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The Lost Kingdom [1.19] [Custom Factions] [Economy] [Lands, War, Taxes] [MCMMO]

The Lost KingdomCustom Factions Server

Subjugate your people, claim taxes, make money, crush your opponents, steal their land, raid their coffers, and rule the land in The Lost Kingdom.


Wars (steal land)
Playtime rewards
Grief Prevention
Raiding/griefing allowed

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ShroomSMP || Lore-based Roleplay [18+]


ShroomSMP is a lore-based roleplay server for those who are 18+! We use plugins to customize our experience and create fantasy creatures with abilities or hindrances. People from all time zones are welcome!

Currently we are on 1.18.1, but the week of July 18th we will be running some lore events to switch to 1.19!

A few of the plugins we use:

  • CustomItems
  • Codex
  • ConditionalEvents
  • CustomStructures
  • CraftableTridents
  • iShop
  • Graves
  • NotQuests
  • MoreMobHeads
  • PronounMC
  • & more!
  • Here is a link to our Discord to get whitelisted & keep up to date on events, plugin updates, and lore!
    You must be part of the Discord server to stay whitelisted.

    If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer in the comments!

    We do not roleplay anything inappropriate/NSFW, we simply want to play Minecraft with other adults. Please do not join if you are under 18 years old.

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    Aseria is full of wonder. Tons of secrets to find. Custom mobs, custom NPC’s, custom quests, customer loot, and much much much more. Come see us! We have lots to offer!

    Customenchants Customplugins Economy Mcmmo Paper Slimefun Smp Spigot Survival

    The Clock Tower MC

    – Survival
    – Slimefun + Add-ons
    – Player & Donator Ranks
    -Balanced Economy
    – 1200+ Quests (Including Slimefun Quests)
    – mcMMO
    – Dynmap
    – Brewery + Custom Recipies
    – Pets
    – Cosmetics
    – Pyro Fishing

    Customplugins Encantamientos Mcmmo Rpg Skills Survival


    Hello adventurer, I see that you have decided to enter one of the available links that we have on the server. Here we will explain about all the links to which you will be forwarded from discord to another website.

    〖TᎥendα of the ServᎥdor〗Link: Explanation:

    Here you can get more ranks as well as more accessories for yourself, all your purchases and donations made in the server store will help us to continue improving for yourselves my adventurers.

    ⛺彡[Peque𝖙eѕ de 𝖙ex𝖙urⱥ𝓈]彡
    New Link:

    This link will help you to see the custom elements of the server such as the same bosses that are on the server as well as weapons and armor, do not be afraid and download it so you can enjoy the gaming experience.


    1.- Enter the address that we provide you
    2.- Download the package and place it in the .minecraft/resourcepacks folder
    3.- Enter the game and place them from there, the version of the package is 1.16.5
    4.- Enjoy the game without problems, thanks.

    IP address:
    Puerto: 25635
    Version: 1.16.5
    Compatibility: JAVA AND BEDROCK

    This is a small message on how you can join the server, here we will leave you the server ip for both bedrock and java so you can invite more friends and be a much more fun community together.

    〽️彡 Disc ๏rd del servid ๏ r 彡

    We offer you a link so you can share our discord server and grow together here too and be a larger number of players and enjoy together, Los am.

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    SnowfoxMC! 1.19 | PvE SMP | Custom Features + Custom Coded!

    Welcome to SnowfoxMC – an extremely custom, no-resets PvE Survival server loaded with custom items, QoL and gameplay features, custom-coded from the ground up! (Yes, foxes are tameable!) What’s unique about us? With the exception of some basic ones (like WorldEdit, LuckPerms, etc), you won’t find our plugins anywhere else – they’re custom-made for this server! How? Well, the server is run by two software engineers (one of whom is also an artist)! We write our own plugins, so you can be sure of steady flow of creative gameplay updates!

    Our goal is to offer the ultimate Survival Minecraft experience by building upon the base game, while keeping an eye on aesthetics and accessibility. With extensive documentation both in-game (via interactive help menus and the /whatis command) and out-of-game (via our detailed Wiki), information is always at your fingertips!

    Note: We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and have a strict no-nonsense policy. All staff are mid-20’s or older, and we’ve all had our share of nonsense. We believe a community should be nurtured, and one bad apple spoils the bunch; thus, Rule #1 is “Don’t be a d***.” We absolutely will not hesitate to ban anyone who breaks that rule. Cool with you? Great! Read on!

    And no, we’re NOT modded! You do NOT need mods to play!

    Just a small taste of the many highlights we offer:

    💼 KeepInventory is Enabled!
    Losing your stuff on death sucks. So we made it so you can’t anymore! Don’t worry if you think this makes the game too easy – there’s plenty of more (optional!) challenging pieces of content that you’ll be glad this gamerule is on for 😉

    💎 Custom items galore!
    From custom fishto custom foodto custom cropsto QoL additions and fun items!

    ⚔️ Mob Arena… Reimagined!
    Our server’s premier (and only) minigame, play Mob Arena like you’ve never seen it before – choose from one of 7 Classes and pick a loadout of 5 unique, upgrade-able Abilities out of a pool of over 100 to battle against hoards of mobs and bosses that get faster, stronger, and healthier as time goes on! In our version, the UI looks much nicer, and you can get revived if you die!

    🐾 Enhanced Pets!
    Wolves, cats, and foxes will all fight for you when tamed (yes, foxes are tameable), are immortal when nametagged, spawn with unique traitsand can be trained up to level 100!

    📊 Skills!
    Custom skillsnot McMMO or some McMMO reskin! Train up 10 unique skills, each with passive effects and unlocks!

    🐉 Custom Ender Dragon Fight!
    The “final boss” of Minecraft finally gets the fight it deserves! The fight has been reimagined and transformed into an epic, repeatable, instanced, MMO-style raid! There’s even an “Ultimate” version, complete with shiny weapon rewards…

    🗡️ Boss Fights!
    Several bosses are available to be fought in instanced areas, and can drop Legendary loot

    ✨ Constant updates!
    The server is run by two seasoned software engineers (one of whom’s an artist too!) – we write our own plugins, so you can be sure of a consistent stream of creative updates, including plenty of player suggestions! Because basically all our plugins are custom, we also update very fast when new Minecraft versions are released, since we have very efficient workflows and there’s no waiting for other plugin authors to update their plugins!

    👍 Not P2W, and never will be!
    The perks we offer for donations either give no competitive gameplay advantage, or apply to the entire server, thus fully complying with Mojang’s EULA!

    …and much, much more! If you haven’t clicked any of the handy links yet (I told you we had good documentation!), check out our Wiki for a more complete list of features!

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Creative Skies | 1.18.2 | BRAND NEW SERVER | World Edit | Train Carts | Community ran!

    Welcome to Creative Skies!

    We are a brand new creative Minecraft server with the tools and features to let your imagination soar!


  • World Edit
  • Train Carts
  • Head Database
  • Armor Stand Tools
  • 501×501 plots
  • Plot Warps
  • Community Events
  • More coming soon!
  • IP:


    Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Clans Custom Customplugins Economy Pvp Semianarchy Survival Teams

    MineHaven ✧ Semi-Anarchy Survival

    MineHaven offers a true survival experience with no land claims, all out pvp and the ability to play however you see fit!

    We offer a variety of custom plugins to improve upon the base game all while keeping the vanilla feel.

    Custom Customplugins Dynmap Economy Economysurvival Pve Economy

    SecoMC Custom Survival Economy Server

    SecoMC Custom Survival Economy Server Minecraft Server

    Is Looking for new players for a new Server currently in Beta!
    Bring functional stock markets and real estate markets to Minecraft!

    SecoMC Custom Survival Economy Server Minecraft Server

    We are a fully custom Survival Economy Server

    Will you be the next person on top of the business leaderboard?
    Do you have what it takes to maintain the top spot on the Networth leader board?

    Do you want to take your minecraft experience to a whole new level?

    SecoMC Custom Survival Economy Server Minecraft Server

    Custom Stock Markets
    Custom Business System
    Custom Real Estate System
    Custom Real Estate Markets
    Many Perks Avalible

    Join now with

    Too Learn more about our server Join us on discord or glance at our Server Wiki

    All of how to use and play our server is documented on our Server wiki most questions can be answered here if not ask one of our staff or long time players

    Customplugins Mcmmo Mineraze Minigames Plugins Survival Towny Votifier

    ★★MineRaze★★ ➤1.18 Survival ▎ McMMO/Jobs ▎ Custom Items ▎ Dungeons ▎Towns ▎ Custom Plugins

    MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server. Our primary focus is providing a high-quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content.

    ❄ Custom Towny
    ❄ Custom Items
    ❄ Custom Blocks & Plants
    ❄ Custom Mobs
    ❄ Jobs
    ❄ Dungeons
    ❄ Spleef
    ❄ Dance Parties
    ❄ Friendly Community
    ❄ Economy
    ❄ Land Claiming
    ❄ Player Shops
    ❄ Auction House
    ❄ And so much more.

    Join with:

    We hope you will join us and become part of the community!