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Welcome to! The Ultimate Survival Server to play with your friends, the REAL way! All New Players Welcome!! 🙂

Version: 1.18.2 +
Platforms: Java & Bedrock Edition

Establish your Base!
Find your calling in the SURVIVAL world!
Economy and Trading with Friends and Others!
Free Warp and Home creation to truly make the experience your OWN!

Meet up with friends and work together to SURVIVE!

Active Community with over 100+ members and friends. Many plugins that allow for true survival game modes while making tedious tasks easy!
Directly see the fruits of your labor prosper in Survival and truly become a champion of the Minecraft world.

We are a Survival server created May 2022 with the hopes of becoming a worldwide sensation. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all types of players who love Minecraft for what it is and what it truly can be when you dream BIG!

We would love to see you online! Feel free to reach out directly to any of our moderators/owners for feedback! <3 DISCORD | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla - 1.18.2 | Minecraft Server

Server website: Coming soon!
Few Command Examples: /sethome, /warp, /playtime, /money
Server: Updated Daily, Builds and World Monuments under construction* Planning on adding new worlds for other game modes users enjoy (Creative, Homes, Skyblock, and any suggestions!)

4kids 4town Admin Adventure Cartoon Creative Discord Helper Howto Kids Livestream Love Mod Smp Survival Texturepack Tiktok Turingred Twitch Youtube Youtubesmp

4Kids SMP (Youtubers/Streamer SMP)

Welcome to the Newest and most Coolest SMP server you’ll ever join!

Today we all embark on our new world and we as a SMP server will do that together. everyone is welcome to join! NO Whitelist, Youtubers and Content Creators are welcome to join and make videos! we all support one another and its cill Survival server with no pay to win AT ALL!

Non-content creators are sill welcome 🙂

The Server is under going Spawn Maintenance and could use your help!


Looking for new members, 2 moderators and 1 admin! This SMP server needs commands and helpers to launch the world officially for creators and casual players

If you’re on Tik Tok or YouTuber this would be a good place to be for mini games and events for content. You can join the discord here:

applications for mods/ admin will be posted on the server. Looking for good individuals, no drama and anyone and everyone is welcome to join.


the server will have its own official Texturepack that can be used while playing on the 4Kids SMP. (Not mandatory but definitely recommend for buildings/themed builds)

if you have any questions please HMU!

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Raptor Craft [New] [Whitelist] [SEASON ONE!!!] [Hermitcraft-like] [SMP]

Hello! Im LukeTheLlama55 owner of Raptor Craft. Welcome to the Raptor Craft SMP, here at raptor craft we will stop at nothings to give you the best Minecraft experience of your life! We strive to have the greatest community we can! With our amazing state of the art application process rest assured that no people you wont want here will not be. Our community is jam packed with the best people and thats why YOU should become a part of it! At Raptor Craft although i may be the owner nobody is really in charge , because everyone is! Every decision, from small to large is one made by everyone. At Raptor Craft we will have meeting every 2 weeks and discuss things like, new members for the next season and story line events that are currently taking place within members videos that other members may want to join in with.

On Raptor Craft we are only offering 15 slots, 10 of these people will be making content/ videos about the SMP – NOTE – We aren’t forcing you we highly recommend it to boost the servers popularity – These videos will be made on either Twitch or YouTube (depending on what you prefer) and hopefully uploaded weekly. The other 5 slots are reserved for people who will not be posting any sort of content regarding the SMP but these people can always make content if they wish!

Raptor Craft is fully of Hermitcraft fans and is extremely similar to Hermitcraft itself. At RC we follow sets of rules that we think aren’t to strict but mostly involve using your common sense and a gentleman’s rule, like the Hermits do.

Here at Raptor Craft we are only offering 15 spots! And some are already taken so get yours fast with the discord link below:

-NOTE- Not a copy just a repost of other Raptor Craft

Astro Astrocraft Axel Bedwars Discord Duels Factions Factionspvp Inazumaeleven Ironman Kim Marvel Minecraft Pokemon Pvp Raffymimi Server Skyblock Skypvp Space Survival Twitch Website Youtube

AstroCraft Network

The best minecraft server to have fun for you and your friends, we have the best game mode, the best staff and, AstroCraft is the most updated server EVER!

Civilization Experiment Roleplay Survival Vanilla Youtube

The Atlas Civilization Experiment

If you came across this advertisement it means you are interest in a minecraft civilization experiment. (Yes an idea from the youtube video’s). This will be a project with a start point and an endpoint. There are so special commands, and rules are very dim. No hacking or modded clients of course. If you are interested in participating please join the discord.

Anarchy Nightrider Pvp Smp Smpvp Survival Youtube

Night Rider Smp

Night Rider Smp, An Smp Quite Similar To Hermit Craft Smp…..Just With Less YouTubers! But Well You Can Enjoy Custom Enchants, Anarchy, Pvp, /shop, Conquering And More!!

Community Discord Earth Faction Smp Youtube

ConColony Earth SMP [Whitelisted] [Minimal Plugins]

Welcome to CCSMP Earth.

Join an active and growing Minecraft SMP community.

In this server, we like to keep it simple. There are no claims, economy plugins or TPA features. It’s just you and the world.
You can decide how to run your nation, or you can join one if leading isn’t your specialty.

You will need to join the Discord server for more information regarding the SMP regarding rules, etc.

A list of our features:

– Live Interactable World Map (Dynmap)
– 1:500 scale replica of Earth

– Geyser-floodgate so even Bedrock players can join us
– ViaVersion so you can join with any version above 1.7

– Brewery plugin so you can make alcohol and lose your license to a DWI
– Player and mob heads plugin for trading

– Dynamic player limit
– Lag-free experience with 20+ players
– DiscordSRV plugin for communicating with players in-game


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Solo’s SMP

Join our Semi-Anarchy SMP Minecraft server. Everyone can join! Runs 24/7. No Map Resets! Cool Commands & Abilities. All Griefing, PvP and Raiding is allowed!

When joining the server, type in-game /help

Java Edition:
Bedrock Edition:
Bedrock Port: 19132
Running on version 1.18.2

Build Build battle Buildbattle Builder Builderneeded Builders Builderserver Building Buildings Cherry Blossom Cupid Cupid Heart Drip Female Flower Flowers Heart Male News Sunflower Survivalbuild Tree Trees Tutorial Tutorials Valentine Valentines Youtube

Minecraft Valentines builds for both males and females.

No matter what gender you are there will be a build for you.

These Minecraft Valentines builds are really sweet, a lot of effort was made on each build and I did my best to keep my valentine in mind when finding these builds. Here are some of my favorite Valentine builds and if you are looking for a sweet build for your guy or gal be sure to click on the names below:

(Cherry Blossom Trees)

(Cupid Heart)


(Flower Shop)


4hmad Ahmad Aternos Discord Greif Grieving Ideo Plugin Record Skill Smp Survival Teaming Tpa Tpask Vinnila Warp Witch Xray Youtube

GrassLand SMP

Hey there,
I made an Aternos server with me and my friends. I want lots of people to join to make this server into a big SMP.
Xray allowed
No hacks
Grieving allowed
Teaming allowed

There is a good amount of plugins such as:
-Skill plugin
-tp ask and tp accept
-warp plugin

This is an aternos server, maybe in the future i can buy a normal server 24/7
so if u want to join and the server is inactive dm me on discord 4hmad#9707
Im usually active.
you can give me your aternos username and you vcan start the server.