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HappySMP 5.0

Welcome to the revival of HappySMP!


Same basic set of plugins, features and gamerules including, but not limited to:

– no creeper grief
– no enderman grief
– dragon drops elytra
– double shulker shell drops
– public exp farms
– timber!
– auction house
– modified sell command
– claiming

and much more!

The server is always in development which means you can look forward to more features being added over time!

Hope to see you there!


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The New Deck


We offer:
– Simple, True to vanilla gameplay.
– A fun, customized and amplified world seed
– A mature and fun community not afraid to think outside the box to have fun- Public use plugins like item lore, nickname, & item name!
– Quality of life plugins like claims, co i and player heads that drop on kill

We are a semi-vanilla server doing our best to develop a true-to-vanilla experience that doesn’t differ too far from the original game, while still offering some fun plugins! We are mainly community driven and oriented when it comes to how the server is ran and gameplay wise, and hope you enjoy your stay with us. We Get ready and boot up your launcher for the best experience possible! Well be giving you plenty of brain damage and braincell decay to go along with your time here on the SILLY CAT SERVER (insert ten exclamation points here)

Auctionhouse Auctions Claim Claiming Economy Economysurvival Jobs Marketplace Ranks Ranksystem Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

uToo Survival

uToo Survival (Coming Soon!)

  With no flashing banner, no custom texture pack, and no “golden claim shovel,” uToo aims to be different from the mundane survival server we are used to.
In a community where ‘You Too’ are the focus, we listen to YOUR ideas!
🔗 Discord Invite:
Survival Server Features:- New Integrated Claiming System
– HOST Items (extremely rare)
– AND Minecraft Spawn
– Limited Time Events & Items
– In-game Ranks/Levelling System
– Vast Variety of Skills to Level Up Your Character
– Jobs to Earn Income While Farming Materials
– Player to Player Marketplace
– Iconic Auction House
– Daily Quests
– Player Warps
– Supply & Demand Based Economy🚀 VERSION: 1.20.1🌍 Survival Border: 45k x 45k (Will expand in the future!)💡 Tip: Sometimes the features we don’t implement are most important.
What we DONT have

  • Infinite Shops.
    Our marketplace has LIMITED stock on items. Which means you cannot purchase an infinite amount of items at once. Prices fluctuate based supply/demand!
  • McMMO…
    We’re tired of the same old plugin; and so are you. Our Skills system lets you boost health, damage, and more without it.
  • Custom texture pack.
    We don’t dictate your visuals. Express your style – your way.
  • We’re in the final stages of development, ironing out every detail to ensure you have the best experience possible. Stay tuned for our grand opening!

    🔗 Discord Invite:

    Build Claim Friendly Roleplay Survival

    Golden Cloud

    Calling all gamers and adventurers!
    Golden Cloud
    Freedom to let your imagination fly high.
    And create a world with cooperation, together with friendships.
    Explore diverse Biomes.
    Normal Survival with regular popular QOL plugins
    Grief prevention
    Amazing builds
    Friendly community
    Thrive, and cooperate.
    Epic adventures
    Economy enriched.
    Simple Spawn, no complicated Hubs.

    Unleash your skills, cooperation on mass building projects, and conquer challenges!

    Join us for non-stop fun!

    Don’t miss out—your adventure awaits!

    Ready for the ultimate gaming adventure? Join Us today and level up your gaming experience! Brand new world releasing soon.

    Claim Discord Familyfriendly Resourceworld Survival

    4 seasons (alpha stage)

    Welcome to four seasons!

    We’re thrilled to have you here. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting, we’re here to make your journey extraordinary. Don’t hesitate to explore, build, and collaborate with others. Our community is your playground.

    This server is in a very early phase, while “playable”, it will receive many updates right now.

    To know if this server may be for you now or shortly. Here are some of the promises we make:

  • Absolutely 0 pay-to-win, and we mean it. Not only can you get everything for free, you can’t donate to get additional perks or items that are not purely cosmetic. Did we miss anything? Let us know!
  • Transparency. If something happens on the server, it’s for a reason. You deserve to know what matters to you.
  • Staff you can talk to without being scared, sometimes we forget the rules, this is okay, we will remind you, We’re not looking to nstantly punish you when we can. This is a game, NOT a business, and we like to keep it fun.
  • While Minecraft servers can have technical issues, some of which we don’t always understand. We will do our best to keep running well.
  • Feedback, not only are we looking for it, but we will actively ask it.
  • What to expect.

  • This is a tiny survival server where you can do typical survival things. This is not a PVP server. (but you could)
  • There will be an active economy(being balanced/worked on) based on player trading and selling items to the server.
  • Claim plugin for protecting your belongings. (Lands)
  • Bedrock support where we can. Technical limits still apply. 🙁
  • Resource worlds, This allows us to get items from another world to keep our home nice and not destroyed.
  • We do need staff, feel free to apply. We won’t ask silly questions. We’re looking for people passionate about the game as a player first, staff second.

    We do not have a website. (yet)

    We do have a discord which you can join here.

    Angelchest Anticheat Claim Claiming Claims Combatlog Coreprotect Cracked Discord Discordsrv Homes Jobs Jobsreborn Lifesteal Lifestealserver Lifestealsmp Plasmo Proximityvoicechat Shop Shopkeepers Slimefun Smp Survival Tpa Tpahere Xray

    GMNEnt Life Steal SMP Season 6 is a Chill SMP with Data Packs and some Plugins (server auto starts when off just join to start!)

    Join our discord all the information will be on there or make a ticket if you need any help staff will be glad to help!

    When you log in the first time, you’ll have to register b/c we support cracked players just type in-game
    /Register Password Password
    when you log in next time all you got to do is

    Some Plugins On The Server:
    – Angel Chest
    – Jobs Reborn
    – Chest Sort
    – Greif Defender (Claim Plugin)
    – McMMO
    – Realistic Villagers

    Hope to see y’all on🙏🏽📈

    Auctionhouse Claim Communitydriven Cosmetics Economy Shop Smp Spawn Survival Tpa

    Middle School Quttor

    Welcome to Quttor SMP!
    Our brand new server has just launched and players are already diving in. Quttor SMP is an engaging and community-centered survival multiplayer experience. Immerse yourself in our economy system featuring a convenient shop (/shop), an exciting auction house (/ah) with a user-friendly sell GUI, and much more.
    Connect with friends through tpa requests, teleporting to their location or playing pranks by trapping them. Form clans and teams using the powerful command /teams create (exclusively available with certain ranks). Whether you’re on Bedrock or using versions 1.8 to 1.20.1, you’re welcome to join our server and be part of the fun.
    Stay tuned for an upcoming lobby featuring a thrilling parkour challenge. Stake your claim, construct mighty bases, and shape our growing community together.
    Youtubers also welcome with a Youtube rank provided.
    Ready to begin your journey?
    Port: 25525
    Adventure awaits – see you online!

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    Stars SMP

    Stars SMP: Unite in crossplay joy, Java-Bedrock harmony. Claim land, run shops in economy buzz. Mine riches, conquer lag with Apex Hosting. Join us, craft, trade, thrive – be a star!

    Discover Stars SMP – your ultimate Minecraft adventure! Dive into crossplay excitement, uniting Java and Bedrock players seamlessly. Unearth an economy-driven survival haven with land claiming, player shops, and more.

    Forge your path in a world where creativity knows no bounds. Stake your claim, safeguarding your creations. Engage in a thriving in-game economy, trading resources, and building your entrepreneurial legacy.

    Venture into our exclusive mine, where striking ores reward you with resources and wealth. Diamonds, gold, and iron await those who dare to delve deeper.

    With Apex Hosting’s 4GB plan, experience minimal lag, ensuring uninterrupted exploration. Stars SMP, fueled by Paper 1.20, guarantees a smooth journey.

    Join our tight-knit community, and be part of something bigger. Invite friends, family – let’s create, survive, and thrive together. Become a star in Stars SMP’s galaxy today!

    Java IP:
    Bedrock Port: 25565

    Char Claim Craft Grief Prevention Raft Smp Survival World


    CharCraft is a new SMP server hoping to extend the size soon once money is flowing, come visit whilst we’re in beta!


    Claim Community Communitydriven Diplomacy Economy Faction Lands Landsclaim Money Quests Questsystem Survival Trade War Wars


    Flanserver Season 8.
    A diplomacy faction survival server.

    Make a settlement, join a nation, or create your own!

    We are community years in the making and welcome anyone to the server.

    – Quests

    – Wars

    – Economy

    – Trade

    – Diplomacy

    -Community driven

    – Survival

    It is constantly being developed and updated. Join now! IP: