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Zhaibus: Fun SMP Server

*** A survival multi player server filled with adventure and mystery. Join a welcoming community and have a good time completing quests, getting cool prizes from in-game slot machines, opening your own shop, and so much more! We are dedicated to creating a great experience for everyone and love getting to play with you. Come with us, as we create fantastic new realities in Zhaibus! ***

  • FUN! Fair, drama free and well rounded for the best experience.
  • Welcoming! We are compatible with both Java and Bedrock.
  • Unique! Tier Leveling, Player Shops, More Bows & Arrows, More Enchantments, Keys, Voting, Lottery, Magic, Mob Arena, Ships, Slot Machines

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    ⚒️ Server Opened! ⚒️

    ⚠️ You can find it on the server: ⚠️

    – SURVIVAL ✅
    – RPG ✅
    – MCMMO ✅
    – CLANS ✅
    – VIPS ✅
    – ARENA ✅
    – X1 SYSTEM ✅
    – BALL EVENT ✅
    – MENU LOJA ✅

    And much more. Come adventure with us!!

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    Wysteria Online | Enhance Survival 1.18.2

    Wysteria Online | Enhance Survival 1.18.2 Minecraft Server

    Welcome to the world of Wysteria!

    A vanilla survival server with new blocks, furniture, mobs and overall content to enhance your experience while also giving you more things to do on a day to day basis!

    What can we offer?

    – Over 100+ new blocks for building

    – 40+ new mobs to find around the world

    – 400+ new furniture and decorations

    – multiple world bosses to discover such as amethyst golem, queen bee…

    – custom pets with skills and leveling
    – hats and back cosmetics

    and so much more!

    For more information and sneak peaks join our Discord server!

    [​Join Discord]

    Custom Customenchants Fantasy Forgottenrealms Mobs Pve Pvp Server Survival Underdark Underground

    Project Underdark

    Click here to join our discord to stay up to date with updates! The Underdark is a vast network of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the surface of Abeir-Toril. It was home to a host of evil beings driven deep into the caverns at the end of the age of demons.

    The fictional Underdark’s physical characteristics are based upon conditions in real-world caverns deep underground, except at immense size. Within the context of a game, the Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to non-native characters and creatures. There are also the usual dangers associated with caverns: claustrophobia, poor air circulation, floor/ceiling collapses and getting lost.

    There is no light except for occasional patches of phosphorescent fungus, or the rarely spotted torch wood is again not that common but it does grow all around the “Underdark” [​server map] and where it does grow the trees are massive, they grow thick and tall and are all ancient! there are mostly covered in vines, this is the underground

    The Underdark, unlike those before it is the first of its kind with the first ever created 100% full underground submersive experience that is sure to bring you into the fold of the forgotten lands of beauty savageness magic and war!

    We are in the works of building something new and not done yet before! We plan to bring back those long since wanted MMO feelings that is born with in the game and with that we are happy to say this is a all in one server and will not be using any mods! with nothing to install client side. With this all said we would like to bring you a taste of what is to come with Project Underdark

    Stay posted with us, and keep up to date by joining our discord! We expect open beta in March 2021… Dont Forget to save out ip 1.16.3 Open Testing will be posted with in the next month! Dont for get to like, Diamond and Sub !

    Boss Bosses Claims Custom Datapack Datapacks Dimensions Economy Enchants End F2p Generation Item Items Mob Mobs Money Nether Overworld Plugins Qol Qualityoflife Resourcepack Resourcepacks Secrets Server Shops Survival Vampire Vampires Voice Voicechat Werewolf Werewolves World Worldgen


    $ Terracraft Economy $
    The Enhanced Economic Experience
    What Is This Server?

    Terracraft is a unique server providing players with an enhanced experience compared to the vanilla game.

    Providing players with plenty of new content in all areas of the game to explore and have fun with! This includes

    Datapacks and plugins, Oh and did I mention voice chat?

    How To Join?
    Luckily our server is open to the public and allowing anyone to join! You can connect to our server on 1.18.2 with our server IP!
    Server IP:

    Server Features And Enhancements

  • Insane new Overworld, Nether, And End Generation, Providing TONS of new BIOMS, Structures, And Dungeons to explore.
  • New advancements to work your way through completing the game!
  • Hundreds of NEW items!
  • Massive Amount Of Enchantments To Play With!
  • NEW Dimensions to explore
  • Economic System with Money, Shops, And Claims.
  • TONS of new quality of life improvements!
  • Dark Secrets, Become a Werewolf Or Vampire
  • Voice Chat supported via plasmovoice
  • Server Guide Here

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    DRG Survival – 1.18 [FREE RANKS] – [SMP] – [SURVIVAL] – [GRIEF PROTECTION]

    About the server:
    DRGSurvival is a Minecraft SMP survival server with protection from griefing/griefers. We have multiple features for Minecraft players to take advantage of. These features include the common jobs, quests, rankups, land claiming/protection, mobarena and balanced economy. We also have custom and unique features like lucky mining [​slight chance to level up the enchants of your items]ability to ride any animal or mob, a voting shop that allows you to buy perks such as protection from fire and lava damage, as well as a lot more.

    We are a survival server with “Normal” difficulty. We provide grief protection to our players through the form of a command; /claim. You can add friends to your claims with /lands trust . We also have ranks that you can grind and gain new perks, kits and commands as rewards for ranking up. Anyone can use SilkTouch to mine spawners. There are several events that we have listed below that run regularly.

    Our community:
    Our community may be small but it is mature and laidback. We try to go easy on our rules and punishments but we will not tolerate players who are only looking to troll, advertise or harass our players. Freedom of expression is something we strongly believe you should be allowed especially with how sensitive the world is becoming towards jokes, insults and whatever crybaby nonsense. DRGSurvival is a server that tries to take away the outside world so you have somewhere to just relax, so please do not bring politics and other stressful crap onto our server.

    Staff members:
    We have a few staff members but we are looking for more to add to our server. We are trying to recruit members with a decent knowledge of Minecraft, knowledge of running Spigot based servers [​including plugins]knowledge of plugin usage and who are genuinely invested in our server.

    Feedback and improvements:
    Lastly, we are constantly looking for feedback and suggestions. If you join our server and do not like something, let us know, we’ll do our best to change/fix/improve it. The owner [​me] is active on a daily basis and constantly trying to improve the server and it’s quality.

    Rules: We’re pretty lax when it comes to rules but please abide by the following:
    Swearing is allowed but please keep it within reason.
    Spamming is annoying so please don’t do it.
    Do not impersonate staff members or pretend to be one.
    Don’t advertise.
    Don’t threaten malicious/common afterschool activities such as doxing, ddos, suicide, etc.
    Mods are allowed as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage [?KillAura, Aimbot, etc. are bannable.]
    Do not grief, we will roll it back and you will be banned.

    Recruiting Helpers/Moderators/Administrators here:

    Social links:
    Twitch Streamers:

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    Fate SMP PVP🙈 Survival🌯 pets🐱 and more👀

    Welcome to Fate SMP
    Fate SMP is were you can play with your friends.
    Were you can play in game items with in game money at the shop at spawn.
    Were you can play survival.
    Were you can play sky block.
    More coming soon
    Hope you have fun on Fate SMP

    Custom Customenchants Developer Diamonds Discord Dollars Dreamsmp Economy Enchants Free Freesurvival Masks Mobs Needed Noafkkick Nolandclaim Nopay2win Semivanilla Spawners Staff Survival Unvanilla Vanilla

    Unloaded SMP | Economy Survival | Custom Addons | 1.18 | Mob Masks | Soul Points | No Land Claim | No AFK Kick | Brand New

    Vanilla servers, who enjoys them really? Hardly anyone. Yeah vanilla is cool but it gets soo boring. So lets spice things up shall we? With UnloadedSMP survival economy it brings new economic implementations into vanilla Minecraft. Using diamond economy is so old and plain, you mine for riches? Thats dumb. Economy brings the divide between poor and rich, new and old together into one place. Where new things can be added. Mob masks give special powers when worn. Mining bots to clear out large areas for your mega base. No farm limits means you can build the biggest farms.

    Don’t be boring. Come join us in discord:

    (Server releases soon)

    Claims Custom Enchants Items Mobs Pve Pvp Survival


    Survival server with multiple fun methods, with custom items and mobs, the server is in constant development

    Ip: Play.OnslaughtMc.Life


    Animals Blocks Crates Custom Dynmap Economy Food Furniture Kits Landclaim Mobs Moneyprinters Playershops Playerwarps Ranks Slimefun Survival Terra Terrain

    Unknown Survival – Custom Mobs, Items, Furniture, Terrain And More!

    Welcome to Unknown Survival

    Server IP:

    Unknown Survival is a survival server with:

    – Custom Items
    – Custom Foods
    – Custom Blocks/Furniture
    – Custom Mobs
    – Better World Generation
    – Custom Structures
    – Purchasable Ranks
    – Anti grief Claiming & Trust system
    – Player shops
    – Player Warps
    – Slimefun
    – Leveling system with Skills
    – Jobs that let you earn money
    – Money printers
    – Dynamic Map
    – Kits
    – Crates
    – No Perm Bans (there are a few exeptions)
    – And much more