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Balanced RPG survival 1.19.2

Viserion History
The emergence of viserion came very spontaneously. Due to an illness it limited my life.
Because of this I was looking for a passion that I could do from home.
I always dreamed of a minecraft server and took the step.
Viserion is a vision of my brain. How I see a survival server with custom elements.
I still have a lot to learn and hope to give you as a player a nice experience.
If you have any feedback I would love to hear it!
What is viserion?
A survival RPG server with a custom twist. In this server everyone has chances and everyone can show how good he or she is.
The server works with a level system and skill system.
You earn the levels through various activities. You can also see these levels in the TAB and CHAT.
This way everyone knows what level you are.
You can also see at the top what the high score is and what rank you are.
The leaderboard is based on the richest player. But that can fluctuate a lot because
if you want to buy a lot of land, you will also need a lot of money. What’s also nice is that you can get crate keys while leveling.
You can use these for a chance to win donor ranks, pets, and much more… You won’t get bored easily in version.
And we hope to continue to grow
Viserion features
– Player leveling
– Skill leveling
– Pet leveling
– Gain crate keys by playing
– Over 150+ custom enchantments
– Custom textures
– Auction house
– Jobs
– Questing
– FIshing contest
– Custom rank tags
– Voting rewards and voteparty
– Mobs that level based on your level
– Buy protection stones to claim land
– ECO shop with spawners
– And most important a owner that listens to the community
Join our discord and have a chance to win the giveaway:

Mmo Mmorpg Mods Plugins Resourcepack Rpg Rpgsurvival Server Survival


MMORPG server with custom dungeons (at the moment there is only 1) with MODS and PLUGINS, dungeon mods so you can travel the world at will. We create a story so that the most curious can discover what is happening… In turn, as time progresses, the players will become part of it!


isla limboknein

At the beginning of everything, when the titans, gods and other abnormally powerful creatures, even spawns resulting from physical anomalies, disputed their place in the universe and, more importantly, their contribution to it… of course, when we talk about contributions we talk of creatures and events that modern physics cannot describe or explain… those disputes in the space abysses before all it was known as the great blirtlak war, since this would be the winner of said events. Those wars gave rise to when in the battle of barok, the name of the space abyss in which all the participants of the great war deployed their armies and subjects throughout the abyss, many of them died… others were killed, and some escaped. …. in the end all the creative creatures fought face to face and those who died created worlds, although of course… not all wounds heal… the weapons and artifacts used in that war will die with the universe, and not before yes… `however, death gave rise to life, such is the case of limboknein, a creature from the bottom of the abyss to which the blirtlak himself stuck his sword, thus skewering 12 of his competitors, traversing to the first through a From its multiple deformities, from that sword was born the life of the future world where water and life abound, as well as the death and desolation of the unclean creatures that these beings created.

You are in limboknein, the summoner has brought you, a new Eithon ardhon to see if we can stay out of reach of the creatures that roam around, for starters they will give you some basic tools and you will have to face the pathetic blords, deadly defects that are created starting from the sword and they emerge from the darkness, well as long as the gloom exists, the lords will keep emerging from it, you must talk to the sage, one of the summoner’s experiments, she will tell you how many of those pathetic creatures she wants to see die by your hand in the infinity cave, before sending you to kortrum, a name it shares with a titan that makes up the jumble of galactic anomalies strung on the blade of blirtlak, the only haven of civilization known to the inhabitants of limboknein outside of the reach of the rottenness and desolation left by those wars, there you can find other Eithon ardhon with whom you will be safe from tears. heights that the great war forgot…
The summoner has accepted that you come here to observe how you increase your power against the dangers that the future holds, your stay in limnoknein will be brief, so do not listen to the gnirs because they are there to defend the island for all eternity, punished by the invoker himself for his blasphemies and condemned as blirtlak in limboknein, since they do not deserve access to the orb, a place that can only be accessed with glory and honor if one is worthy of reaching it after death. The gnirs are neither alive nor dead, do not fear for them, have pity on them.

Adventure Apocalypse Build Fantasy Magic Monsters Openworld Postapocalyptic Pve Economy Roleplay Rpg Skills Spells Witchcraft

Aurelia RPG + SMP | Builders and Chat Mods NEEDED! | Apply without experience!

Hello! I am looking for people who want to be builders, chat mods, and test players.

What you might build: small towns, ruins, totems decorations around the world, small boss arenas in my new server. Use your imagination!

I can explain the world concept and lore to you when you join.
My discord is the best way to get hold of me, Loom#5650

Some basic info would be appreciated, your username, age, any experience and what role you may want to have in the server.

Beta players are welcome to chill as well, no contributions needed. What are you waiting for? Join the team today!

– Open World RPG – Custom Magic Abilities and Custom Modelled Mobs in vanilla
– Linear numbered quest lines.
– Side quests, unlockables and upgradable skills.
– Custom indepth advanced combat – 4 different classes
– Accessories, and 25 different pets
– Skills, progression for every stat from Mining, to Fishing, to Woodcutting, to Alchemy to Archery and so on!
– Apartment Roleplay world
– Separate 1.19.2 SMP World with a fresh clean map
– Factions land claim
– No griefing
– No pesky mods or modpack installers required! But Optifine will let you see our highly custom armor sets!
– Whitelisted for development currently

Mmo Mmorpg Roleplay Rpg Survival

Age Of Settlers

Age of Settlers

Age of Settlers is an amazing Minecraft Roleplay experience with elements of factions, survival, and mystery!

Set in the city of Val Kamorr, players can join gangs and compete for influence and power within a city. Gangs can earn points through various tasks and events and can use these points to try to bribe or assassinate the current monarch, or work to remove other houses from power.

Become a master of your profession, uncover the secrets of the Continent, and build a mighty gang to endure the ages in this one-of-a-kind roleplay world!

๐ŸŽ† Professions

๐Ÿ›  The Smith is the backbone of a kingdom, providing custom weapons, tools, and armor for their people.

๐Ÿน The Fletcher serves to create a variety of ranged weapons and quivers, using exotic woods to craft only the best equipment for their armies.

โ›๏ธ The Miner is a Profession dedicated to resource gathering, unlocking upgrades for crafting tools, and cheaper refining of materials.

๐Ÿช“ The Woodcutter is the Profession dedicated to resource gathering from trees, you can unlock better drop rates for rare wood types and cheaper refining of these wood types.

๐ŸŒฟ The Agriculturist is responsible for producing food in a world where plugins make such resources scarce. Agriculturists may choose to focus on crop farming or animal husbandry, developing their skills to supply noble steeds, livestock, and a myriad of custom foods for their kingdoms.

๐Ÿงฌ The Alchemist is a Profession dedicated to synthesizing hard-to-get materials. You can unlock several recipes that allow you to make otherwise unobtainable items. Alchemists also have access to herb collections for medicine.

๐Ÿ  The Fisherman is a Profession dedicated to, well, fishing. You can unlock upgrades for your fishing rod in the upgrade tree.

๐ŸŽ† Gangs

  • Roleplay a warrior or guard to defend your gang or attack another.
  • Form alliances and negotiate trade deals with neighboring gangs.
  • Raise your gang to powerful heights by recruiting new players and friends.
  • ๐ŸŽ† Roleplay experiences:

  • Experience custom lore and uncover the mystery of Val Kamorr.
  • Delve into Murder mysteries and assassinations.
  • Go to war with enemy gangs that threaten your safety or power.
  • Commit acts of villainy as an evil character such as a bandit or cultist.
  • Participate in exclusive roleplay events that further the world’s story.
  • Complete fully custom dungeons and discover the secrets within.
  • ๐ŸŽ† Even more features:

  • Custom Map
  • Custom Resource Pack
  • MMO Items
  • Dungeons
  • Custom Mobs
  • Custom Professions
  • Player Based Economy
  • Improved Horses
  • And so much more!
  • Our community welcomes everyone from anywhere in the world!

    Our discord:

    Bedrock Fantasy Java Kingdoms Medieval Pvp Roleplay Rpg Survival Wars

    Medieval Lands [1.19+] Java and Bedrock


    Medieval Lands, is a roleplay game within Minecraft, based on medieval times. Unleash your imagination, build your own kingdom and rule the land. Battle against other kingdoms, conquer new lands, defeat bosses and protect the residents of your kingdom.

    Clans Custom Faction Pvp Factions Magic Rpg Skills Smp Spells Survival

    Lostshard RPG [Custom] [Magic] [Spells] [Skills] [PvP] [SMP] [1.16.5]

    Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.


    Discord: click here to join

    MC Version: 1.16.5Welcome to Lostshard – on our server you will find a completely custom RPG / MMORPG type experience loosely based off Ultima Online.

    Insane PvP, and skill, class, magic, plot, clan + economy systems built from scratch.

    No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played

    And for people who played on the original Lostshard, welcome back!

    Come join our discord:

    Pictures below to offer a glimpse of what Lostshard is like – come check it out

    1122server 1x12x2 Discord Events Factions Forge Handbuilt Minigames Mods Other Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Pokemon Pokemonminecraft Rpg Teams

    Toxel Lodge Pixelmon

    A hand-built world recreating the rpg you know and love with additional content, quests, crates, and more.

    Hosted by:

    FoxesVenom (
    CactusKai (

    Discord: [url=(Link removed)][/url]

    Toxel Lodge Pixelmon Minecraft Server

    Adventure Bloons Bloonstd Custom Economy Factions Guild Guilds Hardcore Magic Mobarena Pvp Quest Rpg Skyblock Survival Towerdefence Vote

    Killstreak MC

    Killstreak MC [โ€‹1.9 – 1.19+]

    Killstreak MC has a variety of gamemodes, so you can always have fun and vibe!

    Survival RPG Adventure – Custom Adventure Survival gamemode with 250+ special items & monsters!

    Skyblock – Superior Islands.

    Tower Defence – Bloons TD in Minecraft!

    Monster Arena – Waves of monsters.

    Custom levels & professions!

    Featuring: Global inventory, Economy, Mystery Box #vote4boxes, Parkour & XP Farm, Custom Mining, Custom Fishing


    Custom Customplugins Economy Espanol Espaol Gapplepvp Hardcore Kitpvp Live Minigames Potpvp Rpg Sky Skylive Soul Spanish Survival Uhc


    A new Ultra Hardcore Survival experience… Do you have the courage?
    Pick a starting difficulty and prove yourself! When will your first death be…?


  • UNIQUE difficulty and progress system! Accumulate SOULS by defeating enemies WITHOUT DIEING…
  • OWN plugins, DIFFICULT enemies and with PROGRESS, IMPROVEMENT systems…
  • NO BAN death penalties: UHC mode, the ETERNAL STORM, CORRUPTED world, LUNAR ECLIPSE…
  • AMAZING worlds, HIDDEN powers, MINIGAMES, and more COMING SOON!
  • UNIQUE Items: like the ETERNAL STONE, it will restore your INVENTORY upon DIE!
  • Recommended version: 1.19 + Also playable in Console and Phone version! (BEDROCK edition)
  • Join us at!
    Active and friendly Spanish-speaking community, hackers and inappropriate behavior will be punished. Safe for everyone!

    Anime Animeserver Mmo Mmorpg Roleplay Rpg Sao Swordart Swordartonline

    Unime’s SAO: Legacy | 1.8.9

    Ip:๏ปฟ | 1.8.9

    A Classic Minecraft MMORPG experience.

    11 Public floors, 3 Beta floors, 1 to be released as an update.

    Levels and skills.
    Increase your max Health by leveling up

    Teleportation Crystal System

    Quests and Dungeons w/ more coming soon

    Multiple Shops and Banks around most Floors.
    Custom Items and Enemies.

    Personal and Guild homes!
    Player Shops and Item Auctioning!

    Join A Guild or Create Your Own!
    Party system
    Marriage System

    Dueling and Other PK related features coming soon.

    Player Guilds – Create your own guild or join one!
    Server guilds – Gain access to Unique Server Guilds by leveling up skills.

    Interactable maps! Mine Ores and chop down trees on certain floors – the maps will regenerate!

    This server used to be a part of another network and we recently revived it for people to play on while we work on a newer version of it with many more features. We still plan on updating this version while working on the new server and will be keeping it up after the new one releases.