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The Pulchrian Isles

The Pulchrian Isles is a brand new PvE server on a massive custom map (a highly modified worldpainter map specifically) that has a large realistic terrain and natural generated structures!

Pragmatism is the guiding principle, with no complex flashy plugins, bright prefixes or any of the nonsense I found bugging me on other servers. We are minimal as possible with no ridiculous rules.

We also maintain a high resolution 3D dynmap, where you can see a glimpse into the terrain ( Our server’s economy is 100% player based and is based on gold, with a gold exchange to use as well. If you have a look at [some screenshots of our map’s terrain]( am sure you will be convinced.I do hope to see you on the server and you enjoy it!!!!


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[Java] | A Crypto Backed Player Economy

The Worlds First Monero Backed Minecraft Server is a Minecraft server with an in-game player economy which is fully back by Monero at a fixed exchange rate of $1 = 0.00001 XMR.

This will be a fairly libertarian community where rules will be limited & generally be designed to follow the principle of: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Luke 6:31.

Join today!

Our Discord:

Server Features:

  • Monero Backed Economy
  • Grief Prevention/Land Claim
  • Essentials Plugin Suite
  • Longer Days (12/8)
  • Player Shops
  • Auctions
  • Buying/Selling In-Game Funds:

    Because I am not a master coder, I’m just going to handle things manually. If you want to buy/sell in game funds, the minimum amount is 0.01 XMR & you can message me on Discord at: Zaptosis#0361

    There will be a 2% fee on withdrawals to cover transaction fees, however this is not for profit. Any amount left over will be added up yearly & donated every Christmas to a Monero / privacy project which will be decided through a community vote.

    I’m hoping that with this sever I can expand Monero adoption to other who would otherwise be unexposed to crypto. This will never be a pay to win server, however any potential micro-transactions for ranks & cosmetic effects in the future will be done exclusively through Monero. If it ain’t XMR it ain’t money here.

    How Is It Backed By Monero?

    Players can buy/sell in game currency at an exchange rate of $1 = 0.00001 XMR with minimum transactions of 0.01 XMR, there will be a 2% fee on withdrawals to cover transaction costs. Any amount left over from this fee will be donated every Christmas to fund a Monero/privacy project that the community votes on.

    How Do We Verify Holdings?
    This will all be auditable as the view keys to the Monero “vault” are public (further below in this post), so you can ensure I’m keeping my promises. Unlike some exchanges, there will be no paper Monero floating around to debase the in-game currency.

    Monero Wallet Details:

    Click to reveal
    Click to reveal
    Click to reveal
    Click to reveal

    What is Monero?
    Monero Infographic

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    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom

    Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom Minecraft Server
    Empty Ego is a community based on creative freedom…WebsiteDiscordPatreon




    The journey you are about to embark on will bring new friends, adventures, and more.
    You may experience great achievements, or suffer through immense peril.
    Choose your path, and become whoever you desire to be.
    Start PvE towns with public shops, or become the leader of merciless bounty hunters in search of glory.What you do is up to you; Let the sky be your limit!

    When building the server we put time into keeping things simple.

    Although this may seem counterintuitive, we promise it’s not.

    Many servers offer tons of plugins, mods, add-ons, and more.

    We believe this takes away from the natural creative freedoms of Minecraft.

    Because of this, we thought deeply about what plugins would make for a well handled community that offers personal growth and development.

    TownyAdvanced – Allows players to claim land, protect it, wage war, and build the history of our community.
    EssentialsX – hosts our integrated Towny economy with Vault.
    DiscordSRV – Allows you to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts, plus, access our Proximity Voice!
    Vault – Connects the dots between economy functionality.
    DecentHolograms – Helps us make the server more informative in a simple way.
    InsaneAnnouncer – Offers a framework for chat announcements/notifications.
    LuckPerms – The basis of our rank/group and permission system.

    With Towny at our core, an Economy is essential – All money can be earned by with /Sell.

    Gold, Copper, and Emeralds can be sold in ANY FORM (Nuggets, Ingots, Blocks, etc.).
    Selling items as Blocks earns 10% MORE than Ingots, and Ingots earn 10% MORE than Nuggets.

    By default, you are a Nomad looking to Claim land to start your Town, or Join others.
    ALL TOWNS HAVE RENT! Rent is based on Town Size and can be paid with your Bank by using /Towny Deposit.
    This is where starting a Shop and Mining for currency becomes important.

    If you don’t pay your Rent for a few days, That’s OK! All towns have a small Debt Limit, for safety reasons.
    If you hit your Debt Cap, your town will be Deleted, leaving your base open to Attack!
    Be sure to always have money in your town bank, so that you can feel safe when logging off!

    If a Town gets large enough, it can chose to become a Nation.

    Nations host Towns within their Regions, and can develop much more In-Depth Ecosystems.

    The map is 50,000×50,000 blocks
    The Inner 500×500 Blocks is a Community Zone (Shops, Public Towns, Safezone Building)
    We do have ranks/perks available to our community as a whole (Discord, Minecraft, etc.)WebsiteDiscordPatreon




    Pve Economy Roleplay Survival Towny Townyserver

    HarmonyMC | NEED STAFF MEMBERS | 1.19+ Towny


    1.19+ Towny Server!

    Click here to join our Discord server to receive important updates and announcements!

    ~ At HarmonyMC, we strive to deliver a truly unique Towny experience for our players. We have numerous of custom plugins including but not limited to: jobs, quests, crates, vouchers, and much more! Feel free to ask us any questions inside of our Discord server, we will be happy to answer them.

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    FlooflesMC is a brand new SMP server. Its still a work in progress server, so things are likely to change, and some things may not work! The server includes:

  • Jobs
  • Auction House
  • Better snow
  • Economy
  • Availability to buy commands with in game money
  • Grief prevention
  • High enchanted prizes from vote crates! (very rare)
  • And more! Again, this is a work in progress server, any issues or suggestions please contact me on discord! Lexi#4004

    Anarchy Competitive Crypto Cryptocurrency Eco Economic Economy Economysurvival Exchange Invested Market Marketexchange Pve Pve Economy Pvp Survival

    (Grand Opening) The Exchange – Market Economy – PvP – Survival

    Welcome to the Exchange!
    “A market economics focused server”
    (Public launch 9/9/22 TODAY)

    The goal of the server is simple, to build as much wealth as possible.
    Starting with a little money, players must gather and sell resources on the live dynamic open market. The value of resources changes over time depending on supply and demand so the more exploited the resource is the smaller the returns. Players are also able to invest their currency into the crypto market, using a Crypto API to keep our values equal to real-life values. Soon, we’ll be adding more investment opportunities and features to utilize your wealth to expand your business empire. Enjoy friendly (and at times violent) competition with your peers.

    Think you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top?
    Join @
    Join our discord!

    Cmi Dynmap Economy Familyfriendly Griefprevention Mcmmo Pve Economy Ranking Smp


    MishMashMC is what we get when the owner has a jumble of ideas in his head and has to settle on those which can create a fun community. Our result is a family-friendly SMP server with:

    – Multiple worlds including an entire DeepDark world!
    – World maps, available to players through their web browsers
    – An economy with an auction house, pay and trade commands, chest shops, server shops, merchants, and Jobs
    – An Angel Chest, allowing players to retrieve their items and experience after dying
    – Backpacks with increasing capacity as players rank up
    – Crates and prizes
    – Daily, Weekly and Monthly kits
    – GriefPrevention and flags
    – McMMO
    – Mystery Vaults, Boxes and Gadgets
    – Player Ranks, using playtime, in-game currency and achievements to unlock more commands like /nick, bp, glow, and more
    – Player Tags
    – Pocket Balls (like Pokeballs)
    – Resource worlds, plus an Epic Axe (treefeller)
    – Surveys, taken in-game and offering players a chance to win prizes or to apply for Staff positions
    – XP Bottles, allowing players to save their experience points
    – (much more!)

    … and it is all Free!

    As they log into the game server, we provide players with a link to a Discord server on which they can get news, ask questions, appeal bans and share ideas.

    We are new, and we will adapt quickly for our new community.

    Economy Pve Pve Economy Robots Skyblock Spawner


    Starting Skyblock server, the server offers a lot of custom items spawners and an economy. The playerbase is not very big at the moment, but we hope to attract more and more people with the server. Bugs/problems are solved asap by our active staff team, support is very high with our server and that’s why we want to offer the best gaming experience for the player.

    Amestia Francais Francophone Minecraft Minijeux Pve Economy Semirp Skywars

    Amestia – SEMI RP | MINI JEU / DATAPACK 1.19 (French)

    Amestia is a rather special 1.19.2 server because it offers a unique experience thanks to its many datapacks which remain consistent with the Minecraft universe.

    Quickly come and join us!

    Resource pack required to enjoy to the max! :

    Dragon Dragonsimulator Dragsim Hypixel Pve Economy Simulator Summoningeye Zealots – HYPIXEL DRAGON SIMULATOR – [1.8 – 1.19] – CUSTOM ITEMS

    The ultimate hypixel dragon simulator.

    Clones features from your favourite server, including custom dragon AI, thousands of custom items and an active developer that is consistently working on updates 🙂

    Ite currently has, Over 1500 items, Hundreds of different item droppable by the dragons, A custom trade GUI, an auction house and so much more!