Economy Semivanilla Survival Towns


Mostly vanilla survival. All plugins created from scratch. Towny-like experience to protect land/possessions. Use compasses to travel anywhere on the worldmap. Shop chests and functioning economy.

Just getting started, come check us out!

Still adding new features daily, ask and you might receive!

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[1.14.4] Apnea

Welcome to Apnea! – (#1 Survival 1.14 Minecraft server)

You open your eyes; around you, a large fort constructed from well-aged oak and weathered stone. The nearby Market is bustling with activity. The world outside peeks through the grand gates at the center of each wall face. You wonder what glory awaits you therein.
Welcome to the lands of Apnea, a brand new Survival Minecraft experience full of wonderful plugins and a great community! Play with friends, survive in the wild, build structures and bases.

The world is yours on Apnea!

Join today by connecting to in Minecraft!

  • mcMMO
  • Kind community
  • Friendly staff members
  • Stable, economy
  • Vanilla Minecraft Feel
  • Many commands such as /wild
  • Organized server with daily updates.
  • Apnea is a new server, but that does not make it a bad one. We spent nearly a year developing this server in order to make sure everyone’s experience is a top notch experience. Join today, play with friends, and have some fun! IP:

    Communityfocused Paidplugins Semivanilla Survival

    Hamilton City Roleplay – Semi-Vanilla Survival Server

    Welcome to the official Hamilton City Roleplay Minecraft Server!
    We include many different things such as paid plugins!
    An economy system! A leveling system and much, much more!

    We are part of an active community, all actions completely driven by our community.

    Come join the fun with our active and friendly minecraft server with Over 35+ Plugins!

    Crates Customcontent Customcrates Custommobs Economy Lookingforstaff Mythicmobs New Semivanilla Staff Staffneeded Survival Towny Vanilla

    DreamLand Survival

    Welcome to DreamLand Survival!

    At DreamLand, our primary goal is to ensure every player is given a unique and remarkable experience, tailoring to classic vanilla while at the same time adding engaging custom content.

    What does that mean?

    It means that no matter what playstyle you prefer. DreamLand will have something for you! With fully custom mobs, discoverable crates, towny, jobs, economy and more, I’m sure you’ll find something about DreamLand you absolutely adore!

    What makes DreamLand different from the rest?

    Our team at DreamLand is dedicated to ensuring that the survival experience is engaging and enjoyable. This means adding custom content where it’s important, and leaving core vanilla features that should always remain the same. The result is a revolutionary server providing the best of both worlds! (RPG + SURVIVAL!)

    Stop on by and come play with us! We’d love to have you on!

    Customenchantments Customenchants Discord Economy Friendly Griefprevention Mcmmo New Newserver Plots Plotsquared Ranks Ranksystem Semivanilla Small Survival

    Refuge Realms

    Refuge Realms:
      We’re a small server owned by 6 Founders. Every player on the server has become good friends with everyone else; we have a very friendly community. We (the six founders) decided to make this server after unfortunate instances with a different server owner. You can join our discord server to learn more.
      Server features:
        • Semi-vanilla
        • Custom enchants
        • No griefing policy – if they grief, they get banned.
        • GriefPrevention plugin – you can claim your land!
        • Economy
        • McMMO
        • Survival plots
        • No harassment policy


      Donator rank?
        • Our donator rank has only cosmetic perks and has no unfair advantage over anyone else, and they still have to rank up normally.
        • There are up to 7 ranks that you only gain by playing in-game – no money required. You can rank up by earning enough money, exp, McMMO, and playtime, among other things. For example, you start playing on the server as a Pleb. To rank up to Knight, you need:
            2 hours total playtime
            10 levels of exp
            At least $20k, and
            At least McMMO power level 50
      As you rank up, you can gain access to more and more perks, such as:
          • Silk touch + change spawners
          • More sethomes, plots, and claim blocks
          • /craft, /ec, /head, /fly, /feed, /heal, /fix
      Is there PvP?
        PvP is allowed with consent. If a player kills you and takes your stuff without your permission, tell staff and we’ll take care of everything for you.
      Custom enchants?  
        Here are some examples of custom enchants on our server:
          Firestorm for bows: Spawns a firestorm where the arrow strikes
          Germination for hoes: Uses bonemeal from a player’s inventory to automatically grow nearby plants
          Grab for tools: Teleports mined items and XP directly to the player

    Coreprotect Playerheads Pve Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanilla

    BirbMC [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Greylist} {16+} {1.16.3} {LGBTQ+}

    BirbMC is a semi-vanilla MC server Java that launched on June 13th2020! We are looking to grow our community of active and friendly players. We are LGBTQ+. We aim to keep the game-play feel like vanilla, so our plugins are primarily QoL and administrative. Our staff are experienced moderators of large semi-vanilla MC servers. We even have our own developers that keep everything streamlined as well as enable us to provide additional capabilities to enrich the experience for our players. Please respect others in the community and follow the rules.

    Please stop by! We have a greylist so anybody can come look around before applying! :

    Our server address is:

    – Custom Advancements
    – Dynmap
    – Dedicated Server more info below
    – Periodic Community Events
    – Stats Page

    General Info
    – Server Address/IP:
    – Server Locale: East Coast Canada
    – Game Play Type: Semi-Vanilla Survival on Hard Difficulty

    Server Specs
    – Intel i7-7700K – 4c/ 8t – 4.2GHz/ 4.5GHz
    – 64GB DDR4 2133MHz
    – 2x450GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID
    – More info at

    Casual Fun Plots Plotsquared Roleplay Semivanilla Social Survival


    Something kinda familiar but a little different. I hope you enjoy!

    Semivanilla Survival


    We mainly focus on Minecraft here but our interests also reach out to many other genres , topics and whatever you name it . We have a diverse community of people who are looking to just chill out and get along as well as having a blast gaming with each other.
    Please don’t hesitate to dive in and start right away. Introduce yourself , chill out , have a blast.👍3✅3💯2

    Customskripts Pve Pvp Semivanilla Survival

    [Semi-vanilla] VrHangout [1.16.1]

    This server if for VR and non VR players! You can hangout with players, or play semi vanilla! We have alot of custom skripts, and nice staff! Join us and play!

    Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Minecraft Minecraftserver Pve Pvesurvival Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanilla

    Beacoland [SMP] [Hermitcraft-like][18+][Semi-Vanilla]

    We are a 1.16 Hermitcraft-like survival server with a awesome friendly 18+ community!

    Just like Hermitcraft, we use some datapacks for 1 player sleep, mob & player heads and for a co-ord hub. With that in mind we are a “Semi-Vanilla” Survival Server. The closest to Vanilla you’ll get with anti-grief/stealing and server optimisations. We have no plugins that affect gameplay like /spawn /home /back, keepinv, land claim, etc.. Builds and items are safe because we use CoreProtect.

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