Pvp Roleplay Rpg Без дюпа Без лаунчера Большой онлайн Ванильные Выживание Дуэли Ивенты Пиратские Приват Русские Хардкор Экономика

ColdHarbour – Best RPG server Minecraft server

On our ❤️project you will find:

⭐ Server without stupid “school” donation. Here you will not see the sale of Creative, Admin and other nonsense. All players will feel comfortable on our project.

⭐ RPG system with its own classes. Kill enemies by taking their souls, thereby pumping your class and race. Become a vampire, mage, devourer .. and many more! What is your race? Demon or Angel? The choice is only yours!

⭐ Own dungeons, bosses, custom items, and more! You’d better come by yourself and check it all out;)

⭐ We are constantly working to improve the server. Every day, we add new features and monitor server stability.

⭐ The administration monitors the server very well, helps the players in all their questions.

⭐ Servers without lags and dupes. We always try to close all problems and vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

⭐ Protection against modifications and cheats.

⭐ Automatic system of backups – you will not lose anything, even if the server machine burns out.

⭐ Low cost of donation services. You will find an incredibly cheap donation only with us, for such prices you will get a quick start!


Pve Pvp Rpg Выживание Дюп Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Тюрьма Херобрин Экономика

FantasyLine SkyBlock, 2bt2 and survival on 1.15.2 Minecraft server

FantasyLine is a project that is ready to implement
your imagination in minecraft thanks to the lamp atmosphere
on the best games and modes.
Here’s what we can boast about:

● Survival – the most recent version of the game ever! ONLY HONEST SURVIVAL!

● BedWars – starter kits and more

● SkyWars – whale kits and much more

● Creative – Creative server without wipes and cool splashes.


● Stalker – fully thought out mode with a copy of the famous game Stalker.

We will be glad to see you on our project!
Come from versions 1.8 to 1.15+

Classic Fly Pve Pvp Roleplay Rpg Анархия Без вайпов Без дюпа Без лаунчера Бесплатная админка Большой онлайн Ванильные Выживание Гриф Донат Дуэли Ивенты Квесты Кланы Наруто Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Свадьбы Тюрьма Хардкор Херобрин Читы Экономика

▶ ️ SkiperCraft ⭐ THE COOLEST IN THE WORLD ❤️ [1.8-1.1.6] Minecraft server

➜ VKontakte group
➜ Site for buying donation –
➜ IP –
➜ Version – 1.8 – 1.16 and higher
★ ➜ Best Survival Server!
★ ➜ Honest PVP with Antirelog
★ ➜ Cool Mini Games, Skyblock
★ ➜ Cheap and honest donation!
★ ➜ Rarely wipes and never donate!
★ No lags!
★ We do not cheat for donation, we are honest!
★ Kind and helpful administration!

Communitydriven Customworld Event Halloween Limitedtime Quest Roleplay Rpg

Hallow Sphere | An Inspired Sphere Event

Welcome to the Inspired Sphere’s first event: The HALLOW Sphere

What has plagued this world with hordes of mobs? Who is behind the eternal dusk? Come participate with the community in a light, quest-based, candy collecting, community driven adventure to uncover the mysteries that have spread across the Hallow Sphere.


The Hallow Sphere server will remove it’s whitelist between 9AM EST and 9PM EST on Saturday, October 31, 2020 for the spookiest day of the year! Join in the fun as there will be multiple events planned, stories unfolding, a number of activities ongoing throughout the day and grand final prizes to win for the most collected candy! WyzzeWon and Eljiannelle will be streaming some of the main events live with you, so stay tuned for a day packed with intrigue, questing and adventure! 🎃

How to JOIN:

Simply enter the server IP listed on this page into your MC server list and wait for the doors to open! Keep in mind that all Inspired Sphere Founders, Tier2 Subscribers+, Sponsors, Special Guests, and Staff get early access to the server and will be whitelisted beforehand.


Adventure Mode
Lots of mob spawning
Hidden spawners
Normal to Hard mode
Lots of areas to discover on the map
Amazing Builds and an immersive custom map
Custom map size 1400×1400
Main arching storyline in the world
Multiple quests to complete
Many opportunities for collecting candy
Top candy collector of the day wins prizes


♥ The 3 main events (specific times to come):
1. Strider Race
2. Skin Contest
3. PvP Battle

♥ All other ongoing activities throughout the day:
Collect candy from various questlines and activities; candy rewards for most of what happens throughout the day for a chance to reach candy baltop and win prizes!
1. Find all hidden wrapped candies
2.. Find all hidden hard candies
3. Pumpkin Parkour
4. A giant secret Hidden Maze
5. An underground hidden Puzzle Dungeon
6. Multiple quests and an overall main storyline
7. Play around with some disguises and miniature pets
8. Use /hat with any item you find to adorn your already amazing skins for the contest
9. Possibility of story-time with Ender
10. Pumpkin pie factory

♥There are hints and secrets placed around the entire map to aid in battle and in accomplishing your quests. Can you find everything that is offered on the map in 12 hours or less?


Event times to come. An image will be posted on October 30 with the event breakdown including times.
The server will be open to the public for 12 hours, so from 10AM EST to 10PM EST.
There will be 3 main events scheduled at specific times on the server for the day of.
All other activities will be ongoing and it will be possible to collect candy for a grand prize all throughout the day.


Inspired Sphere Staff Team:

Inspired Sphere Sponsors are also hosted on:

Special THAK YOU’s♥:

A special thank you to the following people for helping us out with amazing support, planning, implementation and running of this event. There will definitely be more events like this one to come in the future, so stay tuned if you really enjoy this one or even if you want but cannot make it this time around!
The rest of the inspired sphere community!
And to all the amazing builders who freely donate their time and builds to the planet Minecraft community. Links will be showcased in a special thank you video and linked here once it has been finalized.

Amongus Boss Bosses Clans Custom Discord Dungeon Dungeons Halloween Minecraft Mmorpg Mobs Pve Pvp Roleplay Rpg Server Servidor Surivivalop Survival Top


El p^to Dark Souls de los MMORPGs de Minecraft

¿Te imaginas una Dungeon donde pelear contra un Boss Final con tu Espada que tira Rayos Cósmicos mientras tu Healer es tan manco que se mete a Tanquear?
Pues efectivamente, eso es DAK PROJECT, un server MMORPG con decenas de enemigos y mazmorras en las que puedes pelear Por ej: Una calabaza gigante con dos hachas en sus brazos, mobs del among us..

A demás, ¿No estás cansado de siempre jugar lo mismo?

Yo, maxiriumsyt con el título Cazador de dioses, Poseedor de la armadura de tótem inmortal nivel 90 y la espada de la niebla oculta Mítica te invito a pasarte por DAK PROJECT.

A demás, esta semana hacemos evento.. y si te lo preguntas, sí, un evento épico

únete! 1.15.2

Pvp Rpg Без дюпа Бесплатная админка Выживание Гриф Донат Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Свадьбы Экономика

⭐ SPACELAND: 1.8 – 1.14, RPG, FREE⭐ Minecraft server

We have such mini games as: RPG, STALKER, GTA 5, SKYWARS
As well as excellent survival and responsive administration
Come to us we have cookies; D

Fly Pve Pvp Rpg Без дюпа Без лаунчера Большой онлайн Выживание Донат Ивенты Квесты Кланы Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Свадьбы Экономика

PlastyCrafy Minecraft server

Welcome to monitoring the top Minecraft PlastyCrafty server. We have a huge number of interesting modes and more modes will be added! Fly to the server, we have fun here and we are always glad to new players!

Classes Dungeons Mcmmo Mmocore Mmoitems Mmorpg Mythicmobs Persoonalworlds Playerworlds Roleplay Rpg Skills

Explorer’s Sanctum [MCMMO] [Quests] [PlayerWorlds] [MythicMobs] [MMOCore Suite] [MMORPG]

Welcome to the Last MMORPG in Minecraft you’ll ever play!

Explorer’s Sanctum

Notable Features:
– Quests
– Battle mobs, Help npc’s, Find others, Escape from danger do it all!
– Classes
– 7 Total classes with more planned!
– Cleric, Enchanter, Mage, Marksman, Warrior, Rogue, Paladin
– Items with Stats
– New item locations, Gem slots, Special abilities, Random Stats
– Constant Giveaways
– Loot crate key giveaways, Streamer rewards, Occasional Contests
– Dungeons
– Explore the world and find them, or queue up with a party to tackle dangerous areas.
– Personal worlds
– Rent your own personal world, Configure basically everything about it!
– Plot worlds
– Build a protect house, farm, auto farmer, anything you want in this protected world!

Our staff is friendly and will try to help you solve your problem as best they can. Our Developers are constantly on the lookout for errors or problems to improve your play experience.

Overall if you are looking for an MMORPG type MineCraft experience, I hope you are willing to at least give us a shot!


Classic Pve Roleplay Rpg Whitelist Без PVP Без вайпов Без доната Без дюпа Без лаунчера Без привата Ванильные Выживание Ивенты Кланы Лицензия Русские Хардкор Экономика

WildLand – Hard | Vanilla | Roleplay server Minecraft

About us

Wild Land rests on four pillars of truth: License, Vanilla, Hard, Rolepley.

The license is what makes it possible to increase the threshold for the entry of adequate players.
Vanilla is something that has been played, is played and will always be played in Minecraft.
Hard is what allows you to diversify the game and make it more difficult and interesting, while not violating the integrity of Vanilla’s pillar.
Roleplay is what helps add a lot of interesting stories and plots to our world and give a unique experience to players.

Here, each person plays as if he is one with this world and other players.
We won’t be able to act like you are regular players in another multiplayer game, no.
Remember: our server is the world, the world of Minecraft, and you in it are inhabitants free in any of your choices.
Interested in becoming a researcher? Dare to go on a long journey – to open up new expanses of lands and seas. Want to be
a layman? Build a house, start a farm, sell your products. You all have an absolute right
choose who you want to become in this big and unknown world. And with the help of all of you, together we will try
to recreate the roleplay atmosphere, whatever it was according to the game’s lore, which can be seen in its various details.

So, our project is not just another vanilla roleplay server.
Our project is an idea that has been nurtured for a long time under the influence of various game servers and
insisted like good old wine, and finally saw the light.
Wild Land was created for the idea – the idea that players are an integral part of the Minecraft world, as people are a part of the Earth.

What is it like with us

The gameplay will not be changed on the server and no new features will be added – everything is presented within the framework of vanilla. To achieve this goal, self-written plugins were installed to simplify roleplaying. And to make the game more difficult, we changed such game rules as food regeneration and showing the coordinates and boundaries of chunks.

Joining our ranks

In order to protect the community from evil spirits, there is a selection process on the server for our ranks. All detailed information in our discord

Other Rpg Skyblock

[SkyBlock] [Slimefun] Sky Project [1.8-1.16] [Free Fly]

Soon to be the best Classic SkyBlock Server

Free Fly
Custom Bosses
Custom Items

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