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Forsaken MC – Towny, 1.16, Slimefun, Vehicles, Jobs, McMMO, Abilities

Welcome to Forsaken MC
We are a Small Fun Loving community that is looking to grow! Traverse through our 50K map with Vehicles such as the Helicopter and the Plane, Build an Empire with Towny by forming Alliances and Enemies, Destroy your enemies in war or stay peaceful and prosper, Create Machines and Gadgets to Progress through Slimefun, and Earn Money by getting a Job and selling items through Chest Shops. Rankup through 24 Ingame ranks to unlock perks to help you along the way.

Join our discord at

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EnviousMC Factions

+ Shockwaves & Chunkbusters
3x3s 5x5s and 7x7s
Unbreakable silk shockwave pickaxes making mining easy
Chunkbusters with a delay of 10 seconds

+ Koths, Envoys & Balanced Crates
Koths, Envoys and MobCoins allow you to get everything from regular crates
10 minute Koth capture timer for awesome faction battles over high tier loot
3 hour delayed Envoys droping extra gear for when you need it

+ Bosses
Bosses drop exlusive items and amazing gear, make sure to fight them together

+ Faction Fly
Making building easier
Fly is disabled in combat

+ Faction vault/tnt & tntfill
A faction vault for TNT and other rare items

+ Extremely balanced PvP
Crapple (8 seconds) & Gapple cooldowns (5 minutes)
Balanced custom enchants

+ Balanced McMMO
Unarmed disabled in PvP
No overpowered abilites
Uncapped levels

Mcmmo Survival Towny


CarbonMC is a Minecraft server with no microtransactions or annoying messages. There are many plugins that both add quality and improvements to the server. Some of these plugins completely overhaul Minecraft such as mcMMO.

Creative Mcmmo Survival Vanilla


Check out this amazing server with Vanilla 1.16.1 Survival w/ McMMO and 1.16.1 Creative. Sky Factory Server Online and Integrated in Waterfall!

Mcmmo Survival Towny


A unique, underground map with dungeons, custom items, and a player-driven economy. Venture through massive caves, discover hidden secrets and treasures, make friends, and build your home within The Underground.

Economy Mcmmo Survival Towny Vanilla

Pixel Reef

Welcome to Pixel Reef!
Pixel Reef is a Minecraft 1.15.2 Towny Survival server!

Features we have:
-Custom Plugins
-Custom Features

Pixel Reef Discord:

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival

Exoverse Survival

Exoverse Survival is an adventurous survival network based on the 1.16 Nether Update. We strive to create an amazing community. Frequent content updates. Designed for players.

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Towny Vanilla

PeaceOut MC

“Action, Adventure, Affect.”
PEACEOUT is a Server that allows your actions to have affects, and encourages exploration and adventure, as well as promotes coming together a a group to manage the upkeep of a town or city, along with a few several optional features.

Establish Settlements
Resist The Elements
Wage War & Make Allies
Work A Job To Gain Money

Plenty of updates are on the way!

Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding


Top Tier New Factions
We’re still fairly new, so we are hiring!
Apply in Discord!
We add a variety of Quests so the player never gets bored! Theres always something to here! Think about it as more than just a factions server

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MedievalRealms [1.16.1]

MedievalRealms is a fantasy survival server oriented to open ended gameplay. Upon joining you will arrive at Central, the starting point for your journey. You may explore the expansive realm as a traveler, collaborate with others to establish towns, build a business enterprise, or forge your own unique legacy.
IP: – version 1.8.9-1.16.1

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