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NightWorlds server Minecraft

NightWorlds is a network of servers, the essence of which is the same. Each player has equal rights to use commands. Everyone, with due desire, can build his own city or even a country. The only rules you have to follow are the rules of the server itself and the rules of the country and city you are in. Usually servers in the HB network have the Role Play genre, but each server has its own characteristics and deviations from the standards. Most projects can only be accessed through paid penetration, but there is no “donate” on the servers. Instead of “privates”, HBs are based on players’ trust in each other.


  • NightWorld Medium – semi-vanilla survival
  • NightWorld Hardcore – hardcore with the purchase of lives for game points
  • NightWorld UltraHardcore – One Life Vanilla Hardcore
  • NightWorld HighRP – FullRP server similar to SAMP RP
  • MCRuSCh – Extreme Survival Championships

    Anarchy Economy Parkour Pvp Rules Survival Survive

    ✈️ Anarchy and Classic Survival Minecraft Server

    We invite everyone to the SuperCraft server

    We work around the clock 24/7

    Support for versions 1.12.2 – 1.18+

    – Anarchy (1.16)

    No rules! No restrictions! Do what you want, blow up the players’ houses, get valuable artifacts and explore new territories. Private is carried out by establishing a special block that covers your house with a magical sphere that will protect your house from attacks!

    – Survival

    Here you can mine resources, invite friends and survive together.

    The old PVP system that many Minecraft players love.

    Parkour is available, where you can get keys for donation cases. Also, an economy thought out to the smallest detail with its own chips, a store by the team, as well as drinks, alcohol, pets, jobs and much, much more, come check it out!

    Frequent updates will not let you get bored.




    Rules ip server minecraft

    F3cordinatesF5watch is an anarchist minecraft server launched in 2022. There are almost no rules on it, you can do almost anything, build anything, use cheats, bugs, dupe objects, etc.

    IP address:

    Anarchy Rules

    Anarchy type 2b2t server Minecraft

    Anarchy without rules without Donat

    Anarchy is a world without rules, a world where you can do whatever you want. You can kill other players, build traps and explore the world, but you must be on your guard, the enemy does not sleep and will always be willing to feast on your resources.

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    🐣DreamsCraft SMP🐣[1.19-1.19.1] – Friendly survival server

    Hello and welcome to my description about our server!

    Me and my friends started up a community and looking for some players to join us and play with us.
    The server is of type survival game.
    Plugins we have in this moment on the server:
    – Jobs Systems ( Take your job and go to make money) TUTORIAL

    – Dragon Slayer ( Kill the dragon and grab his head)
    – Lands System (You can claim/rent/sell your own land and be protected) TUTORIAL
    – Chest protection (Protect you chest from thieves) TUTORIAL
    – Marketplace System (You can sell/buy/request items from another player) TUTORIAL
    – NPC System (They are here to help you with instructions)
    – Quest System ( Quests that will make you stronger and will give you great rewards)
    – Global status (See who is the best player on the server)
    – Pet system (Buy your own bet and it will help you in your battle) TUTORIAL
    – Ender Dragon System (The dragon will revive every day, go and defeat him!)
    – Tag System (Make quest and win awesome tags)
    – And much more (we will wait you to the server to see ) ALL TUTORIALS

    Also we will be very happy if you can give us some support with some suggestions(discord) .

    We want to make the server friendly and fun for every survival player.

    We are seeking to create a space were we can play together and have fun.
    In this moment the server is online and we will work for advertising the server, we will very glad if you can help us.

    Also the server is free-to-play, we don’t ask player to buy crates/items, we want player to have the same start.

    Server IP:



    OptiMine Server Minecraft

    cross-platform server, small but cozy and light, good players, there are clans, and you can create your own clan with your rules, you can build a city, I’m waiting for you on my OptiMine server

    Free Rules

    Elder Craft Server Minecraft

    The Elder Craft server was created for public use. There is an adequate administration here and friendly players who are ready to grieve you at any moment), in fact, everything is possible here except for lag cars and players’ osks, but even if you break the rules, nobody cares, because curators, moderators and helpers have long died out ¯_(ツ)_ /¯ , so join the server soon and get a free donation in honor of the opening, become an Elder legend! Take power into your own hands! Be part of this story!

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    S!Lunar Is A survival Server to just relax!
    A Mostly Vanilla Server, Usually on Easy or Normal.
    The Rules In Place are to Insure there is No conflict.

    Join The Discord!

    We have Friendly Mods and (Hopefully Soon) a nice community!
    There You Will Find Updates and Announcements, as well as different ways to talk, set up trade, and more!
    Hope You Enjoy!

    Anarchy Plugins Pvp Rules Survival Vanilla

    Xenolith – vanilla Minecraft server

    Xenolith is a project where you can enjoy the game in the form in which it was conceived by the developers, without donations that affect the gameplay.

    Our project has 2 main divisions:
    • anarchy, where everything is allowed except cheats
    • survival without griefing on a private server with whitelist

    Servers are classic survival. Let’s not lie, there are simple plugins on the servers, but they do not affect the original gameplay. Here you will not find commands such as /home, /kit start, /tp, /spawn and the like. Creepers and bosses can destroy buildings, endermen can steal blocks, and so on. All movements around the world are created by you. For example, it is most convenient to travel long distances through hell, for this we have developed a special coordinate calculator on our website –

    Regarding the private whitelist server:
    The server has strict rules regarding PvP, construction, griefing. Any intruder will be blocked, and damage done to players will be repaired. To do this, logs of players’ actions are kept on the server.

    Cities Gods Hierachy Lgbtqfriendly Reallifebased Roleplay Roles Rules


    Welcome to Newpy. Most stuff is explained in the server books! If you have any questions regarding the server then please get a book and quill, write your issue/ question/etc. and go to the starting Tavern. At the right side is a chest with the sign

    “Issues/complaints/ etc”

    Put your book and quill inside for the staff to later see what your issue/ etc. is.

    How to write a Issue/complaint/etc.

    -Minecraft Name
    -Minecraft Username

    – Why are you sending this book? (complaint/ issue / question/ etc.)

    -The question/etc.

    -Which city you live in (ingame)

    – How you would like the question/etc. to be answered (digital meeting, book and quill given to you answering/ etc.)

    You can ask anything or give any complaint. If you are unsure then do not worry, nothing is wrong to give.


    Rules of the server:

    No Racism
    No Homophobic
    No Pedophilia
    No child s/xualization
    No assault/ harrasment
    No griefing
    Don’t oof other people or other people’s pets.
    No spamming
    Don’t judge others game taste etc.
    Do not ask for personal information : Real life name, phone number, picture of person, Adress, etc.
    NO/STOP means NO/STOP.
    If anything if really bothering you please report to staff.
    Real life threats are to be taken seriously and reported to staff.
    “Kys/kms” are words not allowed on our server. If you see anyone use these please report to staff with proof.
    This server should not contain ‘adult’ topics.

    Age of people to join the server: 11+
    (so try and be family friendly please. (obviously no s/x talk allowed.)

    Any Issues/ etc. may also be reported through our discord server Newpy. (is still being made.)

    Contact **Kami**#3535 instead (including the **).