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Workacraft Is a brand new friendly, keep inventory & no pvp survival server where you can build, chill with friends, make friends and more!

Workacraft also offers free ranks, by doing /buy on the server, you may claim the mage rank for free using the coupon code FREE at checkout

So what are you waiting for, join workacraft today and begin your journey, who knows what you’ll do!

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The New Deck


We offer:
– Simple, True to vanilla gameplay.
– A fun, customized and amplified world seed
– A mature and fun community not afraid to think outside the box to have fun- Public use plugins like item lore, nickname, & item name!
– Quality of life plugins like claims, co i and player heads that drop on kill

We are a semi-vanilla server doing our best to develop a true-to-vanilla experience that doesn’t differ too far from the original game, while still offering some fun plugins! We are mainly community driven and oriented when it comes to how the server is ran and gameplay wise, and hope you enjoy your stay with us. We Get ready and boot up your launcher for the best experience possible! Well be giving you plenty of brain damage and braincell decay to go along with your time here on the SILLY CAT SERVER (insert ten exclamation points here)

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Cyrus Community Vanilla

A newly born server with the goal of making the game as pleasant and interesting as possible. Our server is not completely original vanilla because we have plugins that enable an easier and more interesting game for players, and we also try to find the best optimization. Everyone is welcome on the server and we are trying to expand our community into a nicer place.

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BlockHaven SMP

Wanna come chill on a relaxing, new SMP? BlockHaven SMP is a new server trying to keep it simple, but enriched with amazing features that add just what you need for your time to be a little better than before. We’re hoping to grow a community that is competitive, but also willing to lend a helping hand. People that love to build helping others build a base, or those who love to mine, ore hunting for those who are feeling lazy. Either way you play, there’s something in it for you! Some things we have to offer, that we think you will be happy to enjoy are:

🔰 Server Shop

➥ Over 500 items to make profits off of

🔰 Auction House

➥ Study the market to buy low and sell high!

🔰 Custom Enchants

➥ Become an untouchable beast with some amazing enchants

🔰 Haven Bills

➥ Find this currency doing everyday things that you can use to buy things like ranks, crate keys, and much more!

🔰 Player Vaults

➥ Store all your extra valuables inside a vault that’s accessible via commands! (Vaults can also be bought in game)

🔰 Player Tiers

➥ A great way to unlock some great things that not even paid ranks get access to

🔰 Vote Rewards

➥ Earn a Vote Crate Key for every vote and as a bonus, earn a Vote Chip that you can use to buy more crate keys! More buyable features coming soon

🔰 Upgradable and Stackable Spawners

➥ Increase the loot and profits of your grinders with an upgradeable spawner, unlocked through Player Tiers!

🔰 Stacked Mobs

➥ Make your grinder less of a hectic mess!

🔰 Karma System

➥ Helping others allows for them to request a karma point for your account. Once you reach certain karma levels, you will see an impact on what’s earned from Jobs!

🔰 Chest Shops

➥ Create a shop district where players can come and buy various items you have to offer, you can also make chest shops that are for Bartering, Selling, Buying, and even have one shop buy and sell!

🔰 Custom Weapons / Armor / and GUIS

➥ Make everything look better with Custom 3D items to make your cosmetic appearance even better, and see a bunch of menus with custom textures to click on!

.. and plenty more!

We would love to see you on our Network, and if you have anything you wish to see added in, we’re always open to suggestions! To make a suggestion, or to just join the community, head on over to our discord!

To join the fun and get your base started or become the richest player, come hop on the server!


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⛏️ Minecraft Country – A mostly vanilla PvE survival server. ✨

Welcome to Minecraft Country, the Ultimate Co-Op Minecraft Server! If you’re seeking a truly immersive and collaborative Minecraft experience, look no further. Our server is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of vanilla gameplay, but enjoy tools and mechanics to make default gameplay more convenient. Dive into a PvE-only world where players can come together to craft their own unique realm.

At Minecraft Country, we uphold strict server rules to ensure a level playing field. Cheating in any form, be it through mods, hacks, or third-party software, is strictly forbidden. We foster a friendly and respectful community. To stake your claim in this virtual world, simply place a chest and follow our straightforward land-claiming instructions. Our commitment to constant improvement means that we’re always listening to our players’ feedback, with new features and mechanics added regularly.

We’ve also introduced innovative changes & additions – like convenient death chests upon dying, player claims, and changes to hunger mechanics to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, at Minecraft Country, we believe in enhancing your exploration experience. Our dynamic live mapeasily accessible via links on our server website or in-game with the /map chat command, provides a captivating top-down view of the world. This invaluable tool not only helps you navigate and locate points of interest but also enables you to connect with fellow players, spot mobs, and identify land claims. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to embark on epic adventures and collaborate effectively in our vibrant virtual world.

Currently, we support Java Edition exclusively, so fire up your Java client, add our server IP address, and join us in crafting the ultimate cooperative adventure. Discover the joy of pure Minecraft camaraderie at Minecraft Country, where “vanilla” is anything but ordinary.

You can find lots more information at our website. You can also find many of our links and commands in a convenient in-game GUI by using the /menu or /m command in chat.

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Altar Craft

AltarCraft MCSurvival 1.20.1 Mc Server 🌸
•Custom god weapons of your choice⚔️
•Survival SMP
•Chill Community
•Custom Crates
•Daily Amazing Updates
•Cool Spawn
•Spawn Shops
Join AltarCraft today! It takes one click of a button!
There is great staff, amazing members, you will never get bored!

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Looking for a chill Minecraft experience? Check out Amethystia!

No chat reporting, minimal rules (no hack clients or hate speech), and a range of features like claims, PvP arenas, Creative world, and Hunger Games events. Spawn is anarchy, no claims allowed in a 2000 block radius. Though not super active currently, we have a solid community and rich lore, and have been around since 2021! Join us by visiting our website [u][/u]with the same IP to connect. Java and Bedrock supported! Let’s have some fun!

Hunger Games runs the Amberlight Map

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VexCraft | Bedrock & Java Economy SMP

Are you looking for a fun and friendly SMP to play with your friends?

THEN JOIN… VexCraft!

It’s Fun, Chill, and it’s Bedrock and Java Edition.
There is also no grief and you can make new friends!



Only on 1.20.1

Chill Economy Pve Pve Economy Pvp Whitelisted

Noxyde’s Realm of Shangri-La

Hello, Welcome to Noxyde’s Realm of Shangri-La!

This is a small chill relaxed server where it is meant for those that want to get away from the chaos and just vibe with friends. We have economy and as well as a very chill server owner. This server is still evolving and the owner has big things planned for it and whomever chooses to play on it. If at any point you whish to be whitelisted, follow the discord link and join for verification.

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|| QuasarNetwork || Skyblock || Releasing 8th of August

Brand new fun skyblock experience.

Looking for a new server with a fresh community? Look no further, QuasarNetwork is a skyblock server about to release its first map very soon, and looking to expand to more gamemodes in the future!

We have exiting features like custom quests, mcMMO, crates, Custom Enchants, Custom chests, Wands and more!

We hope you give us a chance!

Join our discord to find out more about the server!