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The Land of Pendle

Welcome to The Land of Pendle! We are a survival server with a good community! If you want a place to feel welcome and safe we’re all waiting with open arms! Our land has plenty of features such as:

  • Bedrock Compatibility
  • Survival
  • Shops
  • Player Shops
  • Player Warps
  • 24/7 (Nightly Restarts)
  • 50,000 World Border
  • Hope to see you soon!

    Bedrock Fantasy Java Kingdoms Medieval Pvp Roleplay Rpg Survival Wars

    Medieval Lands [1.19+] Java and Bedrock


    Medieval Lands, is a roleplay game within Minecraft, based on medieval times. Unleash your imagination, build your own kingdom and rule the land. Battle against other kingdoms, conquer new lands, defeat bosses and protect the residents of your kingdom.

    Bedrock Bedrockedition Crossplay Dungeons Economia Java Javaedition Pve Pvp Survival

    MineUs Brazil

    Play Survival together with your friends Bedrock and Java, available for all versions after 1.19+. A community of more than 200,000 members on Discord that contains an incredible experience.

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    🐝 The Colony SMP (Bedrock + Java) [1.19.3] 🐝


    The Colony SMP
    A 1.19.3 SMP Survival Server [​Bedrock & Java]
    IP [​]

    Welcome to The Colony, the premier pure vanilla Minecraft server with a twist!

    Our server is designed to provide a unique and creative environment for players of all types, from the casual player looking for a place to build and relax, to the creative builder, to the experienced PvP veteran. We offer a variety of features to keep the game interesting and challenging, such as a custom world generator, custom mob spawning, and custom enchants.

    The Colony server is hosted on both Bedrock and Java editions, allowing for a wide range of players to join in on the fun. We feature an extensive economy system, with auction houses, custom shops, and player-run businesses. We also have a unique resource management system, where players must manage their resources to get the most out of them.

    The Colony server is purely vanilla SMP, with no additional plugins or modifications, making it a great place to experience the true vanilla experience. Despite this, we still offer a unique twist on the classic SMP experience through our custom game mechanics, such as custom mob spawning, custom enchants, and our unique resource management system.

    We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all players, and we have an active team of admins and moderators who are always willing to help out with any questions or issues that may arise.

    So what are you waiting for? Join The Colony today and experience a unique and creative twist on the classic Minecraft SMP experience. See you in-game!

    Bedrock Bedrockedition Challenge Crossplay Java Javaedition Minigames Prison

    ✨⏳ Azitoth ⏳✨ | Minigames | Weekly Challenges | Leaderboards | Challenge your friends


    Azitoth golden text with a purple vortex behind it and various Minecraft items being sucked in

    Version: 1.14 – 1.19
    Discord: Link

    Step into the exciting world of Azitoth, where you can test your skills with our challenging monthly events to earn unique rewards and cosmetics! But be prepared: if you fall short, you’ll be sent to the prison where you’ll have to work hard to earn another chance to claim your victory. Join us and see if you have what it takes to become a champion!

    119server Active Bedrock Best Disasters Dsmp Economy Events Friendly Griefprevention Kamsmp Seasons Smp Survival Updated

    KamSMP – 1.19.3

    Get ready for the ultimate SMP experience with KamSMP! Discover custom biomes and caves for enhanced gameplay, join in on weekly events, and be amazed by the daily changing custom disasters and seasons. Plus, with easy-to-use commands, you’ll be navigating the server like a pro in no time!

    Antigrief Auction Bedrock Chestshop Crates Economy Essentials Java Smp Survival Votifier

    Oasis Craft

    Welcome to Oasis Craft! Here we have an anti grief survival server, both with a kind community and caring staff. Come join us for a fun time! We take players opinions very seriously as well, join our discord at to stay updated on any announcements/updates we may have!

    Bedrock Crossplay Customenchants Economy Java Javaedition Pve Economy Pvp Pvparena Skyblock Spawner Spawners



    Ran by the Original Owner
    Come check out our custom developed Skyblock Experience!

    Tons of custom features have been added such as Mobcoins,
    Tokens, Custom Enchants, Geodes, Crate Keys, Gkits, Pets and more!

    We strive to have daily bugfixes and or content updates!
    Have an idea or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to let
    us know and we might be able to add it!


    Connect using ANY version of minecraft!

    Check in daily to see what might be brand new!
    Join our discord for sneakpeaks of
    everything before they release!

    Bedrock Java Minigames Proximitychat Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Voicechat

    The Vuce


    Play Kingdom Survival and many other games coming soon! You can join using the latest Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition by using the IP-address .

    Website and forum:

    Bedrock Crawley Creative Crossplay Faction Faction Pvp Java Pvp Replica Smp Sussex Unitedkingdom Westsussex

    Sussex SMP | Java + Bedrock (Factions, Creative, and Awp Lego)

    A 1:1 Scale of Sussex, United Kingdom. (Mostly Crawley)

    Awp_Lego_2 from CS:GO is also playable.




    Bedrock and Java compatible!