Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival


Join us as we battle through the night along side your allies to survive the hordes of undead, beasts and other players!

Economy Mcmmo


Be Kind. Be Ethical. Use Common Sense.
Small server with THE most up-to-date plugins of a vanilla++ 1.17 server because we really want to play 1.17 too.
Spigot 1.17
Current: SILK TOUCH SPAWNERS, server shop, auctions, warps, timber, mcmmo, ranks, sethome, kits, gold shovel claim, TPA
Future: jobs

Economy Mcmmo Survival

Quest Eternal

Welcome to Quest Eternal
Run on the brand new 1.17 version come join us for some epic times

In Game Shop
In Game Ranks
…and much more

A truely Non pay 2 win server this is a perfect place to chill, meet some new friends and have fun.

Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Towny


Welcome to ForceMC! A minecraft star wars themed server! Collect blasters, kyber cyrstals. Bild sabers and fight bosses like general grievous! Join now!

Economy Mcmmo Parkour Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla

Rituals of MC

You wake up days after the tragic loss of your crew and only memories of the horrible night as the waves made by the storm sunk your beloved ship. You raise up as you notice a few tools being washed up with you and a diary of your friend who was lost in the shipwrecks. The diary reads from the night before that his story might end here, but that yours is only the beginning of a new adventure. This adventure begins on the Castaway island, your spawn area and safespot. Explore it to find teleports to the wild and nether where you can find resources and start building your base. Fight your way up to MCMMO top!

With our extended plugins such as pyrofishing, you can also have extra fun fishing! Buy keys to open our ritualistic crates, do quests asked by the one and only Gordon Ramsey and get freeranks by voting or buy a rank! Our server has fun extras like funwarps, realistic door knock and extra furniture like TV, PC’s, refrigerator, washing machine and so on! And a mobarena you can enter at your own risk! Good luck stranded creature..

Economy Mcmmo Survival


Nexiti is a Minecraft SMP server inspired by games like Morrowind and Terraria, and old Minecraft servers like IDMC and EmpireMC. Survival, economy, item modifiers, along with custom items, mobs, bosses, and gameplay!

| Custom items, features, and gameplay!
| Monthly events!
| Survival with land claims!
| mcMMO!
| Mini-bosses!
| Terraria-style item modifiers!
| Shops and Economy!
| Friendly staff and players!
| 1.8 – 1.16 support!
And tons more stuff!

So what are you wanting for? JOIN US ALREADY –

Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival


This server is to enjoy minecraft in the latest version with basic additions such as mcmmo and factions to have a better gameplay.
What NOT to expect:
-Donations for better gears
-Help from Owner to give you items
-Being toxic
-Any hierarchy of sort due to Owner etc
What TO expect:
-vanilla-ish gameplay with added mcmmo and factions
-enjoyment of 1.17

Economy Kitpvp Mcmmo Survival

Vanaheim Online

Hi, How are you? It is an honor to present our small project Vanaheim, it was born from the idea of ​​creating a 100% friendly community with totally incredible content to be able to enjoy thousands of hours of play, we are going to characterize ourselves as an integrative community full of positive challenges, we want to build something lasting since we believe that through this game great friendships can be created, for which we invite everyone to be attentive to the opening of Vanaheim Online Survival in minecraft and give thanks for supporting us, remember that this small project is aimed at something incredible and it is to be able to help people in situations of extreme poverty, we want to contribute our grain of sand in bringing smiles to hundreds and thousands, thanks and blessings.

What do we have in Vanaheim?

– Lands
– Quest
– SafariNet
– Free Netflix and Spotify account every week in raffle mode.
– Custom Items.
– VoteCrates.
– Custom Spawn.
– And much more.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Survival


HexArchon offers a variety of custom gameplay mechanics for a unique survival experience.
Our features include:
» Custom Skills, Abilities, and Items
» Custom Mobs, Boss Fights, and Dungeons
» Custom Worlds
» Quests
» Pets
» Custom Enchants
» Supply Drops, Coinflips, and Lotteries
» Automatic Farms and Upgradable Furnaces
» Furnitures and Weapons
» Server Map
& More!

Economy Factions Hardcore Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Survival


REHHS FACTIONS was created for the everyday player, who wants to progress through playing and not paying. Started as an SMP on a Private Realm by a small streamer(rehhs), now has turned into a Public Minecraft Server for everyone, including you and your friends! With a small but active community, you can always find something to do from skill grinding, to finding ways to beat the economy. Join today, and view below for more information.

Type: Factions
Version: 1.16.5

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