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Yorimskar Kingdoms! [Job Roleplay] [Economy] [Plots] [Events]


  Greetings from Yorimskar! I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be given a chance to join the Kingdom of Yorimskar! In our Kingdom citizens will on arrival be given a tour and set up with their chosen gathering job, these jobs include:

-Crop Farmer
-Livestock Farmer
-Tree Farmer

Gathering jobs allow players to only gather materials that relate to their selected job. For an example a Tree Farmer would not go mine for iron when it is needed, instead they purchase that iron or required material from a player that has selected Miner. This stimulates a working economy with demand and competition within our Minecraft world! Its a great way to make a good amount of money!

Money can be spent on a wide variety of things in Yorimskar, if its more materials to build with or food so you don’t starve to death! But it doesn’t stop there! Our players come up with all kinds of cool things to sell or even some services! Have a house or Redstone machine built for you, or buy god armor and weapons to use in the Arena!

Citizens can also purchase new and bigger Plots from the City. These plots can either be Housing, Business, or Club plots, each plot having different functions and laws of what you can do there. For example, everyone starts with a Starter Plot which can tend to be small, so some players decide to purchase more space. In another case anyone who selects a type of farmer will not only get a housing plot but also a farming plot where they are allowed to grow crops, trees and breed livestock which can take up a lot of space so expansion is necessary!

If you with to join you will need to apply in our discord and reach out to Serpent5 to be given a short tour to get set up with your job, plots and starting materials. I may understand this is tedious but we like to have a nice community and we would love to meet every one of you!


See you soon!

Cells Classicprison Economy Hard Playershops Prison Titanmc

SolitudeMC Classic Prison OPEN BETA

SolitudeMC announces it’s official open beta! SolitudeMC is a classic style prison server with hundreds of custom items and a LOT to do!

We have quests, dungeons, boss fights, pvp, and of course… mines! This really is a 1 of a kind prison experience so Join today!

Keep in mind, this is OPEN BETA, meaning not every feature is fully implemented yet but we are working daily to get new content added constantly!

IP: Play.SolitudeMC.Net

PS: We are looking for staff!

Auctionhouse Economy Mobhunt Playershops Pve Pveeconomy Survival

InstaCraft Survival ~ PVE | Simple | Economy | No Land Claim

InstaCraft Survival ~ PVE | Simple | Economy | No Land Claim Minecraft Server

InstaCraft is a survival PvE server that takes Minecraft back to its basics: the nostalgic vanilla Minecraft experience, and quality of life improvements. Whether you explore the world yourself or band together with friends, the choice is yours on InstaCraft!

🌐 Server IP (1.19):
🗺️ Web:
🌎 Dynmap:
💻 Discord:

We started InstaCraft(3/3/2020) because we wanted a fun community based public server with as little restrictions as possible while still fostering a non-toxic environment

✔️Active Economy: You are able to make Player Shops and by and sell on the Auction House without the worry of getting stolen or griefed from.
✔️Quality of Life Features: Vanilla gameplay doesn’t mean having no features! We have /dback, Multiplayer sleep, Silk Spawners, and more!
✔️Minimal Plugins (Do /plugins)
✔️Active Community Discord
✔️Non-restrictive Gameplay: InstaCraft bans unproductive things, such as cheating or griefing, but we allow you to generally play how you want to play so long as you aren’t being toxic. Unlike most servers, we have no land-claim system(make a report when you’re griefed, and staff will ban/roll back the damage)

From Casual Minecrafters to Minecrafters who try to find the technical limitations of Minecraft, Instacraft is made for you! We would love to have any player join us who will be a positive contribution to the community. Feel free to ask any questions you may have below or in the discord.

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🐵 Chunky✦Monkey 🐵 Economy SMP 🐵 FREE Ranks and Fly 🐵 God Tools 🐵 Anti-Grief + SubClaims 🐵 SlimeFun 🐵 McMMO 🐵

We are ChunkyMonkey! A SMP server with a
global economy, custom god items, McMMO and much more!

This server is geared towards survival with ton of fun expansions! We’re heavily focused on the economy, bringing you a unique experience with the ability to turn almost every item into cash! You can also buy almost every item in the game, plus god items like a fortune 6 pickaxe! Read below to see some of the amazing things we have to offer over here at ChunkyMonkey.

Join us! at

🐵 Chunky✦Monkey 🐵 Economy SMP 🐵 FREE Ranks and Fly 🐵 God Tools 🐵 Anti-Grief + SubClaims 🐵 SlimeFun 🐵 McMMO 🐵 Minecraft Server


Sell almost every block for cash! Everything has a buy and sell value!
Grind your favorite aspect of the game and easily turn your surplus of items into useful cash! Players love being able to turn their hard earned
crops or spawner loot into building blocks or rank upgrades!

🐵 Chunky✦Monkey 🐵 Economy SMP 🐵 FREE Ranks and Fly 🐵 God Tools 🐵 Anti-Grief + SubClaims 🐵 SlimeFun 🐵 McMMO 🐵 Minecraft Server

This server also provides a FREE ranking system available in the shop GUI! Every rank you purchase from the shop will grant you special abilities, like Shop Discounts & Sell multipliers, Fly time, Talismans with Item Drop Multipliers, Silkspawners, Autopickup, Claim Blocks, and much more!

This progression system is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the server! Earn perks that normal servers would put behind paywalls!
Flex your rank with your earned prefix!

🐵 Chunky✦Monkey 🐵 Economy SMP 🐵 FREE Ranks and Fly 🐵 God Tools 🐵 Anti-Grief + SubClaims 🐵 SlimeFun 🐵 McMMO 🐵 Minecraft Server

Claim as much land as you’d like, as long as you can afford it!
You can also SubClaim your land to rent out buildings or rooms
to other players!
‘/kit claim’ to get started


Rent any building you’d like as long as you can afford it!
Use ‘/warp ‘ to visit leasable buildings.


We have tons of plugins like SlimeFun (with shop integration),
McMMO, Mythic Mobs, Custom Tools and Weapons,
Player Chest Shops, Crates, PyroFishing,
Fly Time, SubClaims and so much more!


Earn FREE daily flight time through upgrading your in game rank!


Selling items in the player shop is a great way to earn more cash
than you would in the server shop! Players will pay you more money than what the server shop will give you, this is because items in the
server shop cost a lot more than they sell for! For this same reason you can get discounted items from other players, it’s a win win!


Find where you want to build the ultimate base with our live 3D map!


If you’re in the mood to explore, start some NPC quests!
They can also grant you extra cash!


Earn particles and trails through the server shop!
No real money necessary!

We have an active staff that’s consistently fine tuning the experience to be as fun as possible!

We love suggestions and implement player ideas constantly!

Join the discord to become part of a respectful community!

Buycraft Chill Claimland Claims Economy Essentials Friendly Mcmmo Minecraft Modded Online Playershops Popular Ranks Shop Shopguiplus Spigot Streamer Survival Twitch V119 Viral Welcoming

SkinCraft Survival+ & Economy

Server IP:

Our Server is all about a mostly Vanilla Minecraft Experience, with a few “Quality of Life” Plugins added. Ask a MOD to join the STAFF TEAM! you think you’re a good fit! Think you’ve got what it takes? /mail either 2econdSkinTTV or Racingwithmj In-Game to Apply! (Requirements are: MUST have purchased a rank or command on the site before applying.) We look forward to meeting you!
Some Plugins include, but are not limited to:

  • Economy – The very thing that has brought this game back to life! Buying and Selling hard earned items with currencies!
  • EssentialsX – The Essentials, C’mon.
  • Jobs – Assign yourself up to 3 Jobs! Earn money for completing tasks like Mining, Farming and Woodcutting!
  • Ranks – Different Ranks with different sets of permissions and commands!
  • ChestShop – Create Player Shops where people can either buy your goods or sell theirs to you! No taxes, you get everything!
  • Colored Signs – Color your signs with “&” Color Codes!
  • GriefPrevention – Claim land with a Golden Shovel!
  • Tree Feller – Tree’s “Fall” when hit from the bottom log!
  • PlayTimeRewards – Get rewards and keep up with your playtime stats!

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    InfiniteMC – Towny Survival Server with Slimefun

    Introducing InfiniteMC

    InfiniteMC is a fun community server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players! We’re certain you’ll enjoy your time playing with us!

    Java / Bedrock compatibility

    Keep inventory
    Player shops / Player warps / Player auctions
    Free rankups
    Free daily crates for voting
    Competitive economy

    Community Economy Elitemobs Friendly Levelledmobs Playershops Rpg Small Survival Towny

    The GucciVerse

    The GucciVerse is a towny based RPG/Survival server with an economy focused around player trading and community building.
    As of right now the server only has a few active players. Mostly just myself and my girlfriend. I’ve hosted small Minecraft servers and have been a part of the Minecraft community since Beta 1.3. With all of the new and exciting things being brought into Minecraft I’ve decided to make my return as a server owner.
    We have a custom map made by McMeddon called Okarzion. You can view it at
    The map comes packed with pre-made structures full of loot and stuff to explore. Outside of the borders of the map default Minecraft terrain will begin generating.
    We’re running some exciting plugins to bring an RPG aspect to the game like Elite Mobs, MCMMO, and Levelled Mobs. This makes the game more difficult, and the game difficulty is set to Normal. I’ve implemented a death chest plugin to help alleviate some of the pressure. Please note that fighting monsters is supposed to be difficult and that you should play accordingly. Joining a town and beginning your adventure in Elite Mobs will keep you safer than roaming the wilderness. The choice is ultimately up to you however.
    The server is about a week old and I’ve been working out all the details to get ready to make it public. Currently all of the active players are in or around their mid 20’s. There are no rules surrounding the type of language used or topics of discussion. Anyone is welcome to join but being 18+ is encouraged.
    Lastly the only rules are no verbal harassment and chat spam, and of course cheating is not allowed by any means. Failure to comply will result in consequences determined by admins such as but not limited to Permanent Bans.
    Look forward to making some new friends, thanks for checking us out!

    Crates Donate Economy Guishop Jobs Marriage Playershops Rankup Rtp Survival Twitch Votifier Youtube

    Zatiejo’s Survival Server

    Welcome to my Minecraft server!

    This is a Economy Survival server. Players must grind and work
    hard as they rankup through a system of ranks in order to earn more perks.

    Players are awarded for their effort and time when playing by earning 200
    claimblocks per an hour, and a daily crate key per a day of playtime!

    Every new player starts at [​Stone] which consist of basic player commands.
    The current ranks are Coal, Copper, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, Quartz, Emerald
    Amethyst, Diamond and Netherite.
    Each of these ranks give their own perks and abilities that add on to the next.

    Players can earn money in a couple ways…
    Players can find a job with. /jobs browse and /jobs join {job} Note, new players must rank up to be able
    to work more jobs. You can only work in one as a starter
    There is a limited and small global shop, mostly create for the basic blocks and items that should
    be sellable. (/shop)
    Last but not least, there is a player shop feature.
    Players can create chest shops in the player shops world. To do this,
    go to /warp pshop and find a plot of land to rent! From there, you can
    start building and setting up your own shops for others to visit
    and use!
    You can learn more about the gamer experience by joining our server!
    just use our IP (or and come stop by!

    You can join our discord:

    Activeowner Activestaff Autorank Chestshop Crates Customenchants Economy Fun Guimenus Guishop Npc Pets Playershops Playerwarp Plugins Quests Rtp Shops Survival Tokens Towny

    Kingdom of Hibernia – 1.19.3 | Towny | MCMMO | Custom Enchantments | Pets | Ranks + Lots more!

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Hibernia!

    We are a new community with lots of really great features!

    Summary of some of our features include:

    > Fishing Area for unique drops
    > 18 player ranks
    > 60+ custom enchantments
    > Donor Ranks
    > Tokens and Token Shop
    > Money Pouches
    > Chest Shop + GUI Shops
    > Player Warps
    > Pets
    > Warp / Kit Menus
    > Crates
    > Majority sleep skip
    > Quests
    > Jobs
    > Anti Cheat

    We are constantly looking to expand our offering and are very open to player input and suggestions!

    Join our server and our community!

    Adult Economy Faction Pvp Jobsreborn Nonpvp Playershops Pvp Stoners Survival

    A Stoners Paradise

    A comunity of adults getting stoned and having fun, we are always looking for more members. All the server info and rules are on the discord.

    non-pvp: world with no greifing and jobs, player shops, and more to make minecraft a different experience.

    pvp world: has factions (made to be more basic minecraft)