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Old School Survival – Factions – No TNT – No Currency System – Not PTW

This is a survival server with old school Minecraft at its roots. This is not a fancy server with 100s of plugins. We are keeping it simple and using Factions with TNT block damage disabled as well as creeper explosions disabled. Raiding and PvP Encouraged, work for what you get and survive the vanilla Minecraft Experience. Some subtle plugins we have to promote good game play is mob health, player health, lag prevention plugins Anticombat logging. Cant wait to see you all.

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Crazy Factions is a New faction pvp server with some fun plugins for players to enjoy such as crates/keys, Custom enchants, Free ranks etc.

This server has McMMo. Still open to ideas for future updates.

Strongest factions get bonus rewards. Tournaments includes.

There are free ranks for dedicated players. ranks typical are won by entering tournaments/events or loot crates spawned around the world.

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War Craft Balkan

Balkan mc server
Earth SMP

Anti Bedrock Economy End Faction Feat Features Friendly Greif Grief Java Semi Survival Team Unique


Welcome to PebblesSMP! A Crossplay Server Java and Bedrock! This server is unique smp, semi faction! A friendly server. It can be PVP SERVER IF YOU ENABLE YOUR PVP! We have so many features in this server you can team with others or make your own base, it’s no griefiing here we proctect your base by anti greif! Join now! And enjoy.

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World SMP S5

Hello everyone this is world SMP a Minecraft multiplayer server where our main premise is for you to pick a nation that is not yet been picked and start creating your own empire create a team filled with your friends and others you meet on the server create allies with other factions and Nations who you encounter you can make peace go to war trade and other things and if you’re strong enough you can rise to the top and become the strongest nation in the world just join the discord read the rules read IP and information put your username in usernames and ask for a country not taken already and the server admins will help you

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Warzone Survival

A survival and PvP-based server with factions integration. Players can claim and protect their land, and fight to the death to steal other players’ land and items.

IP Address: (Java 1.19.4)


Server Features:
– PvP fights
– Territory battles
– Player shops
– Casino
– Bounties

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NewAge Nations

NewAge Nations is a mod pack that aims to bring a more warfare setting to the average geopolitical server. Sometimes we get sick of the vanilla gameplay, whether that be Factions or Towny war, we just want to shoot missiles, fly an A10, drive a tank, or form a nation. The geopolitical community needs something a bit more intense, this is the goal of NewAge Nations. We have spent weeks developing and testing publicly available plugins, join us on the official server to help us test features and keep contributing.

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Uniquin-PvP is a new 1.8+ Factions server with 1.8 cannoning and PVP. Our first season started on 5/21/2023, and we are focused on bringing back the feeling of original factions from 2015. Ranks and rewards can be purchased via the store donation shop or earned through playtime.
Check us out at

Auction Auctionhouse Aus Australia Australian Betterrtp Essentials Essentialschat Essentialsprotect Essentialsspawn Essentialsx Faction Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsmcmmo Factionsplus Factionspvp Factionsurvival Featherboard Mcmmo

old school factions

Your one and only old school factions.

Join the grind make friends and build the best competitive faction in the server.

We do not believe in pay to win!!!!

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✦・ ·₊˚━━━━━ 「 🍂・ ⊹ · HUFVERSE · ♡ ˚・ 🍂」 ━━━━━˚₊· ・✦
⊹ ₊⁀➷ We are an anime and gamer community!
We do events, raffles and activities
Will you join us to have a good time? ⁀⊹ ₊

જ ⵓ Vote for Hufverse and get 5★ prizes on our Minecraft Server! ₊˚✦
୨。˚ ꕤ・cities, economy, crates, magic, factions, minigames‧₊˚⊹

๑ Survival: Survival with Towny, protections, economy and missions.

๑ Factions: Dominate the world and defend your base. You have advanced cannons to exploit obsidian.

๑ Towers: An epic battle between the red and blue team to get all 5 points.
Build a bridge and get to the enemy, kill them all and dodge their arrows.

๑ Our Discord:
๑ IP:

╭﹕━━━━━˚₊· ・✦
┊♡ ·₊˚ Community free of hackers and toxicity. ༄
┊✦ ·₊˚ mcMMO. ༄
┊♡ ·₊˚ Prizes for voting. ༄
┊✦ ·₊˚ No Pay to Win. ༄
┊♡ ·₊˚ Staff active 24/7. ༄
┊✦ ·₊˚ Simple and easy to understand chats. ༄
┊♡ ·₊˚ Mini-games. ༄
┊✦ ·₊˚ Security and self-restraint. ༄
┊♡ ·₊˚ nsfw channels. ༄
╰﹕━━━━━˚₊· ・✦