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One Piece | New Era

Come join us at One Piece: NewEra. Join a world with 30+ One Piece islands with a quest line that immerses you in the One Piece world. Join a crew or make your own and rank up. Become a Yonko or an Admiral. Go into a faction world and build to your hearts content. Battle with other Pirates, Marines, Samurais, Bounty Hunters or Revolutionaries trying to make a name for themselves!

Disclaimer: This mod pack requires Premium Minecraft to play.

How To Join:

  • Download the 64 bit Technic Launcher.
  • Open the Technic Launcher and search “New Era | One Piece” on the mod pack page and install it.
  • Make sure to click on Launcher Options and allocate at least 2 GB of RAM to the Technic Launcher!
  • 1. Click play and join in on the fun!




    Bases Bosses Clans Dayz Economy Escapefromtarkov Escapefromtarkovserver Guns Mmo Mmorpg Openworld Pve Pvp Ranks Survival Tiers

    Eclipse DayZ

    Server IP:

    Welcome to Eclipse DayZ, a post-apocalyptic survival server where danger awaits you at every turn. Explore our expansive map as you fight to survive the undead – or other players. Inspired from games like DayZ and Escape from Tarkov, fight unique monsters, NPCs and players in a competitive, unforgiving world. Join us for the opening on 4/30/2022, at 5:00 pm EST!

    Version: 1.12.2
    Server IP:

    Here are some features we offer:

    There is special loot carefully placed all around the map! Explore the world using our map to find all kinds of cool stuff, like weapons, armor, medical supplies, valuable items, and more!

    We have dozens of guns to find in the world, which all use special ammo types. Find all kinds of weapons to suit your playstyle – to take enemies on at range or up close, there’s a weapon for that.

    We also have many different armor pieces to find, each with special enchantments to increase diversity. We have lots of unique helmets too! Equip yourself to be a disguised assassin, a heavy militant, or whatever you want!

    Tier System:
    Our server uses a tier system to help players easily understand what equipment is worth keeping or not. Rarity isn’t everything, though. Decide for yourself what is worth using.

    A huge part of our game is making money, and with a little experience even you can learn how! Gain money and rank up, unlocking new perks and locations. Find valuable items to sell at traders across the map for money, and other desirables to sell on the auction house.

    Challenge one of our bosses – if you dare. NPC’s are tougher than your average zombie, nearly all of them being hostile. Bosses will put your gear, supplies, and patience to the test. Find them across the map, take them on by yourself or with friends, and reap the rewards.

    Find crafting supplies across the world to make special and useful items for your survival.

    Base Building:
    We have a simple base building system to encourage players to hold a place down to store items. Place base materials in certain areas across the map to make a home in a hostile world. Be wary of players wanting to take what you have, though…

    And More!
    The release is just beginning! Join today to explore all these features, plus more!

    Version: 1.12.2
    Server IP:

    Fun Mmo Survival Town Towny


    c0ne-craft is a fun survival world with players focused on building towns and communities! Join now!

    The admins are super friendly and can guide you to some of the nearest towns so you can build near people!

    Economy Mcmmo Mmo Pirates Rpg Ships Skyblock Survival


    Classic RPG | Interact with the pirates in the game, explore and find new treasures while leveling up and gaining new skills to protect yourself from danger in this incredible world.
    Skills | Each pirate will have 15 skills which can be upgraded as you gain more experience playing and having fun.
    ⚓ Customized Intro | Customized game start for greater server immersion.
    ⚓ Ambient Sounds | Sounds of environment in the main biomes, as much in the bottom of the sea, like in the dungeon or the surface, will be able to listen to these incredible sounds, that attenuate and change according to the hour within the game.
    ⚓ Treasure Chests +36 | Throughout the main map you can find treasure chests, which are usually guarded by dangerous monsters.
    ⚓ Treasure Crate | Get the keys and get awesome rewards.
    ⚓ Voting Crate | Players voting for the server may receive a key to obtain a reward.
    ⚓ World Events | Discover the events that occur in the main world, where you can search for the mysteries of the Kraken, or find all the cannibals, you can also try to loot the booty of the thieving pirates.

    Class Mmo Mmorpg Other Quest Roleplay Rpg Skill

    Guardians of Adelia (In development)

    Dungeon driven Minecraft MMORPG (In Development)

    Please visit website for more info!

    Hello! I have been developing this for 5 years. I started learning software development with this project so I had to restart everything 2 times.
    But now I am satisfied with my coding. Almost all features are implemented by this plugin except things like citizens, mythicmobs etc. (Dont need to reinvent the wheel)

    The MMORPG
    This is a complete mmorpg project! Almost any feature you find in classic mmorpgs is implemented with our unique design. And those features are really detailed! For example, there are currently 15 playable classes, each with 5 unique skills. You can find more about server features here:

    We need content creators!
    I have finished coding all the features, just some minor things missing here and there. But our biggest shortcoming is content. We have a huge openworld you can find in website but its mostly empty. We need builders, quest writers, dungeon & boss designers. If you are interested in please join our discord.

    Join our community!


    3dmmorpg Class Classes Dark Souls Darkknight Elden Elden Ring Endgame Fantasy Fantasyrp Game Gameplay Gamer Gamergirls Gamers Games Knight Knights Mage Magia Magic Magic Spells Magical Magicclasses Mmo Mmoitems Mmorpg Rogues Rpg Rpglike Rpgmmo Rpgserver Rpgsmp Rpgsurvival Souls Like Survivalrpg Wizard Wizards

    Is Elden Ring better than Minecraft?

    Both are great games, with each having their own qualities. We asked you which of these games you preferred, and whether you’d choose one or the other over the other.

    In my eyes, Minecraft is definitely the best game of the year. However, that doesn’t mean it is without its faults. The main negative I see is that the world is never-ending, and the player can only go so far before they run out of blocks to place. The biggest issues for me is when the game gets repetitive. However, I still enjoy playing it more than other RPGs.

    Elden Ring is a great classic, RPG game. The game is very challenging and will keep you interested for hours. What I like the most about the game is the fact that each level, the dungeons, are very well thought out and unique.

    However, Elden Ring has some really big flaws. For example, the game has little to no control over the character. He walks or runs where ever the AI takes him. It is just unrealistic, as players have to be constantly watching over the player, and watching where he is going in order to keep the player alive. Another big flaw is that at times, the game becomes too easy. A player can just stand around and watch a monster pop up, rather than move. The game also gets very annoying when the game goes under a death loop.

    I like to explore the world and try new things. I also like to survive in the wilderness, so, naturally, my first character will be bandit.

    Both the knight and the mage have to be played, but, I’ll pick the bandit. I like him better because he can use a bow better unlike the knight. Also, he is good at sneaking, since his playstyle is dark.

    My favorite game of the year is Minecraft. This is because it is simple to learn how to play, and even more so to understand how the game works. Also, it is a game that will keep you entertained for years. Minecraft allows for an infinite world, so there is always something to do.

    Economy Jobs Mcmmo Mmo Pve Pvp Rankup Shops Survival Towny Vault

    The brewery

    The brewery is a new Danish Towny Server, which brings new ideas into play, compared to other normal towny servers! For a long time there have been towny servers that have huge survival worlds, with lots of cities all over the world. But they all have the same problem. You * do not * feel * the community across cities. That’s why we have here in the brewery a small worldborder of only 1000×1000 (Now 2000×2000 in season 2!)! It gives a whole new way to play! This means that you will almost always be able to see other players (and definitely cities!). Certain resources suddenly become quite nice! But also the amount of land. Claim enough land for your city and gain wealth before others do! The top 3 cities (and players) are, time and time again, hailed on each server reset, throughout the season!
    In the normal world, pvp is off, but in nether it’s pure chaos!

    The server is constantly updated and ideas for the next server reset are noted!
    (The server is reset every 3 months)

    18plus Adult Antigrief Economy Furries Furry Furrycraft Furryfandom Furryminecraft Furryserver Mmo Roleplay Runescape Server Servers Shops Survival

    TimeLierG Companions (18+, Furry)

    An MMO style furry server (non-furs welcome too) with events and anti cheat, anti grief. Come in and be remembered! It took me over a year to make the spawn city also known as the Companion City so feel free to look around, there’s a lot to see.

    Plugins include AutomaticBroadcast, Images, Vault, Essentials, GriefPrevention, ClearLagg, EssentialsChat, Anti-X-Ray plugins.

    This is an 18+ adult server with furry content, do not join if you are under 18 or do not wish to see NSFW content.

    118server Anarchy Factions Hardcore Hcf Mmo Pvp Semianarchy Semivanilla Survival

    True Hardcore Anarchy Server

    “The only TRUE multiplayer hardcore Anarchy experience.”

    True Hardcore is unlike any other hardcore-anarchy server out there, not only is it much more difficult, there is no offline grief prevention and deaths incur temporary bans. Not to mention that killing others can result in a life bonus to yourself, so forming together into factions may be the only way to not just survive, but thrive!
    Complete with many exciting and awesome plugins such as:
    ExtraHardMode (Much harder gameplay mechanics and mobs)
    AugmentedHardcore (Ban on Death)
    Anti-Cheat (Looking out for op hacks to keep the game fair)
    LevelledMobs (Harder mobs)
    DiscordSRV (Minecraft <> Discord Chat) [Discord Link]
    Votifier (Voting for the server gives in-game rewards)
    ChatControl (Prohibts swearing/cussing and keeps the server friendly and communal)

    Adventure Battleroyale Carnival Challenge Mmo Mmorpg Nirvana Online Other Royale Server Wildwest Zombies


    Welcome to NirvanaOnline, the Minecraft MMO of your dreams!

    NirvanaOnline is a Minecraft-based MMORPG created by Network Nirvana. NirvanaOnline is a content-rich, open-world adventure server built as a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game. There are a number of different varied and unique game worlds unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before in Minecraft. AdytumOnline is the world’s largest underwater city ever built within Minecraft, and features hours upon hours of underwater exploration and aquatic antics. UmbraOnline is an underground city deep beneath the earth’s surface where you’ll explore dark abyssal caves and uncover a mystery involving Umbra’s citizens which seem to be able to live forever. ChernobylCarnivaleOnline is a macabre carnival-freakshow near Chernobyl, Ukraine in which performers in the freakshow are all mutation victims from the famous Chernobyl accident. IkarusOnline takes to the skies as players ascend to a cosmic-steampunk flying city nestled amongst the clouds. EtheriaOnline sends you back in time to the land of the ancient Maya as you explore their temples and uncover a dangerous truth behind an archaic relic: The Rose-Colored Box! ArkoneuxOnline is our latest addition to Nirvana, and sends you on an African safari unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, but be wary because even a paradise such as the Arkoneux Sierra harbors dark secrets and mind-boggling mysteries galore. Mortieu: The Dusklight City is home to our famous Nirvana Royale, a massive 256-player battle royale with a twist you’ll only find in NirvanaOnline.

    Looking for a challenge? NirvanaOnline has more than anyone can even count! Single-player Strikes will send you on quick jaunts through enemy-infested territories complete with puzzles and tribulations to test even the brightest of players. Raids are 4-player activities that will send you deeper into the belly of the beast as your team coordination, combat-prowess, and problem-solving skills will be test.

    Vaults are the pinnacle of NirvanaOnline that allow it to stand above the rest. Delve deep into these 12-player challenges that will test everything you think you know about Nirvana and Minecraft alike. Devastating bosses, complex puzzles, wicked parkour, tantalizing time trials, and more will push every player to their limits as they fight for the best loot that Nirvana has to offer. If you’ve got what it takes to take down one of our 12-player Vaults, you’ll go home with 250 Credits, some Vault Tickets to spend in the Peregrine Emporium, and an enchanted piece of Netherite Vault Gear to help you on your way to taking down bigger and badder Vaults. With over 25 of these incredible challenges around the game, you’ll never be at a loss for great risks and even greater rewards!

    NirvanaOnline has a wealth of content with over 600 hours of adventures and stories for you to experience. New story-driven Quests allow you to experience firsthand the tales and adventures of the many realms of Nirvana. Pulsis Rituals task you and your friends with fighting off a deadly rush of mobs before becoming overwhelmed. Arenas are a great place to show off your combat prowess with your friends. Dungeons are pockets of Nirvana’s open world in which the enemies drop special enchanted diamond loot to help you gear up for harder content. Parkour Courses will test your ability to make incredible jumps and keep your balance while doing so. No matter what brings you to the gates of NirvanaOnline, there’s something here for you!

    When you’re not out adventuring, take a load off at the Monastery, NirvanaOnline’s hub for anything you might need on your adventures. Spend your hard-earned Credits at the shop, explore the many Vexation artifacts on display in the Hall of Relics, head through one of the many gateways to other worlds in the Hall of Portals, and even find your way to one of our dazzling side activities like Murder Mystery or our new Bellatraux Farms world. The developers of NirvanaOnline are always listening to player feedback, so we’re happy to do what we can to accommodate our players with new levels that we know you’re going to love, and new experiences based directly on your feedback and your suggestions!

    Finally, if you’re in the mood for something a little different, head through the portal to Zombies In Paradise

    Zombies In Paradise is an all-new free-to-play experience engineered by the same minds at Network Nirvana that brought you NirvanaOnline. Built with a wildly-different design philosophy, Zombies In Paradise takes you to the idyllic island paradise of Sunali and challenges you to solve puzzles and fight off hordes of Zombies as you attempt to find and complete one of our main questlines. These questlines can be found all over the island, and completing any one of them is a feat of it’s own. What’s the catch? Your progress on these Quests resets every Tuesday, so you’ve got a limited amount of time to solve the riddles and claim Sunali’s greatest prizes and rewards!

    Once the fun of the Zombies In Paradise Quests are over, it’s time to dive into one of our unique Quarantine Zones, where you’ll find higher-level enemies and key fragments that will unlock even more adventures around Sunali. Kill enough of the enemies inside Quarantine Zones and you’ll unlock new challenges like Vaults, Raids, and even Apex Dungeons for you to test your mettle and conquer foes unlike anything else you’ve ever seen in Minecraft!

    NirvanaOnline 2.0 has arrived! NirvanaOnline (Better known as EQUINOX) is the game-changing free update released on February 1st, 2022 that’s completely revamped nearly every single system in all of NirvanaOnline. Check out our robust new fishing update, align yourself with 3 new Guilds (factions) and earn reputation for each, claim new Titles, experience an epic new Apex Zone in the Oasis, and take advantage of our 400+ new Quality of Life updates designed to make the game easier to enjoy!

    Join NirvanaOnline today, and come hop in our Discord:
    Check out our official website: