Classic Pvp Без дюпа Выживание Гриф Донат Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Хардкор Экономика

LiteGrifers Minecraft Server

The developers of our Lite-Grifers server were able to make good server optimization and good anti-cheat and anti-xray that will not allow playing with cheats. You will enjoy the game on our project. You think that’s all, but it’s not like the server does not have gm 1, only grief-survival. The server has a unique kit to all privileges. The server has promotions and discounts every week. You can make new friends thanks to the clan system. So on our server there is no cheating on donat. And with a server error or bug found, we give you a privilege or upgrade you. The server has a kind and responsive administration that will help you with your questions and you will always get a quick response.

Economy Medieval Network Pvp Realistic Staffneeded Survival Ultra


We are MightAndGlory MC. A Server with an awesome community so far! We’re trying to create a medieval survival Minecraft server, as realistic as possible. At the moment I’m working on custom plugins to make this experience happen! We’re in development, so there may be bugs in some places. Don’t hesitate to report them to our Discord! Every single thing you report is appreciated. Your idea’s to improve the server are welcome too! I hope to see you at our magical server!

~ MightAndGlory

Economy Factions Pvp Raiding

Freelance MC

New factions server seeking mercenaries for hire! We’re a friendly and experienced Minecraft factions server, always looking for new recruits to help out in staffing the server itself. The server is run on 1.8.-, and also has MCMMO and the ability for a ‘/rankup’ rank to silk spawners.



Creative Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival



Datecraft is a roleplaying server where any player may assume a role in the town of Rosendar, builid alone or with friends in creative, and survive on our wild server. Our server allows players to have a great roleplaying experience as players can claim their own land in survial with friends, get married, date, and create relationships through player interaction.
One Mine, One Love, DateCraft

Fly Pvp Выживание Донат Квесты Пиратские Приват Русские Свадьбы Тюрьма Экономика

DremsCraft Minecraft Server

Hello, honey!
Come to our server. We have cool things, weddings, work, quests, private houses, shops, fast tree felling, whales and privileges! Server with survival mode. If you are interested, then it’s time to visit us:

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock

Zerania Network

You can claim a FREE RANK by going to our store and under the “Global” section selecting “Free Global Rank” and then choosing the Zeranian rank!

The Kingdom of Zerania brings you many breath-taking and thoroughly enjoyable experiences which for sure can be enjoyed by every player that is looking for quality, friendly staff and just something unprecedented. The mythic creatures indigenous to Zerania await you to join them in their fantastic traditions, such as completely revamped KitPvP, custom Skyblock that only can be found in the fantastic lands of Zerania, Skywars minigame, both OP and classic Factions with many new features and many more to come!

Economy Factions Pve Pvp Survival


This server is a factions server that needs staff. We will only be accepting very experienced staff to help us create the server.

Economy Pvp Survival Vanilla

The Irish Minecraft Server

The No. 1 Irish Server!!!!    NOW RUNNING 1.12.2!

Are you looking for the perfect Survival Server?
Well you’ve finally found it. This server is dedicated to players who love to play in Survival mode, but also like the fun found in a few useful plugins. The plugins are well monitored, and don’t spoil the Survival aspect.

This cosy server spawns you into a warm cottage by a small river dividing a forest and a desert. You make your way out and follow a soft path through the forest, past the Ravine Marketplace to a small village called SandyTown. It is protected by the lord of the realm above. Its the perfect place to start your new Minecraft journey. Exploring SandyTown will teach you everything the server has to offer. Each house has something new to discover. 🙂

– Player MarketPlace! Ranks and extra permissions! Killing mobs earns you Cash! Family Friendly! FAQ Room! New Extra Items! Rollback Grief Prevention!
– You can also earn 9 free diamonds everyday by voting for this server. Who said help others doesn’t help yourself? 😉

Explore, build, Fight, Play, Make friends or just chill out for an hour. Thats what this server is for. This is a small little haven to relax and have fun in.
To find out more, join the server. There is so much more to discover upon joining the server.

Anarchy Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

BassCraft Survival

The survival server is the Bass Craft flagship server. This type of hacks-allowed survival gameplay is where our server began. In here you will find a competitive anarchy type of survival world, but with cool plugins to enhance gameplay. Now since this is structured anarchy, there are just a few rules to help our server. For example, we ask no spamming or lag causing. This server is meant to be fun for all. This world is also home to our Ultra Music Festival stages where we have huge drop party’s and live DJ sets from Bass Craft’s finest! With over 12 voting links, it is easy to get items. When you vote you receive in game money that you can redeem in our shop!

connect with:

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Survival

High Desires | Drugs Factions McMMO

Welcome to High Desires. We are the best Drugs, Factions, McMMO, Cops, and PvP server to date! We have friendly staff that are on 24/7. We are owned by FunOrNaw. We have recently introduced new features including: A Custom Wild World, McMMO, Cops, Drugs can give potion effects, and automated shop and selling. We hope to see you soon!

<3 <3
Remember to checkout our /warp pvp and /warp

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