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End Portal Frame

💜 End Portal Frame is a usual vanilla survival Minecraft server where you can play with friends and other people.
😇 Don’t forget to follow the rules and be kind to each other.

Server details:🕹 Platform: Java ☑️ Version: 1.20.x (Paper)👀 Slots: 25⛏️ Gamemode: Survival⚙️ Difficult: Hard🟢 Online-mode: on💀 No PVP

📢 If you notice that any player is breaking the rules, please report it to the admin on the server or via Discord #report channel.
🤝 For safety and support issues, as well as suggestions, please contact via Discord #support channel or write to us at [email protected].
🎉 Happy playing!

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Survival, but better. Give yourself a tougher challenge and meet some awesome friends along the way. We’re a small group of people from around the world that like to play survival minecart and have fun together. Join us!

What makes Montes unique?
– Large Biomes with reduce structure generation in the overworld. (Strongholds, Spawners, Nether, and End remain unchanged)
– New 1.20.2 experimental villager trade rebalance active.
– Wandering Traders and Pillager Patrols are disabled.
– Do what you want. Build Farms, have a store, fight the Ender Dragon, fly with Elytra.

Pop in to say hello and look around. If you like what you see, then go find some land and build a home! The goal is to create a server full of honest friends, epic builds, an economy, and a place of dreams. Come show off your building skills, meet new friendly people, and play some Survival Minecraft. Come to Montes!

Don’t forget to join the Discord. As a protection against griefing, the server is backed up regularly.

Do not Hack, Cheat, Xray, Grief, Spam, Steal, or otherwise annoy us or you will be banned
Please be respectful and clean up after yourself
PvP is allowed but only if both players are willing

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xDx3 – [1.20.1] – The Ultimate Survival Experience

Welcome to the Ultimate Survival Experience at xDx3!
  We are a survival, economy, RPG, PvP server
  set to always be a very hard difficulty, no matter
  how stacked you are. You will most likely die a lot.
 Some features include:

  •   Leveled Mobs
  •   Realistic Survival(inspired by RLcraft)
  •   Blood Moons
  •   Magic Baubles
  •   Armor, weapons, and tools beyond vanilla
  •   Nerfed Villagers
  •   Seasons
  •   Disasters
  •   Custom mobs
  •   Silk touch spawners
  •   GriefPrevention(Claims!)
  •   Emerald economy
  •   Custom Enchants
  •   Player Auctions
  •   No keepInv
  •   Special Ender dragons
  •   Free Cosmetics and Pets
  •   In-game voice chat
  •   Battle pass
  •   Vote rewards and piñata
  •   Teams
  •   Jobs
  •   PvP almost everywhere
  •   Discord Server
  •   And much more!
  • * We are currently in early access testing, please be patient with some things 🙂


    Factions Hard Hardcore Modded Origins

    Altercation Association

    Server IP:
    Discord server:
    Key Features

    Difficulty: The server has a number of mods that up the difficulty. Additionally the server is set to hard.

    Hardcore: The server is on hardcore, the only way to get revived is by another player spending 64 diamonds or the dead player’s player head (Dropped on death).

    Factions: Our factions rules are built around prioritising diplomatic factional relationships rather than pvp based factional relationships. Inter-factional pvp is only allowed between 4pm and 10pm. Our world border is currently quite restrictive.

    Key mods:
    Origins+Extra origins

    We’re running a custom mod pack, available from the discord. You will need Modrinth to use it.

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    King Of Hao | Massive SMP community

    ⟢ 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑶𝒇 𝑯𝒂𝒐 ⟣Harder survival – harder life

    Are you looking for a harder survival or… a chill survival?
    Yes! We combined both of that! Join now!

    ʚ Gameplay ɞ
    ⎝ ═════✠═════ ⎠

    〘 Feature 〙:
    ⚒️ ✧ Special Mobs/Items
    🎮 ✧ New gameplay!
    🤵 ✧ Active staff
    💵 ✧ Economy system
    😻 ✧ Crate, rank, key…etc. all is free to play
    🎙️ ✧ Proximity voice chat with audio
    💎 ✧ selling items to other players on /ah
    😱 ✧ Can’t craft diamond armors (only obtain it from villagers and structures)
    🌄 ✧ Custom terrains and structures
    〘 Support 〙:
    👽 ✧ Cracked
    😎 ✧ Start server by yourself (while server is offline)

    ʚ About Us! ɞ
    ⎝ ═════✠═════ ⎠

    Java IP:
    Version: 1.16.5
    Discord Community:

    Please join discord server first to learn more!

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    ✦ JappaLand | Survivalist Towny ✦


    Come join our survival Minecraft community!

    We’re not your run of the mill survival server though. We’ve carefully and painstakingly put together a unique experience we’re calling Survivalist Towny!

    Some of our main plugins include:
    – Towny
    – McMMO
    – Jobs Reborn
    – Auction House
    – EconomyShopGUI

    Come check us out at!

    Address Beta Chat Commands Deadfaction Faction Factions Fantasy Free Friend Friends Hard Howfactions Isfactionsdead Java Minecraft Mod Mods Multiplayer Nostalgia Pvp Raid Raiding Roleplay Roleplaying Rules Server Serverlist Survival War

    Dead Factions

    Factions was my favorite game mode, but pay-to-win servers and complicated features made me quit for years. So I made Dead Factions, a server inspired by beta and pre-1.9 factions!

    A balance between beta nostalgia and fast-paced gameplay.

    – Eat –> Heal

    – Beta Walking (lite stamina)

    – x2 Mob Health (remember when they were hard?)

    – Minimal Travel (2k border) Better Raids.

    – Lite TNT Jump (less “ooh!” more boom!)

    – Giant Zombies (remember MineZ?)

    – Seasonal Features

    – Double Exp Events

    Resurrect the Glory Days of Faction Raiding.


    Personal Website:


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    Equinox (BETA)

    Our Discord

    “Equinox is a modless Minecraft server run by Rackkoonz and co-owned by Puppakk. It is a challenging experience, allowing for a modded style of play with only being run through plug-ins. It features a wide array of new biomes, mobs, items, recipes, dimensions, and more. The current state of the server is in beta, with the current version being 0.1. More updates will likely come and continue for a long time. Equinox has been in production for 4 years, however its early life consisted of just custom enchants. 3 years into the project, Equinox started to gain its mod-like status.

    When you first start out on Equinox, some of the first things you are likely to notice is the difficulty. While the server is set on hard mode, it really likes to encapsulate the “hard” feeling. Most mobs will immediately kill you in one hit, even with good armor, which can make progression at night feel almost impossible due to the rate at which mobs spawn. If you take it slow, you should be able to progress just fine, which takes us into our first display of new things.”

    All Server Are Custom Ele Hard Late Mal Plugin Plugins Sel Sion Survival Text Versi Vivo

    Survivors MC SMP

    We are a small server with custom plugins!

    latest version minecraft!!

    We are a small group of people who worked hard to get this server running (this server does use essentialsX)

    16plus Bac Comp Der Discord Ever Hard Ist Joya Nopvp Plugins Shoppingdistrict Survival Vanilla Whitelist

    Quantum Vibe: Embark on Boundless Adventures in Vanilla SMP

    Quantum Vibe invites you to embark on an extraordinary Vanilla SMP experience, seamlessly bridging the worlds of Bedrock and Java editions (Version: 1.20.1). Our server is a vibrant community where players of all backgrounds come together to create, explore, and forge unforgettable memories.

    To ensure a fair and enjoyable environment, we have established a set of rules:

  • PvP encounters require mutual agreement, promoting sportsmanship and consent-based combat.
  • Theft is strictly prohibited, preserving the integrity of players’ hard-earned possessions.
  • Griefing, destruction, and vandalism are unequivocally forbidden, fostering a collaborative atmosphere of respect and creativity.
  • Cheating, exploiting game mechanics, or using mods and resource packs that provide unfair advantages such as xRay, item duplication, or glitching, are strictly disallowed, maintaining a level playing field for all.
  • We prioritize the principle of consent; make sure resources or structures are public or obtained with permission before utilization.
  • To maintain optimal server performance for everyone, we prohibit the use of lag machines that disrupt gameplay and compromise the experience.
  • Our server is exclusively for players aged 16 and above, cultivating a mature and welcoming community for engaging interactions and friendships.
  • While Quantum Vibe values continuity, we understand the need for new beginnings. World resets will be conducted through a democratic process, allowing all members to participate in server-wide voting for major Minecraft updates. This ensures fresh adventures and renewed excitement as we collectively shape the future of our realm.

    Join Quantum Vibe today and unleash your boundless adventure:
    Server Address:
    Discover more, engage with our vibrant community, and request whitelist access through our Discord server:
    Discord Link:
    Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Quantum Vibe through our interactive Dynmap:

    Prepare to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Quantum Vibe awaits your presence, ready to redefine the possibilities within Vanilla SMP. Join us now and let the journey begin!