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Mine Royale

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Goldenleaf – Factions

This is a Factions server, you can claim land, build a base and then raid other factions! This server is all about PVP, RAIDING and Having a good time! The server is BRAND NEW! Dont You miss playing Old factions or are you a Hardcore Faction player?. We also do Payouts to the leading faction! We are also looking for mods and admins for the server at the moment! JOIN NOW!

Minigames Momentum Prisonserver Pve Pvp Revenchant Survival Tokens Voteparty Votifier


Cloud Prison is a family-friendly server created on July 3rd, 2022 by Tahzir for everyone to play on! This server has everything it takes to become a true prison server, it took some time to add new features but we think it is ready for everyone to play for now, even though the server is still under development don’t think we will stop adding new features once it is finished! Cloud also takes suggestions so if you have an amazing suggestion, let us know! Your suggestion will not be forgotten, if it is not chosen, it will still be in our files for the future! Hope to see you guys on Cloud!

Action Dungeons Mmorpg Openworld Pve Pve Economy Rpg

Mineward – Action MMORPG

The MMORPG is focused primarily on combat with three different classes, a bunch of bosses, tombs and areas to explore. Tombs have differing pathways, mini-bosses and rewards in them. All items are unique with abilities, full set bonuses and rare versions of themselves called Relics. Mobs are also made very unique with a bunch of abilities that add strategy into the game! There are also quests, forging, enchanting, multiplayer dungeons and SO MUCH MORE!!!

We will be releasing the server with an optional custom resource pack so all the items would look great (no optifine required)! It will be 100% playable without it, though.

From the enchanted forests of Skarrah and blazing fortress of Hyrrill, to the ominous withered castles of Wyreth and freezing caves of Vorklas, Mineward has got it all! For everyone interested, please join! 🙂


Economy Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding


Welcome to the PackFactions beta! Help us test our unique format for a classic MC Gamemode with monthy custom world boss events! Earn unique rewards while you master Magic skills, or MCMMO abilities. Build an empire with your friends and conquer the world. Express yourself with cosmetic skins for your weapons, effects, trails, and pets!

Cross-Play Pve Survival Vanilla

provaxcer smp

provaxcer smp
java + bedrock crossplay
latest 1.19 version
with land claims, backpack, playtime, discord integration and many more
join discord for more information ..

Pve Survival Vanilla

Bokai MC

Welcome to BoKai! This is a survival 1.19 MC Java Server.

Claims + Grief Prevention
Region Posts
Voting w/ in game rewards
Sleep Mod
Shop keepers
Web Store

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pve

Xeak SMP

New family-friendly SMP server. It has shops, Parkour, Land claims, an Auction House, kits, Trade GUI, and much more, Come on in and join the fun with other players and build until your hearts content.

Anarchy Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


The Day After Day Server is an Zombie Survival Server
Play with friends as a team or make your own path in the world.
-> Through earning emeralds, you can buy guns and tools from merchants at the spawn. You will need them because not only will the zombies try to kill you but hostile players will try to do the same.
But do not worry, with the /hub command are you save and sound back at the spawn.
-> Play on an big Map, stay alive and build your base.
See you on the server!

–Future Projects–
– Dungeons(The player can go with friends or random people through a building filled with mobs and cliam a reward for killing the endboss)
– Cosmetics (Like Hats or Pets)
– Ranking System
– Bounty System
– and many more

Economy Pve Pvp Survival


Welcome to, our server aims to give all players the most complete gameplay that can be offered to you. We spare no effort for you, the player, to have fun on our server.
To use our discord just link your in-game account. This will release all channels.
We have a prepared team, and we are waiting for you on our server.
Server always updating and always bringing news to everyone, always wait for news, because we will surprise you. 😉