1.8 PvP | Player Shops | Caves Minecraft Server

Survival server for players who enjoy to build and adventure through Minecraft’s advancements.


1.18 Lush Caves ✔️
1.8 PvP ✔️
Chunk Claiming ✔️
Lockable Blocks ✔️
Player Shops ✔️
Spawner Shop ✔️
Custom Enchantments ✔️
Ranking System ✔️
Hopper Filters ✔️
Armor Stand Editor ✔️
Player and Entity Head Drops✔️
Resource Worlds✔️
Pets ✔️
Trails ✔️

If you decide to join Journey you’ll be welcomed with open arms! We’re a anti-grief server with a passion for survival. The entire server was designed around the core of minecraft’s vanilla gameplay. If you join you’ll start out as a Nomad, you’ll need to unlock advancements to progress through the ranking system. To bring up your advancements hit the “L” key on your keyboard and run /rankup to check your progress. When you find a place you want to setup base at simply run /chunk claim or /chunk autoclaim to protect your land from other players. Are you ready to start your journey?

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RustyWorld a Chill SMP with DataPacks and some Plugins

Join our discord all the information will be on there or make a ticket if you need any help staff will be glad to help!

When you log in the first time you’ll have to register bc we support cracked players just type in game
/register Password Password
when you log in next time all you gotta do is
/ login YourPassword

Hope to see y’all on🙏🏽📈

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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