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HollowMC ~ Survival SMP 1.19.3 ~

A unique survival SMP

What we offer :

A new way to play survival with friends
land claims
free /fly
Player mall
and so much more!
join us @

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KamSMP – 1.19.3

Get ready for the ultimate SMP experience with KamSMP! Discover custom biomes and caves for enhanced gameplay, join in on weekly events, and be amazed by the daily changing custom disasters and seasons. Plus, with easy-to-use commands, you’ll be navigating the server like a pro in no time!

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Kawhi Survival

Kawhi Survival is a new survival server, compete for payouts or enjoy the casual playstyle!

IP –

Versions – 1.8-1.19 & Bedrock Support

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Toxel Lodge Pixelmon

A hand-built world recreating the rpg you know and love with additional content, quests, crates, and more.

Hosted by:

FoxesVenom (
CactusKai (

Discord: [url=(Link removed)][/url]

Toxel Lodge Pixelmon Minecraft Server

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DarkWinterRP | DWRP

Dark Winter RP | DWRP
(Contains the resource pack, Rules, More info, Future roadmap, Etc.)
Dark winter RP is a roleplay server on Minecraft heavily inspired by Metro 2033, Last light, Exodus, And stalker games.It contains four main factions currently (Legion, Salvation, Brotherhood, Outcasts) then small verified clans that are player made and applied for such as the Stalkers.
Here’s a list of features currently in the server as this is being typed:

Large resource pack with block textures, 3D models, Etc.
(Credit: RadioRainbow/Colin, xAndrewwx)
Melee weapons.
Roleplay system.
(Credit: Darwin)
Mining system.
(Credit: Poki)
Radiated Zones that require gas masks.
Rentable bases.
Clan turfs.
Large custom made map.
(Credit: xAndrewwx) (Solo builder)
And many more exciting features.
We plan to keep giving support to this server for years to come with new content and features, Hope you enjoy DWRP, See you in the tunnels.

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Hey, wait a minute.
We are the server network Dark-Steel.

The server is a small 1.16.5 freebuild / survival server with 4 worlds for great fun.

We also offer the option of hosting your own server with us.
You can find more information on this in a brief summary below.

——To Server——
We have a survival world. Lots of nice little things like:

  • 3D furniture with which you can really feel good in your own home
  • a simple claim system with video support where you can claim your own land
  • a chic battle system where you can properly compare your powers
  • and a large area where you can comfortably let your ideas run free.
  • If that seems too boring for you, we also have a Kingdom world.
    For exciting adventures we have:

  • a world with many cool extras
  • a large building area (25 chunks), with more players there is also more area
  • a nexus that forms the core of the castle (you can be passive or aggressive)
  • a level system with which you can improve turrets, damage, regeneration, etc
  • But if you still find that too boring, you will certainly find yourself here:

  • there is a PvP arena where you can also properly measure your strength
  • You can also find cool events there where you can get a strong sword or furniture for your home.
  • you want to build up your skills like in a series? No problem, we have taken care of that too. Damage, shield, regeneration and more can be leveled with us
  • and you’re short on cash? No problem as you can easily do up to 3 jobs where you get money and experience. Easy and uncomplicated
  • there are also dungeons where you have to defeat strong bosses. But from the rewards you can make strong armor with a strong sword.
  • ——To the hoster——
    We also have a hoster on board. Game hosting offers you the following things:

  • better security.
  • More speed thanks to a stable panel.
  • Versatile application.
  • Reliable databases.
  • Faster and easier monitoring.
  • 24/7 chat and email support.
  • ——Final Info——
    You can find more information about the host here;

    You can access the Discord server here;

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    Typhon MC | Survival w/ Machines & Magic!

    Typhon MC | Survival w/ Machines & Magic! Minecraft Server

    This server was created on 1/6/2023, and contains plugins and content brought in from other server’s I’ve made. survival styled so teleportation command access!

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    TheFruitBox – 1.19.3 | Java & Bedrock | Survival | Tribes, Custom Events & Tournaments

    TheFruitBox provides Minecraft is it’s most basic form. The server is based around complete vanilla gameplay with 100% custom in server events every month developed by the admin. These events don’t affect the gameplay and instead utilize vanilla gameplay to have players compete against one another.

    What we offer:

  • Minecraft (1.19.2) as it is. no drop parties, no kits, no crazy ranks, just classic Minecraft.
  • Complete custom monthly events not seen anywhere else. Champions Tour, Red VS Blue, Holiday events, and build competitions.
  • No grief protection
  • Tribes
  • Sponge Economy
  • An infinite world without a world border.
  • No admin interference
  • Tight knit and supportive community
  • A server wiki to document the servers history
  • A discord so you can communicate with players outside the game.
  • A website (
  • An extremely active admin
    Port: 25565

    For those who need more than vanilla we have something for you! We have a champions tour that happens every two months and it is a server wide event. This tour has multiple gamemodes and qualifiers. The tournament is one month long and crowns a new champion everytime.

    Alongside the champions tour we have building competitions every month!


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    Phlox SMP (Java/Bedrock)

    Phlox is a newly opened no-grief Survival server that offers many custom-made features to make your playing experience better. Play alone or create a guild with your friends! We have a chill and welcoming community, and we hope to see you soon!

    You can also vote for us to rank up in-game!

    Some of the features:
    – Custom items and hats
    – Guilds
    – Player Shops
    – Auction House
    – Events
    – And more!

    Bedrock IP:

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    Are you looking for a server with bending, magic, towny, movecraft and guns? Based in a custom Avatar inspired world?

    Come Join us in NathenCraft!

    We are a small server trying to grow!

    We host community events were prices can be won!

    See you Soon!

    Our Discord: