Challenge Difficult Eldenring Fantasy Magic Mmo Pvp Rpg

Violet Myths Rpg

Myths monsters and magic hundreds of monsters a nears a dozen playable races with skills passives and hundreds of weapons and spells fine tune your playerstyle.

The modpack:

The Official discord server:


-Difficult in the vain of terraria or elden ring

-Rolling weapons skills fully animated dodging the option for Souls like combat

-A dark fantasy base with some element sprinkled in

-Castles myths demons and dungeons

-Over 60 bosses

-Hundreds of weapons

-A full party system several realms

-Diablo style elite enemies

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A few years in the making, countless trials, errors, and many versions of Minecraft tested. We are finally here to bring you the BIGGEST VANILLA PLUS UPDATE EVER! Now running Minecraft 1.18.2 with a FEW more mods than the original pack contained, there are LOADS of fun to be had! We hope you enjoy our Modpack, and hopefully, we’ll see you on the server! JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER HERE:
Tons of new Weapons and Tools!
Balanced Progression System
New Mobs Everywhere!
New Movement (Wall Jump, Prone, Roll/Dodge, and more)
New Dimensions (Twilight Forest, Undergarden, Blue Skies, Space, and more to come!)
Mini-Map and World-Map (Waypoints!)
New Cave Generation
New Biomes
Tons of new Dungeons
New Health Upgrading System (Eat Food, Get Hearts, Die, Start Over)
A few ways to upgrade Health
New Diet System (Get rewarded for a unique Diet!)
Simple Planes
Secret Blocks
New Combat System w/ Dual Wielding
Hats with Special Abilities
New Night Cycles
Sound Engine Overhaul
Create Mod (Oh Yeah)
Many Create Mod Integrations (Oh Yeah Yeah!)
New Magic Mods
Lots of Performance Improvements
Dynamic Lighting
Tons of Compatability Items (Wait until you see the number of blocks!)
Farmer’s Delight and Integrations
New Enchanting System
Discord-Rich Presence Integration
Tons of QoL Fixes
Overhauled Pet System
Camera Mod
New Animations
Potion Bundles
Built-in Shaders (F8)
and much, MUCH MORE!

1. Download CurseForge Launcher

2. Search for “Cama” on Modpacks

3. Download & Install Latest Version

4. Start the game and view the “Multiplayer” list (Server will be listed on top)


Challenge Difficult Discord Lunatic Survival Touhou Voicechat

Lunatic Legacy

Lunatic Legacy is a small Touhou themed server running a custom-made datapack to give a unique experience

Encounter powerful monsters, dungeons, bosses, and unique items as you survive and slowly uncover the forgotten history of the world….
Join us at !

Challenge Crossplaybedrock Crossplayjava Economy Oneblock Skyblock Survival

Honey Network

Welcome to HoneyNetwork server

For Premium and Cracked and We Support Java / Bedrock as well
Check our Discord Server:

Arabic Discord:
English Discord:

Bedrock ip :
port: 25931

Challenge Coop Storymode Survival Witherstorm

Crackers wither storm mod


Forge 1.18.2

Crackers wither storm mod:

If you want me to restart the world or start the server send me a message on discord, also keepinventory is on.


PlayCY – ManHunt | MC But _ | Practice Mode | Duels

Join Our Discord:

Custom Plugins
90% of how this Server runs itself is through our Custom-Coded Plugins! PlayCY Prides ourselves on standing out as aspiring to be the next best thing.

Unique MiniGames
“Custom-Made”, “100% Legit”, “Replay Value”, “The next Hypixel”. If those words sound like something you want, believe us, we’re in the Same Boat! We aspire to be as Creative, Unique and Offer MiniGames that we KNOW our Players will like. Custom Maps, Custom MiniGames, Custom Rules. You name it, we’ll Make it. (probably 😛 )

Open Community
We are Currently looking for Staff who are willing to Commit, casual or dedicated, alongside other ways to Contribute to the Server, we aspire to be an Open Community that Communicates well and we Welcome all!

Looking to become part of our Staff? Join the Server Forums and request today! We’re always looking for Motivated Players who believe in this Server, Casual or non-casual!

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Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire MCVerse

An RPG experience unlike other! This server presents as a hybrid rpg with a complex campaign, a Free Forge SMP and Multiple mini games.

The server has officially gone through the next iteration with a hard reboot. A lot of the maps have been scraped and is being re done and released to the public over time. I have finally found someone who is able to create custom plugins for the server and most of them are being coded at this moment. Please let staff know if you experience any bugs! I still need someone who is able to create a custom resource pack, Please DM me on Discord if you are able to do so.

SHORT Progress notes:
The list below details All of the things that have been completed, in progress or planed for the server Please see the official discord for the most up to date Patch notes and announcements

Campaign City/location list (planned)

Aztec Empire MCVerse OST (compositions planned & or in progress)
– Overture [​main menu theme]
– The City of Gold
– A Dark Path
– Salvation
– The Great Sacrifice
– Betrayal
– Twisted Fate
– The Unknown
– Resistance
– Unwanted truce
– Revelation
– Wilderness
– Sanctuary
– Epilogue
I Twitch stream this server occasionally, make sure to follow if you would like to see how I build on my server:

Aztec Empire Minecraft Server

Any exciting Ideas that would improve this server? please state and explain in the comment section below 😉



This Server Hosts Events For You to play in! All the information you need will be posted on our Websiteefffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Anarchy Challenge Survival

Memecraft – Impossible to beat – No Rules

The most insane Minecraft server you will ever play!

Impossible to beat!

Making Minecraft Fun & Unique as it should be!

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself at

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Komplx PvP

Komplx PvP (2022)

Despite the name, we are not a complicated server at all.
We understand what it’s like to be confused and frustrated when joining a network, so we have our build and development team constantly working together to ensure the network is easy to navigate.
And with over 5 years of experience from us and our team, there has been 12+ prototypes of networks before Komplx. We have been through countless errors, countless successes, watching other networks slowly dying, and watching other networks become popular. All of this experience and knowledge has led us to this point, and is why we are launching the first version of Komplx PvP Network.

All of our builds are all made by not just paid builders, but people and staff members that have seen every other version of networks leading up to Komplx. We don’t just make the games, we play them. Us and our teams get to know the game, and experience the game for our self, modifying, changing, and developing it as we go along, experiencing things that annoy us, experiencing things that we enjoy, so you’re experience is comfortable.

Our goal is not to make money, but to create an experience for others. We relate to playing on servers in our free time, and miss out on all the cool perks, or even basic features everyone should get to enjoy, simply because I didn’t want to spend my money, and the truth is, it’s simply not worth the money! When you join, you don’t need to pay to play, everything is free! Here on Komplx, there are no extra perks, ranks, or levels you have to pay for, all the perks are there for you! Rather than pay out of your wallet, enjoy the game, and unlock cool features along the way for free!

We include games such as:
1. Komplx Practice – BOT DUELS, PLAYER DUELS, & MORE!
Practice is a game known mainly for duelling other bots! Rather than playing with other players when you don’t want to, you can select a difficulty, and practice your skills on a robot!
Skyblock is a very known game where you spawn on an island, and have various resources to create farms, build a house, and create your own little world. You can also do this with your friends simply by adding them to your island.!

Now of course we aren’t a super popular server with massive builds swarms of players and 20 games, but joining a small community can be nice!
You get to enjoy games made by a team that has the time to personally play on it very often, talk and play with our fellow staff, not worrying about lag caused by 5000 other players sharing the game with you, and enjoy some alone time, or even time with just you and your friend!

This network is constantly being updated and changed every single day (without affecting you playing), so we would love to hear input from everyone so we can incorporate it into what we do. (CONTACT US ON OUR DISCORD SERVER) 🙂

Thank you for reading, we hope you get to know our server more.