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Stinky SMP << CLICK HERE FOR THE RULES AND MODPACK DOWNLOAD! Hello there! I hear you’re looking for a server, hmmm? Well heres why you should join OURS! 1. ACTIVE MEMBERS! 🧑‍🦱Tired of finding dead servers? Our server is very much ALIVE! 2. WE DONT PUNISH FOR RULES THAT ARENT THERE! 👍Tired of admins abusing power? Well if you want to find a server without admin abuse, THIS IS THE PLACE! 3. THE ORIGINS MOD! 👹The Origins mod is a mod where you can choose many different “Origins” when you start the game. These origins have upsides and downsides. Take the Enderian origin! It has increased reach and the ability to throw free enderpearls with a cooldown but takes damage from water and rain and can’t see players wearing carved pumpkins. There are many Origins on our server, so you’ll definitely find the one you want. If you don’t like your Origin, feel free to use /trigger ChangeOrigin! The command only has two uses, though, so if you want to change your origin more than 2 times you’ll have to craft an Origin Orb, with 2 diamond blocks, 2 diamonds, a nether star and 4 ender eyes. 4. WE NEVER RESET🔁 ❌We will NEVER reset. EVER. Your progress is forever safe. 5. NO LAG! I PAY TONS OF MONEY FOR APEX HOSTING! (8 GB RAM!!!) 💻Tired of laggy servers? JOIN US! 6. We accept origin and mod suggestions (if theyre good origins) ⚪️Want an origin that you loved playing in other servers or in singleplayer added? We’ll add it! (if its good, join the server to learn the origin suggestion rules!) 7. Theres both a place for peaceful players, and a place for warful players!🕊⚔️There’s a 3k block radius around spawn where murder, theft and griefing aren’t allowed. Outside, they are! We’ll expand the safe zone once it’s full up with builds, but the idea is that people are incentivised to venture out of it because unrenewable resources in the safe zone such as coral, ores and naturally spawned animals etc. get depleted by other players, forcing people to venture out into the Borderlands, where pvpers might be prowling to attack! 8. Gravestones! 🪦Tired of losing your stuff in lava, or your stuff despawning? Don’t worry about that here! We have a Grave mod, which protects your stuff from burning in lava or despawning. (oh and, we’re taking staff applications 🙂

Awesome Big Bukkit Commands Community Creative Eco Economy Economysurvival Flying Friendly Fun Home Homes Minigames New Paper Pve Pvm Pvp Safezone Skyblock Survival Survive Teleport Warps Youtube | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla – 1.18.2 |

Welcome to! The Ultimate Survival Server to play with your friends, the REAL way! All New Players Welcome!! 🙂

Version: 1.18.2 +
Platforms: Java & Bedrock Edition

Establish your Base!
Find your calling in the SURVIVAL world!
Economy and Trading with Friends and Others!
Free Warp and Home creation to truly make the experience your OWN!

Meet up with friends and work together to SURVIVE!

Active Community with over 100+ members and friends. Many plugins that allow for true survival game modes while making tedious tasks easy!
Directly see the fruits of your labor prosper in Survival and truly become a champion of the Minecraft world.

We are a Survival server created May 2022 with the hopes of becoming a worldwide sensation. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all types of players who love Minecraft for what it is and what it truly can be when you dream BIG!

We would love to see you online! Feel free to reach out directly to any of our moderators/owners for feedback! <3 DISCORD | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla - 1.18.2 | Minecraft Server

Server website: Coming soon!
Few Command Examples: /sethome, /warp, /playtime, /money
Server: Updated Daily, Builds and World Monuments under construction* Planning on adding new worlds for other game modes users enjoy (Creative, Homes, Skyblock, and any suggestions!)

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Rhapsody Middle School

Join us to create a wonderful community on our paper-run server! Come find your forever server, where you’re always welcome and valid~
Make lasting memories with us on Rhapsody- what makes us unique is our love to share music throughout the server, bringing players together through song.

Rhapsody is a wonderfully unique server- come join us and help us grow. ♡
What makes Rhapsody special?
Rhapsody is hosted by tiktok musician, StegosaurusBunny, who aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for other artists in the nonbinary community. They have culminated a safe space for the growing LGBTQ community on TikTok, discord, and Minecraft, and they want to welcome you as well!

What’s New?
Events! Join us on Rhapsody to participate in our awesome events, varying in activities and rewards monthly!
Rhapsody is now several months old and has expanded! Come join the fun in exploring the new areas! Always online!

Hosted by a musician and their friends, Rhapsody SMP invites you to join in and have a wonderful time!

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Official server for MEDIMC!!

Join now and prepare for a great community of genuine people who just help one another!

The server will be expanding to creative, Hardcore, creative, and many many more in the future as time goes on!

If you would like to see content from the server please join !! |

Much love to you all and we hope you enjoy please give feedback!


115server Normal Safezone Traders Vanilla

[1.15.2] Vanilla | Safe Spawn | Village Traders | Griefing IS Allowed

[1.15.2] Vanilla
Safe Spawn
Village Traders
Griefing IS allowed

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HellaciousMC [Economy,Factions,Jobs]

Just a random server mixed with some of Life in The woods and many extra features.


What you need:

  • The technic launcher which you can download here.
  • The modpack which you can find in the technic launcher, called “Life in the Woods PLUS” or simply download it here.
  • At least 4GB of RAM. Set this up by going to your launcher options and set the RAM to 4GB+, make sure you have a x64 version of Java installed. 6GB or more is still recommended.

    What you get:

  • An economy system
  • Factions (w/ PvP, SafeZone and WarZone)
  • Biomes o’ Plenty Themed (This server is mainly Life in the Woods themed, with all the custom biomes and more).
  • More Foods and Recipes
  • Backpacks
  • Latch plugin to lock your doors and chests (eg. /lock private,password)
  • Hidden Armor to see player’s skins (not mandatory)
  • Custom player health + Leveling up your health.
  • Chopping a tree from the bottom will result in the entire tree breaking, so you can instantly collect all the wood.
  • If you die, you’ll receive a death note so you can find the spot where you died.
  • VShops, also known as NPCs, that let you sell and buy diamonds, iron and gold for money. It is also possible to sell stuff to other players, as well as buying stuff from others.
  • Jobs: You can become a warrior, a miner, farmer, fisherman,lumberjack or you can just stay unemployed and be a hillbilly.


    Do /rules in-game to see the rules.

  • Also, if you’re new, THIS is the way to our Teamspeak server. And these are the rules that apply.

    1152server Adultstaff Ages Allages Community Crates Custom Discord Donations Economy Economysurvival Events Friendly Helpful Landclaim Lootcrates Lottery Multiverse Pets Petshop Playershops Pve Pve Economy Pvp Quests Ranks Ranksystem Rankup Safe Safezone Sethome Shopkeepers Spigot Staff Voterewards

    Diddscraft 1.15.2💰Jobs, MCMMO💰, Voting, PvE🧟‍♂️, Survival,💰Economy, Land Claim, Player Markets,👍All Ages👍

    Diddscraft Server IP:

    We have a wide range of plugins for you to make your survival experience much more enjoyable from the normal vanilla.

    ✮ Friendly Community & Staff

    ✮ Lottery

    ✮ Quests

    ✮ Land Claim

    ✮ Pets

    ✮ Custom Ranks

    ✮ Jobs Reborn

    ✮ MCMMO

    ✮ Great Economy System

    ✮ Player Shops

    ✮ PvP Arena

    ✮ Loot Crates

    ✮ Custom Mob Drops

    There is so much more to come for Diddscraft so why not join the journey with us as the server grows! We’ll see you there!