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Handcraft — Hard Mode, Player Economy, Land Protection + Discord Community

We have just kicked off season three of Handcraft.

You can join now using the address:

Handcraft was originally created as a love letter to the early 2010s era of multiplayer Minecraft. A simpler time that me and many others have fond memories of. Since our launch earlier this year we have fostered a small following of players who share this vision.

Our aim is to create a challenging and rewarding environment that empowers the community to play together and collaborate. The decisions we make tend to be the ones that encourage people to collaborate on projects with frequent server events and a thriving Discord community.

Although we have land claiming (GriefDefender) and economy (PhantomEconomy, QuickShop, Jobs Reborn) we try and maintain a vanilla-like feel. The ideal situation is that you should be able to reliably do anything on our server you could do in the base game.

I am the founder of Handcraft, but we also have a diverse moderation team that spans timezones across the globe to ensure there’s help on hand 24/7. I am personally based in London, and our beefy 20GB RAM/Ryzen 3600 server is hosted in Germany ensuring little server lag and incredible uptime.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch with me here or on discord (Lewis Flude#0001).



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The Cattery

—- The Cattery MC —
—The Purrfect Server for you!—-
—- —-
Brand new towny/mcmmo server with custom lore, crates, and more coming this week!
Launching now in beta so come give us a peek!

Discord Dungeons Economy Ranks Skyblock Survival


Do you love Skyblock but hate that challenge grind?  Do you love Survival but wish you could live in private?  Do you like mini dungeons and having a reason to actually have an economy?  Ever wish all this was on ONE server? We got you covered.

Come join our NEW server with an unique version of Skyblock on the ocean to build your base. Explorer Survival on overworld, nether and end that resets weekly. Battle through dungeons or pick up jobs to make money to fund your expeditions. Quests and adventure await. Were a new server ready to build up our ranks. We have an active Discord that links directly into Server Chat so you wont feel alone.

Economy Mcmmo Survival


A free to win server with amazing admins all with the common goal of making a server available to all types of players no matter how much money they have.

TeaCraft is a server that takes fun to another level with active admins and a close community, so you won’t feel like just another player.

Economy Survival Vanilla


A Minecraft server with custom gamemodes, events, giveaways, and more! We also have great staff and we have a community discord to join. We host drop parties as well!

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival


Do you like gta v roleplay? Do you like RPG games? DO YOU LIKE KARMALAND? If your answer is yes and you have a shitty computer, enter this 100% roleplay server with proximity voice chat to intensify the role-playing and missions in the karmaland style.

Economy Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pve Pvp Vanilla


A command block server that only contains the most necessary plugins. All mini-games are made up of command blocks ONLY.
Our advertising text:
You like a server that does not consist of plugins but only has a few plugins so that the server does not break, e.g. a chat filter? A server made up of command blocks? then is exactly the right thing!
Play alone or with your friends in PvE against monsters, exciting duels in BedWars or who can destroy obsidian in SafeTheObsi earlier?
Who will fall first in TNT-Run, who will get the most kills in One-Hit? Or who knocks down most of them in KnockIt? Or practice for BedWars in MLGRush. Or glide with elytres. Explore the city, find jobs and items, sell items or do you prefer to play GunGame or KitPvP? Or love looking for a BuildFFA like game mode? Entirely up to you. Join now on!

Economy Pve Survival


Silver Springs is a newly established PVE server! We strive to create a fun, friendly, and transcendent Minecraft experience. Staff on our server are friendly and will work with you to answer questions or solve issues. Join us on our Discord community to take part in our building events! We’ll see you on!

Economy Factions Kitpvp Parkour Pvp Survival


A fun and exciting Minecraft server. DarkLandsMC is a amazing faction server with a fantastic community. We implements features almost daily and strive to make are server great. We would love if you would consider joining are comunity. Have a great day.

Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival Survival Games Towny


(NEW SHOP GUI!) Superlabs is a economy based survival world! Here you start with $150 you can earn more by mining, farming, and cutting down trees! You can also create a plot, this will make it grief proof and only you and trusted players can build there. In my option this is a great server if you want to play with great people on a great server! (this server is not complete, more will be added! Such as special ranks and much more!) Also join the discord!

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