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Kappemistic’s Refuge

Kappemistic’s Refuge

this server is brand new and was launched with a team of only 3 players: 1 developer, 1 builder and 1 owner (me). Big thanks to the developer and builder for helping with the server! However it is nowhere near fully completed, therefore I suggest that you join the server discord[​link below] to be notified of any recent updates, bug fixes, and more!

FYI – Image gallery contains screenshots of the spawn island.

This server consists of many attributes such as:

– Kappemistic’s Refuge discord =
– Friendly staff
– Custom Plugins [​new lucky block + custom Kappa Currency 😉 ]
– Live streaming the server on the link below
¬¬¬ ¬¬¬

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Welcome! We are a new and growing RLCraft server, we have kits/votes/plugins and much more. We are a Faction Server looking for active members to help us grow!

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**Limitlessmc- minecraft your server**

* is your new Hardcore towny style with slimefun and elitemob.*

**We have the following features:**

– A nice community

– Slimefun plus addons to Slimefun

– Claim System

– Towns, nations, alliances

– Crates

– Vote system

– Elitemob is a choice if u want to do

– RandomTP

– money

– skills system

-hardcore lives 5 to start can buy and sell lives

-nice spawn

And much more…

**We would be happy if you come and visit us!**


Version: 1.18.2 (Java and Bedrock)

Join our discord to be up to date with server


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Blocksbreak Network

Blocksbreak Network is minecraft server located in Sri Lanka, We offer you latest minecraft gaming experiance. Join Now !!!!

-Vote Rewards
-and More !!!

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Mine Slayer

MineSlayer is a brand new SMP server. Loaded with tons of amazing features and plugins to make your survival experience even more fun! Things like Custom Enchants to enhance gameplay when fighting players or mobs, player vaults for storage on the go, safari nets to transport any mob you’d like, an auction house to sell your valuables to other players, more than 15 different crates, and so much more! With a lovely community that’ll welcome everyone with a friendly gameplay, and an amazing volunteer staff team to help and take care of you as a player, we guarantee a great time while playing MineSlayer!

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Snowy Community

Bedrock IP:

Welcome to our 1.18.1 new Snowy Network with Survival SMP & Creative!! Come hang out & chill with us on the server!!

Java and Bedrock CrossPlay supported server!

Creative Plots // MyPet Plugin! // McMMO // Parkours & Mazes! // Donor Ranks // Free Ranks & Daily Rewards // /SetHome, /nick, /back, /tpa // Backpack on the go! // LandClaim // Buy & Sell items to eachother!
And many more useful commands to make the experience more enjoyable & fun without breaking the Survival Gameplay feeling!
Our goal with this server is to create a friendly & fun community where everyone can become friends!

Very friendly staff, we are friends, not the police 😀

Join our Discord to chat & banter with the chill community or win giveaways!
You can always write suggestions in our discord to help us improve the server further!

Thanks for reading & hope you have an awesome time on our server! Its only going to get better! ;D


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Welcome to Builders Paradise – or BuPa for short!
A place where Minecraft lovers of all ages can feel comfortable.

Performance, dynamics, fairness and above all fun – we want to design our network with this in mind.

Together with you we want to be strong, constantly develop and create a great gaming atmosphere!

The performance comes mainly from our medium-sized infrastructure

– which form a powerful and functioning network from several servers and network technology.

That – together with our performance, which we build as a team and players – gives a strong foundation for BuPa.

As far as we can, everything is kept at the best possible level and is constantly being further developed.

Dynamism is the power with which we continue to improve our network and make new things possible.

The prerequisite here is the willingness of everyone to stay on the ball and that

Advancing the network through determination and cohesion.

Fairness is an important point in dealing with each other – in the team, but above all with you, the players!

It is based on appreciation and respect and is a basic requirement for successful teamwork.

And finally, the fun of the game, without which we wouldn’t be here.

To achieve together that everyone on our network has fun playing – our biggest goal ever!!

Our promises to you:

→ Communication – simple, direct and at eye level!

→ Treat each other with respect – This applies in both directions, team to player and player to team!

→ Appreciative and non-judgmental – everyone is accepted just as they are!

→ Best possible development of the network – thanks to our strong team, which is constantly developing and training, our network will continue to grow.

→ Simple gameplay – Everyone should be able to find their way around our network, so we pay attention to simple operation and traceability.

→ Reliable availability – thanks to our good infrastructure.

And now a few more details about our network:

Our network can be reached around the clock thanks to our good and reliable hardware.

On our network we offer you, among other things:

– CityBuild

– FreeBuild

– Minigames – including Spleef, Bedwars, TNTrun and BuildBattle

– Quests

– Autonomous economic system

– Booster

– Regular events

– Quests

– Voting system – with interesting rewards

– Animal transport boxes – take animals with you to other worlds or servers

– Own mail system – send items to friends

– Bank – depository for money, items and EXP

– Invite System – Invite friends to our network and get rewards

Overall, we want a clearly visible, comprehensible and above all

easy-to-use gameplay, enable. That also means

Beginners and minors from the age of 6 will feel at home with us. For parents

we still have some information here (

With our team, various security systems and your help, we want to

harmonious, respectful, but also fun interaction.

Become part of our BuPa family and be part of it!


Playing on is and will remain free of charge and free of advertising and also EULA compliant.


Minecraft IP: (1.17.x – 1.18.2)





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we are a 100% Dutch-speaking server.
we want a nice community and hopefully you can contribute to that 🙂
hopefully we will see you soon online.

1181server 1181survival 247server 247survival 247uptime 250gb 32gb Buycraft Custom Dedicated Discord Donate Donator Essentials Friendly Great Grief Javaedition Kit Kits Minecraft Mods Nether Nolag Plugins Pvp Raiding Rewards Selfpromo Soloplayer88 Solossmp Spigot Survival Updated Vote Votingplugin Worldborder Xray Youtube

Solo’s SMP

Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands & Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed!

When joining the server, type in-game /help

Java Edition:
Bedrock Edition:
Bedrock Port: 19132
Running on version 1.18.2

Citybuild Community Survival Vote

Vote now for

Welcome to EntenCity. We are a new server, want to have fun and build a large community. If you’re up for it, you can even apply here as a teamler, just go to our Discord link and write an application there. We look forward to you!

We have cool features on the server. There are also ranks that you can buy, you even get 8 plots as a normal player!!!!

We even do Youtube, so there’s trolling, granting wishes and other stuff.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, write something down on Discord and we’ll see if we can implement it 😉

We wish you a wonderful day.

LG: EntenCity