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Skygens is an unique game type, with some inspiration from Hypixel Skyblock. In Skygens, you start out in the sky, and quickly get generators from the merchants and start a base in the player-based map. With an extremely large worldborder, you can make a base as far as you want.
When you progress far enough, you can do /warp dungeons where you fight mobs, and collect specific items for fighting specific mobs.
Some of the commands are /warp dungeons, /sethome, /home and /spawn
Enjoy your time on SkyGens!

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El p^to Dark Souls de los MMORPGs de Minecraft

¿Te imaginas una Dungeon donde pelear contra un Boss Final con tu Espada que tira Rayos Cósmicos mientras tu Healer es tan manco que se mete a Tanquear?
Pues efectivamente, eso es DAK PROJECT, un server MMORPG con decenas de enemigos y mazmorras en las que puedes pelear Por ej: Una calabaza gigante con dos hachas en sus brazos, mobs del among us..

A demás, ¿No estás cansado de siempre jugar lo mismo?

Yo, maxiriumsyt con el título Cazador de dioses, Poseedor de la armadura de tótem inmortal nivel 90 y la espada de la niebla oculta Mítica te invito a pasarte por DAK PROJECT.

A demás, esta semana hacemos evento.. y si te lo preguntas, sí, un evento épico

únete! 1.15.2

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¡Hola! Bienvenidos por acá amigos 😀

CoronaCrafting Servidor 1.8 – 1.16

KitPvP a la modalidad clásica de jugar en el PvP, Coliseo medieval, encantamientos, pociones para combatir, etc y tienda que te ayudará con todo eso más granja de mobs que te ayudarán a farmear y subir tu level como el Guerrero que te convertiras.


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McCaverns Network [Java & Bedrock!] [1.16]

1. Survival
2. 200+ Custom Enchants
3. Custom Mobs
4. Custom Weapons / Items
5. Pvp
6. Land Claiming
7. Bank System
8. Crates
And much more!

Hope to see you all there!

Angry Dangerous Elite Hardcore Meteorite Mobs Survival

Narg’s Hard Survival

Narg’s Hard Core

Mods Installed:
Angry Mobs
Elite Mobs
Dangerous Caves
Action Health (Shows Health of others)
Meteorites Pro

These mobs include Skeleton Archers in diamond armor, Endermen in the wild and more.

More mods to come.

It is just you against the World.


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BeegYoshi.Earth server

I started an earth server!


custom trades
1 player sleep
double shulkers


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The Outer Realms

A HUGE gameplay expansion for Minecraft. Follow a story, choose a class, level up, complete quests and dungeons, gain special weapons, and so very much more!
Join our discord:

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SurvivalMC | 1.16.1 | Claiming

Survival – 1.16.1 | The name says it all: Survival

SurvivalMC is a brand new survival server. We strive to build a close community, who loves playing Minecraft together the way it was made.

We offer minimalistic adjustments to enhance your experience throughout the game
✓ Lands: protect your builds
✓ Vote Ranks: Earn ranks for free by voting!
✓ Pets: Have a companion on your adventure!
✓ Crates: A different reward every day. Keys are obtainable by voting.
✓ Trails: Give yourself a shiny look.
✓ Friends: Become friends with others and talk in friend chat! Share you experience with others!

Other features:
✓ Premium CPU: A zero lag server.
✓ Advanced optimizations: For smooth gameplay.

Join today!
Version: 1.16.1

Custom Enchants Galaxycraft Mobs Server Survival

GalaxyCraft server

GalaxyCraft Server:
-Loads of custom enchants and mobs
-Weekly events
-Good community

-Survival gameplay, minigames coming

-Big players project
-Staff always online to help players


Server owner: MasterAtLyfe (FengdaoCheng83)

It’s me that publish it because of the visibility I have

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TrillCraft Survival (Updated)

★ Hey there! ★

TrillCraft is a 1.15.2 Minecraft survival server with an RPG type feel. We pride ourselves in maintaining a smooth-running, close-knit community that keeps it simple but spicy. We run the latest version of Spigot loaded with an array of handpicked plugins (including almost half a dozen premium plugins) that help to define our server’s identity and uniqueness. Now, we have no desire to bore you with an essay of a server description, so we have compiled a brief list of why your quest of seeking an enjoyable and interesting server has most likely come to an end. 🙂 We hope that you will give us a shot, as those who do are rarely disappointed!!


– RPG-Style experience powered by the original “McMMO” plugin as well as “Quests” and “Citizens”
– Premium GUI shop plugin available anytime, anywhere
– Wage war with other players
– Build an empire
– Economy (create a fortune!)
– Ranks (player ranks as well as donor ranks)
– Playerkits
– Mobile player auction house (/ah)
– Incredible community!
– Lag free!
– Active administration
– Active updates

Common Qs:
Is pvp enabled? – Yes
Is griefing allowed – Yes, however you can avoid griefing by claiming your land
Is the map infinite? – Nope, the dimensions are listed at spawn to help guide you 🙂

*Original submission link:

Thanks for your attention and we truly hope to see you online!!!
– LordTrillToke

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