Mcmmo Pvp Survival Towny


We are updated to 1.16.4, so that all the new features of Minecraft may be enjoyed by you!

We feature Railroads, 1.16.4 Nether, McMMO, PlayerShops, Claiming, and more!

Start your journey now at!

PrimeBlock is designed for players of all backgrounds, whether its war, trades, building, or roleplaying. We feature the plugin Towny which grants claiming to players and protect their builds, however during war between enemy nations these builds can be in danger. Protect your Kingdom now at!

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Towny


Eleryion is a 1.16.5 Fantasy RPG Towny server featuring a wide variety of new things to do, from quests, to conquering your enemies in war, to exploring dungeons with your friends!

Economy Mcmmo Pve Survival


Who are we?
We are at Jabberverse. A small community at the moment, and we strive to make this server enjoyable and fair for all players. A new way to experience the gamemode survival with breath-taking features, a heartwarming community, a friendly server team, and most importantly a server that will bring you, your friends, and other players joy!

What We Aim For?
We wanted to attempt to build a strong community back again. With high prioritization on feedback, future content development, and fast quality updates. We do not offer pay-2-win ranks, items, or other perks but we use all donations to improve the server.

Creative Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Survival


Plots, Free build world, Survival, and minigames!
We offer a interesting take on rank progression as they stack from both game modes. Survival is all about Guns, mcmmo and mobhunting putting these three aspects together makes progression easy and fun! Earn ranks through survival by earning mcmmo.
Our creative side of the server is all about community gather together to build amazing plots build, and also take on projects in our free build world. Earn amazing creative ranks and perks with your amazing builds!
Plugins installed on server: Mcmmo, Crackshot, petsplus, mobhunting, ultimatechairs, worldedit, voxelsniper, MarriageMaster, pvparena and more!

Mcmmo Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival


The highlight of this server is the slimefun plugin, which adds a ton of variety to the gameplay. You can craft a jetpack, an exploding pickaxe, or customize your electrical network and do electrical things. All in your hands. Enumeration of players with donation will not be due to the high cost of donation 🙂

Also, the letplay was recorded based on the game on the YouTube channel – Cosmoplex.

Channel Link –

What else can you say? A cozy, small server for playing with friends and just for a fun pastime. If you get a lot of taste, you can get stuck for an indefinite period of time. I wish you good luck, you will need it. Tsomk. AHAHHAHAHAHAH)

It might be worth adding advice here on how to get a lot of experience. Okay, I’ll tell you). To get a heap of experience, you can find any spawners in the caves (Zombies or spiders) and use this spawner to fill yourself with a bunch of exp. You can also transfer learned recipes to each other using a knowledge book. Another possible option is to go to hell and start killing zombie pigs, but be careful there are a lot of them).

Also, with the help of a bottle with experience, you can get yourself a couple of stacks of such bottles and then easily boost yourself to the level you need.

Until next time everyone, I was with you sashavovo: 3

Mcmmo Pve Survival Towny

Boxing Paradise

A server where you can level your skills in unarmed and then box in boxing arenas, theres also a stat point system where you can allocate stat points to defense,attack, ect.

Anarchy Economy Factions Mcmmo Survival


This is fun to play server that you are asked to join we got lot of paid plugins ready for you to use so don’t hesitate to join and also joinour discord first because the server port and stuff may have changed and also if you want to know more about the server thanks you can also join from mobile / bedrock

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

Hall of Egress

Hall of Egress Reboot Version 1.16.5. Same plugins. Not many players yet. Factions/Economy/Jobs/LWC/WorldGuard/More
Feel free to join, create a faction, really do whatever.
Most of the existing builds were built while using Sildurs Vibrant Shaders and LB Photorealism reloaded texture pack. The map will probably look best using these but there is no requirement. There are links to the Shaders/Resource Packs, under the Cobblestone tab in this discord
Live map DynMap at in a web browser

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

Minecraft Lucid Access (MCLA)

Minecraft Lucid Access a.k.a MCLA brings the most out of Minecraft with it’s enhanced Survival RPG experience. If you are looking for a long lasting end-game experience. You’ve found it!

– Dungeon
– Custom Items
– Skills
– Jobs
– Parkour
– Cosmetics
– Quest
– & many more

Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Survival Towny


FruitLoop is a students project that started because the owner wanted to make a minecraft server after moving from OT Community and watching youtubers play MC. FruitLoop is a server which gives a possiblity to the player to take a journey into the wonderful lands of our mysterious world, full of adventures and beauty.
We have added different skills which require a new style of playing. We are basing our server on our community, and there is where the beauty lays. The game enables the player to roam infinitely long across the plains together with their friends. Exploring, interacting in guilds, participating in conflicts, team hunts, questing and designing and claiming your own house are just a few features of FruitLoop which are different to other games as the individual skill of the player, the personal game-play, impacts these features such as the profitability of a hunt, the outcome of a quest and the hierarchic standing of the player within the community

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