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⚒️ Server Opened! ⚒️

⚠️ You can find it on the server: ⚠️

– RPG ✅
– VIPS ✅

And much more. Come adventure with us!!

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The Green Cod – Beautiful Economy Old-School Server

The Green Cod is a simple survival world for those players who enjoy simplicity and want to forget about problems during their stay! This is a One-Man-Made server by Vergor and helped by friends to maintain – The thing is that everyone should be kind to everyone and the server is always in need of more staff and players!

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QuestCraft Beta v0.1 – Anarchy & Mmorpg! New Server!

Brand new MineCraft server! QuestCraft – Come see if you got what it takes to become the greatest adventurer our server has! Our Server main focus is RPG Style to become a MMORPG server! Trying to build partly another game inside of MineCraft! Come see everything unfold.

I am the server Owner Dan, In-Game: FB_D_Gaming I have alot of coding experience working with MineCraft & Runescape Servers, This server is created for FUN only! Not profit! Please feel free to contact me In-Game.

(Server is a work in progress was created on 13/05/2022 Will be online 24/7)
Start this server off by choosing your first quest from Hydra! Rewarded with Items, Xp, Quest Points from quests! Choose a Starter Kit to help you begin your adventure but remember choose wisely. Make sure you hide your base & don’t build so close to spawn! Remember this is ANARCHY aswell! *Server Rules Below*

1. No Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech!
2. No Spamming Chat!
3. Do not obstruct Admins or Building from completing tasks!
4. Have Fun

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Valtic is an chill server with unique gamemodes and a friendly community. We have a few plugins that will make your vanilla experience even better! Plan your projects, megabuilds and towns, markets and empires on here! You can create player shops, buy and sell items to other players and a lot more!

(We are a Java ONLY SERVER)

Also check the discord out its really cool

What are you waiting for?!

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SMP Open Crack Survival [1.18.X]

French survival with event system, PVP and one with a discord to play together. Server for fun.

Server map: htpp://

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ReMined Survival | Help build a new server and community!

Do you remember the good old days of classic survival servers? You know, the times where people got to enjoy Minecraft for what it was, without all the bloatware and corporatism you see today?

I made this server because I feel nostalgic of what good survival servers used to be like, especially in the mid-2010s. I remember how happy I was as a kid to log onto a server to play survival with friends. Things were simple, straightforward, and most importantly, fun.

I want to recreate the same joy I felt back then in this server, by solving the 3 main problems I see with survival servers (and honestly, all servers in general) nowadays:

#1. A completely non-pay-to-win system that allows players to earn ranks. Not separate “earnable” ranks, but actual ranks with all the benefits.

#2. A balanced and regulated player-based economy that uses actual data to avoid abuse and inflation, supplemented by fair income sources.

#3. A prioritization of quality over quantity. I see too many SMPs trying to be “unique” by doing ironically common things like quests, dungeons, and earth maps. I think the best way is to improve upon existing, necessary features that work well together, instead of adding so many conflicting features that never get finished.

This is the first day of the server. If you are interested, give ReMined a chance 🙂
From humble beginnings, we’ll start a great journey, together, just like the old days.

psst..mention this description on your first join and I’ll give you a rankup!

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JDSCraft – 1.18.2

Welcome to JDSCraft!
Hello everyone, my name is Jake and I would like to introduce you to JDSCraft. We are going to be a survival server with many features such as boosters, buyable warps, voting rewards, rewards(daily, weekly, monthly), quests, and maybe a rank system where you can level up your main character.

Currencies – Released (Red Essence, and Influence Points)
We currently have two currencies. The first currency is Influence Points, which players can use to buy in-game items that they earn through jobs. You will also eventually be able to buy commands with Influence Points. The other currency is Red Essence. This is our donation currency. You will be able to buy many things. Some stuff you can buy is disguises and other cool stuff. We will probably add a voting currency, which will be called Blue Essence, which can be used to redeem donation features and other get cool rewards. Alright, that’s it for currencies. I hope you are excited! There is more stuff to explain.

Warps – Not Released Yet
You will be able to buy warps to speed up the process of traveling. You will be able to instantly travel to a designated area of your choice. The warps will cost IP (Influence Points) anyone can use that. Become the most popular player and be able to travel to many warps and areas! The price of the warps is not determined yet. The thing is there is so much more to tell you!!

Boosters – Not Released Yet
This is fun, you will be able to spend influence points to buy boosters for Jobs and Mcmmo! You will be able to get 2x experience and money for jobs. Mcmmo will level up 2x faster. Hopefully, you enjoy that. The prices are not yet set in stoned, but I have an idea in mind. You will also be able to buy voting boosters with influence points to earn better rewards!

Rewards – Not Released Yet
JDSCraft would like to welcome you to the amazing rewards you get for logging in and you will be able to claim the rewards daily, weekly, and monthly. The rewards will probably be a key or items or something. We really appreciate players playing our server. We want you to feel welcome. It means a lot that you are playing our server and giving us a chance. I hope this server can fit your needs and you all have a blast!

Quests – Not Released Yet
Well, this is going to be interesting. I have never made a quest before, but I am wanting to learn how so my goal is to add a quest to JDSCraft. The quest will probably be basic then it will get more and more advance as times go on. Questing will be able to get you more features and you will even be able to claim rewards! I am thinking of having a separate world for the quest. I’m so excited!

Our main plugins are Mcmmo, Ultracustomizer, and some others. Ultracustomizer is a great plugin that lets you customize your server and do custom stuff. If you are a server owner I 100% recommend it. We also have Jobs, and PyroFishing, along with PyroMining and PyroWeather. None of the Pyro’s are configured, so it’s not released.

Red Essence Emporium
One last thing before I forget! The Red Essence Emporium is what the donation shop is called. This can be accessed with /red or /menu > Red Essence! We will soon have an IP shop where you can buy many items, but for now, the Influence Points Emporium is not released. You will soon be able to buy items from the in the game shop with ShopGuiPlus+ (which is separate from the Influence Points Emporium)

Special thanks to anyone who read this far!
You are truly amazing if you read this far, but if you scanned through it that’s fine too! I hope you have a spectacular day.

One last thing…..
We are recruiting staff. We currently only have one other person than me that is working on the server. If you are interested please let me know! Builders also are appreciated! Omg, I forgot. We are a no griefing server.

Staff team
JDSCraft – Owner
Swolp – Admin

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| ♪ Rhapsody SMP ♪ | 1.18.2 | ♪ Beautiful World ♪ | Hosted by Tiktok Musician | ♪ LGBTQ Safe! ♪ |

Join us to create a wonderful community on our paper-run server! Come find your forever server, where you’re always welcome and valid~
Make lasting memories with us on Rhapsody- what makes us unique is our love to share music throughout the server, bringing players together through song.

Rhapsody is a wonderfully unique server- come join us and help us grow. ♡
What makes Rhapsody special?
Rhapsody is hosted by tiktok musician, StegosaurusBunnywho aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for other artists in the nonbinary community. They have culminated a safe space for the growing LGBTQ community on TikTok, discord, and Minecraft, and they want to welcome you as well!

What’s New?
Events! Join us on Rhapsody to participate in our awesome events, varying in activities and rewards monthly!
Rhapsody is now several months old and has expanded! Come join the fun in exploring the new areas! Always online!

Happening Now! 1.18.2 Update JUST RELEASED! New Jukebox Plugin added. Choose from over 300+ songs to listen to in noteblock form anywhere in the world.

CURRENT EVENT: Custom structures and biomes are being scattered randomly throughout the overworld for exploration by players.

Hosted by a musician and their friends, Rhapsody SMP invites you to join in and have a wonderful time!

Adminshop Chestshop Citybuild Discord Events Freebuild Plots Quest Shop Survival Vote Minecraft Server

Welcome to Builders Paradise – or BuPa for short!
A place where Minecraft lovers of all ages can feel comfortable.

Performance, dynamics, fairness and above all fun – we want to design our network with this in mind.

Together with you we want to be strong, constantly develop and create a great gaming atmosphere!

The performance comes mainly from our medium-sized infrastructure

– which form a powerful and functioning network from several servers and network technology.

That – together with our performance, which we build as a team and players – gives a strong foundation for BuPa.

As far as we can, everything is kept at the best possible level and is constantly being further developed.

Dynamism is the power with which we continue to improve our network and make new things possible.

The prerequisite here is the willingness of everyone to stay on the ball and that

Advancing the network through determination and cohesion.

Fairness is an important point in dealing with each other – in the team, but above all with you, the players!

It is based on appreciation and respect and is a basic requirement for successful teamwork.

And finally, the fun of the game, without which we wouldn’t be here.

To achieve together that everyone on our network has fun playing – our biggest goal ever!!

Our promises to you:

→ Communication – simple, direct and at eye level!

→ Treat each other with respect – This applies in both directions, team to player and player to team!

→ Appreciative and non-judgmental – everyone is accepted just as they are!

→ Best possible development of the network – thanks to our strong team, which is constantly developing and training, our network will continue to grow.

→ Simple gameplay – Everyone should be able to find their way around our network, so we pay attention to simple operation and traceability.

→ Reliable availability – thanks to our good infrastructure.

And now a few more details about our network:

Our network can be reached around the clock thanks to our good and reliable hardware.

On our network we offer you, among other things:

– CityBuild

– FreeBuild

– Minigames – including Spleef, Bedwars, TNTrun and BuildBattle

– Quests

– Autonomous economic system

– Booster

– Regular events

– Quests

– Voting system – with interesting rewards

– Animal transport boxes – take animals with you to other worlds or servers

– Own mail system – send items to friends

– Bank – depository for money, items and EXP

– Invite System – Invite friends to our network and get rewards

Overall, we want a clearly visible, comprehensible and above all

easy-to-use gameplay, enable. That also means

Beginners and minors from the age of 6 will feel at home with us. For parents

we still have some information here (

With our team, various security systems and your help, we want to

harmonious, respectful, but also fun interaction.

Become part of our BuPa family and be part of it!


Playing on is and will remain free of charge and free of advertising and also EULA compliant.


Minecraft IP: (1.17.x – 1.18.2)





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Dream World [SkyBlock] [Need Staff]

Hello Planet Minecraft,

My name is Vkzo, I am the founder of Dream World SkyBlock. I want to take a moment to tell you a little bit about us and what we have to offer.
The server is currently running on 1.18.2 and we plan to keep it updated with the most current version of Java Minecraft. We want to create a balanced server that offers things like shops, custom-made spawners, and rank benefits ranging from free to play to donations. Referral system, events, quests, daily rewards, playtime bonuses, and much more. With that being said we will need time to develop our server. If you want to check us and stay in touch, there will be a link for the Discord down below.

Another big concern of ours before presenting our project Dream World is to bring in interested players to be a part of our staff. We will create a way that you can let us know privately if you are interested in being a part of the team. We want to build our ranks in hopes it will better our server in the future.

Thank you all for you cooperation and dedication, I personally hope to see you all online as soon as possible!