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Lesbian Minecraft Server

Most of the lesbian girls are retarded so it’s hard to get a girlfriend. But when you do, you get her to do so much shit, you will get there eventually.

The culture on the street is weird. I was approached by a female prostitute who was like, “Hey, don’t talk to me! I’m a transgender! Are you guys a ‘thing’ or something?” It was very hard to resist so I came instantly.

She was like, “You have to do everything for me. I’m not even asking you to shave your head or anything. Just wash my tits for a little bit, then a little bit for my legs.” I didn’t even have a hand on my dick that day. I was too busy thinking about how beautiful these girl’s asses were and how I would like to walk around in them. I was thinking about what I would do for a woman’s pussy.

Just thinking about it makes my tits so hot, it’s hard to breathe.

I liked taking that woman’s virginity, then fucking her. I also like fucking women in the ass and, well, everyone’s heard of the Chupacabra girl only Minecraft clan. It’s a secret but boys are not allowed to join them. Nobody knows why.

Recently I was posing for cute angel shots. I wasn’t really modeling but my photographer gave me this awesome angel halo! It is amazing! I do understand why she choose me. You look at the blood coming out of someone’s nose. But to have a camera in your face and look at your blood coming out of your nose, is really sexy.

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New World -Vanilla 1.16 – Quests – Rewards


2b2t Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Fitmc Norules Norulesanarchy Survival

LoneArchy Anarchy

All Dupes working, no anti cheat, no rules. 100%

Also a brand new server.

0rules 2b2t 2b2tanarchy Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchynorules Anarchyserver Dupe Dupeglitch Fun Norules Norulesanarchy Pvp Survival


Have you ever wanted to play a Minecraft Server without rules? Well you are in luck, because 6b9t literally has 0 rules. With that, even the anti cheat is poor, and if it’s even on, its most likely due to server lag. Also, every single dupe is allowed, and the donkey dupe works the best! There is donkey dupe kits and also regular kits. So, what do you say, come play on 6b9t, where illegal items and all dupes work!

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Faction Factions Factionserver Factionsurvival Network Smp Staffneeded Survival Survivalserver Survive Survivial


Welcome to the SuperHOT MC! In this server you will find multiple avenues with which to have fun with and help expand the server. We are currently looking for staff so feel free to fill out the application on our discord! All help is appreciated but not all will be accepted. Follow the rules, or not, either way you’ll have a good time, we promise!

Also join our discord server to be apart of our community.

Disclaimer: We are in no affiliation with the video game Superhot and or its creators.

2b2t 2b2tclone Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchypvp Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Norules Norulesanarchy Norulesmc Survival

6b9t – 2b2t Clone

A little while back, I was playing on 2b2t. As usual, the tps was around 5. It slowly crept down, and eventually went to 1. The server crashed. And, when it got back up, I was stuck in queue again. This has happened multiple times. So, I thought, how about I make my own server. Where there is no queue or lag. For 3 months I have planned to keep this server up. 6b9t. Do you wanna join and make history? It’s your choice. Join 6b9t today.

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Updatus Hacked | Hacker Friendly | Anarchy, KitPVP, Custom Gamemodes/Plugins | No Kicks, Bans, or Rules! | The Best Hacker Friendly Server Around

Updatus Hacked
The worlds best Hacker Friendly Server!

Updatus is all about a no rule gameplay that forces the players into using hacked clients and breaking the rules of a normal minecraft server. Everything other servers don’t want you doing… you can do here. Try your best at breaking the server with exploits, lag machines, whatever you can think of.

Come join and help the demotion crew blow up spawn. We are gaining new players at an outstanding rate so it’s only a matter of time until you need to get in here!

You can play our custom KitPVP, or mess around in Anarchy with friends. No matter what you decide to do, we guarantee it’ll be fun!



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Glitch Slime Girls Minecraft Server

It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person.

They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw she can barely move. Patches of slime gather above her naked chest. Her heart stops and then she starts. This is like the different sensations she had in her “Minecraft dungeon” that she was alive and now an adult. The sensation of finally being naked and true. A refreshing sense of liberation. The pleasure is something her brain cannot fathom. A pleasure so intense that it is almost unbearable.

Slimes taming a bunny monster girl inside the villagers jail in Minecraft.

Bunny girl likes having slimes around when her toiletries need to be cleaned up. They want to clean off her soft cotton panties and holes so she lets them slither around her hands before they do so. She probably hates the fact that they are slippery and pucker her hands around, but it feels great! That is, until she smells them and they have to be washed. She can’t get enough of slimes. They are so dirty and slimy, but she doesn’t mind it. She loved to get to clean off the slime off her mouth! The carrots add even more magic to the futa transformation.

Slimes successfully tamed a bunny.

Slime girls are different from regular girls in boob size, pussy color, and/or breast development.

But boobs do not mean that a slut is a slut, but it does mean that a girl who is smaller than average is less likely to be part of a community. However, if there are exceptions to this rule, we’ll need to find them. (i.e., fat girls who still support the lifestyle of having sexual relations and we have not yet identified an example of a fat slut!)

Furthermore, not all fat girls are big breasted. Other things besides boobs can indicate a fat girl’s power, especially the ability to manipulate men in various ways. But no matter how many other traits these girls might have, large breasts are still slimes favorite.

Slime monster girl and Alex playing with each other in Minecraft.

Some girls pretend to be real but ive seen a lot of girls who look pretty but act bad as if they are fake. I felt this really affected me, I was able to save some girls from shifting into slimes a while ago but honestly it makes me not want to give up just because it’s difficult, as the slimes are getting more active they make me harder and harder, this is sad. She even forced my hand to touch her big bazoongas and had no shame like she had something on her mind.

Steve touching slime girl on a Minecraft server.
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Pixicraft Anarchy

Pixicraft Anarchy is a vanilla (mostly) anarchy server running on the 1.16 snapshot that allows and encourages raiding, grieifing, stealing, and pretty much anything else you want to do. Hacking and exploits are permitted so long as they do not break the server or cause immense lag.
Unlike many other anarchy servers, we want to create a bigotry free and non-toxic environment that specifically welcomes lgbt+ players to ruthlessly slaughter eachother! (being lgbt+ is not required)
Please join our discord for more information and to be whitelisted!

Anarchyminecraft Clan Clans Clanspvp Geopolitical Girl Girlfriend Girls Killing Minecraftsurvival Nazi Party Political Politics Survival

Minecraft Nazi Server 1.16.1

So you want to find a nazi girlfriend for yourself in Minecraft? You can.

The idea is simple enough. You can invite the random nazi girl you’ve had your eye on into your clan. You can then make her a recruit (your clan must contain 5 women and 2 males) so you can now teach her everything about the game, and give her a bunch of cool god weapons. A couple things to keep in mind: Her profile has to be at least 10-20 days old. If she’s not, no-one will join your clan. You can make multiple clans and still not have the required number of women to keep your clan running.

Note: Her clan will come with different perks – for example she can join a clan if she’s an OG griefer, or you can make her join your smurf clan if she’s a pro.

And if you have a lot of women to recruit, what’s a clan without a leader? This is where the leader comes in. If a commander isn’t in your clan, she will simply sit by and let you do all the work.

Now that you are good friends with nazis, I am going to explain how to undress nazi girls, its actually way easier than you think.

Nazi girl player surrenders in 1vs1 wild PvP duel against Steve.

If you’re also dressed up as a nazi, make a nazi girl stand on her knees for 10 minutes and then just let her do whatever she wants, like, let her touch other nazi girls (this is especially a bad idea since it’s hard to find nazi girl’s to wear your new clothes, most nazi girls are just as uncomfortable with their nazis wearing their new clothes as you are..)

Nazis are also very hot, so if someone is hot and naked in front of you you’d best give up on it, there is a high possibility someone could break your nose. nazi boy’s are also great for nazi girls, the majority of nazi boys on  the internet are nazi, they’ve got big dicks and will make even their nazi girl to wear clothing. nazis will find some guy’s hot and naked and they’ll use that guy to wear their clothes and play “sex games” with him.

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