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SkyHammer MC – The Best Avatar TLA Bending, Towny Fan Server

Introduction to SkyHammer MC

We are one of the only Minecraftservers with a full-size fan-inspired map of the Avatar TLA world. You can become a firebender, earthbender, waterbender, airbending, or even the Avatar, in our fantastic ATLA survival server. Create your own powerful nations with Towny, or become an aspiring merchant through our unique economy system. We have a whole world waiting for you to explore. Join us now!

If you are at all interested, you should join at Over 2200 other players have!


“Awesome server with Bending/Minigames/Factions/Survival/Pvp – Everyone should check it out” – Logos03

“btw Tylev I love this server more than TEI” – UltraNinja55

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MineClick – Incremental Game Server

MineClick is the only incremental game server in Minecraft
Come check it out for yourself!



Gameplay Information:
You are given your own island where you can mine special blocks, upgrade your pickaxe and workers,
and unlock buildings and islands!

Your workers will collect gold for you while you are offline!

For starters, every mined block gets you 1 gold. In order to speed up your progress you can upgrade your Pickaxe and hire workers that do the job for you. By upgrading your workers you increase their income rate.
There are also upgrades that you can do to your island which give a variety of perks such as worker efficiency increase or an additional Pickaxe.
When you’ve made enough gold you can unlock a new island which gives you an increase to global gold multiplier and new island upgrades.
Tons of quests, achievements, and rewards for you to discover!
Friendly Community and Discord Server!
Custom Spleef Arena!

Buildings (Island Upgrades)
MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

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🌺 The Azalea SMP

▏🌺▕ Welcome to the Azalea SMP! ▏🌺▕

The Azalea SMP is a very new SMP with less than 20 active members at once. Our features are of a wide variety. From innovative and up-to-date to more simplistic, we offer tons of things to both our Minecraft server and its’ interlocked Discord server.

Minecraft Features:
― *Preferably 18+.
― 1.19.2 & Java Edition.
― Custom IP address for easy connection
― Small and active community with lovely members
― **Whitelist VIA a manual + simple verification.
― Innovative features & frequent updates.
― Tons of plugins, including anti-grief + anti-cheat.
― [NEW!] Re-configured plugin settings!

Discord Features:
― Invite options include the Disboard and Invite Link
― Manual & simple verification system to protect against raids & bots.
― A channel for knowing when the MC server is initiating a restart/backup
― [NEW!] An in-game chat for connecting with friends on the go!
― [NEW!] Pingable roles so @/everyone and @/here are not used as frequently!

― A legitimate account on Minecraft: Java Edition.
― A discord account + Joining our Discord
― Completion of a verification system.

Side notes:
* Although our server is considered 18+, it is not required to be over 18 to join. You must, however, be over 13 in compliance with Discord ToS so you may verify and become whitelisted on the server.
** Our verification system is done manually to prevent bots from entering with ease. Please have patience when it comes to being verified and whitelisted. Thank you!

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✰ Silent Realm ✰ Custom Survival Experience!



Silent Realm is a unique survival server with many custom features and has a small, yet very welcoming community.

What makes us unique?
* Small, growing community with driven staff and developers
* We value community input and promote transparency
* Regular content updates, always improving the core of the server
* Active, friendly community members willing to help or have a conversation
* A safe community for all kinds of people to be apart of

Some features, to name a few:
* Day and Season System
* Furniture

* Player Profiles
* Collectable Player Badges
* Custom Mobs and Items
* Auction House
* Bank System
* F2P

We would love to have you on our server and anyone would be happy to help get you accompanied! We assure you’ll have lots of fun, but just be sure to follow the rules! <3

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Chaotic Prison

ChaoticPrison Minecraft Server was founded in 2013 when the Prison gamemode was at its peak. With over 1,000,000 joins over the last 10 year, we are proud of the success we achieved all based around this community game. Now today, in 2022, we offer tons of features, while maintaining the heart of chaotic’s gameplay our players know and love.

Minecraft Prison Server
20 Prestiges | Ranks A-Z
Player Run Economy
Plot World | Chest Shop | Virtual Build Shop
PvP | Shipping | KOTH | duel
PvE World | Mob Bosses
Events | Parkour | Maze
Gambling | BattlePass | Pets

Join our Community today!

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Minecraft Wrestling Alliance

Minecraft Wrestling Alliance
Since 2013 people have been able to convert their love of Professional Wrestling(WWE, AEW, NJPW, etc.) into the realm of Minecraft. Minecraft Wrestling has had several different company names but now a new chapter has begun with the return of MWA(Minecraft Wrestling Alliance). Minecraft Wrestling is set as a roleplay of professional wrestling where you can create your own character and preform as them creating unbelievable matches and fun storylines. We’ve created custom texture packs, have commentary run through discord along with theme songs, and have created a great environment to discuss all things wrestling whenever shows aren’t transpiring. We base this off of real life professional wrestling as much as we can and we’d love to have you join our community of eight years!

Want to join the biggest Minecraft Wrestling server in history?You can check out our YouTube channel here: Minecraft Wrestling Network
You can check out our Discord here:

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Aster MC

Join us at Astéri, a new earth (1:750) Java server with great potential! We’re a new community with some great admins and developers! Willing to listen to any suggestions to help us improve. If you’re looking for a fun filled server with a new community and a place to relax this server is for you!
We got:

– events min. 1 time in a month
– Gold Economy
– 1:750 MOTFE earth map
– Great Staff
– 0 toxicity
– Tree faller
– Low gold cost on new town, claiming, etc.
– player shops

Join us today @ our server IP:

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CoffeeCraft [SMP] {1.19.2} {Java} {200+ Custom Enchants} {MCMMO} {Crypto Market} {Community} {Custom World} {Events} {No-Grief}

CoffeeCraft is a long-term friendly Custom Survival server! Are you looking for something fresh? Bored with basic survival? You’ve GOT to check us out! We keep the spirit of Minecraft, but seasoned with features that enhance the entire experience. Gain skills, unique landscapes, custom world generation, 200+ Custom Enchants and so much more.

Best of all? CoffeeCraft has a very active and chill community! Want to make some new friends, fast? Give us a try!

Features Include:

  • Fresh 1.19.2 World
  • Custom World Generation
  • 200+ Custom Enchants
  • MCMMO (Skills)
  • Land Claim and Anti-Grief Prevention
  • Friendly Community
  • Active Server, with experienced admins
  • Player Driven Economy with Shops
  • Player Warps
  • Pets
  • Crypto Market
  • Events and Activities
  • Free Ranks (Non-P2W)
  • Come check us out!

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    Kitty Jail

    Fun and relaxing Prison server. Not too many bells and whistles. 9 Ranks. 25 Prestiges (We add more when people get close) Unique pickaxe leveling system! Auto Sell. Auto Rank. Auto Prestige.

    Asexual Creative Friendly Friends Fun Funserver Furries Furry Furryfandomminecraftservers Furryminecraft Furryserver Gay Gaymers Lesbian Lgbt Lgbtq Loveislove Minigames Pve Pvp Survival Unique

    EqualiTea|Custom Crafting|Witchcraft Based Ranks

    EqualiTea is a New LGBTQ+ Based Minecraft server, but not just a regular Minecraft server. This is a place to grow, love each other, and accept one another in one happy and friendly community. EquliTea is a place where you can express yourself, find your true identity, and meet like-minded people. On this server we have manual Grief protection, and a powerful Rollback feature to stop any grief or repair any issues anyone might throw at us. We have a caring Staff team, and our job is to make sure your time here on the server goes as well as eating your favorite food or visiting a long lost place that you grown up to love through out your life time.

    If you do not have Minecraft and if you still want to join our Discord Server, here is the link!