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Are you tired of the same old Minecraft experience? Look no further than Mega-Earth, a towny Minecraft server where players can build their own towns, form nations, and work together to create a thriving community.

Mega-Earth is a unique and exciting Minecraft server that offers players a chance to immerse themselves in a world of diplomacy, politics, and community building. Whether you’re looking to create a bustling metropolis or a quaint village, our server offers a range of opportunities to flex your creative muscles and build your dream town.

But Mega-Earth is more than just a collection of towns. Players can also work together to form nations, forging alliances and treaties to create a powerful and prosperous community.

And if you’re looking for a challenge, Mega-Earth offers plenty of opportunities for conflict and competition. Players can engage in wars powered by the SiegeWar plugin to assert their dominance over other nations.

But at the heart of Mega-Earth is a community of players who are dedicated to building a vibrant and supportive community. Our server offers a range of social events and activities, from festivals to competitions, so players can connect and build friendships with others from around the world.

So why settle for a boring Minecraft experience when you can join the thriving community on Mega-Earth? Come join us today and start building your dream town and nation!

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DoctorChosenCraft || MCMMO || Towny || Dropheads || Mob Arena ||

DoctorChosenCraft is a Towny central PVP server that utilizes both MCMMO & TownyWar. Players can use the towny plugin in order to protect their builds and set up towns/plots for their friends & other players. Difficulty is on HARD

DoctorChosen’s goal is to have a medium-sized, well managed SMP Minecraft server where friendly banter & competition/pvp is allowed + encouraged, while also having a safe place to work on massive build projects with your friends.

PVP is a key part of the server and combat logging is blocked by a 30 second timer upon being damaged by another player. If a player does not wish to engage in any form of PVP then players are encouraged to set up a secure town and claim all of your items and make sure town PVP is toggled off.

ChosenCraft SMP Server Rules/Info:

PvP is enabled in all areas besides spawn (players can decide whether PvP is on or not within their own towns)

No hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, or any form of 3rd party support besides things like optifine, minimap, etc. These are more serious offenses which will result in permabans.

No hate speech, Spamming, or any violent language that would be against Minecraft/Mojang TOS. Minor cursing/banter is fine as long as it doesn’t become overwhelming in chat, this is up to mods discretion.

No advertising

No griefing other player-made structures. Looting & Theft is okay but it must be unprotected This is to encourage more building from new players and improve the overall aesthetic & community of the server. (There are townywar plugins that will be used as a substitute for this that regenerate bases after war)

No Lag Machines or AFK Machines. Auto Farms need to be approved by a mod and will only be approved if they aren’t an exploit and cause minimal lag, Standard mob grinders are all okay as long as they are cleared regularly.


MCMMO Plugin info can be found here: [b][/b]

Towny Plugin info can be found here: [size=18px][b][/b][/size]

This server has dropheads! ALL mobs in the game drop heads (less than 1% chance for most mobs & player heads have a 2% chance of dropping)

Consequences for rule breaking:

The repercussions for breaking the rules depend on the rule broken and the conditions under which they are broken. Hate speech or Cheating will result in an instant ban, if done again it is a permaban. Less serious chat offenses will be handled with a player being muted.

The difference between misunderstandings and intentional malice is made very obvious in the server logs. Bad faith arguments will most likely be ignored.

In cases where it is less obvious, a decision will be made by the moderators as a group. All rules are also subject to this method. If a moderator is waiting on feedback from the others and they have reason to be concerned about the server while offending party is online, they may temp ban the offender with the reason: “Temp-ban: pending investigation”

Repercussions for breaking minor rules generally will follow this pattern: kick, temp ban, temp ban, permaban. Ban appeals can be submitted to the discord and will be addressed by a discord moderator.

Donor Perks Tiers/List

Type /buy in game or go to this link:

ALL Donations go towards helping keep the server up 24/7 as well as improvements to player count, reduction in lag, server events & are non refundable 🙂

Discord link for the community can be found here:


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Yorimskar Kingdoms! [Job Roleplay] [Economy] [Plots] [Events]


  Greetings from Yorimskar! I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be given a chance to join the Kingdom of Yorimskar! In our Kingdom citizens will on arrival be given a tour and set up with their chosen gathering job, these jobs include:

-Crop Farmer
-Livestock Farmer
-Tree Farmer

Gathering jobs allow players to only gather materials that relate to their selected job. For an example a Tree Farmer would not go mine for iron when it is needed, instead they purchase that iron or required material from a player that has selected Miner. This stimulates a working economy with demand and competition within our Minecraft world! Its a great way to make a good amount of money!

Money can be spent on a wide variety of things in Yorimskar, if its more materials to build with or food so you don’t starve to death! But it doesn’t stop there! Our players come up with all kinds of cool things to sell or even some services! Have a house or Redstone machine built for you, or buy god armor and weapons to use in the Arena!

Citizens can also purchase new and bigger Plots from the City. These plots can either be Housing, Business, or Club plots, each plot having different functions and laws of what you can do there. For example, everyone starts with a Starter Plot which can tend to be small, so some players decide to purchase more space. In another case anyone who selects a type of farmer will not only get a housing plot but also a farming plot where they are allowed to grow crops, trees and breed livestock which can take up a lot of space so expansion is necessary!

If you with to join you will need to apply in our discord and reach out to Serpent5 to be given a short tour to get set up with your job, plots and starting materials. I may understand this is tedious but we like to have a nice community and we would love to meet every one of you!


See you soon!

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GopCraft Custom Towny++

Gopcraft, A minecraft survival server that has
recently been released. We have jobs, Quests, and even fishing
Competitions, and a twitch streamer with over 10k followers. Welcome

Antigrief Economy Mcmmo Survival


Welcome to a brand new survival server.

We are focused on keeping the community clean and family friendly. We want everyone to feel welcomed.
We currently only support Java edition.

Come join a friendly community and explore the scary depths of the Warden!


Claim your land so no evil griefers can come snoop around, and even if they do, we will 100% help you get back what was taken away!

We hope to see you around ❤️
What is the server IP for ThistleMC?
The IP address of ThistleMC is
How do I play on the ThistleMC?
Open the Minecraft launcher, next click the “Play” button, then select “Multiplayer” from the main menu.

Click the “Add Server” button to open the server information form then copy & paste the IP Address in the “Server Address” box then press click on “Done” button.

Keep in mind that many Minecraft servers might allow players to use older or newer versions, so we invite you to check on their Discord server or Website for more information on version compatibility.
Where is the ThistleMC Minecraft Server being hosted?
The ThistleMC server is currently hosted in United States of America.

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Welcome to MegaSoulsMC
(mob catching , economy , pvp arena , blepfishing and much more

Come join a new survival / pvp server and fight to the top

Economy Mcmmo Survival


Brazilian Minecraft Server.

Survival server with mining, economy, events, McMMO, etc.

Access our store –

Discord –

Economy Mcmmo Pve Survival Towny


PaxMC is a Towny SMP server with a core aspect of having no resets. Paired with McMMO, Jobs, Quests, and new advancements, you never have to worry about loosing progress. Come check us out to see what else we have! 🙂

Anarchy Earth Economy Kitpvp Mcmmo Parkour

KaiCraft, an server where you can meet up with your friends and other people you maybe know and also find new nice peoples and get friends, wich these you can play diffrent mini-games on KaiCraft! So what kind of mini-games does KaiCraft have / adding soon? KaiCrafts first game is Towny / Earth

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Comet Network | 1.19.3 | Java | LandClaims | Magic| Economy |

► What makes CometNetwork different from others?
► Economy-based survival world
► Buyable and customizable Player shops
► Claimable land
► Magic Spells to help get your way through your Journey
► MC-MMO Level-based skills with unique abilities.
► Easy to use Player Shops used to sell and buy items
► Vanilla+ Plugins ( Inventory & Chest Sorting & More! )
► Towny Based Survival Including Nations and Clans
► Over 20+ Custom Magic spells!
► Player cosmetics to stand out from the crowd
►Mob and Player Head Drops