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Ran by the Original Owner
Come check out our custom developed Skyblock Experience!

Tons of custom features have been added such as Mobcoins,
Tokens, Custom Enchants, Geodes, Crate Keys, Gkits, Pets and more!

We strive to have daily bugfixes and or content updates!
Have an idea or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to let
us know and we might be able to add it!


Connect using ANY version of minecraft!

Check in daily to see what might be brand new!
Join our discord for sneakpeaks of
everything before they release!

Customitems Grind Other Skyblock Spawners


ElementalMC is a up and coming skyblock Minecraft server! Here at ElementalMC, we offer a vanilla custom skyblock experience. We have custom items, crates, pets and more!

Custom Customitems Fullpvp Hard Items Kingdoms Nocorruption Nuevo Pve Pvp Slimefun Spawners Staffwanted Survival Team Pvp

Nightmare Phoenix (Network in Spanish)

Nightmare Phoenix

Dare to play Survival in SPANISH !!

Nightmare Phoenix Network also has modes like: Survival, Kingdoms, FullPVP+PVE

➣ The best Survival experiences!!
➣ Host 24/7
➣ 3 Modalidades (SurvivalPVP, Kingdoms, FullPVP)
➣ Kits y VIPs
➣ Dungeons
➣ Customs Enchants
➣ SlimeFun!!
➣ Skills
➣ And much more!!


1.19.x (Recommended)

Economy Pvp Pvpsurvival Quests Raiding Shop Spawners

VideoTalk18+ MC SERVER

The Minecraft server is open to all members of the VT18+ Discord! To join you must be a Verified 18+ Community member.

On you first join to the Minecraft server you will be given a 4(four) digit code, take this code and Direct Message the “Minecraft Chatter Bot” on Discord. You may need to turn on Direct Messaging in your privacy settings. This will link your account and grant you full access to the server as a “Visitor”, once in the spawn city talk to the guide to complete the first quest and gain “Member” rank.

Eco Economy Pvp Spawners Stackingmobs Survival

Come join our new community!
Mainly for player interested in competitive survival!
Give us a try Staff applications are open(DONT JOIN TO JUST ASK FOR STAFF)!

Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Semivanillasurvival Silkspawners Smp Smpsurvivalserver Spawners Survival

Junior High School [1.19.2] [Silk Spawners] [Semi-Vanilla]

Just a bare bones server I made for people wanting a semi vanilla server to play with others players has /home, /tpa, silk spawners, craftable spawners. Does not a have a fancy spawn looks like truly a stright forward SMP. Has a simple chat clean not cluttered has discord intergration that can be found on the server.

A simple plugin to allow you to protect your items and builds so you dont have to worry about what others are doing.

Silk Spawners
Thats right silk spawners is available to everyone just put silk touch on a pickaxe mine a spawner and your away.

Discord intergration
The server chat is able to talk with discord channels and discord with the server chat in a selected channel
(Currently disabled)

Clean chat
A clean uncluttered chat that has minimal amout of prefixes and colors and does not use default minecarft chat formating

Jobs Mcmmo Shops Spawners Survival Towny

Boosted Towny

Boosted Towny is a brand new 1.19.2 survival server. I am currently looking for new staff members, on both discord and the minecraft server. We also have jobs, player shops, and MCMMO. Join the Discord for more info

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Modern Factions Server


– Skills

– Custom Enchantments

– MobCoins

– Fishing Events

– Koths

– Envoys

– Fun Community

Open Date 25/7/2022

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Selenium SMP | Semi Vanilla | Custom Enchants | Airdrops | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Diamond Economy | Self Whitelist | Shops | Spawners | Magic Items | New | 1.19

Brand new 1.19 server.

This server keeps the no land claim, diamond economy of beloved SMP servers but adds some lovely additions to make the experience much better. (below are some key points)

Come express your builds. Join the discord to add yourself to the whitelist.

🔷 Key Point
🔶 Rough Description

🔶Spawners cannot be mined once placed. The only way to retrieve them is to use a special tool that disappears after use. So be careful where you place

🔶Custom enchants can be won from keys. They are tools that are pre-applied with the enchant. They cannot be merged, a full list of enchants can be found below (soon)

🔶Keys are won from vote keys, global challenges, randomly. Items can be traded in for keys, only if the Key Shop (at SD) is open)

🔶These are set by admins and are usually fun minigames such as First to bring me 10 dirt

🔶Minigames ran by admins (not player built) happen whenever they feel like running one. Rewards can be keys or items.

🔶These are barrels that randomly spawn in the wild and approximately (within 100 blocks) coordinates are posted into chat.

Cratekeys Crates Factions Factionspvp Spawners Survival


Want to have fun with your friends? Economy, Crates, Spawners, GuiShop,Pets, and more! Brand new Factions server. Join now and have fun! ( Hiring all postions for staff!)