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We are a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of Hermitcraft. Most other plugins used are for moderation and lag efficiency like Core Protect which helps keep our community a safe and friendly place this means there are no plugins that drastically alter the vanilla experience such as; /landclaim, /sethome, or /tpask /tpahere.

We also have new bonus servers available! Including Last-Life and a Creative test server! Here at Blithe, we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!

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119server 18plus Economy Mature Pve Semivanilla Survival

ExplorerMC | 1.19.3 | Semi-Vanilla | 18+ | Player-Driven Economy | Community Driven | Community Server Discord

  • Discord Link: <<<< JOIN TO APPLY (#how-to-apply channel)
  • Server Address: apply to get access to the server!
  • Dynmap: apply to get access to the Dynmap!
  • Welcome to ExplorerMC!

    This server was originally founded on 04/06/2021 as a private server for just me and a few friends. When interest dwindled, we went private until we decided to open up the server again to new people. We aspire to be a close-knit community that is friendly and open to new people and old veterans all alike. If you have any questions, join our Discord and we will respond asap.

    We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


  • 24-7 Server Uptime
  • 18+ Community
  • Semi-Vanilla Gameplay with QoL Plugins And Vanilla Enhancing Datapacks
  • A beautiful world generated with Terralith, Structory and Nullscape for an enhanced experience
  • High Performing Server With No Lag
  • Trained, Experienced And Mature Staff
  • Cross-Discord/Minecraft Chat
  • Mob/Player Heads, Armour Stand Editor, Editable Signs, One Player Sleep, Diamond-Based Economy & More
  • Server Rules:

  • Do not grief or steal from other members.
  • Do not threaten other community members.
  • Do not harass or bully other community members.
  • Do not use client-side mods that give unfair advantages (Contact staff if you are unsure if your mod is allowed or not. Mods that add an in-game map are ALLOWED.)
  • NO hacking, xray resource packs or hacked clients on our servers.
  • Do not advertise, spam, or intentionally lag/crash our servers.
  • Only PVP agreed upon before hand is allowed.
  • Don’t be toxic or flame other members. If you feel like there is something wrong, contact our staff team!
  • TNT duping is allowed, but nothing else!
  • Only one alternative account is allowed and only for AFK purposes (for farms, etc.)! Ask staff about whitelisting your 2nd account.
  • Do not abuse known Minecraft exploits. This includes but not limited to duping, zero ticking, etc. Going above the nether roof is allowed, staff can make a hole in the roof if you want or you can do it yourself.
  • Try to keep all mob farms minimal to keep server lag down, laggy mob farms will get killed.
  • Entity spamming will get you banned.
  • Seed is not public, do not try to obtain or give it out.
  • Do not use external 3rd party programs. (EX: autoclickers, auto-rejoiners)

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    Bruh Bruhland Challange Commands Minecraft Semivanilla Smp Survival

    Bruhland Middle School

    Bruhland Middle School
    Chill & Mature community of Java Minecraft.
    [420 friendly]


    1.17.x – 1.18.x – 1.19.x Support
    Bedrock Edition suppot soon!

    Come and join us!

    Discord Factions Grief Groups New Plugins Proximitychat Pvp Semivanilla Smp Survival Teams Vanilla Voicechat

    Middle school oasis ⛏🧱

    Welcome to the Oasis SMP!

    – Started on January 23
    – 1.19.3
    – Join a vast community of different teams, factions, and alliances
    – Vanilla-based with just a few plugins (sit, proximity chat, and custom paintings) and potentially more!
    – Play how you want to play

    Make your mark on the Oasis:

    Crates Economy Semivanilla Survival Voterewards


    Welcome to Vanilli SMP, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server! Our server is built for players who want a balance of vanilla gameplay with added features. We have an active owner/developer who is always working to improve the server. The server features a variety of custom plugins that add new content and gameplay options to the game. Vanilli SMP’s economy system allows players to earn in-game currency through /jobs, and use it to claim chunks, store items in /backpack, and access /tpa and /rtp commands. We have a friendly community and active staff who are always happy to help. Join us now and experience the best of both worlds with our semi-vanilla server!
    Replying to Zeus

    Economy Mcmmo Plugins Semivanilla Survival


    SkyNet is a fair Australian Minecraft server for you to come chill at. This survival server set on hard features homes, land claims, teleporting (/tpa), crates, mcMMO, chest shops, and auction house and more. There are jobs and player markets too, to help keep the economy balance. Join Skynet and come relax with other members of the community!

    Semivanilla Survival

    Junior Vanilla

    Vanilli SMP is a new semi-vanilla server. It is running on 1.19.3 but you can join with any 1.19 version. The servers focus is on survival primarily, but there are some quality of life plugins such as /home /rtp /jobs and an economy. There are other features on the server for players to check out!

    Anarchy Community Fun Gang Grind Grinding Semianarchy Semivanilla Smp Survival

    Gang Semi-Anarchy

    Gang Semi-Anarchy

    Gang is a fun active community with a minecraft and a discord server.

    There are events in the discord and there will be events for the Minecraft server!
    Join up and hang out :3

    What is a Semi Anarchy server?
    Semi Anarchy is anarchy without allowing hacks or exploits.

    What is discord?
    A messaging platform that allows you to make servers (practically big groupchats).

    Customitems Lifesteal Semivanilla Survival


    This is a Lifesteal server, with a few custom items.
    active admins, somewhat active community, etc.

    join the Discord server at:

    Bundles Mcmmo Playershops Pvesurvival Qualityoflife Semivanilla Survival Waypoint

    Tweak power

    This is a new 1.9.3 Java server with what we’re calling “friendly survival” rules. That’s no cheating, griefing, stealing or unwanted PvP.

    We have quite a few plugins, but here’s most of the big ones:
    Beacon Waypoints
    Covert levels to bottles of XP with /getxp
    Player shops with villager shopkeepers
    Double Enderchest space
    Rapid Leaf Decay
    Large Functional Bundles