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MC64 : Semi-Anarchy [1.20.2]

“What is MC64?”

  MC64 is a semi-anarchy server with claims, gangs, ranks, an economy, and minimal moderation.

  We allow in-game hacks and have few rules… So when you login, be careful who you trust.


  This is the second official release of MC64! Our community started in July 2021 with the first release of MC64. The server grew and grew but stopped prematurely due to critical some MySQL database errors, that would have forced a complete reset. The server went offline for a year but our community stayed alive through discord. During the summer, I had a bit more time on my hands, so I decide to work on getting the server up and running again. After a couple months of some trials and tribulations, I’m happy to announce the server is now officially open again!


  •   1.20.2 PVP / SMP
  •   New; officially re-released 09/08/2023
  • Semi-Anarchy; Laissez-faire Leadership
  •   Hacks Allowed; Even in PVP
  •   Economy; Physical Shops, GUI Shop, PlayerWarps, Jobs
  •   Ranking System; Rank up using in-game currency to unlock abilities
  •   Three Main Overworlds; Normal, AMPLIFIED, and Custom Biomes
  •   Grief Allowed; Use claiming system to protect your lands
  •   Not pay to win; Non-profit
  • Java edition only.

    Adult Adultonly Adultserver Community Communitydiscord Communityfocused Discord Discordcommunity Economy Goldeconomy Goldismoney Playershops Playerwarps Questing Quests Questsystem Resourceworld Smp Suruvial Survival Whitelist Whitelisted

    Planet Neon | Whitelisted Survival Server

    Planet Neon | Whitelisted Survival Server Minecraft Server

    Our Server:

    We are an adult, semi-vanilla Minecraft server with a friendly community. We offer a true-to-game survival experience with a few quality of life enhancements. We provide a friendly, engaging and welcoming community.

    An authentic survival minecraft experience with quality of life enchantments. Bringing you the best of the original Minecraft experience.

    > Economy based on Gold
    > Player Shops based on Gold
    > Land & Chest Protection
    > Homes & Player Warps
    > Resource World
    > Toggleable PVP
    > Quests / Roleplay
    > Whitelist Only

    Join the Whitelist:

    Our servers aim is to be a relaxing environment for our players and we are aimed towards the adult players of Minecraft. Our Whitelist allows us to get to know each person before they play on the server.

    The Whitelist is quick and easy to complete on our Discord server, there are no wrong answers so please be truthful in your application.

    Complete the Whitelist in 5 minutes on our Discord:

    Our Community:

    A fun, friendly community of likeminded people. We are here to have a good time, kick back, chill and play some games. We are an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be themselves.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our community and we trust you will enjoy your time becoming part of Planet Neon.

    Our Connections:

    Server IP:

    Antip2w Beta Clans Clanwars Factions Nop2w Original Playershops Pvp Raiding Shopgui Silkspawners Survival Traders

    OXIDIZED.GG «-» Factions/Clans PvP Rading Economy


    [✔️] Fully rendered maps.
    [✔️] Large-Scale DDoS Protection via OVHCloud Hosting.
    [✔️] AMD Ryzen 9 5900x CPU & SSD storage.
    [✔️] Yearly map wipes & end of season rewards.
    [✔️] Built on latest version of MC 1.20.1

    We wan’t your oppinion of the gameplay! Join us on Discord and leave suggestions!

    Let’s revive the factions community, help us innovate the future of mc factions.

    If you wan’t to get involved in the project this is what we need!

    Builders, developers, & others! Join the Discordreach out to bearr.

    Economy Economyshopgui Griefprevention Gsit Landclaim Mcmmo Playershops Portals Survival Waygates

    LyonCraft: Lyon College Public Minecraft Server

    LyonCraft is SMP hosted by Lyon College and open to the public.

    No monetization’s and no constant chat spam about ranks.

    Plugins include:

  • Waygates – Player craftable portal networks.
  • Grief Prevention for Land Claim and other protections.
  • Economy and GUI player markets with Markets Plugin
  • mcMMO
  • & more
  • The player base is mostly college age for a more mature and relaxed environment.

    Hosted from campus on a reliable, high bandwidth, fiber backbone.

    Chestshop Claims Economy Playershops Semivanilla Survival Whitelist

    SimplyCity SMP

    SimplyCity is a semi-vanilla survival server that focuses on building an economy around player shops. Set up a shop in the spawn town or start your own town and create plots for other players. You can buy cosmetic ranks (e.g. /sit, /emote, /hat) and claim blocks from the store to support the server.

    ✅ Java 1.20.1
    📝 Whitelist
    🍦 Semi-Vanilla Survival
    🗡️ PvP Toggle
    🔐 Land Claiming (Griefprevention plugin)
    📦 Player Shops (Chestshop plugin)
    🏘️ Create Your Town! (sell subclaims to players)
    🚂 No /tp and /home (only /spawn)
    🗺️ Dynmap (no End map to avoid overlooting)
    🌐 Pre-Generated Worlds (to avoid lag)
    💬 Discord Server
    🥇 Ranks (only cosmetic, NO PAY2WIN)

    Economy Jobs Lands Mcmmo Nonpay2win Playershops Quests Survival

    Sheep Server MC

    Sheep Server MC (Or just Sheep MC) is a new, community based server with the goal of making the vanilla experience even more enjoyable. With McMMO, Jobs, a diverse set of Quests, Land Claims, player run economy and shops and most importantly, Non pay-to-win ranks everyone can enjoy!

    If you enjoy the vanilla experience, but want to get more out of it, join the SheepMC server today!

    ** Currently in active development, so the server is currently whitelisted. The server will be publicly open soon! **

    Bank Betterstructures Challenges Collectibles Customworld Discord Dragonslayer Dynmap Economysurvival Elitemobs Enhancedsurvival Events Excellentcrates Griefingallowed Griefprotection Itemsadder Landclaim Lands Minigames Moremobheads Nocheat Permanent Playershops Proximitychat Puzzles Pvparena Quests Streamerfriendly Survival Teams Villagermarket Wars

    Mythic FarLands


    Welcome to the Mythic FarLands!

    Our server is a custom survival server, designed to expand upon and enhance existing Vanilla Minecraft gameplay! There are tons of new items and new features to give you endless options as to how you approach the game!

    Cosmetic Cosmetics Dungeons Mmo Mounts Pets Playershops Pve Pvp Rpg Survival Towny

    Kingdoms of Wyrmwood

    New PVP world now available!

    Welcome to Kingdoms of Wyrmwood, an immersive and thrilling Minecraft server that will transport you into a realm of epic adventures and intense battles. Our server combines the beloved towny gameplay with an array of custom plugins, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every player.

    As you step into the world of Eitr, you’ll be greeted by a bustling community. Engage with fellow players, forge alliances, and build mighty kingdoms together, or set out on a solo quest to conquer the lands. The choice is yours!

    One of the standout features of Kingdoms of Wyrmwood is our meticulously crafted towny system. Establish your own town and lead your citizens to prosperity and power. Expand your borders, construct impressive structures, and manage resources to create a thriving civilization. Collaborate with neighboring towns for trade and diplomacy, or prepare for epic clashes in the relentless pursuit of dominance in our PVP world map. We also have regular town competitions, so if fighting isn’t your thing, conquer them with style!

    Test your mettle against our new world boss Draki, in our brand new treasure filled PVP world map!

    To enhance the gameplay experience, we have custom classes available. Choose from a diverse range of classes, each with its unique abilities and skills. Whether you prefer to be a swift and elusive rogue, a stalwart warrior, a masterful mage, or any other class that suits your playstyle, you’ll find a perfect fit to unleash your potential on the battlefield.

    Prepare to delve into treacherous dungeons that will challenge your wits and courage. These carefully designed labyrinths are filled with deadly traps, fearsome creatures, and valuable treasures waiting to be discovered. Gather your friends or embark on a solo adventure as you conquer each dungeon and reap the rewards that lie within.

    For those seeking an economic edge, our server boasts a comprehensive shop system. Build your empire as an astute merchant, offering coveted goods and services to fellow players. Acquire rare items through diligent exploration or by participating in dynamic events, and turn a tidy profit as you shape the server’s economy.

    In addition to the engaging gameplay features, we offer an extensive array of crates, each containing unique and valuable rewards. Test your luck and open these crates to unveil powerful items, and game-enhancing resources that will aid you in your conquests.

    Kingdoms of Wyrmwood is a Java-based Minecraft server that combines the best elements of towny gameplay with custom plugins, dungeons, classes, shops, and exciting crate rewards. Join our vibrant community today and embark on an incredible journey filled with endless possibilities. The battlefield awaits, warrior. Will you rise to the challenge?

    1201smp Bedrockandjava Bedrockjavacrossplay Chill Craft Economy Friendly Fun Greifprevention Joinnow Nogrief Playershops Survival Vex Vexcraft

    VexCraft | Bedrock & Java Economy SMP

    Are you looking for a fun and friendly SMP to play with your friends?

    THEN JOIN… VexCraft!

    It’s Fun, Chill, and it’s Bedrock and Java Edition.
    There is also no grief and you can make new friends!

    Join Now and HAVEEEEE FUNNNN!!


    Only on 1.20.1

    Auctionhouse Autorank Chestsorting Customenchants Duels Graves Griefprevention Minigames Playershops Playerwarps Pve Pvp Pvparena Ranksystem Survival Townysurvivaleconomy

    Emerald Skies Towny



    Welcome to the official post of the Emerald Skies Towny Server!

    We are a friendly, English speaking small community and we would love for you to join us! We have created a fun towny server with lots of features! Currently we have:

  • Auction House
  • Free Ranks (with a chance to win paid ranks in the chests at spawn)
  • Player Shops
  • Player Warps
  • Chest Sort (because we all love a bit of organisation)’
  • Graves
  • Grief Prevention (for players who dont have/dont want a town)
  • Duels with 8 different PvP arenas
  • Custom Enchants
  • And much more!

    We have a couple of games added for players who want to have a break from building. We have Quake and Block Party and we also have Mob Arena, which is currently being reworked with custom classes soon to come and better rewards!

    Why don’t you see for yourself! Join using the IP and feel free to join our Discord as well where we can post pics, keep in touch and if you have a problem or find a bug, you can let me (Eavena) know! We look forward to meeting you!