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Project H

Brand new economy based MC server! We will take your suggestions to heart.
Easily protect your builds with claims, grow your wealth and rise to the top!
-rank system
-better spawn area
-more immersive gameplay

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Minecraft: Divided Territory

Minecraft: Divided Territory, is a modded Minecraft server on 1.12.2 that is based around Geopolitics, Space exploration, Industrialization, and Militarization. There is something for everyone on this server. We use a 1:2000 Earth map, as well as a dynmap. We use a modpack custom made by me, the owner, specifically for this server. Some of the mods we include are Thermal Expansion, Galacticraft, Immersive Vehicles, And more. The modpack is designed to run well on even lower end setups. In order to create a nation you will need yourself and one other person willing to join, a name, and a location (we go by real world countries). It is recommended for new players that you join a nation. But if you have experience then we implore you to create a nation and throw your hat into the ring. As long as you follow the rules, and be friendly (as friendly as minecraft geopolitics can be). Then I can ensure you will have a good time on this server.

(At the time of writing this, the 23rd, the server is not up as of yet, but will be up tomorrow, the 24th)

Make sure you join the discord!

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NEW! SMP Server! Come join the fun and build to your heart’s desire! Here to have fun and build with likeminded people! Be nice. Do not Grief! No X-ray. Building to become the best SMP in Minecraft. We are a NEW SERVER that is open to suggestions. Many plugins already going. Would like to build up to enjoy with everyone.

Claim Coinflip Coins Crates Eco Economy Pvp Survival Team


We strive to earn the support of every player as they help us build better and better gameplay experiences for everyone to enjoy. This means frequent updates, detailed guides to help players learn and grow, optimizing performance without sacrificing the quality of the gameplay, refining and rebalancing the economy daily using data and feedback from the community, and constantly searching for new ways to innovate and improve to reward our players with a fun and meaningful experience.

Bauwelt Claim Deutsch Economy Farmwelt Freebuild German Shop Survival Voterewards | Survival, Economy & More! Opening: EARLY DECEMBER

Welcome to

What awaits you:

Freebuild Survival

– Bauwelt
We offer you a beautiful, vanilla building world (1.19.2) where you can save your own plots with the help of our security system!

– Farmwelt
You can farm your materials in the farm world! Regenerated weekly!

economic system

JoraCraft attaches great importance to a functioning economy.
Build your own shop in our mall and trade with other players!

Nice togetherness

A nice interaction is irreplaceable!

Visit us today!
Version: 1.19.2

Claim Jobs Shops Survival

Mckingcraft Network | Java + Bedrock | Custom SMP | Friendly Community

Mckingcraft Survival (Latest Version)
Friendly Custom SMP

Survival/SMP Features:
– Land Claim
– Player Shops
– Fly in all ranks
– Player Warps
– Crates

Powerful Anticheat
Active Helpful Staff Members!

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Welcome to kelpton

We’d like to introduce you to our new project, Kelpton. This is made by a passionate team that aims to produce a quality minecraft experience that you deserve. We offer various different features that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. We have custom biome generation, custom enchants, claims, economy, black market and alot more. Can’t wait to have you on!

1192server 1192smp 119server 119smp 119survival Claim Claiming Claimland Claims Claimshovel Claimsurvival Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Survival

AuroraMC | 1.19.2

AuroraMC is a claiming semi-vanilla server, we are an anti-p2w server.



We hope to see you soon!

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CountryEmpire Landes RP Server

CountryEmpire Is a Minecraft country RP server where you change the economy of a country, wage wars and develop the country together with other countries🏡

What we have:

We have Europe on a scale of 1 to 900 💻
there will soon be the whole world on a scale of 1 to 900 💻
We also plan events 🥇
🌌And add the solar system 🪐
And more updates are coming because Discord 📣


Our website [​] 🔗
Join also on our [​Discord] and talk to players 🔊

Hacking or bug exploitation is prohibited 📋

Claim Creative Pvp Roleplay Smp Survival

The Coil MC

The Coil MC is an SMP Minecraft server running version 1.19.2. We offer Skills, Crates, Voting, Discord and so much more!
Claims for Grief protection! Active Staff, friendly and welcoming player base!