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We invite you to the fascinating world of our Ukrainian creative server archiquest! Unleash your creativity without limits thanks to free access to WorldEdit. Choose your favorite: classic vanilla or server with mods.

But that’s not all! We have an incredible community on Discord where you’ll find friends who share your passion for creativity and fun. Join our friendly community today.

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WonkaCraft SMP!

Hello! thanks for checking out my server! I hope you join 😀
Couple of things are up and running which include:
Wonka Factory 1971

and the things that are being worked on.
Amusement Park
Wonka Factory 2005
Collab with TheDabbingCreeper

If You Join you get some goodies and will be introduced to the others 😀

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⫷ Germania – Java Edition 1.19.4 ⫸

Welcome to our new German survival server – Germania!

We are two fascinated Minecraft players and we offer you a current 10-player server for the Java Edition. The server has been in operation since May 6th, 2023, and we have already set up a start map, main world and farm world. If there is a need, we will create a PvP arena for you.

Since we are interested in easy-going communication, the server is aimed exclusively at players who can speak German fluently. In view of the lack of servers of this type, we ask for your understanding from players who are just learning German.

Function, security, topicality, as well as long-term server operation are of great importance to us in order to offer a pleasant gaming experience.

  • The server is therefore only available for one version at a time.
  • If there are problems with the plugins or in general, we are happy to adapt the server accordingly with a friendly response.
  • The willful destruction of other players’ constructions as well as spam of any kind (including advertising, repeated entering / leaving the server) will lead to an immediate ban!
  • Take a look around at any time using our BlueMap, where you can get an overview of uninhabited areas. Use the RTP function for quick transfer, which randomly teleports you to a spot in the main world.
  • You will find yourself on the start card when you enter for the first time. Next to the forum you will find a temple with a nether and end portal on the main island. Later, a market place will be created on the main island, which will be managed voluntarily by the players. Items can be bought and sold. We will continue to provide plots of land for the player markets in the future.
  • In the main world you can let your imagination run wild and build all sorts of creations. As a member, set up to three points on the map to which you can teleport from anywhere and at any time, for example your accommodation. However, we ask that you do not destroy the landscape of the main world to obtain resources.
  • The so-called farm world is open to the massive removal of raw materials. There you can dig up anything you like and get material quickly and efficiently without having to consider the surroundings. For more efficiency, we provide warps for relevant biomes.
  • We wish you a lot of fun playing and are happy to provide feedback!

    /tpa , /tpaccept , /tpadeny
    > Request , accept , reject a teleportation to a player

    /stem /delhome
    > Create a teleport point, delete (up to three)

    > Teleport to a created teleport point

    > Teleport to a public special point; eg market, portals

    > Teleport to a random location in the main or farm world

    > Teleports you back to your last position; eg after death

    > Transfer an amount of money to a player (€)

    > Vote for our server and get €1,000 in game currency as a thank you

    > Send a player a private message; with ringtone

    > Assume AFK position (takes place automatically after two minutes)
    > AFK players are exempt from the required sleep percentage (50%).

    /bmpc show , hide
    > Make yourself visible, invisible on the BlueMap

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    Kandoer’s World :D


    Just wanting some more players to join my quest. It’s a survival world with a single admin. Feel free to join 😀

    There are a few rules such as:

    – No Griefing

    – No Swearing
    – No Hacking
    – No Xray
    – Don’t be anti LGBT

    Thats all thanks!

    Enjoy the world 😀

    Application Applications Ations Dead Hank Hanks Lose Minute Minutes Mission Nut Pls Pls Join Survival Thanks

    Pls Join dead server help

    Pls Join my dead server I need help
    I will a some staff applications I will give you op for 10 minutes to see what you can build and
    if I really like it you will keep op and get staff
    Note if you give op to other people without permission you will lose staff and op
    Thanks for joining

    1.4 Auto Enjoy Faction Pvp Factions Server First Games Hank Lec Nam Name Opé Tes Test Voting


    Hello this is my first server and a test server! We are a Factions server and i hope you enjoy it so much much and thank you for voting and i hope you enjoy the server!!!

    8.3 Actu Crafting Custom Hank Item Items Msmp Pvp Som Survival System Table Twist Vanilla

    Holy SMP

    Welcome to the SactumSMP at sactum we want to provide the best experience for you players out there so we have put our own twist on the crafting system and added some custom craftable items of our own. Thank You!

    8.3 Actu Crafting Customitems Freindlystaff Friendly Hank Ign Items Msmp Smp Survival System Table Twist

    Santcum SMP


    Welcome to the SactumSMP at sactum we want to provide the best experience for you players out there so we have put our own twist on the crafting system and added some custom craftable items of our own. Thank You!

    Call Chat Chill Economy Going Going To Hank Hill Invite Lol Pretty Raiding Stuff Survival Train

    TTG Survival

    This is a brand new server, called TTG, Trained to Go. Right now it is just a survival server but is going to be factions pretty soon. Just started it today so join and chill. Build some stuff, invite your friends n chat. Thank ya

    1.19.3 Additional Bee Chroma Earth Earth Smp Economy Example Guy Hank Hanks Minecraft Java Sport Thanks Towny

    Chromatic Earth Smp C.E.S

    Chromatic Earth Smp c.e.s is my earth server,

    I’ve been trying to make for a while now with a lot of support thanks to you guys, for the people who don’t know this will be a 1.19.3 Minecraft java towny earth server with lots of additional plugins that aren’t bulky but for example let you be able to play sport in!