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Minecraft Survival | Kingdom | 1.16.1 | Survivors | Crates | Dutch/English

Welcome to our server

Our server is accessible to Englishmen as well as Dutch

Our server is equipped with nice plugins to make playing more fun.

We made this server to have fun with some friends but we want more people to join so we can create kingdoms and do battles. we hope you will join us so we can have a lot of fun!!

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PermMC KitPvP

PermMC Is A KitPvP Server compatible with 1.8 To 1.16 (1.8 Recommended For Best PvP)
– Crates
– Playervaults
– Kits
– Voting
– Leveling System
– 1.8 to 1.16
– Duels
– All Crates Add up to 100%

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The Arena

Welcome to The Arena. Here, you’ll be fighting to survive from the moment you leave spawn. You’ll be in adventure mode, but will still be able to craft with the resources you find. It’s a big map to explore, with all kinds of secrets and custom trades to discover. There are even minor parkour, archery, and PvP challenges you can do while you wait for people to join! The strongest armor you can possibly acquire currently is gold, so spawn camping will only wear you down, but grinding and building up your arsenal is important if you wish to survive out there in The Arena!

I’m also looking for people interested in helping me build on to the battle map and people who are experienced with commands and moderation and such.

Also, I have no rules against cursing, and I do like a good dark or offensive joke here and there, but please tone it down on here. This server is just for some casual fun, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t be toxic and ruin other people’s fun. Thank you, and I hope you and good luck! 🙂

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Zielach SMP | Survival PVP Mods | Nuevo 13/11/2020 | ESP

Bienvenidos a Zielach SMP!
Este servidor se centra en la interactuación entre personas y dar una experiencia nueva al juego.

El servidor dispone de chat de voz por proximidad y una buena cantidad de mods que dan cientos de horas de juego.

Batalla en arena para recibir recompensas
Crea tu propia facción y entra en guerra con otros jugadores, reclama territorios para conseguir recompensas mensuales.
Incluye economía para comprar y vender objetos, tiendas con stock cambiante
Juicios en los que se impartirá justicia
Diversidad de mods para cualquier estilo de juego

Lista de mods:
Buildcraft + Industrialcraft + Mekanism + Thermal + Applied Energistics + Immersive Engineering
Ice and Fire
Voice Chat Reloaded
MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod
Biomes O Plenty
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Just Enough Items

Mapa del servidor:
Dynmap Zielach SMP

Visita la carpeta Drive para descargar los mods y seguir una guía fácil y rápida:
Carpeta Drive Zielach SMP

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Welcome to EndstonePvP

We are brand new server made by 5 friends. Our idea was to make a nice server for every PVPer in Minecraft. We made an awesome MassivePvP server with some custom plugins and way more. You can take some free gear at spawn to pvp against other people and get some enchanted armor and god appels to be the best. Right know where making a new mode on EndstonePvP which is called ‘Kingdom’ if you want to know more about our server please join and feel free to get your friends over. Ip:

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We are a server with a high community background we have multiple csgo servers and more + steam group with 66k members. We recently made a minecraft server!

Version: 1.16.3

About the server
We have daily active admins and have around 14 players daily active! we are a friendly community and can help any player that joins!
Discord server:
Server Ip:

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SuperiorMc Custom Faction | NEW!! [1.16.3]


Hey Superior-Mc visitor. we are a Multi-Version Custom Faction/Pvp Server on a 1.8 Play style base. But we are seeking for more, we want to use our ambition to expand and grow as a team!

Will you join the community and help us evolve?



Hey Superior Community! Today we bring you all of the latest information regarding the season of Factions. This time we exclusively focused on adding content that was frequently suggested by players over the last couple days. We worked hard on our BETA and tried our best to add as many suggestions as we can.


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io Community SMP Server

Do you hate floating trees? We do too. In fact we hate it so much we made a server where its not even possible!
Introducing a brand new Minecraft Vanilla Survival server with just a bit of flavour to keep things fresh and exciting!

The server has:
• A ranking system, with fun perks so you’re rewarded for your efforts.
• Anti creeper measures so no more green bois breaking your precious house.
• Anti grief measures so you and your friends can play without too much worry, whilst still retaining survivalist elements.
• GraviTree of course to make sure your floating tree nightmares are finally over!
• Highly customized variant of McMMO.
• Rank syncing across all our games & Discord.

The server is up 24/7 so you can join in and play whenever you like!
We also have an active and friendly discord server of 2000+ members and growing.

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MinewindPvP | 1.16 Custom KitPvP

MinewindPvP is a KitPvP server containing custom armor & weapons.

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24/7 Mostly Level Earth Minecraft Server

Welcome to 24/7 Mostly Level Earth Minecraft Server!

8GB 4CPU paper 207 java v 1.16.3 runs like a charm on dedicated arch Linux server.

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