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New RuneWar Factions | Looking For Staff, Youtubers, Streamers & Community!


Hey RuneWar visitor. we are a Multi-Version Custom Faction/Pvp Server on a 1.8 Play style base. But we are seeking for more, we want to use our ambition to expand and grow as a team!

Will you join the community and help us evolve?



Hey RuneWar Community! Today we bring you all of the latest information regarding the season of Factions. This time we exclusively focused on adding content that was frequently suggested by players over the last couple days. We worked hard on our BETA and tried our best to add as many suggestions as we can.


Faction Factions Pvp Survival

9B’s Factions

9B’s survival / Factions

  - Stable Economy
  - Good kits
  - Easy startup
  - Voter Rewards

Economy Faction Factions Fun Pvp Silkspawners Viaversion

SkyCraft Factions

SkyCraft is a new and upcoming server! Join the server and have a good time meeting new people who love factions and having fun! We have unique and exciting plugins



We are FactionsX

We all know that Minecraft is a fun game! It is, of course, much more fun with friends!

It’s not always easy to find a good Minecraft Server to play on. We have found that most Minecrafters are looking for an “SMP” experience but can’t build the server on their own. That’s where we come in. We aim to be a tight knit community of Minecraft players that can play with each other. We use the Factions plugin as a way to bring each other closer together.

We have tried to make the server as vanilla as possible, while protecting our players from unwanted headaches.

Our server is currently in BETA so please know that thinks may still be changed and balanced as time progresses. If you would like to see a change or have a suggestion please notify a staff member!

Thank you for your interest in FactionsX.




  • PVP based factions, fight for dominance on the server
  • Player shops to trade items
  • Vote shop to redeem vote points
  • New features on the way!
  • Creative:

  • Plotworld with lots of customisability
  • Change your plot biome, weather, music
  • Freebuild world for trusted members on the way
  • Big community projects in the future
  • New game modes will be decided based on community feedback. We are creating a fun community by taking your feedback and applying it to the server to improve the Minecraft experience. We look forward to seeing you in game!

    Join our discord at

    1v1 1v1duels Admin Anticheat Antigrief Apply Arena Bedwars Bestserver Cheatingallowed Cheats Cheatsallowed Creative Duelspvp Faction Faction Pvp Freebuilding Friendly Fun Kitpvpserver Needstaff Newminecraftserver Newserver Owner Parkour Parkourserver Pvp Pvpservers Skyblock Skyblockserver Skywars Staff Twitch Youtubers

    ZedarMC 1.8+ to 1.16+ – Best Skyblock & PVP experience!

    ZedarMC Network 1.8+ – 1.16+ (Full Release Soon)

    We are currently in pre-server release testing if anyone wants to give a server a go! I will be sure to post images of the server if anybody is interested.

    What do we offer?

    – Best Skyblock experience with so many features!

    – KitPVP with customized kits and more!

    – The perfect 1v1 duels that you need!

    – Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

    – Friendly Staff

    – Skywars in beta!

    Discord ->

    Server IP ->

    Cracked Faction Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Network Pvp Raiding Ranks Rankup Rankups Survival


    An always innovating server without any pay to win features, here you can rank up with in-game currency to gain better benefits and commands! We have a great community and we are always hosting events. We’re also hiring staff!

    Claim Faction Freebuild Hardcore Pvp Survival

    SingleLife MC – One Life ONLY

    SingleLife MC- One Life OnlySLMC is a hardcore server where you only have one life and cannot respawn after you died.


    Faction Factions Opfactions Payouts Pvp


    Voting for our server will give you +1 Vote key! +50K$ Cash! and lucky vote rewards are +1 Common Crate key! +300K$ Cash! we offer you the following contents of our upcoming Minecraft Factions server! (1.8+) 3 Worlds Overworld – 2,500 x 2,500 Heaven – 2,500 x 2,500 Underworld – 2,500 x 2,500 Contents: Battlepass, Monthly Crate, Withdraw System, BlowableBlocks, CommandCD, Crates, Auction, Envoy, Combat System, Tags, ItemChat, Gkits, LootBox, CustomMask, Inventory Pets, Ingame Ranks, Faction Top, Mcmmo Koth, Outpost, Player Vaults, IngameShop, AntiCraft, Trade System, ChunkBuster, Stacker System, Storage Units, Sell Chest, Crafting Chest, Large Chest, Linked Chest, Tray Pick, Trench Pick, Harvester Hoe, Sellwand, Crowbar Tool, Crafting Wand, Pillar Wand, Lightning Wand, Server IP: NODE5.NMADSEN.DK:25601 Server Version: 1.8+ Gamemodes: Factions

    Armor Crusaders Customarmor Customitems Datapacks Earth European Faction Historical History Iran Italy Japan Japanese Muslim Panven Prussia Roman Romans Samurai Survival

    PanVer Historical Faction Roleplay

    Rules: don’t be toxic and no hax the players can create more rules for themselves as they establish their clans, but those rules will be self implemented
    What is PanVer?: Its a Historical Roleplay Minecraft server set in the 1600s, we play on a minecraft earth map for maximum roleplay immersion. The armor is brought to you by my datapack, Panven.

    SAMURAI: They are agile and have good protection against arrows, they have a wide selection of weapons but they are vulnerable to melee attacks, to join run the command /trigger JoinSamuraiClan in chat

    CRUSADER: They are slow but well protected, they are almost immune to melee attacks and has a pretty good immunity against arrows, their main weapon, the Claymore has a very high attack damage, though they have a limited selection of weapons. To join run the command /trigger JoinCrusaderClan in chat

    MUSLIM: They are fast but lightly armored, they can easily out manuever a crusader. But their main advantage is their long spear, it can easily beat a crusader if the user if the spear is skilled enough. To join run the command /trigger JoinMuslimClan in chat

    ROMAN: They do not have any long ranged weapons unlike the other clans, but what they lack in range, they more than make up for defense and formations, they wield their legendary shield, the scutum, which when activated(by sneaking) rivals the forward defense of the crusader without any of the debuffs, you can also form a phalanx with your friends and slowly advance to the enemy with your shields activated and long spears pointed, to join run the command /trigger JoinRomanClan in chat

    Version: 1.16.3

    How to login:
    When first joining the server you will have to register and make your password via this command: /register
    After you register you will have to login via your password every time you return to the server via this command:
    This is just to ensure that no username stealing occurs

    As this server is on a massive earth map, meeting up with players can get difficult, so I decided to add TPA
    /trigger tpa add you can find the player #ID in the tab menu next to the players name

    Discord Server Invite:

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