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Solos Middle School

SolosSMP – A Vanilla Minecraft Server + Quality of Life Tweaks, Custom Recipes, and Cool Mechanics!

We are looking for players to join our server. The map resets once a year. We are a public server that welcomes everyone who joins us!


Port: 25565

Version: 1.20.x

Cross Platform Supported. [Java/Bedrock]

To Navigate the server, use the command `/help` when you first join.

Official Discord Community:

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DenericaMC – Nations | Worldbuilding & Roleplay | Playerbased Economy | Geopolitcs

Hello Player!

Welcome on DenericaMC. We are a great and nice community offering the great adventurous world of Denerica. You can do a lot of stuff with the many custom mechanics and quality of live changes our server offers. A detailled Economy will offer you wealth to govern your people in this Geopolitic Adventure. Roleplay and History awaits you on DenericaMC.

The IP is:

The Link to the Dynmap:


Join our server and see it by yourself.
A lot of fun and much more,
– DenericaMC

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Welcome to your ultimate destination for a semi-vanilla anarchy-like Minecraft experience! We’re excited to announce the re-release of our server, featuring the same nostalgic world from 2019 and a renewed commitment to expand our player base.

🌍 Server Features 🌍
🔥 Semi-Vanilla Anarchy: Embrace the freedom to play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played, with minimal rules and limitations.
🌟 Vintage World: Revisit the incredible world that captured your heart in 2019, now with new adventures and opportunities.
🎮 Thriving Community: Join a diverse and passionate player base, ready to create epic memories together.
💎 Enhanced Gameplay: Experience balanced gameplay with economy, player shops, and custom enhancements.
🌄 Unique Biomes: Explore a wide variety of stunning biomes and landscapes that will leave you in awe.
🌐 24/7 Uptime: Our server ensures a stable and lag-free environment, so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.
📜 Rules? Few and Fair: We keep rules to a minimum, encouraging player-driven interactions and creativity.
🛡️ PvP and Raiding: Engage in thrilling battles and exhilarating raids with no holds barred!

Join us today and rediscover the magic of Minecraft in our vintage world. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, there’s a place for you here. Forge alliances, wage wars, build kingdoms, or simply survive the untamed wilderness – the choice is yours!

🌐 IP:
🌐 Website:
📢 Discord:
📷 Instagram:

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of our growing community. Grab your pickaxe, sharpen your swords, and embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities. Join [​Your Server Name] today and write your own story in our re-released world of adventure!

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Tellurian SMP

Have you been looking for an SMP to join, but none fit? Then check out Tellurian SMP, an action-packed SMP server featuring Custom Enchantments, MMO-esque Skills (mining, fishing, alchemy), custom overworld generation, and more! Not only that, but our staff team is ready to help you whenever you need it!

So join us at and join our discord at

Char Claim Craft Grief Prevention Raft Smp Survival World


CharCraft is a new SMP server hoping to extend the size soon once money is flowing, come visit whilst we’re in beta!


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War ☢ Industries – SlimeFun Towny Earth

Java IP:
Bedrock IP:
Bedrock Port: 25594


War Industries is an Earth server on 1.20.1 running Towny with a massive expansion of interesting gadgets, machines, and foods to make the variety of things to do here endless! Slimefun allows for technological arms-races to make the ultimate armor and weaponry to do battle against other nations in our SiegeWar system, to make better foods using crops found in the wilds and in our Resource World, or make factories creating materials on industrial scales!

Geopolitical conflict involving countries, techno-wizards unlocking nuclear power, and more in War Industries.


  • McMMO to gain strength doing things – Level up killing mobs to do more damage, take fall damage to build a resistance to it, mine diamonds to mine like a drill, become powerful!
  • Slimefun lets you do a wide variety of things – Machines and Robots, Nuclear Reactors, finding and striking Oil, stacking enchantments to make great gear to fight with, magical staffs with various abilities, and tons more!
  • Shop prices fluctuate based on supply and demand – Selling materials for profit earns you less if you keep dumping the same items into the shop, so having multiple ways of earning money is ideal.
  • Siege Wars across multiple time-zones – You not being online the same time as your friends isnt something that hinders your ability to fight in wars, with Siegewar, capturing the point is possible every hour of any day of the week, so in the late hours of the night, you can push the progress of your Siege on your enemies and help your teammates!
  • Come join us on Discord!

    View our map from your browser:

    Dos Fin Got Loud Pig Spigot Spigotmc Survival Multiplayer Tmc World

    ———– SpigotMc ———– Minecraft server

    Server owner ‘———– SpigotMc ———–‘ has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

    Block Build Creative Crossing Discord Dynmap Edit Free Freebuild Map Plot Spawn Title World Worldedit

    Turtle’s Crossing

    Turtle’s Crossing is a plotless freebuild creative server with large biome world generation started on 1.20 with plenty of Cherry Groves around spawn~

    We have WorldEdit and Dynmap for your convenience.

    If you’re interested, you can apply on our Discord Server!

    Arm Armor Boss Bosses City Dun Dwo Mod Mods New Survival Multiplayer Unge Ungee Without World

    -ADWORLD-bosses of the city of danji – WITHOUT MODs – new armor server Minecraft

    The server owner “-ADWORLD-bosses of the city of dungee – WITHOUT MODS – new armor” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

    Base Based Data Economy Ect Enjoy Lmao Mall Pve Survival Tea Team Terra Terrain World

    Astral Sanctum

    AstralSanctum is a small survival server based on 1.19.4. PvE and Team based survival server. Custom terrain in the overworld, nether and the end. Come and enjoy the server with us!