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Brand New Australian based minecraft server intended for relaxing gameplay. Feel free to join and enjoy yourself, perhaps with a brew.

Mode: Survival / Anarchy
Map: 2000 x 2000
-Land Claims
-Website Map

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GooberMC is a 1.19.2 Minigames server revolving around Goobers of all kinds (Goofy Goobers, and etc), we currently only have one gamemode which is called “GooberTag”. The objective of the game is to have the least amount of hunter time! As a player you need to avoid the hunter at all costs and avoid the “GooberBall” which the hunter can throw! As the hunter you need to get rid of the “GooberBall” as soon as possible so you can have a lower hunter time.

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[Creative] [Survival] Aero-Craft Network

The Creative world of Aero-Craft welcomes you! Join and communicate with the staff and players, or just simply build with 100% grief protection! This server has friendly staff and a great, stable, and reliable ranking system!

Survival has custom bosses, skills, enchantments, terrain, and other features! We offer a unique, vanilla-based experience, with just the right touch for the best adventures!

Creative offers a plot system, with build competitions and earnable build ranks. Show off your skills with custom tags, and more permissions!

Join today!

Server Address:


Additional Notes:
AeroCraft Network | Survival | Creative | Skills | Enchants | +more!

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A Survival SMP Server W/ Slimefun+Galactifun, McMMo, Custom Enchants, 1.8 combat Geyser, tradinggui, veinminer, pvptoggle.

– No donations

– No pay2win

Optimized as best as possible. Located In East Coast North America

You must earn your items you cannot buy items from a shop or store using
“Virtual money” though you can buy some items from villagers.

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Kingdom of Anomaly

Kingdom of Anomaly
Survival >>>=<<< Multiverse >>>=<<< Creative
Monthly Updates >>>=<<< Seasonal Events
Server Features
• Backpacks
• Custom Crafting Recipes
• Custom Structures
• Dynmap
• Enchantment Solutions(Custom Enchantments)
• Even More Fish
• Jobs
• Key Crates
• mcMMO
• Mob Arena
• Player Portals
• Quests
• Quickshop(Chest Shops)
• Silk Spawners
• Spawn Shops
• Towny

We are a small community that is working on expanding our player base. We have frequent updates and seasonal events where players can redeem event currency for items that are custom made by our staff. Our goal is to add onto what Minecraft already has but still keeping it simple like vanilla Minecraft. Some of the plugins we have are Build Portals, Custom Crafting, Enchantment Solutions, Even More Fish, Jobs, Magic, mcMMO, Mythic Mobs, Towny and more! If you are looking for a unique experience on a vanilla server we can guarantee you have never been on a server like ours. Most of our community used to play on a yaoi server together which is why we are an adult server. Anyone is welcome to join whether you are straight or lgbtq as long as you are 18+.

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It a fun smp world with other player you can meet and trader with.

Version 1.19

Java Server IP:
~ Ip:

Bedrock IP:
~ Ip:
~ port: 19132


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XeonCraft (Vanilla) (MCMMO) (1.19.2)


Brand New 1.19.2 Vanilla Minecraft Server with MCMMO

No ranks, no economy, no donating, just simple Minecraft vanilla survival with mcmmo for an added RPG element.

Join Discord to be Added to Server Whitelist

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MedievalTales Minecraft Server

MedievalTales Minecraft Server

The time of war was long and arduous for the people of Elbora and even now, a year after the great revolution, the wounds have not fully healed. But despite the great battle between the western and eastern principalities, most people look forward to the uncertain future with cautious joy. Because the king, who ruled the country and oppressed the citizens, has fallen and while the surrounding principalities are busy with the reconstruction, completely different considerations are being pursued in the capital Neo Libera.
Because one thing is certain:
There will be no other king. But how should government be governed instead?

MedievalTales Minecraft Server

MedievalTales is a medieval fantasy roleplaying server.
The world of Elbora is divided into five different and culturally different principalities, each ruled by a prince. In addition, the crown lands are located in the center of the country, whose capital Neo Libera contains a democratic system and can therefore be managed and shaped jointly by many players.
A ranking system specially developed for this purpose, as well as the possibility of pursuing various main and secondary jobs, allows every player to develop their character from the ground up and to advance within society. Whether than easier
Servant or wealthy citizen, powerful count or member of a respected order, each rank offers the players new possibilities and ensures variety and successful role-playing interactions. Our server not only offers you the opportunity to build a long-term game, but above all the opportunity to actively help shape, change and further develop the game world and game content. With our own plugins, we ensure an immersive gaming experience and refreshing new features.
Our dedicated and diverse server team looks forward to welcoming you and providing advice and support.

Main occupations:

Secondary occupations:
horse breeder
pipe maker

Norland – “To the Horizon and Beyond”
In the western part of the country is the Principality of Norland. The rough land with its high cliffs and the wide sea is inhabited by a seafaring and merchant people who, due to their natural urge to explore, not only cultivate the inland with arable land, but also inhabit numerous small islands. The Norse rarely inhabit areas far from the coast and, as a true seafaring people, there are few people dedicated to farming and agriculture.

Eisenweit – “Our heart is made of ice, our fist is made of iron”
The Iron Reach lies far north and is covered by a year-round layer of ice and snow. The outwardly rather hard and cold-looking people, who mainly live from fishing and hunting due to the infertile soil, are known in the remaining parts above all for their coal trade. So it is that the small settlements in the mountains of the Iron Reach can be found near the numerous coal mines, where the people toil not only for trade with other principalities, but above all for the prince’s palace, which is enthroned high on the Silver Passes.

Hammerfold – “United we are strong”
The Hammerfold principality has a long history of strife and war, as the people were once made up of 12 different tribes that were as different as the land they inhabited. Much of the country is dense, deep forest that is teeming with wildlife, so it is not surprising that the Hammerfold people are some of the most skilled hunters and huntsmen, as well as the most gifted archers. Accordingly, their trade goods naturally consist of bows, as well as hides and buckskins.

Cazar – “Eternally Defying”
Cazar is located in the east of Elbora and is probably the hottest part of the country, because the sun burns tirelessly on the vast desert landscape, which is surrounded by the so-called red mountains to the east and makes life possible mainly thanks to the green vein whose river crosses the principality. True to their motto, the tanned people of the Cazarites have settled here despite all resistance and are also considered “different” in many other areas of life, because they break with almost all social conventions. They are best known for their trade in precious stones and precious fabrics, as well as in intoxicants.

Ametani – “Turtles can tell you more about the path than rabbits”
The Principality of Ametani is located in the southeast of the country and is characterized by dense jungle and high humidity due to the high temperatures and the monsoons that occur again and again throughout the year. As a result, the people have specialized in rice cultivation and the silk trade. Otherwise, they live rather withdrawn, because although they are extremely hospitable, they prefer to keep to themselves. Honor is at the heart of their actions, so it is not surprising that the Ametani swear vengeance should their honor be tarnished, even falling on their own sword if they are defeated.

Crownlands – “Free as a Bird”
The crown lands lie in the center of Elbora and form the heart of the old kingdom, in whose capital Neo Libera the people from all parts of the country gather and bring not only goods from all corners of the country, but also the customs and customs of their mother countries. This cultural diversity, which is as numerous as humanity itself, is united above all by one thing: freedom. Because the crown lands, whose name still reminds us that a royal family once ruled here, fought for their freedom and have since proclaimed the republic. Away from the cultural diversity and flourishing trade in the capital, there are simple farming settlements, numerous fertile farmland and countless roads on which travelers make their way to the capital.

Order of the Sun – Order of Bliss and Faith
The main task and core of this order is the Holy Inquisition. Their task consists of the hunt and destruction of heretics, curses and dark beings and the exorcism and pastoral care as a prevention against the dark conversion. The order places much emphasis on rites and the “purification” of the people. The greatest goal of the above actions is namely to educate a “sinless and pious population” according to the views of the order’s leadership. This, in turn, they achieve through public sermons and ceremonies.

Astral Order – Order of Science and Magic
The subject and area of ​​expertise of the members of the order includes not only scientific research, architecture, oceanography and engineering, but above all research into the nature of magic and all its brightly colored facets.
High-ranking members of the Astral Order are considered polymaths and sages, often consulted by nobles and valued for their argumentative forte and sharp mind. The order also pursues the instruction of the people pragmatically. Classes are held across the land, and the theories uncovered and the results of relentless innovation are constantly passed on to the people by Order members.

Order of the Rose – Order of War and Healing
While other orders have a fairly homogeneous structure, the Order of the Rose is generally divided into two strands: On the one hand, the most capable fighters on the continent are trained under its banner, on the other hand, the members of the order devote themselves to medicine, pharmacy and botany. This creates a heterogeneous, martially very potent mixture of expertise. The fighters of the order not only guard ancient secrets and ways of martial arts, but also ensure the order of the continent and form the executive of the country. Meanwhile, the healers and herbalists of the order deal with the health and well-being of the people
population and combat diseases and infirmities.

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Vaporwave SMP

This is a survival minecraft server it will not be open always beacouse we cannot see that the server is down and its beacouse that we use Aternos
and it can’t be 24/7
All thanks for everyone who plays on this server
The IP is:

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CobbleCraft Public Survival Server

Welcome to CobbleCraft! This is A public Survival Server a Bunch of cool commands and plugins. It’s Basic survival with the plugins to Spice it up!
The server has great staff and a great community so I know you don’t want to miss out.
What are you waiting on? Come join now!

Version: Java 1.19.2 (Bedrock Coming Soon)
Discord Server: