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Gemcraft Survival | 1.18 + 1:500 Earth Map | Land Protection | Keep Inv | Amazing Community

Gemcraft offers a fun, friendly, and active community driven survival experience. We have a dedicated team that is working to constantly provide new content and the best experience possible. With an active community and a player driven economy, we would love to see you online.

Some of our features:
• Mcmmo
• Land-Protection
• Quests
• Custom Recipes for non-vanilla items
• In-Game Ranks
• Jobs
• PVE and PVP (Optional)
• Friendly Community
• Events
• 1:500 Scale Earth Map

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Atlas MC 1.16.5 – SMP Server


Welcome to Atlas MC, a brand new server that introduces a unique blend of 1.16.5 Vanilla Minecraft and custom-crafted features, aiming to create a competitive survival environment while preserving the vanilla feel. Claim your land and build your safe base intelligently, for everyone is subject to Sieges from other players. Customize your Weapons and Armor with over 50 Custom Enchants to better fit your playstyle. Slash and Axe your way through Weekly Events and Custom Bosses, and become the most powerful player in Atlas’ world!


+ 1.16.5 PvP Enabled everywhere in the Server, apart from Spawn
+ Land Claims to protect your base from Griefing
+ Sieges which allow certain blocks to be broken insid e an enemy’s Claim. No one is Safe!
+ Over 50 balanced handmade Enchants to Spice Up PvP fights while preserving a Vanilla feel
+ Weekly Events and Custom Boss Fights to participate in and show your Might
+ Server Lore & Backstory
+ 20k x 20k World to Explore and Conquer
+ Responsible Owners that judge fairly and protect the player-base from toxic interactions

– No Safezones in claims, you can battle it out anywhere!
– No God Items or “Sharpness XXX” swords – every feature is balanced!
– No Hacks or Cheats to gain unfair advantages – May the best player Win!


Server IP:

Link to Atlas’ Official Discord

Official Atlas Store

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Hey my fellows players, I’m Deadeyes061 one of the owner of this server with Songeta we are happy to welcome you to our server BlackFlashCraft!
Now let me explain to you what there is in our mod!
In our mod there will be 4 villages Leaf, Mist, Cloud and Snow and every village will be in is own biom every village will have his on story and they will be able to choose with who do you want to alliance and have war all of this depends for what your kage will choose so be cheerful for who do you see around and protect your village with your life!
There will be events where you can get exp and if your lucky even DNA for unlocking a release and maybe a kekkei genkai!!!
You will able do get exp too doing mission and hand that to your own kage to level up and be stronger maybe even enough strong to fight a kage!!!
Every village will have 2 tailed beast and the kage will choose who will be the one to protect the tailed beast and be friend with him enough to fight along with his own tailed beast!
So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy BlackFlashCraft with the community! Prepare yourself this wont be easy.
I’m counting on you to join BlackFlashCraft!!!!

discord server

Events Mha Modded Myhero Myheroacademia Simple Smp Survival

My Hero Mineademia (MHA SMP Minecraft Server)

My Hero Mineademia:
The server is always up and active, featuring a friendly community with self assignable roles for quirks and preferred pronouns. If you run into any issues there is a ticket system in the discord as well. The admins are always ready to help and fix an issue. The server is generally a more simple/laid-back experience with my hero mod, featuring generally small quality of life mods to help enhance the overall experience. You are encouraged to become your own hero or villain

Notable Features:
-Create your own faction and get a private chat in the discord
-Simple yet effective commands, such as /sethome
-Custom CurseForge profile for the modpack
-Self assignable roles
-Claiming in-game
-Unique fighting/pvp mechanics featuring new weapon types, like a katana and new animations

-MHA mod
-Biomes O Plenty
-Epic Fight
-Iron Chests
-CFM Furniture mod
-And More

Discord Link:

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Aetherius Craft

Aetherius Craft is a craftable economy filled with a wide variety of plugin features, offering many possibilities and an ever expanding realm of creativity for players to enjoy! Aetherius Craft uses Twitch and YouTube to further expand it’s presence in the Minecraft community. Be sure to check out Aetherius Craft’s other social media outlets under our profile! We hope you enjoy playing on!

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A survival roleplay server.

At the start of the server, you are asked to choose your race,

After you have selected what race you desire to be you will immediately be dropped into the world to start your adventure.
Create a Kingdom, practice magic, Be infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy you name it!!

Join the adventure now in Nithiancraft!!

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Pixel Poppy’s Network

Welcome to the Pixel Poppy Network!
We are a survival community-based server that is based around a twitch channel. Make sure to check it out at !

Donation page:

Twitch: Http://

See you there!

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Icebox Crossplay World Building Server

Join the Icebox Crossplay World building server today!

What we have to offer 

1:An array of plugins

2:An active friendly playerbase

3:Active operators

4:Player lore

5:Daily events

Join the discord today!

Economy Events Survival Twitch


Are aim here is to build a Community!! Two Twitch streamers working together!! Land claim survival world with events each week! more updates to come like a warzone and mining world!

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🛡️ Dragon Shield 🛡️ • Custom Bedwars and Friendly Survival • 24/7 (Newly Opened)

Opened 11/11/2021
           We we’re an old community that closed down 2 years ago now we’re back and stronger than ever!
We offer you a fun and custom experience from other servers our current
gamemodes are Bedwars and Friendly Survivall

Key features:
➤ Land Claiming – Claim land & live with friends
➤ No griefing and no hackers!
➤ MCMMO – Level up Sword, Axe, Mining, fishing Skills! etc.
➤ Economy – Grind money by killing mobs or Questing
➤ Player Trading – Trade with others securely.
➤ Chest Locking – Use a sign to lock chests and keep people out!
➤ Free ranks – Everyone can have one in survival!
➤ Stream Events – Custom Events streamed by Justy135.
➤ Player Shops – Run the economy with your very own shop!
➤ Auction House – Have bidding wars on special items!

➤ Custom coded Bedwars!
➤ Custom built Islands
➤ Premium Experience with 1.8 PVP!
➤ Pets, Prizes and rewards!
➤ Leaderboards and monthly prizes!


Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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