Paper Papermc Simple Smp Spigot Survival

ShibylCraft (13+)

Welcome to ShibylCraft!

ShibylCraft is a simple SMP server by me, YoShibyl (please call me “Yoshi” for short). The server runs on Paper and has some plugins to enhance the experience. Currently, this server features:

  • Per-player PVP toggle : Type /pvptoggle to enable or disable the ability to fight with other players. Both players must have it enabled to inflict damage to each other.
  • A Discord server to chat with people about the server, share memes, etc.
  • And other cool stuff, like these spawnable NPC things: (I might offer them as buyable spawn eggs soonβ„’)
  • Fake player NPC things


  • You must be 13 years or older to play on this server. This is because the server chat may contain profanity (not safe for young children)
  • No griefing or stealing. Will result in restoration of stolen/griefed property and temporary or permanent ban.
  • No using hacks or game-breaking exploits to gain an unfair advantage or to duplicate items.
  • Absolutely no racism or any kind of hate speech. Will likely result in a permaban.
  • No spammy messages in chat. Will result in warning, mute, or ban.
  • Don’t ask admins or others for free stuff. Basically, no begging or annoying others.
  • No scams of any kind. Real-world scams will result in a permaban.
  • No advertising other Minecraft or Discord servers.
  • If you see anyone or anything violating the rules, let me know in the #violation-reports channel on the Discord server!

    Apiary Bee Bees Bukkit Community Coreprotect Cottagecore Creative Creativeworld Discord Dynmap Essentials Essentialsx Friendly Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Howtojoin Hub Join Lobby Map Nice Original Paper Semivanilla Server Smp Smpdiscord Smpserver Spigot Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Wholesome Worldedit

    Apiary 🌻 Community Survival Minecraft Server 🌻 1.19

    apiary, noun; a place where bees are kept
    β €
    Season 1 Opening July 2nd
    β €
    Bee Themed Text Separator
    Welcome to The Apiary!
    β € ✿ Java 1.19
    β €
    {Join our Discord here to apply}
    β €
    Bee Themed Text Separator
    Hey! We get it.
    You just wanna play some good Minecraft and let yourself get lost in it for a while.
    Do what you love. We’re right there with you.
    β €
    Here’s the buzz
    β €
    The Apiary is a wholesome bee-themed server,
    with quality-of-life tweaks and fun social features.
    We’re like HermitCraft. Our community is our soul.
    β €
    If you’d like to know all the server’s details like what commands we have
    and what tweaks we use, check out the handbook we’ve made!
    β €
    We also have a diverse and trustworthy staff team and distinct rules.
    These ensure a pleasant experience for any players who just want to relax and filter out the nonsense.
    If you’ve been looking for a nice little haven, you’re in the right place.
    β €
    You can get whitelisted by reading our #welcome channel and following the straightforward steps to apply.
    β €
    {Join our Discord here to apply}
    β €
    Beehive Themed Text Separator
    β €
    Community opened May 20th (International Bee Day)
    Season 1 Opening July 2nd! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    Phantoms Bane

    Running 1.19!
    Home of the Phantoms Bane custom enchantment! Find it in End Cities.
    Phantoms Bane, is a network of Survival, UHC, and PVP servers, sethomes & tpa on some servers. We allow players to get on the nether roof and even have a couple TNT dupers so if you’ve been searching low and high for a vanilla server that allows technical gameplay – without going full on anarchy – your search is over πŸ˜€
    We have NO claims and NO grief protection.

    Our rules at a glance…
    NO Hacking, NO Duping (Except lit TNT entities – see the full rules), NO XRay
    Swearing is ALLOWED
    Racism/Sexism/Bigotry NOT allowed.

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    The Clock Tower MC

    – Survival
    – Slimefun + Add-ons
    – Player & Donator Ranks
    -Balanced Economy
    – 1200+ Quests (Including Slimefun Quests)
    – mcMMO
    – Dynmap
    – Brewery + Custom Recipies
    – Pets
    – Cosmetics
    – Pyro Fishing

    119server Bedwars Cracked Java Other Spigot

    bedwars1mapbox it is also cracked

    bedwars sever that is very fun has 1 map and a box join now and i will be happy so please join that will make me happy and have someone do play bedwars with JOIN NOW it is also cracked

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    LifestealSMP 1.19 Cracked

    IP Addres:

    The Lifesteal experience will never get you bored! We create new content that will promise you a good experience everyone looking for a minecraft server! Its PVP, Custom plugins and everything combined to give you a good experience.

    What does this server have compared to other servers:
    We have more content than any other lifesteal server. We create content so you wont get bored unlike any other vanilla lifesteal server.The lifesteal plugin has various features of revive beacons and crafting hearts

    What is lifesteal?
    Lifesteal is a plugin that has the main feature of transfering hearts when you kill someone or die to a player. This will result in heavy pvp action , drama , friendships and wars for the players playing this minecraft server.

    Drop down the spawn island and start pvping. Many players on this lifesteal server want to kill you and there is alot of PVP Action to be found! When PVP You can build your base in a 20k border radius and Teleport killing is allowed. So be carefull or you will be PVP’ed by players

    IP Addres:

    Economy Pvp Pvparena Shop Spigot Survival


    What is the server IP for duckosnetwork?
    The server IP address for duckosnetwork is In order to find the server IP please use the information provided on the left side of this page.
    How do I play on the duckosnetwork Minecraft server?
    Open the launcher, next click the “Play” button then select “Multiplayer” from the menu.

    Click “Add Server” tab and input the text on the “Server Address” box then hit “Done”.

    Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on “Join Server” button to play on duckosnetwork.
    What version does duckosnetwork server support?
    duckosnetwork supports Minecraft version: 1.18, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play on the server.
    Where is duckosnetwork minecraft server hosting located?
    The duckosnetwork server is currently hosted in United States and has a great connection.
    Where gamemodes can I play on duckosnetwork?
    You can play Economy, PvP, Survival, Vanilla, on the duckosnetwork Minecraft Server.

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    BE & Java SMP

    BE & Java SMP’s Goal is to bring Bedrock and Java Closer together! with all of our features working for both version! we have Survival which has custom terrain, custom structures, custom enchants, New Bosses and much more! We also have a one block skyblock too!

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    Goofland MC

    Running Spigot 1.18.2

    Aurelius Mobs

    Aurelius Skills

    AutoSaving World

    Clearlag for those pesky lagspikes

    Customized Death Chests.

    Spawns an Ender chest on death. Other players can destroy these chests. The chests spill out your items after 600 minutes.

    Grief Protection


    Recommend Shaderpacks, Faithful 32x. Play as you’d like though.

    Run by an absolute Idiot.

    No seriously come check us out on discord

    Economy Paper Pvp Spigot Survival


    FreeLive play Survival on Java 1.18+ ( also and old client back to 1.8 ) join and play with you frend

    Server is in Building proc comming soon support for bedrock clientsYou’ve already voted today!