Classic Pve Pvp Анархия Без дюпа Без лаунчера Бесплатная админка Выживание Гриф Донат Кланы Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Тюрьма Хардкор Экономика

CraftWand Gryfer server Minecraft server

Grifer server for version 1.12.2
IP servers:
Discord server:
Server creator:
Creator Assistant:
Auto-donate website:
VK conversation:
Here you will find:
– Frequent draws with cool prizes!
– Super Ovens, Super Potions, Super Arrows, Super Armor and Currency Generators!
– Responsive administrators!
– Inexpensive donation!
– Payback Donate cases (Payback 70% !!!)
– Frequent updates!
We are waiting for you! Fly in and play with us!
Server IP:

Pve Pvp Rpg Выживание Дюп Ивенты Кланы Пиратские Приват Русские Тюрьма Херобрин Экономика

FantasyLine SkyBlock, 2bt2 and survival on 1.15.2 Minecraft server

FantasyLine is a project that is ready to implement
your imagination in minecraft thanks to the lamp atmosphere
on the best games and modes.
Here’s what we can boast about:

● Survival – the most recent version of the game ever! ONLY HONEST SURVIVAL!

● BedWars – starter kits and more

● SkyWars – whale kits and much more

● Creative – Creative server without wipes and cool splashes.


● Stalker – fully thought out mode with a copy of the famous game Stalker.

We will be glad to see you on our project!
Come from versions 1.8 to 1.15+

Classic Fly Pve Pvp Roleplay Rpg Анархия Без вайпов Без дюпа Без лаунчера Бесплатная админка Большой онлайн Ванильные Выживание Гриф Донат Дуэли Ивенты Квесты Кланы Наруто Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Свадьбы Тюрьма Хардкор Херобрин Читы Экономика

▶ ️ SkiperCraft ⭐ THE COOLEST IN THE WORLD ❤️ [1.8-1.1.6] Minecraft server

➜ VKontakte group
➜ Site for buying donation –
➜ IP –
➜ Version – 1.8 – 1.16 and higher
★ ➜ Best Survival Server!
★ ➜ Honest PVP with Antirelog
★ ➜ Cool Mini Games, Skyblock
★ ➜ Cheap and honest donation!
★ ➜ Rarely wipes and never donate!
★ No lags!
★ We do not cheat for donation, we are honest!
★ Kind and helpful administration!

Antigrief Dueling Economy Mcmmo Moremobs Pve Pvp Rentable Shops Silkspawners Survival

.io Community SMP server

Do you hate floating trees? We do too. In fact we hate it so much we made a server where you’ll never have to endure such pain again!

Introducing a new Minecraft Survival server with just a bit of flavour to keep things fresh and exciting!

A few details:

• A ranking system, with fun perks so you’re rewarded for your efforts. (Don’t worry, there’s no VIP or Donator rank, we don’t even accept donations!)
• Anti-creeper measures so no more green bois’ breaking your precious house.
• Anti-grief measures so you and your friends can play without too much worry, whilst still retaining survivalist elements.
• GraviTree of course to make sure your floating tree nightmares are finally over!
• A Customized variant of McMMO.
• Rank syncing across all our games & Discord.
• Auction house & player-rented shops.
• SilkSpawners.
• A dueling & wagering system where you can duel for fun, or for that sweet sweet loot.

The server is online 24/7 and is ran on an Intel Core i9-9900k, 64GB RAM server. (Aka, absolutely no lag!)
We also have an active and friendly discord server of 2000+ members which is rapidly growing day-by-day.


Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Phoxis – Races

Phoxis is a small 1.16.3 survival server with a twist. We use plugins to enhance your survival adventure. Phoxis offers races, economy and much more.

Join us to find out what we are all about!

Anarchy Prison Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla


Free 41Free4all is a Anarchy server with no rules.
Meaning you can, Hack, Greif, Dupe, Raid, CrystalPvp, And Much More.
We Are A Small Community That Is Hoping To Grow.
We Don’t Patch Duplication Glitches, We Don’t Have AntiCheat, And We Keep It As Vanilla As Possible.
We Have No Admin Incured Bullshit, As Long As You Keep The Server Playable, Meaning No Lag Machines Period The Admin Has A Current And Forever Jihad Against Any And All Lag Machines, Terrible Things Happen To You If You Build Them Please Trust Me On This One.
So Get On Today And Do What Ever You Want!!!!!

Amongus Boss Bosses Clans Custom Discord Dungeon Dungeons Halloween Minecraft Mmorpg Mobs Pve Pvp Roleplay Rpg Server Servidor Surivivalop Survival Top


El p^to Dark Souls de los MMORPGs de Minecraft

¿Te imaginas una Dungeon donde pelear contra un Boss Final con tu Espada que tira Rayos Cósmicos mientras tu Healer es tan manco que se mete a Tanquear?
Pues efectivamente, eso es DAK PROJECT, un server MMORPG con decenas de enemigos y mazmorras en las que puedes pelear Por ej: Una calabaza gigante con dos hachas en sus brazos, mobs del among us..

A demás, ¿No estás cansado de siempre jugar lo mismo?

Yo, maxiriumsyt con el título Cazador de dioses, Poseedor de la armadura de tótem inmortal nivel 90 y la espada de la niebla oculta Mítica te invito a pasarte por DAK PROJECT.

A demás, esta semana hacemos evento.. y si te lo preguntas, sí, un evento épico

únete! 1.15.2

Economy Pve Roleplay Survival Towny

Mushroom Meadows

We are a modded cottagecore server that operates via Technic Launcher. We are survival/towny based and have a lovely. active community that is open to new members.

Economy Factions Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla


V+ is a vanilla server with some extra plugins. The world resets every 2 months marking a new season each reset. There is a server shop where you can sell and buy certain items. Every season we hide a Giant Chicken somewhere randomly on the map, whoever finds it first gets a hefty reward. Iron doors are lockable, obsidian can be destroyed with tnt and so can iron doors, but they are more resistant than in vanilla. You can also set a home and teleport to it at any time.

Economy Pve Pvp


Own your own island in the sky and leap off to explore a unique world below that refreshes itself regularly to hold new adventures and rewards.

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