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Porn Minecraft Server

Porn stars like playing Minecraft after work, I know it might surprise you, because they have sex, and Minecraft doesn’t involve sex. I mean, it does, but not in the way you might expect. They don’t do anything lewd or kinky with a block or a sword or an axe, which is amazing, because Minecraft does have… well, some kind of a sex aspect.

r34 Porn Minecraft Java Server

After basing with couple guys in Minecraft I started fantasizing about sex with two men. It doesn’t have to be a full on threesome (though that’s probably a lot of fun) and you don’t need a bunch of people. Just having two men in your life and knowing they’re both faithful is a powerful thing. It allows you to be you and makes you stronger as a whole. Just be sure you’re with two people that you trust and that you’re not just looking for a hookup with.

Basing with the boys in Minecraft

I mean, porn for Minecraft. I would love to see somebody play Minecraft, use their blocky avatar as an avatar for a porn star, and then, while her husband plumber is blasting away at zombies, the porn star can quickly marry her dog. That would be brilliant.

Minecraft Dog Husband

Life as a porn star is not easy as you don’t have much privacy or a partner to go home to. With this story, I would like to have thought that life in the porn world would be more interesting than in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the life in porn industry, but at times I wish I was back in the real world.

Hardcore Hardcoresurvival Pvp Roleplay Survival Zombie Zombieapocalypse Zombies


ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Run! We have 8 different zombies that will try to attack you! Thousands of zombies! RUN!!!!

We want to make your minecraft survival a “little bit” harder >: )

Join, if you dare…


Ammo Building Cities Custom Dayz Dead Factions Fantasy Food Grenades Guns Helicoper Huge Infectedrpg Infernalrealms Infernalreals Items Machinegun Map Massive Minez Mmo Mmorpg Network Pistol Prison Pvp Ranking Rpg Shotgun Skyscraper Sniper Survival Towns Walking Warzone Yomnetwork Zombies

– YomNetwork – DayZ – Infernal Realms – WarZone

InfectedRPG DayZ
WarZone PvP
Infernal Realms
Website Donate
NEW Players are always welcome into our community!

InfectedRPG DayZ
InfectedRPG is a DayZ based survival PvP PvE server with guns and much much more. Your ultimate goal is to survive and thrive starting from nothing and ending up an unstoppable veteran survivor. Zombies are a threat to your survival and will kill you or worse infect you and turn you into one of them. Other players may be friendly and help you survive, or they could be a bandit and murder you for your supplies. We have over 200 different types of custom weaponry including guns ranging from pistols to RPG’s, over 12 different types of melee weapons including minecrafts default swords, a huge arsenal of explosives for you to use and blow up, and even nuclear bombs! Explore massive cities or abandoned military bases and loot the supplies people left behind to help you survive! Find and drive boats, horses, and even helicopters! Earn tokens by killing zombies and rank up to unlock new kits and more! Find sleeping bags, barbed wire, barricades, and storage boxes to build your own base and defend it from zombies and bandits! There is endless things to do on this server so enjoy and goodluck!

WarZone PvP
WarZone PvP is a massive Kit PvP type server with guns set in a massive destructible city. You start off in a C130 Aircraft and choose your loadout and kits then Skydive out of the plane into the WarZone. You fight 100’s of other players with over 80 types of unlockable guns and weapons. Use bombs to blow up buildings, snipe people from 100 blocks away, fly through the city, make a team, build a base. Kill people to earn money then use that money to rankup and unlock more guns and kits. Are you ready to join the fight?

Infernal Realms
Infernal Realms is an MMO RPG PvP Adventure server! You pick a class, fight monsters, level up, conquer dungeons and bosses, create and rule towns, command armies, unlock gear, wage war and become King of the realm! The fun never ends on Infernal Realms!

Afk Automation Dayz Freeranks Hermitcraft Miner Minez Needstaff Network Opprison Opskyblock Parkour Prison Rust Skyblock Smp Vanilla Zombies

Minecore Network | Unique Handcrafted Servers

Bored of waiting around for the pandemic to end?
Jump onto Minecore, a unique network featuring servers you may have heard before, but with unique twists on each one!

Rust-like server where you explore, loot, and raid.

CELESTIAL SKIES [Skyblock / Factory]
Fully-featured Skyblock where automation is key.

Progress through the ranks using OP mining tools.

PARKOUR ADVENTURE [Parkour / Creative]
Explore a scenic parkour world and create courses.

HAVENSCAPES [Vanilla SMP / Whitelisted]
Our whitelisted SMP, inspired by Hermitcraft.

Best Bestminecraftserver Infected Looter Lootershooter Original Pvp Shooter Survival Zombies


The most original shooter gamemodes in minecraft!
Wildlands and more soon!
We have experienced staff and were NOT PAY TO WIN! Wildlands is a huge shooter gamemode where you have to loot in order to gather materials to grow stronger and craft your weapons to defend yourself against other players and horrible Infected and Geists! Join now!

Army Bandit Battleroyale Blm Cars Dayz Dead Deadisland Deadislandpvp Dungeon Dungeons Fortnite Ghillie Gulag Gun Guns Parachute Pvp Roleplay Sniper Tiktok War Warzone Zombies

FORTNITE Battle Royale dayz Dead Island Pvp 100+ Guns Cars Zombies

Server NEW IP: MCWAR.CO Server Is back after a long awaited comeback watch the trailer above or search deadislandpvp on youtube to watch player videos!

Warzone Islands Wiki:


Updates Needed
Server IP MCWAR.COServer Online map Click to view Online MapStoryline: A group of islands plagued to extinction by an unknown disease still possesses the riches of its past; You are a contracted gun, hired to explore and loot the extinct islands. Drop from your plane, parachute safely to the ground, and begin looting to survive. Be aware of the infected that cover the islands are very advanced and attracted to noise; you must move in silence in the night. Gear can be found in any town or location around the islands, rare vehicles, firearms, armor, and gear can be found in the north or the map.We will be dropping care packages with marked coordinates that are loaded with everything you will need, Be careful as others might want them as well. Be aware that other players can be aggressive as the loot of the islands is wanted by many. Be aware that island bandits will show no mercy, Juggernauts Roam the roads of the islands killing infected (They will not shoot you unless you shoot them) be prepared to hide, run, or stand your ground, attempt to find hero’s to provide support from oncoming bandits. Good luck down there soldier, find a gun and shoot to kill. Things to do once you get a grip on the game:-Visit FORT IMC Military Base Click to View Base Be aware Soldiers are very dangerous and this fort is heavily guarded. Vehicles spawn here (Helicopters and Planes)-Find and solve one of the many dungeons on the map-Attempt to Kill the Juggernaut-Become a hero and guide survivors to safety around the map-Endless Exploration
Game items wiki:

Rarity Scale:

  • RARE
  • Medical & Consumables:

  • Advanced Med Kits: Provide full health instantly upon consumption as well as extra protection from incoming attackers.
  • Med Kits Provide health and patching of wounds
  • Food Items keep your hunger full to regenerate health quickly OTHERWISE YOU WILL DIE VERY EASILY UNDER ATTACK
  • Cooking Fuel: Cooks raw food to make it cooked
  • Tool and Items:

  • Fuel Can: Used to fill up an empty vehicle.
  • Chain Links: Repair Chain Armor
  • Iron: Repairs Iron Armor
  • Grappling Hook: 1-20 Uses Launch yourself to a platform * Non-functioning within most dungeons.
  • Backpacks:

  • Camping
  • Small backpack openable by all
  • Assault
  • Medium backpack openable by all
  • British/Military
  • Large backpack openable by Vip and Premium Ranks /Buy For Access
  • Caravan
  • Extra Large backpack openable by Premium Rank Only /Buy For Access
  • Armor and Wearable Types:

  • Clothing; Jeans, Teeshirts and Pants provide little protection
  • Ghillie; Provides some protection while camouflaging you and making zombies less aware.
  • Chain Armor; Scrap Armor Provides protection from all sources
  • Iron Armor; Iron plated Armor Providing more protection
  • Kevlar Armor; Providing the most protection from all sources
  • Weapons Wiki:

    Weapons and Firearms can be found in any location on the island, weapons chests hold melee items while firearm chests hold guns and ammunition.


    Main use for melee is for silent and infected killing purposes “never bring a knife to a gunfight”

  • Wooden sword
  • low damage, good for taking out infected.
  • Stone sword
  • medium damage, good for when a player is close by.
  • Iron sword
  • High damage melee item
  • Golden sword
  • Low durability melee ceremonial item.
  • Diamond blade
  • High Damage High Durability Collectible item
  • Firearms Wiki:

  • Pistols
  • Take Pistol Magazines to Reload
  • Makrov
  • M9
  • M1911
  • G17
  • Revolvers
  • Take Revolver Rounds to Reload
  • Snub Nose Revolver
  • Long Horn Revolver
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Take Sub-Machine Gun Magazines to Reload
  • PDW
  • MP5
  • U-Mp7
  • P90
  • Assault Rifles
  • Take Assault Rifle Magazines to Reload
  • M16-A2
  • Ak-107
  • Thompson “Tommy”
  • FN-FAL
  • Steyr AUG
  • M4A1
  • Shotguns
  • Take Shotgun Shells to Reload
  • M1014
  • SPAS
  • Winchester
  • Marksman and Sniper Rifles
  • Take Sniper Rifle Magazines to Reload
  • Lee Enfield
  • CZ550
  • DMR
  • MSR
  • Dragonov
  • Heavy Rifles
  • Take Heavy Rifle Magazines to Reload
  • RPK
  • M240
  • Other
  • Bow
  • Cross Bow
  • Explosives
  • RPG
  • Thumper
  • Grenade
  • Flash Bang
  • AirRaid/Bunkerbust
  • Explosive Crossbow
  • Vehicles wiki:

    Coming Soon







    PVE, Scavs, and Bosses Wiki:

    Coming Soon Playermade: NPC and SCAV List

    Coming Soon Playermade: Bosses List

    Infected: Standard Zombie (Fast and Intelligent)

    Baby Infected (Very Fast)

    Exploding Infected (Pigman, Explodes into 1-4 Baby Exploding Infected) (Spawns in northern islands)

    Baby Exploding Infected (Explodes on death) (Very Fast)

    Sand Infected (New)

    Flood Infected (New)

    Locations wiki:

    Coming Soon






    Final Tasks:


    Easter Eggs:

    Bosses Events Faction Pvp Gunpvp Guns Kingofthehill Ranks Rankup Vehicles Zombies

    Revival Craft | Guns Factions Rankup

    Revival Craft is a gun faction server with zombies and d r u g s. Sell both for money and battle your way through the ranks to unlock the best guns on the server! Each rank has its own guns and kit. We have countless features on our server that keeps pvp active and gives players many other tasks to do besides pvping. Below are a few of the features on our server –

    Duel arenas
    Faction wars
    200+ Custom Made Guns
    Endless ways to make money
    And so much more!

    Join now to experience the full brutality of Gun pvp in minecraft!



    Agar Arena Ark Battle Battlefield Call Challenge Counter Counterstrike Csgo Destiny Dragons Dungeons Duty Evolved Fallout Fortnite Game Gun Level Mini Mob Monsters Overwatch Perk Pokemon Pubg Royale Rpg Slither Strike Survival Unlock Upgrade Zambies Zombie Zombies

    Jectile – Call of Duty and Zombies Minecraft Gun Server


    The first genuine adaptation of Call of Duty in Minecraft.

    Fight through waves of monsters using weapons, perks, skills and equipment.WeaponsImage

    Unlock weapons and purchase them with Coins collected from monsters. In Zambies, we believe in slaying monsters in the most imaginative ways possible.

    To illustrate what we mean, a monster can be defeated by:

  • A landmine detonated by a single shot from a Hunting Rifle.
  • Burning hot napalm fired from the nozzle of a Flamer.
  • Poisonous darts shot from one end of a Blowgun.
  • A Takedown, a special move that players can execute.
  • A Frying Pan. Yes, I believe you heard correctly.
  • With over 20 weapons each with their own unique characteristics, you will have more than enough to pick from when it comes to choosing your personal favorite!


    You have the option of bringing in a total of three special equipment into each match, all of which fall into one of the following categories:

  • Throwable: Items such as stun grenades, cluster bombs and airstrike-calling flares which can be tossed into tight spots!
  • Utility: Items with very strategic uses such as landmines and remotely-detonated explosives!
  • Support: Make your teammates love you with deployable Sentry Guns and Supply Crates!
  • Summoning: Request aid from a lumbering metal giant, or perhaps an angry cow that really, really loves to ram into things.
  • ClassesImage

    While a large majority of servers restrict players to predefined classes, you are given full control over the items you wish bring into each match. With an easy-to-use interface, picking an item is literally two clicks away!


    Largely inspired by games such as Fallout and Crimsonland, you may choose up to two perks. These perks grant special abilities and benefits (sometimes at a cost) that can drastically improve your performance!


    You earn a skill point upon leveling up that can be expended on upgrades that empower certain weapons, or on upgrades that improve your stats!

    Jectile is a first-person shooter Minecraft server that brings a fresh take on Call of Duty and zombie survival games.

    Clans Community Craftbook CTF Custom Dedicated European Fast Fly Logblock Lwc Notch Plugins Powerful Pve Pvp Ram Roleplay Simple Skyland Stable Survival War Worldedit Worldguard Zombies

    JR Craft – Survival

    Join one of the longest running Minecraft communities. Starting a new survival Journey…

    – New map
    – Quests (in progress of creation)
    – No lag
    – Ability to switch off pvp if not wanted (off by default – /pvp)
    – PVP Arenas (use /duel)
    – MobArena (/ma join)
    – Updated plugins
    – Fast server
    – No bulls***
    – Great community

    Plugin info and Server News:


    We do have a donator rank, this will give you some in game benefits. This is to help pay for our ever growing expensive servers.


  • Unlimited Griefprevention blocks
  • Have multiple homes
  • Keep xp on death
  • Use /fly and /flyspeed
  • Have a pet /petblock
  • Have 99 homes
  • Create and use chat groups /group
  • Use Chat colors
  • Use a nickname /nick
  • Use vanish /vanish
  • Use playertime /ptime
  • Repair items /repair
  • Feed yourself
  • Heal yourself
  • Do not need to sleep like other users to change server time to day
  • Use /firework
  • Use /workbench
  • Use /back
  • Use /compass
  • Use a hat
  • Join the server if it is full
  • Unlimited Shopchests
  • For more information please look at:

    Craftingdead Craftingdeadaftermath Dead Mapszombies Minecraft Other Pvp Seaport Server Servers Tekkit Thecraftingdead Walking Zombies

    Offical Crafting Dead Network

    This is the Official Crafting dead Seaport network We have a lot to
    offer at The biggest network on the Crafting Dead modpack!
  • ;Minigames
  • :5 unique maps such as “Cardiff,DC,Greenfield,Seaport”
  • ;Custom plugins
  • :Advanced machines
  • :DDos Protected network
  • :Custom website
  • :friendly Staff
  • :Awesome community
  • We hope to see you Soon!

    Discord Server –

    Teamspeak ip –

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