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Killstreak MC

Killstreak MC [​1.9 – 1.19+]

Killstreak MC has a variety of gamemodes, so you can always have fun and vibe!

Survival RPG Adventure – Custom Adventure Survival gamemode with 250+ special items & monsters!

Skyblock – Superior Islands.

Tower Defence – Bloons TD in Minecraft!

Monster Arena – Waves of monsters.

Custom levels & professions!

Featuring: Global inventory, Economy, Mystery Box #vote4boxes, Parkour & XP Farm, Custom Mining, Custom Fishing


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[1.19.2] The CraftXp Network:

[✵CraftXp Network✵]
The CraftXp Network is a small Minecraft server that focuses on core elements of friendly SMP with light quest and exploration themes. We use plugins to highlight and enhance the vanilla-esque play style.

Our Survival server features include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable Land Protection
  • Opt-in PVP
  • Server Economy
  • Ranked Survival
  • And more!!
  • Our ranking system drives players to complete more of the minecraft advancements, acting as an extra level of challenge for Minecraft veterans, and a guide for new players!

    (All ranks must be earned IN GAME – NO PAY TO WIN RANKS OR KITS)

    Rank up to earn in game perks such as:

  • Nether and End access!
  • More Land Protection
  • More Homes!
  • Kits!
  • More Player Shops!
  • Special Realms Access!
  • Special Quests Access!
  • and more!
  • Bring on your friends, add members to your land protection, and work your way up to earn the coveted title of HERO as you build your own empire here on CraftXp!

    Our server has a developing Adventure hub world full of shops and NPC’s where we will be adding content for players to explore and enjoy in an adventure type play style. It is there we will also host events, provide access to quests, and special Realms.

    Test out your build ideas or just flex on other players with your building skills on our Creative super flat world! As players rank up, they will unlock more creative server plots to build on and protect!

    We also have a small Discord community (linked below). Link your discord account to your Minecraft account to get your in game rank reflected on Discord. We also have Discord-Minecraft chat, so players can chat while offline. Linked players can also utilize Discord proximity voice chat in game!

    Our Discord: Click Here

    Our Youtube Channel: Click Here

    Our Twitter: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Instagram: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Website:

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay on The CraftXp Network!
    – CraftXp, Ival70, Otterer (The Devs).

    Fun Minewarcraft Mission Mode Pve Pve Economy Pvp Quest Story Wow

    [Minewarcraft] PvE & PvP Open World (NEW GAMEMODE!)

    Minewarcraft, an MMORPG created by the American company NCN Entertainment and released on November 14, 2017 & released as Minewarcraft: Herosane’s Wrath in 2020 is a brand new expansion of minewarcraft. Set in the fictional town, interact with nonreal players—called nonplayer characters (NPCs)—and other real-world players (PCs). Various quests, battles, and missions are completed alone or in guilds, and the rewards for success include gold, weapons, and valuable items, which are used to improve one’s character. Characters advance by killing other creatures to earn experience. Once enough experience is acquired, the character gains a level, which increases the character’s powers.

    Dungeon Economy Level Paper Pve Pvp Quest Rank Survival

    Viwosi Survival 1.19.2

    Survive, build and explore. (Almost) Everyone knows how to do it. Bring this game-mode even further to life with improved features, challenges and builds.

    70 Player Levels
    678 Player Quests
    Unique Shop System
    Unique Death System
    Land Claim System
    Spawner Breaker
    Black Market

    Viwosi Survival 1.19.2 Minecraft Server

    Customfishing Customgenerators Generators Mcmmo Oneblock Oneblockmc Oneblocksky Pve Quest Survival

    Oneblock Nation [/freerank]

    Oneblock Nation*
    Your oneblock experience starts here!

    Java + Bedrock Clients supported!

    Bedrock: – port: 19132
    We currently only support 1.13x to 1.19.2! 1.19.2 is our native version, however.

    What are we?
    We are a newly created and thriving Oneblock Server. We have created this server to allow both JAVA and BEDROCK users to enjoy Oneblock Minecraft with other people.

    What is “Oneblock?
    Oneblock is exactly how it sounds. You start off with your own island. Or you can join someone else’s! Once you’re on an island, there will be a center block, usually a Grass Block to begin with. You mine this, over, and over again. That’s right, you mine it multiple times! This block will generate random but infinite blocks based on your biome/phase!

    What else is there to do?
    We have plenty of other enhancements and plugins for users to use to make their lives easier or simply to give users things to do. Here’s a small list of our features players can experience on our server!
    Custom Generators | We have custom generators that can be placed on your island to generate a specific theme of blocks. Current generators available: Ocean, Forest, End, Nether, Terracotta, Concrete
    Play-time Ranks | We have over 50 different free play-time ranks for users to achieve over the months of playing. Each rank will grant either a reward or perk! Yes, these ranks are free and only require you to maintain an appearance on the server! Unlock new perks, kits, commands, custom in game tags. You can even unlock commands such as /enderchest, /fly,Spawners + Spawner Stacking | We have many spawners for players to purchase on our server. Spawners can be stacked to 3(max) to reduce lag + save time and space! Spawners will help users earn money overtime.
    Keep-Inventory! | We have enabled keep-inventory in the Oneblock world! This should save players their time and items! PVP has this disabled.
    Time fly! | Unlock access to limited fly time in many ways from crates, pinata parties, giveaways, and more!
    Custom Enchants! | As of now we have over 30 different custom enchants to enhance gameplay as well as progression!

    We have so much more for you to come and experience, join us now!
    We seriously cannot wait to have you!

    Bedrock: – port: 19132
    We currently only support 1.13x to 1.19.2! 1.18.2 is our native version, however.


    Comment your username to earn a free tag(#OBN) and Legendary Crate Key! Once your comment is completed, open a ticket on our Discord Server!

    Active Adult Adultstaff Customenchants Discord Dramafree Enchants Events Friendlystaff Jobs Mcmmo Minigames Mobcoins Network Notpaytowin Partygames Quest Ranks Smp Stressfree Survival

    MixelMC – Survival – Party Games – Discord

    MixelMC – 1.19 Survival & MiniGames

    Survival | Custom Enchantments | Discord | Events | Adult Staff | Active Owner and Players | 24/7

    MixelMC is a long lasting server that has many features added to make it more unique from the rest of the servers. With a friendly community, and helpful staff team, MixelMC has become a favorite place for its community to hang around and relax without the drama, lag, and pesky players. We strive to achieve a Non Pay To Win Server and an enjoyable, stress and drama free environment.
    Come check out MixelMC and see if you want to add to the community!

    Ark Box Classes Custom Dungeon Faction Pvp Factions Games Guns Gunspvp Heroes Hypixel King Legend Pixel Pixellegends Pve Economy Quest Quests Roleplay Rpg Savage Skyblock Slimefun Survival Tempest Thirst Towny Upgrades Vanilla Worldcraft

    ✠ PixeLLegends Survival – RPG – Opening Soon – Join our Discord for Updates! ✠


    We are currently revamping it!
    It will become a Friendly Survival server with RPG elements (RPG Worlds will still be open)

    Join our discord for more info, updates and a release date:

    Server IP:

    Dungeons * Quests * Story * Bosses * Custom *


    Starting out just as a factions server, Pixellegends has grown into a fully immersive open-world RPG server featuring unique classes, custom loot, and more! Take what you obtain in dungeons, and use it in our PvP world to fight others, and raid your foes in factions!

    Arcadia was always a peaceful paradise, until recently, a dark demon from the depths of hell came into the land, causing decay in the world, and corrupting the minds of poor villagers. Another land, Hyboria, naturally filled with chaos, has been completely obliterated by the demon, causing ruckus and a world-spread civil war. Trust no one!

    You have been sent off on a journey years prior, but after hearing about the terrible news, you detour, and journey back to Arcadia, hoping to restore peace in the land. Things have changed.

    You speak to some of the villagers, who appear to be trustworthy, and they tell you an evil demon has swept through the land, and heavily corrupted it. You must pick a class, and become a powerful Hero!

    In a fully immersive open-world RPG featuring over 300 quests, fight menacing bosses, level up your class, unlock new unique skills, enchant your items, and work your way to the top!

    Are you the hero Arcadia needs? Can you save the world from the evil corruption? Find out today!

    – Fully Immersive Storyline and Dungeon World
    – RPG Classes and mcMMO
    – Unique and Custom Loot
    – Dungeons
    – Magic and Wands
    – Pets to Assist You in Battle
    – Quests
    – Bosses

    We have over 70 classes available!
    Im not gonna list them all.
    But we have classes based on every type you can think of.
    When you level your class by doing Quests, Killing Mobs or Mining things.
    You will eventually be able to choose Specialisations.
    Open World RPG
    Factions with TNT
    Factions without TNT
    Duel/Mob Arenas
    (Prison coming soon!)

    Server IP:

    ✠ PixeLLegends Survival - RPG - Opening Soon - Join our Discord for Updates! ✠ Minecraft Server

    Crates Discord Events Jobs Mcmmo Quest Survival

    MixelMC – Discord – Survival – Land Claiming – Quest – Jobs – More

    MixelMC is a Survival server in the making, EXPECT bugs but EXPECT fixes as well. Feel free to join our /discord if you want to be apart of the process! Thank you.

    Adventure Building Economy Onepiece Pvp Quest Rankup Survival

    🦜 OnePiece MC 🦜

    Welcome pirate! OnePiece MC is a portuguese Minecraft server based on multiplayer survival. It’s a themed server, with full Minecraft Vanilla gameplay adjacent to amazing mobs, quests, items and customizable new features. The server aims to create a pirate roleplay by diversifying the gameplay across the entire map!

    Chestshop Community Economy Essentials Fish Fishing Jobs Mcmmo Nogrief Quest Quests Ranks Survival

    Simia Survival

    Welcome to Simia, a no-grief survival server featuring Essentials, McMMo, Jobs, Quests, and much more! With a friendly community and player-driven economy, everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to shape the server! Make your mark on this non-pay-to-win server.