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try true anarchy without abusive owners !!!
TRY NOW !!!!

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This server is purely anarchy, no rules, pure vanilla, except flying. Sorry, you can not fly, due to increase in lag if you do. You will be able to donate in the future to make oour server more powerfull. Thank you for playing!

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Nopremium Survival Survivalserver


PrimineMC es un servidor Survival que se mantiene 24/7 y con un gran rendimiento, el servidor fue creado el 23/10/20 para hacer unas pruebas con mods, al final se quedó para ser un servidor Survival que utiliza PaperMC.

Hosting PrimineMC:
Nuestro servidor esta hosteado en Contabo, utiliza los «AMD EPYC 7282» con un alto rendimiento y una estabilidad asombrante, corriendo en Debian el servidor PrimineMC está seguro contra ataques y capaz de aguantar las exigencias de un mundo survival completo.

¡Empieza hoy tu aventura!

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Survival

Project Jumbo Anarchy


Project Jumbo Anarchy is the second server in the Project Jumbo family of servers! It is brand new, flexing a whopping 10 player slots! (will soon be changed to 40)

On this server, there are ZERO RULES! Use hacked clients, X-Ray, raid bases, kill players, anything goes! You can NEVER be banned from this server!

Come and join in on the chaos today!

2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone Alwaysonline Alwaysupdated Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Dream Fit Fitmc Free Freebuild Freedom Freeplaynet Grief Griefing Griefingallowed Hack Hacks Permanent Play Pvp Savage Survival Survive Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vannila

Free Play Net – Freedom to play [1.16.4]

Come play with no rules and everything is allowed (except speed). We encourage users to fully exploit the game of Minecraft to make it how they want it to be. Cheat, grief, and exploit your way to Minecraft domination. The only thing not allowed is speed. We still want a vanilla experience and it lags the server.

The only plugins used are for server management and will not be used to tamper with gameplay, players, or their creations.

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Nohackingallowed Nohacks Noreset Pve Pvp Semianarchy Semivanilla Smp Smppvp Survival Survivalpvp Vanilla Vanillasurvival

UneasyAlliance [Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16.3} {Semi-anarchy} {No Cheating}

It’s simple: You want to play Survival Minecraft. You want people who aren’t cheating to play with or maybe even against. You hate those typical factions plugins with claiming land and tpa commands. You want as close to vanilla experience as possible while also having zero rules in the game world itself?

Uneasy Alliance is your server. We’re not anarchy, rather more lawless than anything else.

You can do whatever you want in-game as long as you follow a few simple rules.

If you want the full range of survival gameplay in a settings where someone might just be waiting behind any nether portal to kill you, where you can build or say anything you possibly could ever want, where the only staff interaction is toban cheaters and make sure the server is running well, then this is your spot.

Join today, good luck.

Join our official discord to get in touch with the community and staff.

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Survival

(Modders Heaven Anarchy Server)(No Rules – Anything Goes)(24/7 Do Your Worst)(Destoy Our World)

Address To connect To Below

Modders-Heaven is a top notch, dedicated anarchy server. we have no rules and challenge you to destoy our world
modders-heaven does not have a whitelist, so there is absolutely no waiting to be able to log in. Feel free to log on and start Destroying!

Server Features
■ Website
■ 99.99% Uptime
■ Adult Staff
■ flying set to on
■ do your worst
■ Active and helpful staff
■ And so much more!

Please Bookmark Our Server In Minecraft In Case We Go Down For Maintenance

All are welcome , there are no rules

2b2talternative 2b2tclone Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchypvp Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Other

Nuclearis Anarchy Server

Nuclearis is a Minecraft Anarchy Server on Minecraft 1.12.2, feel free to join, but you must understand the following things:

1. It is an Anarchy server, so there are no rules and everything is allowed, no sencorship or bans!

2. Hacked Clients, Exploits and Glitches are fully allowed, they won’t be patched as we feel it is not Anarchy if the admin patches exploits, glitches and hacks as it is Anarchy of course!
3. If you can’t stand your bases being grieved and raided, than this is not a server for you!

4. Do be aware that Anarchy server have no rules and nobody gets banned + everything is allowed, so also toxic messages, toxic behavior and political incorrect chatting, bases and builds are allowed!

If you want to join the server, feel free to join, but stay alive out there and much love to 2B2T and Constantium!

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Nohacking Nohackingallowed Nohacks Noreset Noresets Norules Pvp Smp Smppvp Smppvpsurvival Survival Survivalpvp Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Simply Vanilla [WE ARE BACK!] – Anarchy | No Hacks | PvP | Survival | SMP | NO Reset EVER | NO other rules!

Want to experience anarchy without everyone hacking? And without having to play on one of those “vanilla” servers where you can’t grief or raid, then join Simply Vanilla. Simply Vanilla is a Vanilla Anarchy server where the ONLY rule is no hack clients. Similar to 2b2t, but without everyone using cheats, and the very long queues. Other than the no hacking rule, the server has absolutely NO other rules and NO other game-changing plugins. The server is completely Vanilla. Feel free to raid and grief bases, team up, build empires and kingdoms, and say whatever you want in chat. The server has never been reset and never will be. Join Today!

Also join our discord to get in touch with the community and staff!

We now have a reddit at…

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Competition Competitions Competitive Creative Event Events Hunger Games Hungergames Noreset Noresets Prize Prizepool Prizes Reward Rewards Rewardvoting Skyblock Skywars Survival Tournament Tournaments Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Fruitlab Vanilla Survival | No Micro Transactions | Never Reset

Why you’d LOVE it here:

• Survival (Vanilla)
• Creative
• Skywars
• Hunger Games
• Skyblock (Coming soon)

• No paying elements whatsoever
• Never RESET!
• Relaxed mods
• Weekly Tournaments
• Events
• Latest Version of Minecraft
• A Cool Community
• And more ways to play in the future
• Constant Updates

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