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ChiliSMP Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

Enjoy Hermitcraft? Wish to play a server like it? Well we have you covered. Our server provides lag free, no farm limitations survival server without any Pay2Win features nor any land claim. We try to be close to vanilla as possible and if you are looking for a new SMP server to play on then this is 100% the one for you.
What differs us from other SMP servers? Simple we have No AFK limit. Meaning you can AFK at your farms all day and night without being kicked, other servers provide this option with payment. Not here, not us.

Sound interested? Apply Today:

Awesome Bungee Echo Epic Fun Hub Kitpvp Network Paper Pvp Spigot Super

Echo Network

Echo Network, KitPvp and much more coming soon! Keep in mind this server is currently in beta, please report any bugs in our discord. This server also supports all versions!

Customplugins Hardcore Pve Pvp Spigot Survival


IconMC! The world’s next big Hardcore Server!

We include a feature-rich hardcore experience with:
– Custom Plugins
– Hardcore Mob upgrades
– Crates
– A large community
– and much more!

Come Join Today:!

Anticheat Bukkit Customdrops Customitems Faction Faction Pvp Factions Guns Magic Modded Moddedserver Paper Plugins Pve Pvp Slimefun Spigot Survival


FactionsPlus is an unrestricted factions server that is against Pay to Win practices.

We organize through discord

The Server has combat plugins to make fights more varied and strategic, adding some firearms as well as various magic items. We run slimefun on the server which allows you to use exp to unlock new crafting recipes for powerful combat and utility items. Phantoms are disabled, bats drop phantom membranes. Evokers and witches drop spell books or magic wands, elytra are now a 10% drop from the ender dragon. Zombies, wandering traders, and pillagers have a chance to drop flintlock pistols, muskets and musket balls, along with a few other fun custom drops.

1. No Hacks, X-ray, cheating, or exploits
2. Do not spam
3. Do not ddos, dox, or build lag machines
4. Do not grief your own faction/team
5. It is okay to be a dick but do not harass players
6. No advertising without Vadim’s permission
7. Golden Rule- Use common sense texturepacks used in screensots

Datapacks English Server Link Hm Linked Craft Linked Craft S3 Mc Server Mc Server S3 Spigot Survival

Linked Craft S3

Linked Craft is on S3! We were gone for a while but now were back! Linked Craft is a minecraft survival server with no plugins. Although it is still running spigot to reduce lag. Linked Craft started on October 22nd 2020! 🙂

Disclaimer: Linked Craft is an English server if you are not fluent you should not join this server

Linked Craft has no plugins but has many datapacks to help make a better experience.

A few of our datapacks include:

player head drops
more mob heads
multiplayer sleep


And More!!

*You can see all the datapacks currently enabled on our discord server under the channel #datapacks

Linked Craft is a whitelisting server to join you need to first join our discord and read the rules then fill out a whitelist application!

We will review your application and whitelist you or have you review the rules or application template.

Linked Craft Discord: click

Building Buying Commands Coreprotect Economy Faction Factions Griefprevenetion Griefprevention Griefproof Griefprotection Minecraft Mining Sell Selling Spigot Vanilla

Simple Minecraft/ Factions/ Grief Protection

Simple vanilla like minecraft with factions as the main goal

Adventure Community Creative Customplugins Datapacks Factions Fun Plugins Server Spigot Survival Towny

Sunset bay reborn MC survival server

Recommended files for playing the server

  • shaderpack
  • resourcepack
  • Welcome to Sunset bay reborn MC survival server. Here we build a survival community and you can make friends or make enemies.

    We’re all working hard to expand and grow our world and create a real history playing vanilla survival!

    We also are planning on starting up a mini-game and a creative world!!!

    There are no rules yet, except to not be rude to others and to treat everybody with respect! and do not raid the village lobby I did not add grief protection yet because I am a noob

    I look forward to seeing you there!

    Adventure Anticheat Antigrief Buddy Bukkit Comunity Customitems Disguise Economy Economysurvival Enchanting Enchantments Friends Fun Keepinventory Keepinventorypvp Money Netherclaim Nowhitelist Playershops Prizes Pvp Randomtp Ranks Rankup Redstone Shop Signs Spawn Spigot Staffed Survival Vote

    Pandara [1.16.3] [Java] [Survival] [Economy] [Anti-Grief] [Player Shops] [Crate key]

    IP Address:

    [​Java] Pandaramc
    A Survival/economy server
    Anti-grief, Player shops, Crate prizes!
    First 10 players will get a FREE CRATE KEY!

    We are proud to announce that our new server is starting to catch up and we welcome all of you new players to join our community as well.

    Our server is not whitelisted and fully prepared to provide a great experience to all players.

    At Pandara, our goal is to create a fantastic place for all those who enjoy a relaxed survival game with endless possibilities for fun. The server is fully protected with anti-grieving protection, our full intention is to provide the best service for a safe gaming environment. Come and take a look and we promise you will have a good time.

    About Server
    • Survival/PVP/PVE
    • Special items
    • A vast world to be explored

    • Ability to claim land in the NETHER
    • Teleport commands such as /spawn, player to player /tp and a wild warp that will tp you randomly in the world.
    • Hosted on a dedicated server and the first 12k blocks from spawn are pre-generated to reduce lag!
    • Run by professional and friendly staff
    • We work hard to catch and prevent any cheaters from ruining the server experience!

    Custom Plugins
    • Player shop where players can buy and sell their own stuff!
    • Player disguises, colored signs, land claim, and lots of prizes for voting.

    • Crate boxes that will give you a chance to get many great items.
    • You will get a decorative player head when you open your own shop.
    • So much more yet to come!

    Take some time to come over and take a look. Pandara is here to provide you with a safe and fun environment to play minecraft. We hope to see you there!

    IP Address:

    Bukkit Essentials Faction Factions Mcmmo Spigot Survial

    Mystcraft Network

    Mystcraft is a unique Network with Servers specifically chosen by our players and enhanced by our team of Developers. We offer custom Plugins and a variety of game modes. We set our goal to be your favourite Network on Minecraft. We have factions with more coming soon. We hope to enhance your Minecraft experience. Come be a part of Mystcraft!

    Customplugins Economy Spigot Survival


    ALTGaming is a community built around Minecraft. We love to interact with new members. Hopefully, you enjoy your stay!

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