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This is a server which I intended to use with some friends but figured I would allow anyone to join. We are opening today! As this is the case, we would love to have players join to help set up the server and give suggestions for plugins to add, etc. Anyone who helps with development or suggests changes will be rewarded with ranks and custom items. I want this to be a server largely run by its community, so any suggestions will be taken very seriously when continuing development of the server!

Thanks and we can’t wait to see you!

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PanayMC Community

An SMP server made from the heart of the Philippines.

Adventure Awaits, my friend. Join PanayMC and represent your nation!

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Introduction Welcome to! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, and we offer a strong coin-based economy and the ability to teleport. The server is semi-whitelisted, as you will have to take a quiz upon joining for the first time. You’ll be accepted if you answer five answers in a row correctly, with as many attempts as you need. The quiz is supposed to filter out bots, hackers and griefers.

Survival The map is fairly fresh and expands automatically when new players join. You will be spawned at a random location in the map as soon as you finish the quiz. The server is mainly PvE (player vs. the environment), but you can enable PvP (player vs. player) if you’re into that. However, PvP is not enabled by default. Griefing is not allowed, and you can claim your land to protect from griefs with a golden shovel or with /claim. We also offer a resource world which resets monthly.

Rules A very quick and short overview of the rules:

  • Griefing is not allowed in any way, even in unclaimed areas.
  • Tools to locate blocks and caves are not allowed, like x-ray.
  • Do not idle (or avoid the AFK-system) for farming or rewards.
  • Redstone that lags the server or keeps chunks loaded are forbidden.
  • Build at least 150 blocks from another claim.
  • Do not spam, have respect for each other, and do not scam.
  • See “/rules” in the quiz or in the server for more.

    Ranks We do have ranks: Traveler, Settler, Citizen, Artisan, Magnate, Loyalist and Veteran. You can rank up through this system mainly by playtime, coins, and by doing some tasks. Ranking up gives rewards and new perks.

    Economy Our economy is very stable and exists out of integer coins. You can create a company, with which you can create chest shops to sell items to other players. Reach buyers by setting a warp to your shop. All shops are listed on the website @ with their warp. You will get a basic income of 200 coins every day that you log into the server, and killed mobs will drop coins.

    Features A quick and short list of the features we offer: Chairs, ChestShop, Companies, Dynmap, Trades, AuctionHouse, Warps, HealthBar and UltimateTimber. With many more custom-coded addons, in fact: more than half is custom. We do plan on adding features like: Marriage, a parliamentary system, a House Market and Share Market, the ability to sell claims and animals and a lot more. Features we will never add include McMMO and Slimefun. These addons simply ruin the gameplay.

    Creative Verified players on Discord will be able to claim a plot in the Creative server that we also have. The plots are 128 by 128. The Creative server is meant to test out build styles and redstone, however you are free to do whatever you want.

    Discord // Website // Twitter // Reddit

    Pve Economy

    Economy Minecraft Server 1.16.4

    we are a new economy and survival server that are looking for new players. come check us out today and join our community

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    The Bamboo Forest

    We are a brand new 18+ minecraft community looking for players to join our server!

    The server is dedicated VPS with linode and is currently at 20 TPS.

    Come apply for whitelist at

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    Skygens is an unique game type, with some inspiration from Hypixel Skyblock. In Skygens, you start out in the sky, and quickly get generators from the merchants and start a base in the player-based map. With an extremely large worldborder, you can make a base as far as you want.
    When you progress far enough, you can do /warp dungeons where you fight mobs, and collect specific items for fighting specific mobs.
    Some of the commands are /warp dungeons, /sethome, /home and /spawn
    Enjoy your time on SkyGens!

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    Emberfall 1.16.4 – GRAND OPENING

    Lucfours here,

    Welcome to Emberfall MC – a Towny, RPG and SMP all together! If you’re looking to group up with your friends to take down some of the toughest bosses, to build some of the biggest empires or to have the most immersive Minecraft experience. Then Emberfall is the place to be.

    When I set out to design this server, I wanted to incorporate all the features of a large-scale server network SMP world, but keep it community focused where everyone works together and knows the server inside out. We have everything you could find on another server, and then some – mix that with our Grand Opening this weekend and our awesome Community so far and you can’t go wrong.

    Our community is prized on our friendly players and our Staff Team who love to get involved. With our fresh world. Amazing custom bosses. Awesome Towny alongside golden shovel claiming there is a style of living for everyone.

    Rather than me writing paragraph on paragraph here, check it out yourself on our Features page from the official Emberfall site:

    And hop in our Discord to ask us any questions you would like to have answered and meet our people:

    Can’t wait to see you in game,

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    Um, yeah yes yep yup we are a mostly vanilla, economy SMP, single multi player. With the option of wars between players/clans whatever.

    We have /home, /msg, /tpa and the essential commands.

    The server is three days old and created, 11/20/2020.

    Ip is

    We have a very friendly community that averages around 4-10 active players at a time. We have a discord: with 29 members and are currently looking for staff. We have 4 staff members right now but are looking for a few more.

    This server is non-pay2win and has plugins enabled to stop griefing and roll backs available so you don’t have to worry about your progress.

      We are currently running 1.16.4 Java edition. 😀
      Server currently supports up to 40 people.

    Pve Economy

    ColourCraft – 1.16.4 – NEW! – Australian! – PvE!

    ColourCraft is a new server hosted in Australia!

    This is a brand new server (Launched 16/11/2020) as such there might be a few bugs here and there.

    The server is also currently under development! New plugins and features are to be added in the future! If you have any suggestions of what should be added to the server please feel free to message the owner Eiar.

    Economy Landclaming Pve Pve Economy Survival

    Medieval Voltage


    We are a brand-new community-based Player vs. Environment server striving to offer a more classic feel to the game of Minecraft. In Minecraft’s later times, we have seen how most servers focus solely on competing with the same minigames, and hub-type configurations which everyone has come to know. There used to be a time when servers were much simpler, and offered more of a community-based platform, rather than a hub/minigame based one. MedievalVoltage is happy to offer that more old-fashioned type of server environment again, where everyone focuses on playing the game, crafts, farms, and trade items.

    Since we are new, we are also looking for a few Moderators to join our team. NOTE that we WILL expect a decent amount of play time before we would consider you for the role. If you join asking for staff, you are automatically disqualified from consideration.

    Thank you, and happy crafting!

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