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Welcome to AxoCraft!! The new smp is Now out! the smp has commands like sethome, tpa, jobs and lots more! it even has its own shop! players can also put items up for auction to get some cash. players can use this cash to open the shop gui and buy items and blocks! did I not say LAND CLAIMING!! this serevr has landclaiming so your hard work dose not get greefed! COME PLAY ON AXOCRAFT

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Middle School Vanguard

Welcome to the Vanguard SMP

On this server you can find a nice balence between pve and pvp within an SMP.

we are completely vanilla so no problems with land claiming or weird ass towny.

all i want is for people to have fun and stay entertained!

Earth Economy Pve Pvp Shop Survival Towny


A 1:1000 Minecraft Earth Server. This server is a towny/economy server where you can recreate civilizations and form your own government with our Earth Map.

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🔥 Arson Network [Closed] 🔥

Welcome to Arson Network.
We are always releasing new updates and custom content for you to play.
Come and explore our network today!

Our current servers:
• SkyBlock
• Factions
• Practice

Server Information:
IP / Website:
• Store:
• Discord:

Cracked Economy Jobs Ranks Roleplay Shop Skyblock Survival Vanilla


+—-+ BricksMC +—-+

BricksMC is a Java Server with 2 fun games that you and your friends can play with. If you are looking for Skyblock and Survival Server, our server is here for you

🕹 IP –

» Features:
» 1.12-1.17 server
» Crates & Shops
» Roleplaying & Jobs (Survival)
» MVP, VIP, Legacy Ranks
» Coins & Shards Currency
» Playtime Rewards (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Join our community discord server to get updated and talk to people
We are also looking for Developers & Builders
🌏 Community –

Auction Auctionhouse Claims Crates Discord Discordsrv Economy Griefprevention Griefprotection Keepinventory Kits Pvptoggle Ranks Shop Survival Tpa


This is a survival smp with many great features. There are claims, tpa, pvptoggle, crates, kits, ranks and more! There is also a discord server if you need any support or if you want to chat with other gamers. The discord link is . To support us please vote for us and we will continue to make Amazing content for you!

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ZedarSMP ✨ 1.17 Survival SMP with LifeSteal, Earth Survival and More!

ZedarSMP Network 1.16 – 1.17+

This server is brought to you by the YouTuber with a 500k+ following! Many of his fans play on here!

What do we offer?

– Best survival realm experience with so many features!

– Amazing and fun hub with PvP and Parkour!

– The perfect 1v1 Clan War experience!

– Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

– Friendly Staff

Discord ->

Server IP ->

Discord Economy Landclaiming Mcmmo Minigames Parkour Playervaults Semivanilla Shop Survival

Prithvi MC

An India-based Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server.

Great Community, RankUps, BattlePass, MCMMO, Anti-grief, Shops, Minigames, Custom NoteBlock Music, and more !!!

Build Challenge Crops Economy Fun Minions Mobdrops Ranks Shop Silkspawners Sky Skyblock Spawners Survival

Sky Haven – Original Skyblock with Shop GUI, Minions, Rankups and Much More!

Welcome to SKY HAVEN!
The place where your home is in the Sky. Sky Haven is a fully custom skyblock server with the intention of being fun, unique, balanced, and offer hundreds of features that the others can’t. This skyblock server offers more features and skyblock customization than the rest- from shops, custom ranks and personal minions – we have got it all! Join the hype today, and see what we are all about! See you on Sky Haven!

What to expect!
Friendly Community
Active Staff
Quick solutions to issues
100% Balanced and fair economy
Daily vote rewards
Island teams up to 4
Custom Shop GUI
Custom Minions Store
Custom commands such as /ranks, /sellall, /minion store, /shop and much more!
Custom spawners!
Custom Ore Generators!

We hope to see you soon, and maybe stick around for a while!  
This is a newer server and still under development!

Challenging Fun Griefing Leaderboards Plugins Pvp Raiding Raids Semianarchy Semivanilla Shop Skills Smp Survival

DarkxSmp Semi-Anarchy [ No hacks [ bosses [ clans [ custom enchants [ Custom Armor/weapons [ Griefing Allowed[ Raiding allowed [ free Speach Allowed.


Hello All, Would like to invite everyone to our new survival server/semi-anarchy server. The server has been Up for couple months now. and plan on keeping it up forever, we get a daily member count of around 5/15 at peak times and wish to grow that more and more! the server prides itselve on not being so protective, such as having no claiming, and free speach, no keep inventory in wild and raiding/griefing is allowed.
Before Creation i had experiences on other servers of admin abuse on myself. so admin abusing is not allowed and will never happen.
Who will be the strongest?


Our Minecraft Server DarkSmp offers many features which provide a fun
enviroment,Jump in and play alone or if u want to party up and play with friends
Meet new minecraft players in our Server Spawn area or discord which is actively Growing Larger.
Active Admins in game or discord for any Questions or Help.

NO HACKERS. we provide a anti hacking system with lets admins and owner
monitor players and catch anyone looking to abuse or hack their way to
the top on server

Our server Features include:

-PartyChat/ Friendslist


-anti hacking plugin

-spawn area

-The pit arena- with keep inv only in the arena


-Custom Op items/Armor/Weapons

-Boss Mobs – with chance of dropping Op Items

-suggestions taken – active admins or owners who actively look and hear feedback

And many more fun features

All type of players are accepted here from the less experience to the pvp
Gods to the builders and to the casuals, come join and have fun
Can You survive ?

Test Yourself
server IP

Discord Link/invite:

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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