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Llamacraft | Crates | No P2W | Anti-Grief | Survival | Looking for Staff | Ranks |

Llamacraft is Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server, the aim is to create a server with a great community and a community driven economy, the server is currently under development and you can join today there won’t be any resets so your progress will always be saved so you never have to worry, you can also claim land here and invite your friends to your claims to protect what you have built from griefers. If you’re interested in a possible future staff position then join the server and the discord and apply via the staff-apps channel in the discord server.

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BadApples – Survival | Creative | Skyblock | 1.16.3

𝕑𝕝𝕒π•ͺ.π•“π•’π••π•’π•‘π•‘π•π•–π•€π•žπ•”.π•”π• π•ž



Survival server for 1.16 – ever expanding world
with fun plugins that keeps the game as pure as possible,
but enhances all the best bits of minecraft!
Brand new Map for 1.16 – with ALL the added bits,
bees, the new nether and more!


Server Economy
Grief Prevention
Auction House!
Amazing Menu’s and GUi’s
Vote Rewards

Towns, cities and much much more,
and more always added!


100% Vanilla

No plugins
No protections
Totally and 100% pure

π•π• π•šπ•Ÿ 𝕆𝕦𝕣 π”»π•šπ•€π•”π• π•£π••!

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CraftMine – 1.16.1 Survival

CraftMine is a friendly semi-vanilla hard survival server running on 1.16.1. We aim to run a server players can enjoy the experiences of vanilla while having features which compliment the multiplayer side of Minecraft. Our server features can be found below with an explanation on them all.

Land Claiming: Players log in with a default of 500 claim blocks to use to protect their chests & builds from players. Earning 250 blocks every hour & a bonus 250 everytime you /vote on a site. Land claiming is done through the Grief Prevention plugin and players can start claiming land by typing /kit claim for a golden shovel.

Player Homes: Once a player has started building and setting up home, they are able to set a home location in that area with /sethome – This allowing the player to teleport back to the location using the /home command, which has a 2 minute cooldown. Players can also use the /bed command to teleport back to their last slept in bed. (/home and /bed may only be used in the overworld)

RTP: Whether a player has just started and is looking for somewhere to quickly set up a base or whether you’re just looking for a quick place to start exploring /rtp can do this. Teleporting you ~6000 blocks within the radius of spawn. Exploring further out from co-ords 6000 means it’s less likely a player will come across your builds! (RTP may only be used in the overworld)

TPA: Players can send requests to teleport players or teleport players to them using the commands, /tpa or /tpahere – To accept a teleport request simply type /tpyes and wait a few seconds until the teleport kicks in(make sure not to move and cancel the teleport).

Player Warps: Player Warps are obtained through voting for the server. Requiring a total of 100 vote points, 10 days worth of voting in total. A player warp can be toggled to be private or public, allowing a player to use this privately as a bonus home or if they choose to use it publicly, they are able to show off their builds or possibly create a public farm of sorts! (teleporting to a warp only works in the overworld)

Player Shops: Player Shops can be created when using a Shopkeeper Token, these tokens are obtained through voting on 5 sites or can be traded between players. These tokens are used to spawn a wandering villager NPC which is used as a shop keeper for your player shop. There are 4 different types of shops a player may set up – Trading, Selling, Buying or a Book shop. Each one has various purposes and does exactly what it says. (Trading for trading items->items, Selling for selling items for diamonds, Buying for buying items for diamonds, Book shop for selling books, although all can be done through the trading shopkeeper). Players can set-up shops anywhere within their own build or a shared build. The best way of allowing people access to your player shop is by obtaining yourself a Player Warp.

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Bananarine | Server of Dreams

Compatible with 1.8 – 1.16.1

Welcome to Bananarine! The Server of Dreams.

The best server you’ve ever seen (probably not) with many unique minigames (some are still WIP) and attractions!

oh and also brought back from the grave and restructured.


  • Hide and Go Gortume
  • Hide and Go Gortume RSE
  • RollerMiner
  • Tourney (Beta)
  • FruitQuake
  • SheepQuest (missing lobby)
  •     Attractions

  • Bearchm Memorial Center
  • WildAdventures | a.k.a. Survival/Factions
       Note:: WildAdventures is in 1.16 and up!!
  • Redstone Games
  • Reprisal’s Paradox Prison | a.k.a Prisons
       Note:: 1.8 – 1.8.9 recommended!!
  • CrazySide
  • Sweet Sweet Stressed World (eaten)
  • Twisted Kuru Forest (overgrown needs trimming) <-- almost done trimming!
  •      Join the Official Bananarine Discord!

    Click Here!

    Follow us on Twitter for server updates @TheBananarine


    “There’s a new shierff in town!” ~ CrAzyM4nG0

    115survival Anarchy Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalpvp Dupeitems Giveaways Pvp Pvpsurvival Survival Teleport Tpa

    Wastelands is a semi-Anarchy minecraft Survival server with the additions of several plugins that make getting around on the server easier, etc.

  • No rules! (except: lag machines, if discovered, will be destroyed)
  • Hack clients are allowed
  • First 500 players get shulker kits for PVP, Building and creating Map Art
  • Teleportation and Set Home (up to 10) are enabled
  • Duplication glitches will NOT be actively patched
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    MCFriendly Survival [1.15.2] [No-Grief | Keep-Inventory]

    ✸ MCFriendly ✸
    Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Jobs ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Quests ➠ Player Market

    MCFriendly has prided itself as being one of the safest and ‘friendliest’ Minecraft communities that has ever existed. MCFriendly was created with one goal in mind: To facilitate a fun, friendly, and stress-free Minecraft server and experience, without worry about toxicity or griefing. The intention is to create a place where all players are welcome, regardless of their background. Along with this, MCFriendly was established as a “player’s” server, meaning that there is a majority rule where ALL player’s voices are given a platform. MCFriendly was established officially on June 27th, 2017, and is now almost 3 years old!

    400 positive ratings and over 300 diamonds! Thank you!

    MCFriendly features an extremely diverse and receptive community. On top of this amazing community, our server features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, custom bosses, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

    Main Features:
    βœ“ Claim Protection
    βœ“ JobsReborn
    βœ“ Keep Inventory
    βœ“ MCMMO
    βœ“ Silk Spawners
    βœ“ Chest Shops
    βœ“ Player Warps
    βœ“ Custom BAR API
    βœ“ Loot Crates
    βœ“ 1.15.2 Compatible

    Server Specs:
    βœ“ 20 GB RAM
    βœ“ 50 Slots
    βœ“ 1 concurrent server
    βœ“ Optimized Server Plugins, Property Files and Jar File

    IP: | |

    MCFriendly is now back in action! Become apart of our expanding community today πŸ™‚

    1152server 115server 115survival Mcmmo Survival

    Cool Beans Survival (REVIVED)

    Cool Beans Revived Logo

    After closing last year due to financial reasons, we realized immediately that if we were ever in the financial position to reopen, we would. And that’s exactly what happened here. We’re back, and better than ever.

    Our server ο»Ώis primarily survival. We put a lot of focus in the vanilla survival aspect of the game. We want to make sure that if you want to play only vanilla, no fancy bells and whistles, you can.

    However, we also have a lot of extra elements added for those who want more. Of course, there’s the usual:
    – McMMO
    – Player-driven Economy
    – AuctionHouse
    – Plenty of cosmetic and Quality-of-life perks for our donors
    – Community boosters
    – Beginning quest

    And we are in the process of adding much more as time comes.

    If any of that sounds interesting to you, give us a chance πŸ™‚


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    PlayBlocks 1.15.2 Survival & Skyblock

    — Currently looking for staff! —

    We are a fun community which aims to offer the most enjoyable Survival experience in Minecraft.


    115server 115survival Survival Vannilatweaks


    In beta but up and running, this is a 1.15.2 survival server with minimal plugins that improve the aspect of survival.The server will continue to improve and grow.

    115server 115survival 115vanilla Anarchy Noadminabuse Nocheat Nopay2win Pvp Survival Survivalpvp Vanilla Vanilla Gameplay Vanillasurvival

    SurvivalPvP // Vanilla // SMP // Semi-Anarchy // 1.15.2 // No Whitelist

    Version: 1.15.2 Java Edition
    Discord Server:
    Video Trailer (Created by lleeoo)ο»Ώ

    SurvivalPvP. Minecraft how it should be.

    SurvivalPvP is a Minecraft server that is as close to making a singleplayer world as possible. There is no Pay 2 Win, no Vote 2 Win, and the only rule is that using hacked clients or abusing any glitch in the game will get you banned permanently. There are NO gameplay changing features on the server (/tpa, /kit, /home, etc.), keeping everything 100% Vanilla. The server is run off of good hardware and there is rarely any lag.

    Hope to see you there.