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[NEW] TerraCraft

Welcome to the NEW TerraCraft Community, a small semi-vanilla server opened in 2023. Join our welcoming and active player base in an expansive world of adventure and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or just starting, there’s a place for you here.

What sets us apart?

A dedicated and friendly community, always ready to lend a hand or team up for exciting projects.

Regular in-game events, competitions, and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

A balanced mix of gameplay enhancements, like land claiming, player shops, and a dynamic economy, to make your experience even more enjoyable.

A commitment to maintaining the core Minecraft experience, with minimal server plugins to keep the gameplay as close to vanilla as possible.

Looking for a new home in the Minecraft universe? TerraCraft is the place to be! And if you’re passionate about making a difference and contributing to our community, we’re hiring for all staff positions. Join us and become a part of something extraordinary today!

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Welcome to our Minecraft Survival server, where the adventure never ends! Whether you’re on Java or Bedrock, our server embraces both platforms on version 1.20 and above, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Key Features:

– Universal Compatibility: Enjoy seamless gameplay on both Java and Bedrock platforms.
– Land Claiming: Protect your turf and build without worries using our intuitive land claiming system.
– Bounties: Spice up the survival experience with bounties! Hunt down targets, earn rewards, and become a legend.
– Community Port (Bedrock: 8068): Connect with fellow players on Bedrock through our dedicated port (8068) for a truly global and friendly experience.

Important Note:
⚠️ Server Still in Development: Please bear with us as we continue to enhance and optimize the server. Your feedback is valuable, and we encourage you to report any issues or suggestions to our dedicated staff on our Discord server.

Why Choose Us?
🌐 Cross-Platform Unity: Java and Bedrock players come together for a unique and inclusive gaming environment.
🔐 Land Protection: Your creations are safe with our land claiming system, ensuring a secure and enjoyable building experience.
💰 Bounty Hunts: Exciting bounties add an extra layer of challenge and rewards to keep the survival spirit alive.
🤝 Friendly Community: Join a welcoming community where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.
Dive into an immersive survival experience like never before! Join us now and let the adventure unfold. Java or Bedrock, the choice is yours—because gaming is for everyone. See you in the world of endless possibilities!

Java IP:
Bedrock IP: – Port: 8068

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VastWorld is an ideal experience for anyone who loves Classical SMP gameplay, spiced-up with MMORPG-like skills, custom enchants, jobs and numerous quests. The server focuses on fair & advanced PvP, quests and parkour. Unlike the vast majority of other servers, VastWorld is not PayToWin! While being very careful to ensure a balanced gameplay when adding custom features, we have custom structures & dungeons, dozens of new enchantments, over 1400 quests, PvP arenas, Parkour maps, Jobs, Skills, and many other features!

Pve Pvp Survival

FlatCraft Survival

FlatCraft Survival is a newer Superflat world with all biomes and all structures, with most structures being upgraded or having upgraded versions.
Along with a flat Overworld FlatCraft also features a flat Nether and a flat End dimension, with the Nether roof being removed completely. With the flat Nether, structures spawn more often and closer together, as is the same in the End, also featuring upgraded End Cities

The server version is 1.20 also featuring bedrock support and 1.8+ compatibility

Server Ip: Port:25588

2nd Server Ip: 142.44.13569:25588

World Border: 500,0000


World Created 15/10/2023


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Welcome to FarSkyblock!

Thank you for checking out our server! Here’s some information about us!

– There are no Pay to Win elements on our server.
– All purchases are cosmetic and support the server.

This server features an in game shop and economy, with a heavy focus on player driven shops. Bonuses in game are achieved through playtime rewards and voting. Any real money transactions give you in game cosmetics.

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LuxPixels | Survival

1.20.1 Semi-Vanilla



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RedstoneRiders SMP is a brand new Multiplayer SMP server!
Craft, build, survive, hang out with friends! A fresh and simple survival experience with tons of easy-to-use features that make survival fun. We plan on coming with lots of new gamemodes in the future, including skyblock, faction and minigames
★ Custom Enchantments ★ Jobs ★ Quests ★ PVP Arena ★

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Tranquility Online / Reopened / RLcraft / Fantasy / Horror / PvP & PvE / Factions / Marketplace / Events / Discord /


Welcome to Tranquility Online, where the fusion of a challenging Hard-difficulty SMP and the exhilaration of competitive survival Minecraft awaits, promising to enthrall you for countless hours. Our server is a symphony of Heavy Fantasy & Magic, Dark Horror, and Breathtaking Realism, tailored to immerse you in the unique essence of our vibrant community.

Forge alliances to topple mighty Factions, stand solo to showcase your prowess to even the mightiest clans, or indulge in the creation of a bustling player marketplace for the exchange of goods and services. Tranquility Online is meticulously crafted, offering an unparalleled environment that rewards you generously at every turn. If you yearn for the adrenaline rush of a fiercely competitive, semi-Roleplay, PvP Abundant SMP/Survival Minecraft server, your quest ends here – Tranquility Online extends a cordial invitation. Join us, and may the gods themselves oversee your journey….

*What can we offer?

➢ **Treasure Trove of Content**: Experience PACKED with diverse and captivating content, ensuring every moment is an exploration of excitement.

➢ **Empathetic and Dynamic Staff**: Join a positive and open-minded Staff Team that not only upholds a welcoming atmosphere, but is also on the lookout for new talents to join their ranks.

➢ **Thrilling Competitive SMP**: Test your skills in our fiercely Competitive SMP – where strategic alliances and solo triumphs are the keys to success.

➢ ** Your Voice Matters**: Participate in Polls and Voting, shape the server’s future with our Suggestion System, and witness your ideas come to life!

➢ **Safe Space Guarantee**: Enjoy a community with ZERO tolerance for Discrimination and Harassment – a haven for every player.

➢ **Extravaganza of Events**: Delight in regular Events, exciting giveaways, and unexpected freebies, adding an extra layer of joy to your journey.

➢ **Economic Marvel**: Engage in a thriving Economy and Player Marketplace, where your ventures reap rewards and create a bustling trade.

**Server Info**
➢ RLcraft Modpack
➢ 60 slots
➢ Scripted Ingame Events
➢ Online 24/7
➢ Optimized Render Distance
➢ Quest Boards and Rewards
➢ High Performance/Low Ping & Lag
➢ Player Owned Shops
➢ Clan/Faction Creation
➢ Semi-Roleplay
➢ PvP/PvE
➢ Huge World-border
➢ World “Wipes” Quarterly to Semi-Annually (Majority Voted, and to always give fresh starts every season)
➢ 180+ mods

Join for a tutorial on how to properly join!

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NightwolfMC is a casual Skyblock and SMP experience with the latest plugins and custom coding. It runs on 1.20.2 but is backward compatible with older versions. All players are welcome.

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New server – OPENING SOON!

You’ve been invited to join SageSMP!

A friendly, 15+ PvE Minecraft Survival MP server! This server has been made so Minecraft players all over the world have to opportunity to make new friends, build together & have a safe place to come to after a long day. In the server, we offer many different custom features, such as:

Crates » A reward system with (legendary) prizes for voting, playing & ranking up.
Claims » You can claim your builds for maximum security.
Events » Join our events & receive a lot of free items, cool nick-colours & maybe even trails!
Ranks » We have both earnable and purchasable ranks with really cool perks such as /fly.
Currencies » Earn feathers and crystals, sell items & become the richest player on the server.
Special enchantments » Get amazing enchantments from the crates or feather shops.
Art maps » Make your amazing paintings using dye; the only limitation with your creativity is your imagination!

There’s so much more, but I don’t wanna make this list any longer. You can come to check them all out yourself on IP: server is currently on 1.20.1, but you’re able to join from any version above 1.16! Be aware that we’re a Java server and don’t support bedrock.