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booplayz server

Get ready for an action-packed experience with our Events, KitPvP, Soup, and so much more! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, there’s something for everyone. Join our vibrant community today and dive into exciting challenges

Bukkit Capture Craft Custom Economy Flag Fun Jobs Kitpvp Kits Minecraft New Other Pay Plugins Pvp Roleplay Server Towny Vanilla

StoryMC | Political Server | Bedrock Support

🌌 StoryMC is a new political server where you can develop your city and create a nation, capture and subjugate other countries or immerse yourself in the routine of diplomacy.
👑 Create a powerful empire or trading town, because here you can become anyone: from an ordinary farmer to a powerful ruler!

— Information
🔗 IP (Java) »
🔗 Ipi (Bedrock) »
💻 Version (Java) » 1.16.5 – 1.20.4 (on 1.18.2)
💻 Version (Bedrock) » 1.20.40–1.20.61

– Useful links:
📕 Rules »
💰 Donut »
🌍 Online map »
🔥 Discord »
🎬 YouTube » closed
🎬 Tiktok » closed

Hardcore Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Survival Survival Games Vanilla

LAR Hunger Games

The server is in Alpha phase and is based on a custom plugin made from 0 by two friends who share a passion for computing. The server runs 24 hours a day and offers the possibility of using special and even premium kits in case of victory. On the site (also in alpha) the overall leaderboard is shown. Given the small number of players online, the Hunger Games game starts when there are at least 2 people on Server. We may definitely increase the minimum number of players in the future!

Hardcore Kitpvp Prison Pvp Survival

Max Games

Max Games PVP


Economy Factions Kitpvp Pvp Skyblock Survival

DREAMHUB.PL| We strive to create #1 Polish Server!
English Friendly! | International Community!
Let's create the most active server in Poland!
Friendly community and great atmosphere, MATURY!
Find new friends and play online games
A special rank for active users
Competitions and games with attractive prizes, e.g. Nitro!

Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Raiding


This server has GANG-Survival gamemode
You can join or create gang. Other gangs can start fight with your gang. Build base for your gang. Get materials and weapons to protect your gang
Playing minigames get you money so you can buy stuff
We will give prizes for top leaderboarders, we have many leaderboards so you have hign change to get prizes!
Yes, we have events also. Please join and see what is your next event, and of course from every event we give prizes for players!
Very Nice Community
Join our Discord to get help and talk with great community, youre welcome!
Have alot Fun! Because we have alot of Fun! Welcome!

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp

Cosmic Maze

Cosmic Maze is an incredible Minecraft server where you enter a thrilling maze, collect powerful gear, strategize in a prep room, and then dive into epic PvP battles in dynamic arenas. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or just looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun, Cosmic Maze offers a unique and exhilarating experience that keeps you coming back for more!

Cross-Play Kitpvp Pvp Survival

Wealthy Craft

Wealthy Craft is a passionate community of Minecraft enthusiasts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of imagination and creativity. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player you can be here!

Remember, this is a place to have fun, make friends, and share your passions. Enjoy your time here!

Factions FTB Kitpvp Prison Skyblock

Aires Network

Aires Network is a brand new Factions-Centric Server starting the inaugural season of our Competitive Factions on Saturday, July 6th. Our goal is to bring together new and old players to enjoy a multitude of gamemodes, including Skyblock, Prison, Kit PVP, and more. Aires Network was created with the desire to satisfy the parts of the community who have been uninterested in other servers, and we put a large emphasis on listening to our community because of that. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and we will continue to work hard to create a solid server for everyone to enjoy.

Action Actions Active Ass Class Com Creative Eat Economy Erver Fac Faction Factions Fun Hey Join King Land Looking Need Need Players New One Play Player Players Plot Plotme Run Rvival Server Sur Surviv Surviva Survival World Worlds

Garxolandia Survival and Creative Server

Hey guys we’re a 50 slot Faction server looking for some new players to come and join in the fun. We recently lost alot of players due to the IP change to the worded one. We run Factions, PlotMe, Creative and Survival Worlds… We need players !!

Admin Best Build Buycraft Community Craft Custom Donation Fac Faction Factions Fun Good Great Help Kit Kitpvp Mine Minecraft Mod Need Open Pay Play Player Playing Plugin Plugins Prison Pvp Rank Ranks Rewards Server Servers Staff Staffteam Voting War


ShadowClash is all about PvP. We try to give you the best experience whilst having fun.


ShadowClash is a PvP server done the right way. If you are tired of bad staffmembers and just want to play and enjoy Minecraft then this is the server for you.
ShadowClash offers you a great PvP server with a fine community and a good staffteam. We have KitPvP, Factions, Prison, ShadowPvP and some other custom made Plugins ready on the go. We are open 24/7.


– PVP is balanced and enjoyable for all with NO overpowered ranks or packages that ruin pvp, most rewards can we purchased ingame and many can be earned just by playing with no need to pay.
– No silly rules. Rules are kept to a minimum and players can say whatever they want (Other than spam) without admin / mod interference.
– Every donation we get is for the server. We use it to pay our hosting, voting site or something else to upgrade our server.
– This server uses the minecraft version 1.8.*.


Come play and help build a special MineCraft community, we are constantly growing.

IP: Play.ShadowClash.Net


8.2 Active Amazing Ass Awesome Build Building Buildings Class Cool Craft Eat Erver Eso Great Inecraft Mine Minecraft Play Player Players Raft Server Smp Staff Survival Taff

Cortex Craft

Great SMP Minecraft server with an amazing staff, awesome players, and cool buildings!

Admin Age Ars Bee Car Class Craft Developer Elves Fly Game Has High Inecraft King Lit Mine Minecraft Minecraft Survival Mini No Dupes Play Player Players Playing Pro Pvp Quality Red Server Servers Star Start This Version Website

⭐ VineMine (version: 1.0.x – 1.16.x) ⭐ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ Minecraft server

Description of the server Are you tired of monotonous servers, where administrations do not care about the players, and the developers do not deal with the server? Zadonat on the server, and the promised commands do not work? Enough tolerating this! Start playing VineMine now! Our server has been working for more than 4 years, we have already managed to establish ourselves as one of the most high-quality and comfortable servers for the game. We are waiting for you!

IP:, port: 19132
VK Group:

Chat Community Craft Datapacks Diamond Discord Eco Econ Economy End Event Events Friendly Grief Griefing Hack Hacking Home Mine Minecraft Mod New Nice Open Play Player Pvp Reset Server Sethome Staff Stealing Title Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist Whitelisted World

(Whitelisted) Diamond Axe Vanilla for Minecraft 1.16

Welcome to Diamond Axe Vanilla!

We are a community of Minecrafters with a love of community and exploring the game for what it is. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing what we can do within the borders of vanilla Minecraft. We’ve recently reset our world for 1.16 and we’re excited to see what we can do!

Server Features:

-Running on FabricMC; a lightweight modding toolchain that vanilla players can still use.
-No usage of /tp, /sethome, etc.
-Economy using datapacks and /trigger commands

-World will persist past updates unless the community agrees to reset the world
-Friendly community and staff
-Occasional planned server events
-Announcements and chat through Discord


-No stealing
-No griefing
-No hacking
-No PvP, unless agreed upon
-Refrain from defamation, harassment, etc.
-Generally, just be a nice person.

This server is whitelisted. Please go to this Google Form to be accepted. We do this to weed out griefers, hackers, and people that want to ruin others’ days in general.
Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Active Ass Class Com Creative Currency Economy End Erver Eth Everyone Fun Game Games Has Join Lag Maybe Mini Mini Games Nks One Play Pvp Ran Rank Ranks Rvival Server Slots Stuff Surviv Surviva Survival Survival Games Tok Town World


The SidezServer has something for everyone! You like creative? We have a creative world! Like to play Mini-Games? We have mini-games! Want to just play some survival? We have that too! Maybe you dont like to PvP and losing your stuff you can just join a no-PvP town! We are up 24/7 so the fun never ends!
30 Slots
No Lag!!

1000 лвл 127 лвл Classic Fly Free Admin Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Many Players Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Events Minecraft Grief Minecraft Hardcore Minecraft Herobrine Minecraft Jail Minecraft Marriages Minecraft Quests Minecraft Survival No Dupes Pve Pvp Russian Minecraft

❤️ GOVERNMENT SERVERS WITH BEES ➜ 1.15.2 ❤️ Minecraft server

Server description Our IP address is
Also, our server has discounts on privileges. Come in and make sure!
Our site with auto-donate:

Wolf Craft is the best server for survival with its personalized stuff on version 1.15.2. On our server there are 1 on 1 duels, fingerboard pistons, unique treasures for game currency!

Our group By subscribing to our group, you will get the opportunity to instantly receive news about updates, and most importantly – to participate in the draws of expensive privileges!

Active Ark Basic Call Chest Chestshop Class Craft Craftbook Dragon Element Enhanced Extra Fantasy Features FTB Fun German Ill Job Jobs Land Lockedchests Medieval Multi Multiverse Normal Plugin Plugins Pvp Rvival Server Shop Survival Town Towny Vanilla

Arkania – Land of Lords

Arkania is a german Medieval PvP-Server with some Fantasy-Elements in it. Its basically an enhanced vanilla survival server with extra features.

Arkania ist ein deutscher mittelalter PvP-Server mit ein paar Fantasy-Elementen. Eigentlich ein normaler Survival Server mit ein paar Extrafunktionen.

Plugins: Towny, Jobs, DragonTravel, PwnPlantGrowth, CraftBook, ChestShop, MultiVerse, LockedChests

Ace Aus Awesome Build Car Class Craft Create Creative Custom Dedi Easy Edit Fast Free Gui Huge Inecraft Lag Mine Minecraft Play Plot Plots Plugin Plugins Red Redstone Rol Rollercoaster Rps Server Servers Sword World Worldedit

SharpSwords TRAINCARTS 1.10

You can build awesome rollercoaster on our creative server. We have traincarts, worldedit, wirelessredstone and its all free to use. We also have huge plots which you can merge.

Ever wanted to have your own Minecraft server, where you can customize almost everything and have access to more than 20 plugins? You are at the right place. Here, you can create your own server for free. Fast servers without any lag and very easy to configure because you can use a GUI to customize your server.


Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Many Players Minecraft Anarchy Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Economy Minecraft Events Minecraft Jail Minecraft Quests Minecraft Survival No Dupes Pvp Roleplay Rpg Russian Minecraft Vanilla Like

RestartCraft • Game Servers 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

RestartCraft is a unique Minecraft game project, an unforgettable pastime, sophisticated systems and hardcore. Our server is not aimed at making money; for us, players and their emotions are most important.

Our project has developed several modes:

Survival is a survival server that combines guild wars, RolePlay interactions. It often hosts interesting events where each player can take part. Unique and important systems have been installed that bring convenience and interest to the game. Stable economy and balanced donation, which gives decorative opportunities that do not affect the server economy. Convenient warp system with the possibility of earning and categorizing, even an ordinary player can create them. It is possible to create a separate region for guilds, where, depending on the rank, you can change the type of interaction for each participant in this region, there are your own virtual warehouses, you can pump up guild levels that give their advantages. A chat has been established overhead, which will increase the interest of players in communication and role-playing. PVP on the server is an integral part, therefore, a fair battle system without relogs works here.

SkyBlock is a server where players survive on the islands. This is not an ordinary mode, since there is the opportunity to create your own automated farms that harvest crops in the AFC mode, thereby increasing passive income, use advanced funnels with the ability to transfer things at a distance, teleportation, filtering items, car sales, unique beacons that extend the functionality of vanilla beacons. Each player can create warps on the island and earn money by setting the price for teleportation, a system for evaluating and sorting warps by attendance has been developed, so you need to try not to lose in competition. Here you can receive daily cases for each privilege, even for an ordinary player, as well as open cases for currency in order to receive the necessary resources. It is possible to compete in the top between players, ore blocks are valuable in raising the level of the island. The fishing system will supplement the AFC farm with the weight of fish and, accordingly, increase in sales prices. Each player can put things up for sale using a virtual store that can sort things into categories, by the way, warps are also categorized for convenience.

Vanilla is a vanilla server with a minimal number of plugins installed. It displays a chat over your head to maintain RolePlay, and the nickname is invisible so that you can hide from players. The world is in no way limited. There is no administration in this mode, only players set rules.

STALKER is a server made in the likeness of the well-known game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. Players in this mode can play RolePlay, set their terms and conditions. A large number of weapons of various types, quests for execution, which give the currency. It can be exchanged for new weapons and equipment. It is mainly a mode with an emphasis on PVP and PVE, which is why an honest PVP system without links is installed here. It is possible to join different groups, pump ranks and you can complete the game.

Prison is a fun mode with a focus on RolePlay in prison. The essence of the regime is the extraction of resources, their sale, and subsequently the pumping of tools and armor. An important aspect is PvP, killing bosses and mobs. After all, this can bring you the keys to the cases, the currency. Also on the server there is an opportunity to join 4 different gangs, such as Yakuza, Kosa Nostra, Bratva and Gangsters. There you can participate in wars between gangs, use unique effects, whales, win back rps and just have fun.

Interested in? Then we are waiting for you on our project. Recommended version for the game: 1.15.2
Server IP –
Website –
VK group –
Discord –

Active Arena Auction Auctions Best Class Community Craft Create Creative Discord Eco Econ Economy Event Events Giveaways Help Helpful Inecraft Join King Mcmmo Mine Minecraft Mmo Mob Open Pvp Quest Server Shop Sky Skyblock Staff Title

[BUDDZ] | Skyblock Server 1.15.2 (1.16 Can Join)!


Skyblock | Economy | MobHunting | McMMO
Shop | Auctions | PvP Arena | Ore Generator
Server IP:

Welcome to [BUDDZ] | Skyblock Server!

We aim to create a community that works together and gives its best to be creative and helpful to one another.
We provide a discord server that brings light to events, giveaways, and drop parties!
We have very active staff but are always looking to expand!
If you have any questions about anything at all, join our discord and visit the support-ticket channel to talk directly to our staff!


Discord: <a rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" href="

” rel=”ugc nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>


Active Ass Class Com Craft Creative Dedi Disguise Disguisecraft Edit Factions Free Gui Guis Hub Mini Games Raft Ree Sami Skyblock Survival World Worldedit

Samistines Hub

Free Worldedit and DisguiseCraft

Adventure Adventures Battle Battles Build Building Buildings Clan Class Craft Create Experience Ill Incredible Inecraft Job Join Mine Minecraft New Open Play Player Players Pve Pvp Raid Raids Rpg Secrets Server Trade Venture Weapons World Zombie Zombies

✨ New weapons, zombies, clan bases, raids, m-g. Minecraft server

Welcome. Welcome to the open spaces of Minecraft server called “DestroyCraft”. You have to plunge into an incredible world filled with secrets and adventures. You can build various buildings, mansions, castles, etc. Get minerals, trade them with players. Exchange things and meet new people. IP address:

On the Minecraft DestroyCraft server, you have the opportunity to get a job, gain experience and make a fortune. Take part in battles, increase your authority, create and manage your own clan.

Build Building Class Death Discord End Explore Fair Force Fresh Friends Game Good Great Hack Hacks Hard Hardcore Ill Lore Map Mod Multiplayer Nether New Open Play Player Pvpsurvival Raid Raiding Resources Revive Server Spawn Title Unique Update Vanilla

HardCore Mode Nether Update with friends

Fresh vanilla map on the new Nether update.

Using a VPS with good resources for smooth gameplay and view distance 12
difficulty = hard

Hacks, xray and toxic behavior is discouraged. Otherwise a fair fight, raiding, etc is a great part of multiplayer that keeps you on your toes and forces you to explore far from spawn before building anything that you want to last.

Because we want to be unique, we will have the server on HARDCORE MODE.
Since we want to build a player base, you can appeal your death at our discord and revives given on a case by case basis:
——————————————– ——————————————————————

Ace Active Ages Base Based Class Craft Economy Factions Game Good Help Ill Inecraft Join Mine Minecraft Need Online Open Play Player Players Pvp Raid Raiding Region Server Servers Star Support Survival Tail


First things first, open Minecraft and connect to There are two Raid servers to support more players, but they are both essentially the same. One is based in the US and the other is based in the EU. By using the main IP, you will get placed in the server in your region.

Once you’ve joined the game, use the command /help to receive a book that goes into detail about everything you need to know. If you’ve never played before, it’s a good idea to read through the first few pages about starting out on the server.

Note: It says “0/0 players” but the server is online and you can play it!

100 Action Actions Ass Chest Chestshop Chestshops Class Com Craft Crafting Current Eam Enjin Erver Fac Faction Factions Fight Grief Host Hosted Mine New Ops Rad Raid Ram Run Server Shop Shops Style Tea Team Upgrade


ChimpCraft is a new factions server.
We currently have 100 chestshops.
We are currently running on a 3gb ram server.
We are hosted in the UK.


Ars Ass Car Cars Class Com Cool Craft Day Dayz Erver Group Helicopters Inecraft Lag Lucky Many Players Mine Minecraft Minecraft Anarchy Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Events Minecraft Grief Minecraft Survival One Play Player Players Pvp Rvival Server Survival Top Weapons Website Zombie Zombies

✅ HELICOPTER WEAPONS ZOMBY CASES✅ 1.8-1.15.2 Minecraft server

Server description LuckyDayz 1.8 – 1.15.2 top minecraft server
– many players
– Honest Donat
– No lags
– Cool server

IP –
VK Group:

Active Ass Battle Class Com Core Country Countrys Death Eat Erver Game Games Hard Hardcore Imple Kit Kits Lin Nline Online Open Paw Play Player Players Pvp Server Simp Simple Spawn Stand Survival

Hardcore Games

Hardcore Games is a brutal, all-out battle to the death. Players spawn in the open countryside with no equipment, except for simple kits. Last man standing wins.

Note: It says “0/0 players” but the server is online and you can play on it!

Active Age Car Class Com Ect Emo End Erver Exciting Friends Game Gamemode Has Huge Ill Kill Mini Games Mod One Online Play Player Players Random Ring Server Shop Sky Speak Tag Tea Team Teams Teamspeak


The game consists of Saboteurs, Innocents and Detectives. The aim is for the Saboteurs to kill the Innocents and Detectives without being caught, and for the Innocents and Detectives to kill all the Saboteurs. It’s an exciting gamemode, which is sure to bring out the liar within you – play with friends in TeamSpeak/Skype, and argue that it isn’t you, to then backstab everyone! Karma plays a huge part in Sabotage to ensure players don’t randomly kill others, or just purchase things in the shop without a care..

Note: It says “0/0 players” but the server is online and you can play on it!

Admin Anti Ars Bed Bedwars Best Cheap Cheat Class Craft Donate Fox Free Admin Free To Play Minecraft Game Games Grief Protected Has Inecraft Kywars Lag Mine Minecraft Minecraft Donate Minecraft Survival Mini Mini Games Pvp Rvival Server Sky Skywars Survival Version War Wars Website Wip

⚜️ FoxMine ⚜️ Survival, Vulture, Mini Games ⛄ Minecraft server

➜ VKontakte group
➜ Website for the purchase of donut
➜ IP –
➜ Version – 1.8-1.12.2-1.14 +
★ ➜ Best survival server!
★ ➜ Honest PVP with Antirelog
★ ➜ BedWars, SkyWars
★ ➜ Cheap and honest donut!
★ ➜ Rarely wipe and never select a donut!
★ No lags!
★ We do not cheat for donat, we have honestly!
★ Kind and responsive administration!

Minecraft Servers to Join

The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

Minecraft Servers List

A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and Minecraft Open World Survival Servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

Minecraft Servers Survival

Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!