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Tranquility Craft {21+} {All of Fabric 3}

Welcome to Tranquility Craft, a private server for All of Fabric 3!

We are a small whitelisted 21+ server for All of Fabric 3. We’re a small community of older Minecraft players looking to chill and enjoy modded Minecraft with other people. If you’re interested in joining us please apply to the whitelist here:


1. Don’t be rude. Respect other members and staff.
2. Listen to staff members.
3. No large explosives or lag generating contraptions (subject to staff discretion).
4. No x-raying or exploitation.
5. No PVP unless both parties agree to it.
6. Keep the environment beautiful. No floating trees. Fill in creeper explosions to the best of your ability.
7. Claim your base. Items lost due to not having a claim will not be replaced.
8. You must be 21 or older to play on this server.
9. Common sense rules apply. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is.
10. Have fun and chill! 🙂

Here is a link to the modpack:

Binster1701j Claim Community Essentials Free Fresh Friendly Fun Hermitcraft Mobheads New Relaxing Survival Updated Vanilla

Binstercraft [1.16.4] (Season 3)

Binstercraft is built on players having fun, creating awesome builds whilst playing in survival.
The server is Vanilla but has a few quality of life improvements to make your survival experience fun and easier. The server also uses a Claim system and the Essentials Plugin to help reduce griefing and unwanted disturbances.

It’s the ideal server for mature, laid-back players who just want to relax and play survival.

Main Features of the server:
– Survival (Vanilla)
– Quality of life Improvements (E.g. Datapacks/Crafting Tweaks. More info in game/discord)
– GriefPrevention (Claims Plugin)
– PvE (PvP is enabled though)
– Mob Heads (Vanilla Tweaks)
– Custom Resource Pack with a few optional texture reskins (REQUIRES OPTIFINE)
– Request Teleports (Essentials Plugin)
– Player-made Shops
– Mature & Relaxed Environment
– Friendly, helpful staff and players!
– Free to join! (No application needed)

A lot of the inspiration for this server came from the Hermitcraft server and the Old Iskall85 Public Server.

Join our discord server for more information on the rules and an opportunity to meet new friends and chat to our admins about any server issues. We are open to make any improvements that we feel make the server better.
You can find the link to our discord server here:

If this is the server for you then you are very welcome to join and be one of the many members to fill the server with all of the awesome ideas that you may have! Also a reminder that this server is free to join and is not a pay-to-win server because where would the fun be in that?

We hope to see you there! 🙂

Community Customenchants Economy Lands Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival


Minelands is a community-centered survival server that features several popular gameplay additions, including McMMO, a built in economy, and customized enchants!

Join our discord:

Antixray Clans Community Communitydriven Custom Discord Districts Economy Friendly Fun Guides Hardmode Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftstyle Hermitstyle Market Network Nocheat Quests Ranks Rules Semivanilla Survival

HyplexMC Network | Season 2 | Survival – Whitelist Removed | 1.16.3 | Arenas Coming Soon | HermitCraft Inspired

HyplexMC Network

Website –

Our Goal |
We created this Minecraft Server to form a friendly community. We are not in it for the money. We play Minecraft legitimately and assist our friends to improve at the game and in real life as a person. A good form of communication is a must to ensure that nobody is left out and everyone is in touch of each other and knows what is going on, on the server. Our goal is to help people form healthy relationships with others despite the distance that the screen creates. In addition, we provide a variety of fun for our members, give them space to express themselves without being judged, and overall a chill and relaxing server to be in.

Our Discord:

What we offer |
– Friendly and professional staff
– Great form of communication (Discord)
– Friendly community
– Legitimate, hard survival world
– Mob/Player Heads
– Multiplayer Sleep
– Shulkers drop 2 shells 100%
– Community projects, activities, and events
– Ranks, Quests

Server Values |
Show maturity among other people
Be polite to one another
Have friendly conversations
Help each other out
Be socially appropriate
Respect other people’s belongings and builds
Play legitimately
Ask before you borrow or use something

Who we look for |
People who can:
– Dedicate a decent amount of time playing in the server,
play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability.
– People who enjoy trading with others!
– Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones.
– Participate in community events and activities (not always mandated).
– Interact with other people in a mature way.
– Have fun, interesting, and appropriate conversations.
– Use Discord as a way of communicating with other players (Mandatory to have as it is required for linking).

Survival |
HyplexMC Network Survival is a 10k by 10k hard difficulty map, where players can get together and build to their harts content, we have 8 set districts (like hermitcraft), where each district has a certain build theme that you have to follow. We have a custom built spawn where you can access each Portal to all 8 Districts and where you can find out Vote Chest and Crates, with loads of fun stuff scattered around.

– Quests | Complete Quests, earn Pixels, buy Ranks and earn a multitude of perks
– Shopping District| Sell your items and become the richest on the server!
– Ranks | Purchase ranks with Pixels to earn more perks and become the best.
– Player-Driven Economy | A unique economy system that allows players to determine the market price and compete!
– Double Shulker Shells | Get a guarantee 2 shulker shells from each killed shulker
– And many more!

We hope to see you on the server and have a wonderful stay! More Game-mode’s coming soon.

Community Fantasy Medevil Roelplay Town

Ember Isles

Welcome to Ember Isles will you find the Truth behind the Entity 000, or will you join her Army, You Embark on a Advent on the Ember Isles. In a World filled with Fantasy, and Medevil, castles, towns, a fun econmy come and join our Discord We are currently looking for staff message the owner if interested. Enjoy your stay.

Community Friendly Mcmmo Network Other Skyblock Staff Survival


Vorplex is a community based Minecraft Server Network!

Here at Vorplex, we want everyone to feel safe and secure. Vorplex was originally released in October of 2019 but after issues with ownership changes we were forced to merge with another server, but after that went bust we decided to re-release and run our own server again. We have a dedicated team of staff members to keep our community as friendly as possible!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Current Gamemodes:

  • Hard Core Survival
  • Planned Gamemodes:

  • Skyblock
  • Eco Survival
  • Prison
  • Categories
    Activestaff Arena Community Discord Mobheads Playereconomy Pvp Raiding Semivanilla Sethome Survival Suvival Warp

    Vanilla Vibes

    Come vibe with us at Vanilla Vibes. We are a semi-vanilla server that only has a few quality of life or cosmetic changes which are listed below. We allow and encourage pvp and stealing, just no major grief so you can take whatever you want, just don’t destroy someone’s entire house. We aim to have a more mature playerbase (18+) although anyone is welcome. We have staff that are always around and often times in discord voice chat. We have a player based economy just using vanilla items with prices set by the players, no coins or whatever to deal with. We are all just real people who want to hang out and play some games without drama and just have a good time, so come check us out and chill. We recently launched the server and everyone can get a fresh start.

    -Arena with keep inventory for fun
    -Trading ui plugin to prevent scams
    -Better armour stands
    -Invisible item frames
    -Server wide events
    -No Phantoms
    -1 sethome

    Awesome Community Cool Hermit Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlikeserver Mumbo Nice Survival

    CubeCraft (Hermitcraft like)

    Join Our Hermitcraft like server with a awsome community and lots of shops

    Community Dreamsmplike Dreamsmpstyle Dreamteamsmplike Dreamteamsmpstyle Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftstyle Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    JakCCSMP(Vanilla Survival SMP) (No need to be a YouTuber)

    Hey! Do you want to join this SMP? If so just tell me your Minecraft name, and then I’ll whitelist you! The age group of this server are roughly 12-15 year olds. I hope you have fun on this server (If you join)! We are currently on Season 2! Every New Years a server restart happens.
    And yes, war is permitted. 😉

    No Griefing!
    No Stealing!
    No Killing pets or players for no reason!
    No Attacking AFK or Tabbed out players!
    No Hacking!
    Don’t be toxic!

    Plugins: PlayerServer, ChatControl, WorldEdit, CoreProtect, HeadsPlus, OpenInv

    1164server Community Donations Economy Fresh New Playershops Semivanilla Survival – Semi Vanilla – Player Driven Economy – Community Driven

    Hello all,Glad you’re interested so far, however I hope the following will get you onto the server!+—————+

    Sunia is a brand new community, officially opened to public play on November 15, 2020.Some of our features are implemented to make the quality of multiplayer gameplay more optimized and equivalent. However, we have implemented a rewards system, which offers crate keys for voting on various websites. We’ve implemented an economy conducting of 2 major aspects, the /shop and player shops, we’ve added a small amount of items to the admin shop to encourage player-to-player interaction. We feature land claim, which is achievable my voting and/or donating. (You can achieve land for free in that case, I dislike the idea of limiting players to a small location) We’ve also got your typically, Auction House and Safe Trade plugin, accessible via /trade.+—————++—————+We as a community try to be pretty friendly/polite, so please bare with the rules.

    1. Stealing and griefing is not prohibited.
    2. Ask to build next to players incase of their future plans.3. Please be mature.
    4. Please be respectful.
    5. Please use common sense.
    6. Discrimination is not tolerated.
    7. Advertising in any attempt to steal players is not allowed.
    8. Please use English to communicate.
    9. Releasing personal information of others is prohibited.
    10. Impersonating anyone, player or staff, is not allowed.
    11. Please keep your name (In-game/Discord) appropriate.
    12. Argument and discussion of finalized staff decisions is not allowed.
    13. A: Please do not ask for ranks, keys, or any items from Buycraft.
    13. B: Please do not harass players for items, you may ask, but no is no.
    14. Cheating in any way, shape or form is punishable. This includes X-Ray, hacked clients or any game breaking/tweaking mechanics. (Optimization mods are allowed. Talk to an Administrator if you’re unsure)
    Staff has the discretion to request or implement any rule as they see fit.
    We are currently recruiting new staff members.
    We will be posting a link of where to apply soon. Keep an eye out!

    IP –
    Discord –
    Store –

    Happy crafting!

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