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Crunchy Cookie

Minecraft version: 1.15.2-1.17snapshot


Crunchy Cookie Randomizer è il progetto che riguarda ail nostro server di Minecraft dove ciclicamente, in base al numero di giocatori, ogni due settimane cambiamo i minigiochi del server. Ovviamente ogni volta che alcuni server andranno offline per fare spazio ad altri le classifiche ed i punteggi rimarranno nel nostro database. Inoltre se una determinata settimana non vi dovesse piacere il minigioco a voi sottoposto potete votare affinchè quest’ultimo venga cambiato il prima possibile.


Crunchy Cookie Randomizer is the project that concerns our Minecraft server where cyclically, based on the number of players, every two weeks we change the server mini-games. Obviously whenever some servers go offline to make room for others the rankings and scores will remain in our database. In addition, if you do not like the mini-game you are interested in, you can vote for the game to be changed as soon as possible.

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PlotMC Is A Great Server With A Growing Community. PlotMC Has Lots Of Staff To Make Sure Everything Is Going Well
PlotMC Has Many New Features Coming! So Join Now!

1152server 1161server Griefprevention Hardcore Survival

Nocona’s Hard Core Server

Nocona Hard Core Server

Connect with 1.9 to 1.16.1

Start with Nothing but 10 lives
How long can you survive?

Land Claims, No-PVP

Main survival server is 1.9 to1.16.1

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Bird Realms

A 1.15.2 survival server with lots of plugins currently in beta more to come!!!

1152server Hermitcraft Survival Tamacraft

Tamacraft – Season 1 [Whitelist] [1.15.2] 18+

Tamacraft – Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of Tamacraft (inspired by Hermitcraft). A private SMP server. We are now looking for people to join our server, people that loves to play Minecraft.

The server is whitelisted so you need to fill out the forum on our website (18+) for a chance to play on the Minecraft server. If you’re accepted you’ll be invited to the Tamacraft Discord server.

Apply for Tamacraft – Season 1 here

You can see the map here
Our world is 4000 in radius and everything is pre loaded (to prevent lag).

You can also listen to our audio client. It’s like a radio where you can request songs or podcast from both YouTube and Soundcloud (click to connect when you join the server and it’ll fade when you leave).

Server Rules:
1. No griefing in the Shopping Destrict (SD for short).
2. No Kill on Sight (KoS)
3. Try to limit your entieties (villagers, animals and 24/7 redstone machines) to prevent server lag.

We are open for suggestions and recommendation of other plugins to improve our server.

Apply for Tamacraft – Season 1 here

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EFactions is a brand new server me and a couple friends have built recently and we are looking for more players to join! The only rule we have is that cheating or using exploits is not allowed. The server is raw factions PvP with competitive ranks. The server is run off of a very nice website with good hardware and there is no lag. Compete to be F top and win monthly gifts from the server! We are going to be giving ranks to F top this month!

Hope to see you there.

1152server 115server 115survival Mcmmo Survival

Cool Beans Survival (REVIVED)

Cool Beans Revived Logo

After closing last year due to financial reasons, we realized immediately that if we were ever in the financial position to reopen, we would. And that’s exactly what happened here. We’re back, and better than ever.

Our server is primarily survival. We put a lot of focus in the vanilla survival aspect of the game. We want to make sure that if you want to play only vanilla, no fancy bells and whistles, you can.

However, we also have a lot of extra elements added for those who want more. Of course, there’s the usual:
– Player-driven Economy
– AuctionHouse
– Plenty of cosmetic and Quality-of-life perks for our donors
– Community boosters
– Beginning quest

And we are in the process of adding much more as time comes.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, give us a chance 🙂


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My Happy Place (OP Survival)

My Happy Place is an OP Survival server with PvP enabled. Create long lasting friendships or make enemies that last a lifetime!

Server Highlights
– v1.15.2
– OP Enchanted Books. Some up to level 10. 190+ New Enchants!
– Craft Armored Elytra
– Auction House
– BattlePass
– Better End
– Crates
– Donor Kits
– Fly in claims/trusted
– Essentials
– GriefPrevention
– Jobs
– Kits
– mcMMO
– mcMMO point system (MorphRedeem)
– Mob Arena
– Mob/Item Stacking
– Player Warps
– RankUp
– Sort Inv/Chest with middle mouse button!
– Silk Spawners
– Votes

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Xcraftia Network

Join us on the Xcraftia Network!


– latest version of Minecraft
– mcMMO
– jobs and job point systems
– custom crates
– simple economy and trading system
– intact vanilla gameplay
– and more!

This server is constantly in development; more game modes, features, and changes coming soon!




– Join our Discord for anything Xcraftia: admin support, suggestions, info, and more!

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PlayBlocks 1.15.2 Survival & Skyblock

— Currently looking for staff! —

We are a fun community which aims to offer the most enjoyable Survival experience in Minecraft.