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Revision MC Economy/Survival World ft.VR

Welcome All Respectful/Economy/1.16 Java IP Players! (Vivecraft/VR support)
I have a community of about 200 people from apps/online who live and play in harmony. We play survival only, keep inventory on, and we are looking for you! The new player!
1.16.2 Now Live!! PLUG INS:
OneManSleep, Clearlag, CoreProtect, EssentialsX, GriefPrevention, Lasso, LuckPerms, MoreMobHeads, ThrowableFireCharge, UltimateShops. Public Warps!
Server Rule Book in spawn, Here are some starters:
#1 No Griefing/Breaking of property that isn’t yours. #2 This includes Chests /NO Stealing/Snooping/Searching Others Homes #3 Respect your neighbor / Public Areas #4 Expand your land!
Most of all, thank you, the player! Please Join!
oin discord for IP:

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Revision: Economy Survival ft. Vivecraft support (not needed)

Welcome All Respectful/Economy/1.16 Java IP Players!
(Vivecraft/VR support)
I have a community of about 150 people from apps/online who live and play in harmony.
We play survival only, keep inventory on, and we are looking for you! The new player!
1.16.1 Now Live!!
Ultimate Shops PREMIUM!
Claim System
One Man Sleep !

/home /warp /tpa /sell hand /pay /balance
Public warps^

To get great detailed book of rules, see world spawn.
#1 No Griefing/Breaking of property that isn’t yours.
#2 This includes Chests /NO Stealing/Snooping/Searching Others Homes
#3 Respect your neighbor / Public Areas
#4 Expand your land!
Most of all, thank you, the player ♡ Please Join!

Join discord for IP:

Join discord for IP:

Join discord for IP:

Now ft. Vivecraft/VR support! (Not needed to play)

Gmofree Multiplayer Nonexistent Orialecraft Secret Smp Spawn Survival Virtualreality Vivecraft


Non-Existent SMP is a Minecraft survival multiplayer server that, believe it or not, exists. Despite what the name implies.
It’s a small server created by a group of friends who just really want to play some Minecraft.

The name Non-Existant SMP came to be simply because it was the only name we could agree on after like an hour of debating. We tried everything from PumkinSMP to Pyronim Destiny when out of nowhere Non-Existant SMP was chucked out there as a joke and we all just went “yeah ok”.

Dynmap Java Movecraft Politcal Pvp Survival Vanilla Vivecraft Whitelist


This is a political server with nations, wars, trade and diplomacy based on a 1:2000 scale map of Earth

We do have a working Movecraft plugin meaning you’ll be able to build ships, planes and airships

Griefing and stealing should not be an issue since we have a handy plugin known as CoreProtect which logs blocks and items.

We do, however, allow stealing and some cases of block destruction within wars.

All politics and whitelist applications are handled on the discord server:

please make sure you read #rules-info and submit an application after

We also have a working Vivecraft plugin meaning you should be able to play with VR

More info can be found on the discord server, have a good day 🙂

Creative Discord Freebuild Friendly Pixelart Presents Sexy Virtualreality Vivecraft

Woolcity creative freebuild (Vivecraft VR supported!)

Woolcity is a small but growing Minecraft network, offering many features. We offer many features, and are always looking to add more features and game modes to make our community more enjoyable as we grow. We’re starting to create the dedicated free build experience, and I would personally LOVE to see more builders take advantage of the unique opportunity. The server itself has many custom plugins. A few are still in development phases. Among them are custom ranking plugins that value different categories of build styles. You can choose your own title to display in chat. I hope that you will join the team. Below are some of the main features we offer.


  • Custom skillsaw rank system
  • built in /lang translator service
  • Virtual reality headsets are supported! Get vivecraft mod. 
  • FreeBuild

  • Ice race courses /warp icetrack
  • It’s like old school minecraft! Everyone builds together in the same world and area.
  • Rollbacks for protection and anti grief
  • Lots of worlds and projects to choose from (Winter, WoolCity, MineCity, Regular, PixelZone)
  • Crackshot guns!
  • Creative mode
  • Creative Plots

  • Extremely large 500×500 plots which can be merged with your other plots or friends plots to create even larger plots
  • Get 1 plot when you join, ability to unlock more by voting / donating/ or filling your existing plot(s) with good quality builds.
  • Free world edit from the moment you join (including copying, pasting, replacing, set blocks, spheres, cylinders and more – liquids are allowed too!)
  • Free VoxelSniper access (for terraforming)
  • Import & export schematics through our website so that you can import your existing builds (or other peoples) and export your builds on the server to share with others!
  • /headsdb access by voting / donating to access a large range of decorative heads
  • Details

  • Server IP:
  • Server Website:
  • Discord: [url=”“]
  • [​/url][​/*][​/*][​/*][​/*]
  • Categories
    113x Chestshop Chewmacca Citizens Cracked Dance Edm Enjoy Friendly Fun Griefprevention House Linux Lockette Mcmmo Mineos Mineville Mixcloud Mixes Offline Players Plotme Plotworld Plugins Popular Pvp Residence Server Skinrestorer Staff Survival The Trance Vivecraft

    [1.15.2] Mineville, Enjoy the Fun! [Survival, Factions, mcMMO, PlotMe and more!]

    Welcome to Mineville

    Our Discord server is now up and running! Come chat with other players.
    See you in there! – Discord Link

    Check out the map in real time with Dynmap! – Link
    Some plugins advertised here may not be working properly due to the recent update to 1.15.
    These will be updated as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.


    Mineville is a small offline/cracked survival server. It started out as a small private server back in February 2012. It quickly gained popularity with an average player count of around 20. Over the years Mineville has had a number of map changes with the recent one in September 2018. The map required resetting with the recent release of 1.13.1 also there were many abandoned builds where players had not been on the server for some time. Mineville has a number of plugins to keep it interesting such as mcMmo, ChestShop, Jobs and many more. I will be including more plugins in the near future once these get updated. Mineville is pretty laid back, there’s always plenty of land to build on unlike some other servers I have been on where everywhere is protected.

    ****** — Vivecraft Support — ******

    Vivecraft Spigot Extensions plugin installed, otherwise the following limitations apply:
  • Teleporting may not be allowed. Vivecraft will notify you if you turn on Teleport mode and the server has not indicated it is running a Vivecraft Server Plugin. Attempting to teleport in this case will result in ‘rubberbanding’ back to your original location.
  • Arrows and Projectiles will spawn at your face, not controller. Aim accordingly.
  • Arrows will do normal damage.
  • The direction your player model looks will vary depending on activity and does not follow the HMD direction.
  • Endermen aggro will use the pointing direction and not the look direction.
  • Some of the main features my server hosts are as follows:

    ResidenceResidence is different from most protection plugins in that it aims for the users to be able to protect their own homes without having to bother the admin to do it. Residence has support for a variety of different protection types including preventing movement through areas, all of which can be configured by the land owner, and limited by the admin.

    A simple, yet very powerful system for making physical shops using signs and chests. It’s never been that easy to create shops! With features like shop protection and anti-lag protection, you won’t have to worry about your server’s economy anymore!
    This plugin allows you to protect chests, doors, furnaces, dispensers, droppers, hoppers and many other blocks simply using signs. Once a sign is attached, only people listed on the sign can access the container. It uses no databases, all information is stored on sign attached to the protected block.
    Realistic Time is a plugin which increase the time for a Day in Minecraft! So if you put this plugin on your server you have longer Days,nights, evenings and mornings. This gives your Server more realistic for example if you have a Roleplay server and you want longer days you can use my plugin to realize that.
    A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, and crafting, and more. Class based professions, gain experience as you perform your job.
    If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!Heavily inspired by Deminetix’ now inactive ‘Fight’-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning lots of rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!
    The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in. Each of these skills is highly customizable through our configuration files, allowing server admins to tweak mcMMO to best suit the needs of his or her server. Know that the mcMMO team is dedicated to providing an ever-evolving experience, and that we carefully read all feedback and bug reports in order to evaluate and balance the mechanics of mcMMO in every update.
    PlotSquared is a land management plugin and world manager which also comes with several highly configurable world generators. You can create plots of land in existing worlds using plot clusters, or you can have a full world of plots.

    Plugins (66):BlockThatName , PluginConstructorAPI , NoNetherRoof , BlockLocker , VoidWorld , Lift , TeleportRequest , TuxTwoLib , WebConsole , LongerTimev1 , SkinsRestorer , PermissionsBukkit , PrefixManager , mcMMOHorse , CoreProtect , CoreProtect-Anti-Xray , dynmap , WorldEdit , Spectate , XRayDetector , WorldBorder , Votifier , ProtocolLib , dynmap-mobs , AdvancedPortals , VotingPlugin , NoSpawnChunks , ImageOnMap , BlocksHub , AntiAura , Vault , Gmlist , PerWorldInventory , PlotSquared , HolographicDisplays , WorldGuard , XP-Deposit , Essentials , Jobs , Citizens , BetterSleeping , BentoBox , EssentialsChat , RFChairs , Parkour , mcMMO , MCJukebox , Factions , EssentialsProtect , EssentialsGeoIP , EssentialsAntiBuild , EssentialsSpawn , ScoreboardStats , Multiverse-Core , Sentinel , DiscordSRV , Residence , HungerGames , GriefPrevention , ChestShop , AuthMe , MobArena , Jail , GriefPreventionFlags , MultiWorldMoney , RestrictedCreative

    Server Specifications

  • Intel Core i3 9100F 3.6GHz Socket 1151 Processor
  • HyperX 16GB(2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 CL15 Memory
  • Asus GeForce GT 710 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card
  • Asus PRIME H310M-K R2.0 Socket 1151 DDR4 mATX DDR4 Motherboard
  • Kingston 240GB SSD Drive A400 2.5″ SATA III 2.5 inch Solid State Drive
  • Thermaltake Litepower 450W 80 Plus PSU
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212x 4 Heatpipe 1x 120 Pwm Fan Tower CPU Cooler
  • EG MN25 Micro ATX Gaming Case
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Operating System: MineOS Turnkey NodeJS based on Debian “Jessie” x64

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