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$ Terracraft Economy $
The Enhanced Economic Experience
What Is This Server?

Terracraft is a unique server providing players with an enhanced experience compared to the vanilla game.

Providing players with plenty of new content in all areas of the game to explore and have fun with! This includes

Datapacks and plugins, Oh and did I mention voice chat?

How To Join?
Luckily our server is open to the public and allowing anyone to join! You can connect to our server on 1.18.2 with our server IP!
Server IP:

Server Features And Enhancements

  • Insane new Overworld, Nether, And End Generation, Providing TONS of new BIOMS, Structures, And Dungeons to explore.
  • New advancements to work your way through completing the game!
  • Hundreds of NEW items!
  • Massive Amount Of Enchantments To Play With!
  • NEW Dimensions to explore
  • Economic System with Money, Shops, And Claims.
  • TONS of new quality of life improvements!
  • Dark Secrets, Become a Werewolf Or Vampire
  • Voice Chat supported via plasmovoice
  • Server Guide Here

    Bukkit Capture Craft Creative Edit Flag Insomniac Minecraft Miners Mwc Servers Sniper Voxel World

    Insomniac Servers Minecraft Creative

    Check out our survival server

    About Insomniac Servers
    We got our start in MineCraft as PowerKrew Servers hosting three classic servers and 2 beta servers. During a reorganization we changed our name and decided to focus on building community. We welcome all players looking to have a good time building and playing along side friends.

    This server is home to our film guys at Miners Who Craft Studios (MWC) They have made some really decent MineCraft machinima. Check out their work here:

    – Server uses Spigot 1.18.2
    – Players need 1.18.2
    – Live map: (Temporarily Disabled)
    – Players can join and build in plot worlds.
    – More info can be found at:,74.0.html

    Anyone can join but to cut down on grief only those who apply on the forums have access to build. Apply for Builder rights here.

    – Default (can’t build)
    – Builder(can build)
    – VIP (WorldEdit)Additional NotesThis is one of two minecraft retail servers hosted by our community, the other being a creative server. We are a friendly community that is always ready to welcome new people.

    Dynmap Earthmap Fun Slimefun Survival Towny Townysurvival War World

    DietMC (Towny)

    Hey We are DietMC we have so many great features such as!

    (100+ Custom Features)
    Insane Dynmap
    And so much more so come to DietMC Towny

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    🏹 ZeldaCraft 🗡 – RPG Survival –

    Server Address:


    ZeldaCraft is an amazing Legend of Zelda themed minecraft server that has been running strong since May 20th 2012. There is a wonderful community of friendly players and a quality staff team to help out. The staff team have worked together with the community for years to create a community that’s fun for fans of all Zelda games or Minecraft in general to play.

    About Us:
    – 2 Year Old Map, Plenty of exploring to do.
    – Custom Spell Plugin
    – Custom Items and Recipes
    – Long-Term Players and New Players constantly
    – Zelda themed builds and events
    – Custom coded dungeons
    – Vanilla survival gameplay
    – Shops

    – Custom Resource Pack
    If you’re a fan of Minecraft or The Legend of Zelda, come join our server and discord! We’d love to meet you!

    Survival Vanilla World


    ShibaMC has a 1:1000 earth map, and a vanilla survival map with shared inventories! If you need any help our staff team on our discord will help you!

    Play on our Minecraft earth server now!

    Join our Discord!

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    New Public Minecraft Server! FREE RANKS FOR SPOOKTOBER SPECIAL

    This is a new minecraft server that has multiple co-op minigames to play with friends! This Server Has The Following: Paintball For Any Amount Of Players from 1v1 2v2 3v3 & More, A Convenient and new Parkour That has Never Been Seen Before, An Auction House, And A Rank Store!
    our list of minigames:
    – bedwars
    – skywars
    – parkour
    – UHC duels
    – murder mysterys
    – paintball
    – splice

    Earth Fantasy Geopolitical Globe Nationrp Nations Roleplay Survival World

    Aon Chronicles: Pre-Industrialized Nation Play at Scale!

    Currently public! – Yet joining the Discord is necessary in order to accept the server and network rules. As such, while it is a public server, and you can join at any time – you must verify with the Discord Bot!

    A custom 50k x 50k World: The World of Paralon. Featuring 4 Major Land Mass continents and sprawls of Islands to conquer and claim with focus on the ‘Pre-Industrialized’ World and Nations. (Think Castles, Villages and Cities!).

    Chronicles the “blank-slate” of a world fit to be filled by the player. Our other server Exodus, set on an island in Paralon, is a world already filled, and is a different scale of play, focusing more on RPG exploration.

    Plenty of Changes and additions to Items, Horses, Mob AI, Farming, Advancements, The Nether (completely overhauled), Combat, Crafting and more.

    Interact, Trade, Fight and Claim within this massive world. This is your larger-scale Town-Making server. For the more “Exploring, RPG” check out our other server Exodus!

    Come and play on a greater scale – the large world requires plenty of Nations to fill it out with lore, flags, cities, towns and more – minimal lag and high end hardware enables 100’s of players!

    Plenty of new things, but all vanilla streamlined for an easy experience.

    – A focus on the ‘Pre-Industrialized’ World through town building. (Think Castles, Villages and Cities!) (Utilizing the Civs Plugin)
    – Nation Claiming, National Wars, Influence, Flags, RP, Lore and more!
    – Comprehensive Rules and Guidelines.
    – Many mechanics altered, adapted or disabled to streamline the experience (ie: No Auto Farms)
    – Economic Interaction, geared towards Player 2 Player Shops and Trading.
    – Individual buildings have individual purposes!
    – Dynamic Governments, Power and Influence.
    – Incorporated War and siege mechanics.
    – Random Overworld Dungeon Spawns!
    – Complete Horse Overhauls – Breeding, Horse Trading, TP Whistles, Stats and Ownership.
    – Incendium Nether 1:1 scale. The Nether has a harder difficulty and prevents any TP!
    – Heaps of Custom Items ranging from Longswords, Bows to Deeds and Buff items. (Combat Orientated or otherwise)
    – Fully rendered PL3XMAP for navigation.
    – Plenty of Small Changes to Mob AI, Farming, Phantoms, Combat, Crafting and more.
    – Pre-Included Texture Pack for a more immersive experience.
    – Over 700+ Advancements.
    Refer to the Discord for more information.
    Currently a semi-public server – joining the Discord is necessary in order to accept the server and network rules. As such, while it is a public server, and you can join at any time – it is highly recommended to join the Discord.

    Crafter Crafters Crafting Crates Donate Economy Envoy Event Faction Faction Pvp Factions Fun Grief Lag Mcmmo Minecraft Modified Pvp Ram Server Staff Survival World

    Crafting Crafter [Factions] [1.8 – 1.17.1]

    Crafting Crafter – 1.8 – 1.17.1 clients can join – Running Factions Minecraft version 1.17.1 with 1.8 style PvP!

    Quick Info: 24/7, Uptime: 99.87%, 99.9% Lag free, DDoS protected, Great experienced staff!

    Crafting Crafter is a newly renovated and released Factions server! Come join our amazing community today and compete to be the best Faction!

    Here’s a list of some of the great features we have:

  • Crates
  • Supply Drops
  • Vote rewards
  • McMMO
  • Economy/Shop
  • 10k x 10k world border
  • TNT Bank
  • Auctions
  • /randomtp
  • Obsidian destroyer
  • Custom donor perks.
  • +much much more!

  • Categories
    Access Adventure Amazing Best Display Download Explore Fun Hardcore Majic Maps Mc Mcmeddon Meddon Minecraft Online Onlytopminecraftlol Patreon Play Public Server Survival Top Totallybestserverever Vanilla World Worlds [Season 1] | Explore Now McMeddons Worlds

    Welcome to the Overview of The Patreons Community Server on

    For the past days, I’ve been preparing non-stop the new community server.
    The Server is now in an initial test phase, so things will need adjustment or can break, but be sure that I’m on it!


    15 September
    30 October
  • What is it?
    – A community server to play vanilla Minecraft together with other Patreons on
    McMeddon´s Custom Worlds
    – A way to showcase worlds to people that haven’t been able to see the worlds
    – A place where (I hope) a community can form
    – A little longterm-present to you awesome people
  • Current Map:

    Gerohall v2:

  • What can I do?
    – Survival survival survival ~
    – Play, trade, adventure or explore the latest custom Maps
  • Ranks? How do i get my Patreon Rank ?
    – use verify or /drs verify and follow the steps
    – ranks will be handled through discord
    – more here:
  • Seasons, what are they?
    – During the server lifetime, new maps will be introduced to play on. Each map will be a dedicated season that will switch in 2 months intervals. So every 8 weeks, the community will play on the latest chosen Map from McMeddon. It’s enough time to create and build awesome structures, and keep up with the update cycle of McMeddons map progress
  • Will I be able to save my progress?
    – Currently, each season will reset everybody
  • Is it Patreon only?
    – The worlds will be accessible & playable for everyone
  • Will there be PVP, mini-games, etc?
    – The main focus is on a family-friendly coop survival community experience. The server won’t host dedicated mini-games or PVP games aside from the creative and survival part.
  • Good to know Commands:
    – /verify or /drs verify #get your rank
    – /hub or /lobby #to get to the hub/lobby
    – /spawn #to get to world spawn
    – /season #gives links and basic information about the season

    Earthmap Nation Roleplay Survival Town Towny Vanilla War World


    Welcome to Elysiums!, a geopolitical/war/towny server with a built in rank system!

    Hate P2W? Elysiums’s ranks are purely in-game money based, so you can get the exact same benefits that donors get with in game money!

    We are constantly updating and have tons of features and new suggestions coming in all the time, and unlike so many other servers we actually listen to and respond to suggestions, so come on down and try us out!

    – Bounty hunting
    – Dynmap
    – Towny
    – Town war system
    – Treasure hunt
    – Rankup system with unique perks
    – NPC Shops
    – Playershops
    – Jobs
    – Marriage
    – Custom lore sets (Can you get them all?)
    – Vote Crates
    – Vanilla-based
    – Earth Map
    – Resource world
    – 1.16.3 (Soon to support 1.9+)

    Join today and be a part of our amazing community!

    Join our discord!