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Fate SMP PVP🙈 Survival🌯 pets🐱 and more👀

Welcome to Fate SMP
Fate SMP is were you can play with your friends.
Were you can play in game items with in game money at the shop at spawn.
Were you can play survival.
Were you can play sky block.
More coming soon
Hope you have fun on Fate SMP

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Unloaded SMP | Economy Survival | Custom Addons | 1.18 | Mob Masks | Soul Points | No Land Claim | No AFK Kick | Brand New

Vanilla servers, who enjoys them really? Hardly anyone. Yeah vanilla is cool but it gets soo boring. So lets spice things up shall we? With UnloadedSMP survival economy it brings new economic implementations into vanilla Minecraft. Using diamond economy is so old and plain, you mine for riches? Thats dumb. Economy brings the divide between poor and rich, new and old together into one place. Where new things can be added. Mob masks give special powers when worn. Mining bots to clear out large areas for your mega base. No farm limits means you can build the biggest farms.

Don’t be boring. Come join us in discord:

(Server releases soon)

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Survival server with multiple fun methods, with custom items and mobs, the server is in constant development

Ip: Play.OnslaughtMc.Life


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Unknown Survival – Custom Mobs, Items, Furniture, Terrain And More!

Welcome to Unknown Survival

Server IP:

Unknown Survival is a survival server with:

– Custom Items
– Custom Foods
– Custom Blocks/Furniture
– Custom Mobs
– Better World Generation
– Custom Structures
– Purchasable Ranks
– Anti grief Claiming & Trust system
– Player shops
– Player Warps
– Slimefun
– Leveling system with Skills
– Jobs that let you earn money
– Money printers
– Dynamic Map
– Kits
– Crates
– No Perm Bans (there are a few exeptions)
– And much more

Building Custom Dungeons Farming Free Generator Mobs Pve Pve Economy Pvp Skyblock Skygens Unique


Skygens is an unique game type, with some inspiration from Hypixel Skyblock. In Skygens, you start out in the sky, and quickly get generators from the merchants and start a base in the player-based map. With an extremely large worldborder, you can make a base as far as you want.
When you progress far enough, you can do /warp dungeons where you fight mobs, and collect specific items for fighting specific mobs.
Some of the commands are /warp dungeons, /sethome, /home and /spawn
Enjoy your time on SkyGens!

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El p^to Dark Souls de los MMORPGs de Minecraft

¿Te imaginas una Dungeon donde pelear contra un Boss Final con tu Espada que tira Rayos Cósmicos mientras tu Healer es tan manco que se mete a Tanquear?
Pues efectivamente, eso es DAK PROJECT, un server MMORPG con decenas de enemigos y mazmorras en las que puedes pelear Por ej: Una calabaza gigante con dos hachas en sus brazos, mobs del among us..

A demás, ¿No estás cansado de siempre jugar lo mismo?

Yo, maxiriumsyt con el título Cazador de dioses, Poseedor de la armadura de tótem inmortal nivel 90 y la espada de la niebla oculta Mítica te invito a pasarte por DAK PROJECT.

A demás, esta semana hacemos evento.. y si te lo preguntas, sí, un evento épico

únete! 1.15.2

Chile Classicpvp Fullpvp Kitpvp Mobs Nosurvival Pvp Shop Tienda


¡Hola! Bienvenidos por acá amigos 😀

CoronaCrafting Servidor 1.8 – 1.16

KitPvP a la modalidad clásica de jugar en el PvP, Coliseo medieval, encantamientos, pociones para combatir, etc y tienda que te ayudará con todo eso más granja de mobs que te ayudarán a farmear y subir tu level como el Guerrero que te convertiras.


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McCaverns Network [Java & Bedrock!] [1.16]

1. Survival
2. 200+ Custom Enchants
3. Custom Mobs
4. Custom Weapons / Items
5. Pvp
6. Land Claiming
7. Bank System
8. Crates
And much more!

Hope to see you all there!

Angry Dangerous Elite Hardcore Meteorite Mobs Survival

Narg’s Hard Survival

Narg’s Hard Core

Mods Installed:
Angry Mobs
Elite Mobs
Dangerous Caves
Action Health (Shows Health of others)
Meteorites Pro

These mobs include Skeleton Archers in diamond armor, Endermen in the wild and more.

More mods to come.

It is just you against the World.


Community Country Economy Mobs Nation Nations Pvp Survival Town Towny

BeegYoshi.Earth server

I started an earth server!


custom trades
1 player sleep
double shulkers


Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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