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Unloaded SMP | Economy Survival | Custom Addons | 1.18 | Mob Masks | Soul Points | No Land Claim | No AFK Kick | Brand New

Vanilla servers, who enjoys them really? Hardly anyone. Yeah vanilla is cool but it gets soo boring. So lets spice things up shall we? With UnloadedSMP survival economy it brings new economic implementations into vanilla Minecraft. Using diamond economy is so old and plain, you mine for riches? Thats dumb. Economy brings the divide between poor and rich, new and old together into one place. Where new things can be added. Mob masks give special powers when worn. Mining bots to clear out large areas for your mega base. No farm limits means you can build the biggest farms.

Don’t be boring. Come join us in discord:

(Server releases soon)

Caves Custom Journey Lush New Playershops Silktouch Spawners Survival Vanilla

Journey Survival – Vanilla Gameplay | Chunk Claiming |1.8 PvP | Player Shops | Caves

Journey Survival - Vanilla Gameplay | Chunk Claiming |1.8 PvP | Player Shops | Caves Minecraft Server

Survival server for players who enjoy to build and adventure through Minecraft’s advancements.


1.18 Lush Caves ✔️
1.8 PvP ✔️
Chunk Claiming ✔️
Lockable Blocks ✔️
Player Shops ✔️
Spawner Shop ✔️
Custom Enchantments ✔️
Ranking System ✔️
Hopper Filters ✔️
Armor Stand Editor ✔️
Player and Entity Head Drops✔️
Resource Worlds✔️
Pets ✔️
Trails ✔️

If you decide to join Journey you’ll be welcomed with open arms! We’re a anti-grief server with a passion for survival. The entire server was designed around the core of minecraft’s vanilla gameplay. If you join you’ll start out as a Nomad, you’ll need to unlock advancements to progress through the ranking system. To bring up your advancements hit the “L” key on your keyboard and run /rankup to check your progress. When you find a place you want to setup base at simply run /chunk claim or /chunk autoclaim to protect your land from other players. Are you ready to start your journey?

Build Challenge Crops Economy Fun Minions Mobdrops Ranks Shop Silkspawners Sky Skyblock Spawners Survival

Sky Haven – Original Skyblock with Shop GUI, Minions, Rankups and Much More!

Welcome to SKY HAVEN!
The place where your home is in the Sky. Sky Haven is a fully custom skyblock server with the intention of being fun, unique, balanced, and offer hundreds of features that the others can’t. This skyblock server offers more features and skyblock customization than the rest- from shops, custom ranks and personal minions – we have got it all! Join the hype today, and see what we are all about! See you on Sky Haven!

What to expect!
Friendly Community
Active Staff
Quick solutions to issues
100% Balanced and fair economy
Daily vote rewards
Island teams up to 4
Custom Shop GUI
Custom Minions Store
Custom commands such as /ranks, /sellall, /minion store, /shop and much more!
Custom spawners!
Custom Ore Generators!

We hope to see you soon, and maybe stick around for a while!  
This is a newer server and still under development!

Australia Bloodmoonadvanced Boss Bosses Crafting Customenchantments Customenchants Custommobdrops Custommobloot Custommobs Griefprevention Spawners Survival

EKCRAFT Bloodmoon Survival : 200+ Enchantment : RPG : BOSS : Custom Items : Dungeon Loots :

┬┴┤ EKCRAFT ├┬┴┬ Bloodmoon SurvivalIP: EKCRAFT.NET

  • Custom mobs
  • 200+ Custom Enchantment
  • Player warps/ 3 home
  • Custom items
  • Bloodmoon events
  • Fishing
  • Revive player
  • IP: EKCRAFT.NETActive players wanted. Brand New Minecraft 1.17 JAVA Server.Located in Australia. We are still developing our server.

    117server 117updated 247server Community Communitydriven Custom Discord Fast Fluid Friendly Fun Funny Griefprevention Griefprotection Help Needbuilders Needplayers Needstaff Network New Newserver Newspawn Nocheat Nvme Players Pvp Rules Ryzen Server Shop Shopgui Simple Simply Spawn Spawners Staff Survival Viaversion Wildteleport

    Mint Survival! (Shop) (24/7) (1.8-1.17.1) (Survival w/Grief Protection!) (Need Staff)

                          Mint Survival


    Our Mission:
    As a simple survival server, we just wanted a simple server for players to enjoy the simplicity of Minecraft’s survival. We have special plugins to increase the ease of play. Those plugins are listed below. With a friendly community throughout the server and or Discord. You will find friends, enjoy yourself, and just have loads of fun. We are a 24/7 server, we are not a pay-to-win server nor are we accepting donations at this current point. It’s just a fun place for everyone to come to hang out and chill. Let us know if you need anything or have any questions. Looking for players.

    Server Values:
    Respect for players and staff is our one MAJOR rule!

  • Remain a friendly community
  • Ask someone to borrow something
  • No griefing, cheating
  • Be sensible
  • No major cursing allowed
  • Discord:
    — Add me on discord for suggestions and ideas, Nick227#0055

    Technical Specification:
    Zero block lag server, a great connection server is based on the East Coast of the United States (Virginia to be exact). AMD Ryzen 5800x processors.

    Plugin Explanation:

    -Tree Gravity: A simple, yet amazing plugin. This allows a player to hit the bottom of a tree once and it knocks down the entire tree.

    -Grief Prevention: This is enabled as soon as you join. All you need to do is set down a chest and it will enable your property to be protected from the ground to the sky. To expand it all you need to do is have a golden shovel and hit one corner to remap it.

    -Wild Teleport: Since we are a simple survival server, this plugin is an essential part so you do not bump heads with players and you will have a great distance between multiple players!

    Adventure City Economy Mcmmo Paperspigot Pvp Ranks Spawners Team Pvp Towny Townywars Wars

    The Everlasting Neverland

    The everlasting Neverland is a Towny server with Wars plugin!
    Join our server, and explore our huge custom map.
    Make allies, enemies, or friends to protect each other!

    Towny and TownyWars
    Custom recipes for many items!
    Custom Huge map with DynMap and BlueMap
    Economy and Auction House
    Join from 1.9.x to 1.16.x

    Ace Competitive Cracked Crates Customenchantments Customitems Economy Envoy Faction Pvp Factionfly Factions Factionsupgrades Ftoppayout Generators Ingameranks Koth Minions Obsidianbreaker Premiumaccountgiveaway Pvp Randomtp Spawners Trenchpickaxes Xpbank

    ReactiveMC Ultimate PVP Experience!!

    The perfect factions server for premium and cracked players. Especially for the cracked players it is amazing, because each month we give away 1 premium mc account. Also a reward to the #1 #2 #3 f top factions! We are a unique and customized server with a good economy! We got custom CES/Items you have never seen before! The server is not pay2win you can achieve a nice cool in game rank by playtime! We got Generators, Trench pickaxes, Minions, Crates, KoTh, Envoys etc.
    Come and check it out yourself the ip is 1.8 – 1.8.9

    Adminshop Auctions Auktionen Community Communitydriven Deutsch Freebuild German Germany Nogrief Nogriefing Playershop Premium Premiumplugins Spawners Survival


    Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf Avalonien

    Du hast keine Lust mehr auf Server die vollgepackt mit nervigen Plugins sind? Wir auch nicht!
    Bei uns hast du die Möglichkeit wieder simples Minecraft zu spielen (weißt du, so wie damals 2014 wo die Welt noch in Ordnung war)
    Baue wo du willst und wie du willst, alleine oder mit Freunden. Hauptsache du hast Spaß.
    Keine Beschränkungen durch Plugins.

    Was wir Dir bieten:

    • Adminshops, Usershops und Auktionen
    • Lotto und Glücksspiel
    • Premium Plugins
    • Farmwelt mit Random Spawn
    • Grieferfreie Welt
    • Eastereggs
    • Votebelohnung

    Um dem Vanilla Gameplay noch etwas Würze zu verleihen haben wir wir Shops eingeführt. Dies soll die Interaktionen untereinander anregen.
    Der Adminshop hat nur ein paar Basic Items um die Balance nicht zu zerstören.
    Die Usershops sind alle vom Spawn aus verfügbar. Das sorgt dafür das deine Items auch verkauft werden.
    Natürlich kannst du auch dein ganzes Hab & Gut verkaufen um im unseren Casino zu zocken

    • Community Discord mit 220+ Mitgliedern
    • Wöchentliche Steamkey Gewinnspiele (Discord)
    • Private Bots
    • ständige Wartung und Verbesserung
    • freundliches Team

    Kurze Geschichte zum Server
    Vor ca. 2 Jahren war der Server ein reiner Vanilla Server mit Redstone und Commandblock Mechaniken. Aufgrund von Cheatern und Griefern war dieses Konzept nicht lang tragbar. Der Server wurde vom Netz genommen. Monate später dann das Comeback mit Plugins. Lange hat es gedauert bis alles so ist wie es sein soll aber zu guter Letzt ist heute alles so wie es soll. Es gibt zwar nicht mehr die schönen Vanilla Mechaniken aber wir haben mit unseren Plugins ein gutes Kompromiss gefunden.

    Du willst Teil der Geschichte werden?
    Kein Problem. Wir suchen sowohl aktive Spieler als auch kompetente Teammitglieder. Interesse geweckt? Dann schau mal auf unserem Discord vorbei!

    Wir versuchen allen ein möglichst gutes Spielerlebnis zu liefern. Deshalb sind wird über Feedback dankbar!

    Wir und die Community freuen uns, Dich bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!

    Economy Farms Newserver Protection Pvp Redprotect Shop Spawners Spawnersilk Survival

    Our Survival

    It is a new server! We are constantly making events and the winner gets VIP!

    It is a survival server where players can secure their home, make shops, make farms to sell at “/warp shop” as well as they can have jobs to make even more money!

    First 5 Players get free VIP!

    **Version: 1.16.3**

    Aprimoramentos Casamentos Dominacao Itensedit Lojas Mascotes Masmorras Mcmmo Minas Plantacao Pve Pvp Rankup Spawners Terrenos Tesouros Vip Vipfree

    MegaCrazy NetWork

    + Ganhe vip abrindo caixas;
    + Mapas do tesouro;
    + Clans;
    + Mascotes;
    + Casamentos;
    + Tesouros;
    + Habilidades;
    + Terrenos privados;
    + Dominações de clãs;
    + Eventos a todo momento;
    + Evolução de ranks e pvp;
    + Geradores classicos;
    + Economia balanceada;
    + Aprimoramento de itens;
    + Possibilidade de encantar itens épicos;
    + Itens editados;
    E muito mais, entre e veja por si próprio!

    – Site:
    – Wiki:
    – Discord:
    – Formulário:

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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