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PastelMC is an Economy, Survival, and Roleplay server where the goal is to become the richest player on the /baltop while having fin with the community! Other than that we have so many perks and options you’re sure to find something you like. Whether it be PvPing in the area, enjoying the community, or grinding for gear and money, Pastel is a great server to start your exciting journey at. All of us as Pastel will see you there!

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We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We’ve been playing together for almost two years, from vanilla mc to heavily moded skyblock. We also play other games such as ark or among us etc. Nonpay-to-win, we despise “crates” or OP gear for donations with passion.

Friendly and helpful staff and players. Suggestions are always welcome, we strive to build a community with like minded people. We are not for everyone, and that is ok. Looking for players that will fit in within our community. Vanilla smp launch after 1.19 release

Feel free to join our DISCORD and hang out until the server launch. We do have a creative world plots server that is open for all members as well if you would like to check out other peoples builds or build your own.

Applications are open and you may fill them out on our website which is very much a work in progress so don’t be alarmed. We require a short voice call in discord upon joining.

we have these servers available for our members (some only after a trial period)

– SMP (launch 1.19) – this will be our main focus, stay tuned for launch date
– Creative with plots and world edit – available for all new members

servers bellow available after probation period

– Moded Skyblock
– Hardcore
– Battle of Helms Deep co-op siege
– Minigames (coming soon)
– RLCraft (coming soon)
– Pixelmon (coming soon)

*moded servers are subject to demand, if members want to try different modpacks we can change those out*

2022server Adventure Arena Best Bestminecraftserver Bestserver Building Community Friendly Fun Good Great Group Minecraft Minecraftserver Minigames Mobarena Mobs Mystery New Pve Smp Survival Ultimate Unique Vanilla Welcoming

Zhaibus: Fun SMP Server

*** A survival multi player server filled with adventure and mystery. Join a welcoming community and have a good time completing quests, getting cool prizes from in-game slot machines, opening your own shop, and so much more! We are dedicated to creating a great experience for everyone and love getting to play with you. Come with us, as we create fantastic new realities in Zhaibus! ***

  • FUN! Fair, drama free and well rounded for the best experience.
  • Welcoming! We are compatible with both Java and Bedrock.
  • Unique! Tier Leveling, Player Shops, More Bows & Arrows, More Enchantments, Keys, Voting, Lottery, Magic, Mob Arena, Ships, Slot Machines

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    Welcome to Kryeit:
    -The server is on Beta, so it’s common that not everything goes as planned.
    -Dificulty: hard.
    -Its a Forge server (1.18.2).
    -Installing Create Mod (v 0.4.1 ) is a must do, otherwise you won’t be able to join.
    -Gamemode survival.
    -PvP is off.
    -There is a protection plugin so you can play relaxed.
    -JEI is optional but recommended.


    Australia Community Economy Griefing Pvp Raiding Survival Survivalpvp Upcoming Vanilla


    Welcome to AusVanilla

    Here’s the fun!

    Our server is based upon what other do not particularly like doing which includes

    Players killing players! (PVP) Any one who wish’s to grief may do as they please! by the server rules of course!

    Originally Launched 12/02/2019


    So come on and join us


    Bee Bees Bukkit Community Coreprotect Craftingpack Datapack Discord Essentials Essentialsx Friendly Friendlystaff Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Paper Semivanilla Smp Spigot Survival Vanilla Wholesome

    The Apiary

    Welcome to The Apiary

    Hey, we get it. You just wanna play some good ol’ Minecraft and let yourself get lost in a virtual world for a while. Do what you love. We’re right there with you.

    [​Join The Apiary Discord]

    World Opening – Around May 20th: International Bee Day!

    Here’s the buzz

    The Apiary is a wholesome bee-themed server, with quality-of-life and fun social tweaks. If you’d like to know all of the servers details like what commands we have and what tweaks we use, check out the wiki we’ve made!

    For the next month or so, we’re getting to know each other and using some fun custom world generation. It doesn’t add any new items, it just makes the world incredibly beautiful. There’s a page on the wiki about it!

    We also have a diverse and trustworthy staff team and distinct rules. These ensure a pleasant experience for any players who just want to relax and filter out the nonsense. If you’ve been looking for a nice little haven, you’re in the right place.

    What’ve you got planned?

    We’re looking to stay on this world for the next month or so, then move to 1.19 soon to start a full world for several months. Come fly by and chill with your fellow bees. 🙂

    Join the Bees

    Get whitelisted by reading over the #welcome channel on our Discord and following the steps to apply.

    [​Join The Apiary Discord]

    Admin Beefz Chill Community Datapack Fun Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Mature Mod Plugins Slx Smp Staff Survival Sus Whitelisted

    TrophySMP [Fun] [Whitelisted] [Hermitcraft-like] [SMP}

    Are you on the hunt for a BRAND NEW SMP Well, you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re more technical, into redstone, or love creating majestic builds, TrophySMP is the place for you. We have a few datapacks to spice up the vanilla experience, but other than that, our server is 100% vanilla. We always have room for new players and our welcoming community makes everyone feel at home. We are heavily inspired by hermitcraft and their community as a whole. We have proximity chat and an installation guide for it. This gives us a much larger sense of community. Of course, proximity chat is optional and isn’t forced. We are whitelisted and we have a way to apply. We strive to be the best SMP one could ask for. With our expanding staff and playerbase, we’re always looking for new friends.

    Server Version: Paperspigot 1.18.1

    Join discord to apply!

    Awesome Big Bukkit Commands Community Creative Eco Economy Economysurvival Flying Friendly Fun Home Homes Minigames New Paper Pve Pvm Pvp Safezone Skyblock Survival Survive Teleport Warps Youtube | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla – 1.18.2 |

    Welcome to! The Ultimate Survival Server to play with your friends, the REAL way! All New Players Welcome!! 🙂

    Version: 1.18.2 +
    Platforms: Java & Bedrock Edition

    Establish your Base!
    Find your calling in the SURVIVAL world!
    Economy and Trading with Friends and Others!
    Free Warp and Home creation to truly make the experience your OWN!

    Meet up with friends and work together to SURVIVE!

    Active Community with over 100+ members and friends. Many plugins that allow for true survival game modes while making tedious tasks easy!
    Directly see the fruits of your labor prosper in Survival and truly become a champion of the Minecraft world.

    We are a Survival server created May 2022 with the hopes of becoming a worldwide sensation. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all types of players who love Minecraft for what it is and what it truly can be when you dream BIG!

    We would love to see you online! Feel free to reach out directly to any of our moderators/owners for feedback! <3 DISCORD | Survival | Community | Active Community | Semi-Vanilla - 1.18.2 | Minecraft Server

    Server website: Coming soon!
    Few Command Examples: /sethome, /warp, /playtime, /money
    Server: Updated Daily, Builds and World Monuments under construction* Planning on adding new worlds for other game modes users enjoy (Creative, Homes, Skyblock, and any suggestions!)

    Community Faction Factions Surv Survival


    Community Discord Faction Pvp Factions Multiplayer Roleplay Semivanilla Smp Survial Survival Vanilla Vanillaserver Youtubers Needed

    Apollo Nations smp(read description)

    Welcome to Apollo nations smp,
    this is a community-run semi-vanilla server
    the main goal of this server is to create and rule a mini-empire with limited resources
    the world border is set to 25k blocks, which means that you will have to fight nations and small clans for land and power, griefing of buildings will not be allowed, but scavenging items from chests will be allowed due to limited resources
    Alliances with other factions and nations will benefit you greatly

    Must have discord account and link it to our discord
    Must be 13+
    Must have a paid Minecraft account, no cracked clients

    Staff info: We are hiring staff for any active players that would like to contribute to the moderation

    Other questions: for any other questions please message Burpleguy#0001