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Hello this is owner of VilePvP, SupremeSavage. We are in need of Developers, builders and Helpers. Please Join. Feel Free To join any time. Make sure to follow the rules.

Fun Rules Skyblock

BroCraft Skyblock

Welcome to BroCraft.
The best server youve played yet.
What makes this server special?
The best staff work here.
No Rules. Just have fun.

YES. We are looking for Staff. Join and ask us about it.




Can be found here: Rules


We are NOT hiring any staff right now

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Economy Free Pvp Ranks Rules Shops Vanilla


The MYDCraft server focuses towards the vanilla style gameplay with pro-longing the Minecraft experience and making it even more enjoyable.
It is a tight close knit community welcoming anyone who respects and follows rules, with the community comes a dedicated staff team with 24/7 support due to worldwide staff members, ready to help out anyone in need of it.

MYDCraft includes: Open world, Vanilla, Custom Repair, Scoreboard, Voting, Ranks, Dedicated Staff, Small Community, No Grief, 24/7, Warps, No Lag, McMMO, Weekly Events, Economy, Anti Cheat, PvP, Disguise, Mob Catching, Shop, Weekly Trades and more.

Feel free to join the community we are always looking for new people.

Economy Plugins Pvp Rules Vanilla

Meliora Minecraft

Server Name: better Minecraft


Server Address:

Version: 1.14.4

Description: Meliora is a server with a vanilla baseline for mechanics but with quality of life improvements to make your experience better. We have a robust lineup of warps for you to try out including:

& multiple player/moderator towns

We cater to players of all skill levels and age ranges and hold events regularly (read: monthly or more), with regular updates to the server that include new game modes, towns, activities, and more.

Be kind and respectful
No griefing or other malicious behavior towards other players
No theft
Any Exploitive Clients or X-Ray is Strictly Prohibited
No modifications of any kind
No Harassments, Racism or Other Derogatory Means of Hate Speech
Keep PvP to the PvP world

Main Plugins:


Owners/Admins/Moderators: FilmSmith, Arsoarsh, Shadowette, LunaWolf, LadyJynx, JadenWolfos, Halariosis, Penguitoni

Pictures/Videos URL:

Social media:


Discord Plugins Raiding Rules Survival Vanilla

Survival Builders

Apply for whitelist on our Discord.

Features 99% Vanilla (List of plugins below)
Adult Community (Must be 21+ to join)
Hard Mode enabled PvE server
100% Survival Only, even spawn is built in survival
Community spawn project
Nether hub network for quick travel
Member builds features on our instagram page

Rules: no xray/hacks no griefing no raiding no destroying respect for others zero tolerance.

Plugins: Dynmap, Essentials, FarmLimiter, HeadDatabase, Logblock, Multiverse, PlayerHeads & TreasureHunt

Anarchy Creative Minigames Pvp Rules Skyblock


Here are e5Gaming we have…
– Middle school
– Creative
– Skyblock
– Anarchy (No rules)

– TNT Run
– Hunger games
– Kit PVP

and much more coming soon. Wed love to see you there 😀

Rules Survival

Greatbuild: Immersive Survival

Welcome to Greatbuild: Immersive Survival

This is the #1 most immersive and realistic Minecraft server in the world.
Experience true immersion in a never-before-seen way of playing.

On this server, there are no player lists. There are no name tags. And more importantly, there are no rules.
It is up to you and the rest of the players to form peace with one another, or wage war. The choice is yours.

For even more realism, the server has local chat so you are not connected to the rest of the servers players.
Note: Because this server is in testing stages, a global chat channel is available.

Explore the vast Minecraft world as it is meant to be explored.
Do whatever you want. Play however you want.

Note: This server is in testing stages. Simply by playing on the server, you are eligible to 1 month of premium rank on the server, once it is out of the testing phase.

Custom Fun Pvp Raiding Rules Survival

WOWPVP – Hardcore Survival PVP

WOWPVP features a unique style of PVP that includes custom weapons, items, and armor sets. The top tier items require a lot of skill to earn which adds a role playing element to the server. All of these things add a very fun tier system and you have to work your way up to prove you are the best. There are no rules against lying to other players, raiding other players, or backstabbing other players.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Economy Plugins Pvp Raiding Rules Survival Vanilla


ArchaicMC is a new Semi-Vanilla survival server based on Minecraft version 1.15.2. We strive to create an active, safe, and enjoyable community while still having the traditional vanilla Minecraft feel. PVP, raiding, and griefing is still allowed, but we give players measures to prevent it. To prevent it, we have a land claiming system on our server which you can learn more at

The server is semi-vanilla, so we have economy, mcmmo, and more plugins which give players a richer experience. The server has been through weeks of testing proving capable of running smoothly at high player counts. We have a knowledgable (currently small) staff team with years of experience.

Please refer to for more information about our guidelines.

Join today to start your journey on Archaic.


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