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CraftDev | The one and only!

Your creative and minigames online server. We offer you minigames like Cores and TTT. And creative games like CityBuild or SMP. We hope you have a great experience!

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FluxateSMP join now! its bedrock and java crossplay and im just looking to get more players on my server and if you guys wanna join the discord you are free too, there are crates, a shop, a nice spawn and so much more to come!

IP =



Beta Blocktopirate Ces Chases Cop Discord Minecraft Pirate Server Servers Sion Sky Skyblock Title Wil

⚓‍ ☠ BLOCKTOPIRATE – Skyblock ‍☠ ⚓ Concept Skyblock Server | Skirmish with Pirates | BETA (1.0)

⚓‍ ☠ BLOCKTOPIRATE - Skyblock ‍☠ ⚓ Concept Skyblock Server |  Skirmish with Pirates |  BETA (1.0) Minecraft Server
⚓‍ ☠ BLOCKTOPIRATE - Skyblock ‍☠ ⚓ Concept Skyblock Server |  Skirmish with Pirates |  BETA (1.0) Minecraft Server

Server Type: SkyblockVersion: 1.19.2Copy IP Address:

Since the server is in beta, it will have some necessary authorized purchases.
For information, please contact via Discord.

Discord: HktanOzkan#5449

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Xcraft’s Shadow Realm

Xcraft’s Shadow Realm is an anarchy server that is hosted by the streamer Xcraft12. It is occupied by a growing community, This still-fresh hardmode anarchy server has adventure waiting to be made, if you are ready for the challenge

This server is professionally hosted, with no gameplay plugins.

Xcraft’s Shadow Realm was inspired by the simple love for the game of Minecraft, and playing with friends

Join The discord community!

Watch Xcraft12 Live on Twitch!

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Zachariuh’s Zombieland (1.19.4) (Java) OPEN BETA!

Welcome to Zachariuh’s Zombieland open beta

We’re a brand new server started by a veteran server admin/owner. Our goal is to create a friendly yet competitive classic SMP experience for you. While we have several plugins, our server doesn’t stray too far from the game. If you’re looking for a server with great support, staff that listens, and an active and growing community, we might just be the choice for you.

Note: We use Tissou’s Zombie Pack to make zombies more immersive, however it is optional.

Server Features:

– AuctionHouse and PlayerWarps

– Custom levelled zombies

– Custom mob drops

– Custom crates!

– Improved world generation with Terralith

– Active and friendly staff willing to help in any way they can

– RTP system

And a lot more! We have lots of plans in place for the future, including cross-platform support, multiple survival worlds, and more! Come join and check us out, it only takes a minute!

1.19.4 Dsmp Economy Economysurvival Etho Friendly Gold Gui Guild Guilded Multiversion Server Shop Smp Survival

Guilded SMP!-Brand New!-Friendly!-Fun!

Guilded SMP!

Guilded SMP is a 1.19.4 SMP server with multiversion!


– Economy and Shop

– SetHome


– Claims, with golden shovel

Java IP:

1.10 Anti Build Cabin Forest No PvP Nopvp Ores Peace Peaceful Rac Server Som Sts Survival


This is RaccCraft, a peaceful survival server for those wanting to have some peace. There is no PVP, so it is more peaceful. You can also build cabins, forests, etc. It is more over peaceful.

1.10 Craft Diaper Direwolf20 FTB Gang Mine Minecraft Mod Pack Modded Open Public Pve Server Skin

Diaper Gang

Just some hillbillys’ gaming!

JOIN US in the perfect modpack!

We’re a community that is simply running off the last bit of adrenaline we have. Our current server list is Direwolf20 1.10
Once we can level out our funding we would LOVE to expand into other mod packs and Vanilla!

DW20 1.19:

Coolserver Decent Dumb Flat Java Kitpvp Notpaytowin Oldschool Oldschoolpvp Pvp Server Servers Trail Trailer Vibe | OLD SCHOOL PVP 1.8.8


this server give the vibe of 2014 minecraft with no dumb plugins and pay to win.

it used to run in 2015 but i’ve shut it down, but now it’s back

currently the server only have flat pvp, but i plan to add more in the future if the server got a decent player base

if you joined but didn’t find anyone but think ur interested then join the discord server from this link or by typing /discord

server location: EU

version 1.8.8 – latest (its better to join with 1.8.8 or 1.8.9 to avoid bugs)

join or retard

join with labymod cuz most people use voice chat

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Erobrer SMP 1.19+ | Quests, McMMO & Jobs | New Biomes | Economy | /Back

✨ Server IP:
💜 Discord:
🗺️ Server map:

Erobrer SMP 1.19+ | Quests, McMMO & Jobs | New Biomes | Economy | /Back Minecraft Server

We are a SMP server created with the idea that every detail is important, that’s why here you’ll find a balanced, unique and clean experience. The server is hosted on a dedicated R5 5600X for blazing performance and no lag.

Some of our features:

⚠️ Cheat Prevention: You won’t be bothered by hackers, we use a powerful no invasive anti-cheat with no false positives to block all kind of cheats including X-Ray.

🚧 Grief Prevention: Don’t worry about griefers, we have a grief prevention system to keep your items and buildings safe.

⚔️ Optional PVP: You can toggle your PVP status anytime, It’s off by default.

🌲 New beautiful biomes: Thanks to the terralith datapack we have a beautiful custom vanilla friendly world generation with more than 80 new biomes for you to explore.

💸 Auctions and Market: Sell items in the auction house, or create your own chest shop on the server market.

⭐ Skills: With McMmo you have a lot of skills that you can level up.

👑 Rankups: Purchase ranks with in-game money, each rank gives you new epic perks!

🐟 Custom fishing: We have a unique fishing system that you haven’t seen on any server.

📜 Quests: Complete more than 1000 different quests and earn rewards and money.

⛏️ Jobs: You have a wide variety of jobs to get money.

💎 Mining Treasures: You can find random treasures while mining. These drop key fragments that can be used to create crate keys with our locksmith npc.

🌀 Player Warps: Create or visit public farms and stores.

👹 Bosses: Team up with players and fight powerful bosses for key fragments at our dungeon.

📦 Crates: You can get all of our crate keys by playing, we don’t have exclusive paid keys.

Cya in the incredible world of Erobrer !