Basepvp Building Chill Claims Easy Griefprevention Survival


Use to connect.

Place a chest down to claim the land around it. You will be given a youtube link with more info, watch that and it explains almost everything about land claims.

/giftpet to give your pet to another player. Right click with empty hand on a stair block to sit on it. Stand up by sneaking.

No cheating, no griefing, no x-raying, no botting. Minimaps are OK to use.

PvP is enabled but it works completely differently from what you think. It requires zero skill (this used to be a no-PvP server). Every player has a “base” which is the average location that the move around while playing. Usually that will be near their actual house/base/castle/whatever. When an player attack connects with another player, the damage is applied randomly to either the attacker or the defender. The closer one is to their base, the less probable it is that the damage will be applied to them. That means that fighting near your base and far from someone else’s base will give you an enormous advantage. Compasses point towards your base and will also tell you how far you are from it. Keep in mind that the distance that compasses give you from your base is the effective distance and not a straight line distance. The effective distance is what is used in PvP calculations and will be affected not only be the real distance between you and your base but also from how much you’ve recently moved your base around.

TL;DR: PvP is completely based on luck and not on skill and it favors a lot those that fight closer to their base.

Try not to do things that lag the server.

Apex Chill Earthmc Ranks Store Survival Survivalserver

ApexOne Earth SMP

Welcome to ApexOne Earth MC

If you climb to the top, you`ll find us. The pinnacle of survival gameplay fun.

Mature, friendly members, with a positive attitude.
Fun play is the primary goal. There is no bitching, ragging or trolling here. This is where the honourable players reside. All our members try to get the most positive experience from gaming.

“Reside here, and feel the ooze of healing”

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Funserver is a Survival server with nice elements. This way you can go out into the wide world and start your own adventure. Save money by fishing, killing fish and monsters or sell stuff in the auction house and collect everything with your hands and tools.

Here is a small impression list of what our FunServer has:

– Minigames
– Earn money by selling products and opening crates
– Fun mods and Fun plugins

Of course we have a lot more to offer, you will discover this when you play on our server!

We were dutch but we are slowly transitioning to English!

Apartments Bedrock Bedrockedition Bedrockeditionserver Bedrockserver Buy Chill Fun Java Javaedition Nogriefing Nohacks Sell Shop Survival Vibes

Survival Planes Chill Server 1.16.4 java, bedrock edition supported check description

Join our server on Java edition 1.7 – 1.16.4
Join our server on Bedrock edition
PORT: 25565


Owner Btwmam
Co_owner Childslayer21
Co_owener Btwman

Survival, Shop, Sell, Buy

Chill Fun Survival

Voidance – Community Survival

Come join us and our small community Java Minecraft server! We host events, share Builds, And promote Content Creation!

Note: DiscordSRV Blocks People that are not linked to our Discord server, you can join us on discord here!

Current Game Version: 1.16.4

Our server has Plugins like:
All to make your Minecraft Experience better!

We have a moderation team on the stand by if anything were to happen! Our Moderators and Helper can easily help you out with problems like Griefing, Theft, And other rule brakes that involve creations being destroyed or vandalized!

We want to make Voidance the best server it can be, and we need your help. Come join us and have fun!

Chill Friendly Hermitcraft Mature Relaxed Survival Vanilla Whitelist

GoodTimesMC – Private 18+ mature vanilla Minecraft server!

GoodTimesMC ✨

Who are we?
We are a fresh small community-focused Java vanilla survival server, with an mature audience.
The server is private and you’ll need to fill in an application form and answer some questions in order to join.
Everything we do is completely in survival with no cheaty plugins besides some cosmetic data packs:

near_meCustom armor stands.
near_me Double shulker drops.
near_me Dragon drops.
near_me1 Player sleep.
near_meMob heads.
near_me Hud coordinates.

We have a friendly & mature player base with lots of projects in mind for the future.
Currently we are working on:
near_me Nether hub
near_meShopping district

Apply now!
Join our discord:

Server information:
Version Java 1.16.3.
World size 10.000 x 10.000
Player base 15
Age requirement 18+

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We are a Minecraft Towny server set on a massive amazing looking map with many plugins and a growing community! We try to be better than any other Towny with a focus for less rules more fun! Hope to see you on the server!

Bedwars Bunny Chill Creative Gamer Parkour Rose Streamer Twitch

Gaming with RoseBunnyGamer

Hangout with RoseBunnyGamer and Friends, join fun activities such as Bed Wars, Build Battles, etc. Watch RoseBunnyGamer as she streams live on Twitch, Saturday at 12:00pm Eastern.

Chill Customenchants Events Fairy Fun Mcmmo Survival

Ruby Palace 1.15+

Ruby Palace a Minecraft java survival server on 1.15. We are looking to expand and meet new people. We Always make sure players are getting the best out of their time on the server and will always be here to offer a helping hand.
We have plugin’s like –
Economy , Auction house and server shop
Grief protection for safe land claiming
Custom Enchants
And many more!
We are always looking to improve and make the server better so there will always be things added and we take players suggests on board! Join the discord and we hope to see you on the server soon.

Auctionhouse Chill Donatorperks Donatorranks Landclaiming Survival Wexocraft

» WexoCraft « Chill Survival | Land Claiming | Auction House | Donator Ranks

Hey there! My name is Carson. I am the main owner of WexoCraft.

What’s Available On Our Server Currently:

1. Auction House
2. Donator Ranks
3. Spawn
4. Land Claiming
5. Chat Color

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