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join us on Flowerfall! Our Survival/MMO hybrid server with countless custom such as Jobs, Custom Items/Crafting, Custom Mobs and Bosses, Dungeons, Dimensions, Events, an Interactive Community, and much more!
-Contains over 500+ custom modelled mobs!
-over 200+ custom items with abilities to collect!
-A full custom economy with custom fishing,farming,mining
– a multi dimension system with progression

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The Midnight SMP is a cross-platform, RPG, towny based server with emphasis on economy and exploration. In the MidnightSMP, players are encouraged to explore, trade, and complete quests to progress further into the storyline. We offer a unique experience with custom dimensions, quests ,a 1 hour deathban, over 100+ NPCs, player shop, and builds that you will never forget. There are no pay-to-win features, a store full of custom cosmetics, and a great community only just a click away.

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Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs | Roleplay | Survival | Events

Join via

The Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs server is a roleplay survival server consisting of six different kingdoms. These kingdoms interact with each other through trade, alliances and war. These interactions are done and decided by the player base, so the storyline is in the control of the players! Next to player-based roleplay, there are also events to tell certain stories. We have had an event for the opening of the nether, including a boss fight and since then we have had quite a lot of other events! Each kingdom is tasked with building up its cities along the lines of its lore and creating its own lore as well. The kingdoms will face many difficult challenges from events such as plagues and dark magic, and there will be full-scale wars with other kingdoms. Every kingdom will have more than 20 active players attempting to grow their kingdom to full size and dominate the other kingdoms. The lore and roleplay of these kingdoms will be played out in chat and also be recorded by YouTubers and streamers.

A short description of every kingdom:

Aquifer Desert:
The Aquifer Desert used to be a rich religious kingdom that was eventually burned down by banished civilians and barbarians. The entire land burned down, leaving nothing but sand and ash, and some believe the land has been cursed by the Gods to never grow again.

The Flowerhill is a peaceful kingdom that sits atop a hill full of flowers. The kingdom is not interested in warmongering with other kingdoms, but instead looks for a peaceful and easy life and aims to spread warmth and love across the continent.

The Frozen Regions:
The Frozen Regions are part of the largest kingdom to date. It used to be a great kingdom with a big royal family, but eventually, the family turned on each other and the kingdom got divided into small villages and settlements that now all fight against each other. The kingdom can be described by words such as divided, aggressive, and resentful of each other.

Tunnel Centre:
Tunnel Centre is a kingdom within a large cave system that is as old as time itself. Refugees from old wars dug down into the earth and started hiding from the violence underground. The refugees did indeed escape war, but there is still tons of violence with the underground monsters always looking to kill the miners.

Turtle Bay:
The Turtle Bay is an old trading colony from another continent. After its original kingdom fell down, the bay was the only part of the kingdom left. It is known for its great cavalry and its ability to craft horse saddles. Along the coastline, the kingdom is now planning to create a beautiful harbour.

The Holy City of Concordia:
The sixth and newest kingdom is the Holy City of Concordia. Made up of refugees from the other kingdoms, this kingdom is all about religion. The Holy City looks beautiful as it has magnificent architects to celebrate the religion. The story holds that a person from Turtle Bay once left the kingdom to find sacred land where he settled Concordia.

We cannot wait to start playing with you and we want to welcome everyone to join us as we’re always looking for new players, always willing to hire new staff, and we are still looking for extra YouTubers to spice up the roleplay content of the kingdoms. You can also join our discord here.

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Ip java:
Ip bedrock: Puerto: 27015

————————————————————★ 10BEASTS ★——————————————————————–

Be part of our community and come have fun with us in a world full of adventure, laughter, fellowship and much more!

10Beasts we are a server that listens to the community with your suggestions and we have just officially opened, we are also looking for staff.

RPG,Roleplay y survival:

➤ 5 races (to choose)

➤ Free tenders

➤ Teams

➤ Events around the world

➤ Daily Rewards

➤ Protections

➤ Nightmare Mode

➤ Missions

➤ Summons

➤ Crates

➤ skills

➤ Monsters with levels

➤ Bosses

We are waiting for you to be part of this community that is just beginning with all the adventurers who want to come with us!!!

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Mydian RPG Survival [Playable Races] [Skills] [Wars] [Jobs] [Fantasy Roleplay] [Economy]

A dedicated long-term roleplay survival server. Take the role of one of five different races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Angel), each with their own territory and worlds. Engage in peace and war! Equipped with role-play features and rules to ensure the best possible experience! Come explore, adventure, have fun!

– 5 Playable Races
– Classes & Skills
– Wars and Land Claiming
– Territory Wars
– PvP Wars
– Player Ran Economy
– Jobs
– Fantastic Roleplay

Come play with us and make new friends/memories!

Customworld Fun Pvp Rpg


You wake up in an alternate universe…

Title of Expandable Spoiler

Scavenge for weapons, kill mobs and players to get to the universe you were searching for in this MMOMCRPG.

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FEInfinity MC Server – Fire Emblem-themed Survival – 1.18.2 – 1.19.2

FEInfinity is a budding tight-knit Fire Emblem community. This is the community server, open to all in and out of the community! Started on 8/21/22, the server’s goal is to create a fun time for Fire Emblem and Minecraft fans!

Included in the server:
* New items and weapons
* FE Regalias, such as Sieglinde and Siegmund
* Custom Mobs
* Vanilla Survival
* Lockette

* Shops
* Custom Resource Pack

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem, come join the server and Discord! We’d love to have you! 🙂

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Sckags Mode

Sckags Mode is a fun, new, and unique survival experience! Including custom items, weapons, armor, dungeons, challenges, mobs, bosses, and more!

Journey through the Minecraft world while obtaining brand new items by fighting enemies and bosses around the world! Play how you want! Be a warrior, and archer, a mage, anything you want! Join or create your own faction and fight through dungeons for your faction, or for yourself!

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(1.19.1) [ValenWood] (SMP)(Quests) (RPG) (Whitelist)

Hey everyone! ValenWood is a brand new SMP server, filled with quests, cities, and an in-game economy to support shops, trading and property. We are a small community looking to expand!

Server Features Include:

  • Quests! (Not your typical go kill 3 cows. Engaging quests with dialog, player choices, and questlines for guilds, and much more!)
  • Player Auctions
  • Skills to train and level up
  • Toggleable PVP
  • Ever expanding cities with optional player housing
  • Marriage
  • Player Shops!
  • This server aims to be a blend of the games, I loved growing up like the Elder Scroll’s series and the skills and requirements systems from games like RuneScape. By implementing these systems from those titles, I feel we have been able to create a unique experience for our players.

    We will be looking for staff and builders.

    If you are interested, please leave a comment below with your Minecraft Username and I will add you to the Whitelist ASAP.

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    FarLands Network

    Welcome to the FarLands – a server survival rpg

    Basic information

    ✧ ip:
    ✧ version: 1.16.5
    ✧ modes: survival, SkyBlock (coming soon)


    + The Farlands are back
    + Dungeons, missions, coliseums, enchantments, bosses, etc…
    + Weekly Events (if there are active players)
    + Skills
    + Protections
    + Armor beyond netherite (more armor is planned to be implemented in the future)
    + New weapons and tools
    + Cosmetics (more cosmetics are planned to be implemented in the future)
    + ResourcePack required for survival:

    And much more!

    SkyBlock Coming Soon!!


    You can suggest what you want as long as it is logical


    Store: (nothing available yet)