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The Foxes Den | Survival | Creative | Parkour

At The Foxes Den, we have been going since Q1 of 2019 and we hope to be around for many more years.We aim for the best player experican, we can give and wish for more people to come and play.

We have much to offer such as a Normal survival world to a fully custom Survival world, and you canswitch between them as inventories are synced across both Survival worlds.

Also are creative world is as simple as it gets, select the Creative world at the HUBand off you go, build till your heart is conent.

Our parkous is also very simple, you select Parkour at the Hub and off you go, not much more to it.

Reasons To Join Our Server.

900+ QUESTS!!



Unlimited Redstone – No Cap.

15K X 15K World Border.


AFK and Auto Clicking Allowed.

Mods such as mini maps etc Allowed.




Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Smp

GreenBay smp

This server has two admins of mature age, so no need to worry about magical admins flying around hitting players with the stupid-stick. This server is run by ‘older guys’ and much of our community is made up of Mature players. We don’t believe in handing out candy so you won’t see any of that /give malarky, we play 100% legit (we run bukkit plugins but they are well balanced.) Our server hosting is in a data center Dallas Tx in with access two two power grids, daily backups and unlimited bandwidth so no worrying about poor server upkeep or lag.

Getting Started: There is no whitelist and default user rank is USER/BUILDER so you won’t have to fill out some application or sign up on a website, just connect and play. The first thing a lot of players do is ask to join someone’s faction. Chances are noone is going to recruit you on day one unless it’s their first or second day also. You might want to start your own faction right away, you can do this with the /f create factionname command. There is no cost to creating a faction so there isn’t a good reason not to be in a faction since you can claim land, protect your buildings and you gain an extra home teleport by using /f home and /home. You only start with $100 which isn’t much so your first task should be finding a spot to settle down, gathering some food so you don’t starve to death, and getting your bankroll to a level where you can have a little more freedom. There are a lot of ways to make money on our server, the most common of course is /shop and by right clicking on the items you want to sell, You can sell to the server for a small amount or you can sell to players for more. you can sell youre items to other players on the server by placing the item in you’re right hand and doing comand (/pshop sell 1 1) this will place the one item in you’re right hand for $1 in the player shop which you can accese by doing /pshop. Other ways to sell to players is just to announce something you have for sale then negotiating, but its lots easier to create shops with the PlayerShopGui. Other ways to make money of course are hiring out your excavating, killing, building services… accepting bounty missions, or if you’re pretty hardcore, go find someone’s base, kill them, take over their land, then ransom it back to them.

We recently generated a new world and we’re looking for responsible skilled minecrafters who are cool with just chilling, mining and building legit. We also have a Discord Server for the voice chat. If this sounds like you, jump on and introduce yourself!

we prefure oure audience be more mature players, but all are welcome too.

Server Address:

White-list currently disabled, anyone can join! Default rank is USER rank with the same builder and command access as everyone else.

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.io Community SMP server

Do you hate floating trees? We do too. In fact we hate it so much we made a server where you’ll never have to endure such pain again!

Introducing a new Minecraft Survival server with just a bit of flavour to keep things fresh and exciting!

A few details:

• A ranking system, with fun perks so you’re rewarded for your efforts. (Don’t worry, there’s no VIP or Donator rank, we don’t even accept donations!)
• Anti-creeper measures so no more green bois’ breaking your precious house.
• Anti-grief measures so you and your friends can play without too much worry, whilst still retaining survivalist elements.
• GraviTree of course to make sure your floating tree nightmares are finally over!
• A Customized variant of McMMO.
• Rank syncing across all our games & Discord.
• Auction house & player-rented shops.
• SilkSpawners.
• A dueling & wagering system where you can duel for fun, or for that sweet sweet loot.

The server is online 24/7 and is ran on an Intel Core i9-9900k, 64GB RAM server. (Aka, absolutely no lag!)
We also have an active and friendly discord server of 2000+ members which is rapidly growing day-by-day.


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Just an Earth Server 1:500 Towny + MCMMO



NEW 1.16.3 Survival opened literally 5 hours ago.
Towny server with MCMMO. 1:500 Earth Map, donator ranks, nations, towns, claim plots and towns, SHOPS, wars coming soon. Cosmetics, particles, mineable mob spawners all around the world, NETHER BIOMES UPDATE!!

Online 24/7, Lag Free, large view distance, custom plugins, /tpa, new nether, GOLD-Based Economy. Voting gives high rewards.

FAST START, BRAND NEW MAP, visit the place where you live in real life!

We are looking for helpers and mods. Join our discord listed above.

Yes, Just an Earth Server, that’s it.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Phoxis – Races

Phoxis is a small 1.16.3 survival server with a twist. We use plugins to enhance your survival adventure. Phoxis offers races, economy and much more.

Join us to find out what we are all about!

Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla


What is the server IP?
The IP address of the Minecraft server is

What version?
We always try to keep the server up-to-date with the latest Minecraft version.

How do I join?
Open Minecraft then choose Multiplayer from the menu. Click Add Server and enter in Server Address, feel free to name the server whatever youd like. If all is well, double click the server to join!

How do I disable the default resource pack?
In Multiplayer, go click the server and press Edit. Change Server Resource Packs to Disabled.

Whats the Discord link?

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock


This is a Minecraft server of a Youtuber Divyam Jain.
Join Discord server:

Factions Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival Survival Games

DHS – DaHabibiServer

Java Edition Minecraft Server! Supports 1.9-1.16
Allows TLauncher Players too!
Big Server Network! SkyWars, PVP, Survival, Factions and More
Join Us Now –

Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Survival

Shed Mc

Shed MC is a basic factions server for anyone who just wants to come play survival pvp with factions. We also have tnt enabled so people aren’t just able to sit inside their base and they actually have to think about how to play

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Op Survival Multiplayer (OP-SMP)

OP Survival Multiplayer is a custom Java Server with PvP enabled.

Server Highlights
– New Server 11/1/20
– Java v1.16.3
– OP Enchanted Books. Some up to level 10. 190+ New Enchants!
– Craft & Wear Armored Elytra’s
– Auction House
– BattlePass (Seasonal Quests)
– Crates
– Essentials
– GriefPrevention
– Jobs
– Player Chest Shops
– Kits
– mcMMO
– mcMMO point/level system
– Mob Arena
– Mob/Item Stacking
– Player Warps
– RankUp /w in game $$$
– Sort Inv/Chest with middle mouse button!
– Silk Spawners
– Daily Voting


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