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DarkForestSMP [WIPED] 1.18!!

Hello everyone! We are a new survival server. We aim to keep things simple and fun. I am someone who stays away from giant over decorated spawns, holograms, etc. This is barebones survival.

-Buy/Sell shops!
-Silk Spawners!
-No land claiming, it is your job to get far and hide your stuff.
-Normal survival
-PVP and griefing is allowed
-NOT ANARCHY, there are rules

Come and Join! Its just like old times.

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〘 KivCraft – “Vanilla with Sprinkles!” 〙

𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚔𝚒𝚟𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚏𝚝

〘 survival – no economy or landclaim plugins
〘 started by players, for players!
〘 caring, supportive staff
〘 tight-knit, growing community


〘 500k world border
〘 /sethome and /home
〘 /rtp within the first 10k of spawn
〘 /tpa requests to teleport to other players
〘 griefing, raiding, PvP, or work together!
〘 feature-rich Discord with 160+ members
blog where you can submit your creations

〘 players and mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed

Semivanilla Smp Survival

Oonka SMP

Hi there! We’re Oonka SMP, an upcoming survival server that’s looking to start a nice little community. We aren’t quite open, though, as we are in desperate need of staff!
Do you think you’re up for the task? Head to our Discord server and put in an application! We can’t wait to start our journey with you.

Thanks for your time!

-Oonka, server owner

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ZS Serv Semi-Vanilla | Rank-Up | Claim land | Economy | Silk Spawners

About us:

ZS Serv offers the Minecraft vanilla experience with a few plugins added for player convenience. Claim your land and set up farms with mob spawners!
Rank up in the world with playtime, no donations, we are 100% Play-To-Win.



These are only a few of the great features our server has to offer:
➤ Rank up – We don’t take donations, so rankup with playtime instead!
➤ GriefPrevention – Claim land & live with friends
➤ Economy – Grind money by killing mobs or selling items.
➤ SilkSpawners – Pick up spawners with silk touch and change the spawner type with spawn eggs.


Staff Needed:

With the release of our new server we need some people to moderate it!
After a while of playtime, you can ask one of the owners if you could apply to become a moderator.

We are looking for:
1 Head-Admin
1 Admin
2 Mods


Fun Home Landclaim New Semivanilla Shop Smp Survival Tpa Warps Welcoming


Welcome to AxoCraft!! The new smp is Now out! the smp has commands like sethome, tpa, jobs and lots more! it even has its own shop! players can also put items up for auction to get some cash. players can use this cash to open the shop gui and buy items and blocks! did I not say LAND CLAIMING!! this serevr has landclaiming so your hard work dose not get greefed! COME PLAY ON AXOCRAFT

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Fate SMP PVP🙈 Survival🌯 pets🐱 and more👀

Welcome to Fate SMP
Fate SMP is were you can play with your friends.
Were you can play in game items with in game money at the shop at spawn.
Were you can play survival.
Were you can play sky block.
More coming soon
Hope you have fun on Fate SMP

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Olympus Anarchy

Olympus Anarchy is a brand new 1.8 semi-vanilla anarchy server! Join today @


Server features:
– 1.8 COMBAT

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ExplorerMC SMP | Hermitcraft-like | Whitelisted | 18+ Mature Semi-Vanilla Survival | 1.18 | Discord |

  • Discord Link:
  • Server Address: apply to get access to the server!
  • Dynmap: apply to get access to the Dynmap!
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! At the moment, we are still waiting on 1.18 to come out as well as necessary plugins for running the server to be released. Therefore the server won’t be accessible right away when 1.18 comes out but you can already apply to get whitelisted for when we open up the server for the broad public. !!! IMPORTANT !!!

    Welcome to ExplorerMC!

    We are a brand new server, founded on 04/06/2021 as a private server for just me and a few friends, until we decided to open up the server to new people.

    We aspire to be a close-knit community that is friendly and open to new people and old veterans all alike.

    If you have any questions, join our Discord and we will respond asap.

    To apply and get whitelisted on the server, join the Discord and open an application ticket. We will try to respond to your ticket within 24 hours after creation. Thanks in advance for your patience!

    We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


  • 24-7 Server Uptime
  • 18+ members only
  • Semi-Vanilla Gameplay with QoL Plugins And Vanilla Enhancing Datapacks
  • High Performing Server With No Lag
  • Trained, Experienced And Mature Staff
  • Cross-Discord/Minecraft Chat
  • Mob/Player Heads, Armour Stand Editor, Editable Signs, One Player Sleep, Diamond-Based Economy & More
  • Server Rules:

  • Do not grief or steal from other members.
  • Do not threaten other community members.
  • Do not harass or bully other community members.
  • Do not use client-side mods that give unfair advantages (Contact staff if you are unsure if your mod is allowed or not. Mods that add an in-game map are ALLOWED.)
  • NO hacking, xray resource packs or hacked clients on our server.
  • Do not advertise, spam, or intentionally lag/crash our server.
  • Only PVP agreed upon before hand is allowed.
  • Don’t be toxic or flame other members. If you feel like there is something wrong, contact our staff team!
  • TNT duping is allowed, but nothing else!
  • No building in a 500 block radius from spawn and keep a distance from other people’s bases of at least 500 blocks.
  • Only one alternative account is allowed and only for AFK purposes (for farms, etc.)! Ask staff about whitelisting your 2nd account.
  • Do not abuse known Minecraft exploits. This includes but not limited to duping, zero ticking, etc. Going above the nether roof is allowed, staff can make a hole in the roof if you want or you can do it yourself.

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    AviCraft was founded in 2021. We are a small but growing SMP server that welcomes players of all ages. Our staff is experienced and always here to help. We are mostly vanilla but with some fun features added in to enhance your experience.

    Amplified Amplifiedworld Semivanilla Survival Vanilla

    Degenerate Loser Craft

    Semi-Vanilla, Survival, Amplified world, Elytra, No teleporting. A fun little server for all to enjoy. Free of charge. Absolutely no pay to win aspects to it atall. See you there.

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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