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Welcome to Neko Network!
Neko Network is a Minecraft: Java Edition server, made by only a couple of talented people.
Here we try to aim for a custom experience in Vanilla Minecraft. On the server we feature a Custom Resource Pack, and a few unique and popular Game-Modes, some with a few custom tweaks and changes, to make the experience more interesting.
Game-Modes Featured / Stuff you can do around the server:
🌎The Resource World
➡ Join a finite world and gather resources to be used in other places. Can’t be called a “Game-Mode”, but at least you won’t need to make random holes in other worlds.
🏛️The Freebuild
➡ Claim yourself a plot or a few, in a survival world, and build whatever you want. Fun, isn’t it? You can also use hats and other cosmetics we have for roleplaying!
🤖The Campaign
➡ Fight alone, or with 4 other people, waves upon waves of robots in this PvE Game-Mode, and have the chance to win loot, unique weapons, and keys for cosmetics!
🎮The Arcade Mode (Coming Soon!)
➡ The Arcade features a couple of popular, and a couple of new Mini-Games that you can play. Here you can win Tokens, that you can exchange for various goods, such as skins for your weapons, tools, and armor!

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ParadiseSMP – Survival Enhanced!

Paradise-Junior High [ JAVA 1.17.1 ] [ Survival ]
Join today! IP:
Paradise is a public Minecraft server hosted with the idea of players having fun in mind at all times.
The server includes many extensive plugins, Each have their own hand-picked quality of life implementations that enhance the otherwise vanilla experience of Minecraft Multiplayer.
– Survival
– custom enchantments
– Premium Plugins
– Active Staff
– Shops
– Playerwarps
– Random TP
– Land claim
– Discord community,
Come check out our Discord to connect to our community!
Link :

Agelimit Fnaf Freebuild Roleplay

Phantom’s Palace

This is A Roleplay, PvP, Free-Build 13+ Server!

~When you join please read the rules!~
~Make sure to respect Staff!~

Message From The Owner:

Hello Players,
This is _PhantomFoxy_, I am telling and letting you know, that this is a 13+ certified server! Due to all of the things on here!
You can Marry, Hug, Kiss, Cuddle, all of ( well most xd ) of the things you can do In Real Life!
I hope that you enjoy this server, and please respect all rules! There will be serious consequences if the rules are not followed!
PS: This is my first EVER server! I hope that you can enjoy us, and all of those around!

Silvnob (Admin )
SirNovox (Admin )
TheTrueEvilFoxy ( Helper )
_PhantomFoxy_ ( Owner )

Please enjoy your stay!


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『 vibe central smp 』٩(˘◡˘)Û¶ 1.17[.1] – weekly giveaways !

we’re on 1.17.1! but, you can join from mc 1.9 and newer (new 1.17 blocks and mobs will be substituted for your game)

about us
community based – open world survival – immersive features – creative with worldedit – parkour courses – not p2w – friendly – lagless – 1.8 pvp

vibe central is a server with a personality. packed with custom-made plugins and features, we deliver a familiar yet unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. we cater a friendly community of people who love mc, and are always happy to see new members around!

our staff genuinely care about players and love to see others thriving in the community


our main attraction is our survival, which features no-grief, season-based survival with economy, fun quests and challenges, player markets, personal & community waypoints, mob heads, utility /fly for builds or travelling, particle trails/wings, and a ton more awesome stuff

our survival has been super fine tuned with immersive enhancements that just feel right; play with extra game sounds, block & entity visualizers, and more with no mods or resource packs needed!

in addition to our main survival mode, we offer a shared creative world made of designated plots of building space use unlimited worldedit for easy creation of large structures, and other tools made to bring your ideas to life without hassle. get more plots as needed, and build whatever you’d like

need a break from the core modes? we also have plenty of custom built parkour courses with timed leaderboards, a kit pvp arena with pvp streaks and other fun additions, a classic spleef arena, and more

our promise

our goal and promise is to provide an ever-evolving, polished and fine tuned safe space for people and players of all kinds. we are dedicated to giving players the best multiplayer experience possible without any annoying disruptions or unfair advantages, period.

Build Building Competitions Creative Freebuild Worldedit

RamCraft Freebuild – WorldEdit – Build Competitions

A creative freebuild server with a twist- everything is free. Nothing is behind a paywall.

  • Full WorldEdit
  • Large Plots – 4x bigger than standard
  • Weekly build contests
  • Nightly backups
  • Near-24/7 uptime
  • Export your build to .schematic

  • Categories
    Freebuild Fun Nogrief Roleplay

    Minedonia | Free Build Roleplay | 1.17.1

    Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server welcoming players to join and help create the city. This project is a continuation of a project started in 2016 where players can join and help build up the city and do fun roleplays and activities. We have temporarily turned off our whitelist and everybody is welcome to join, you can join the Discord here for more information

    Join our server to experience:

    -A completely open world free build experience with no restrictions on what to build, there is also full access to world edit and more to help you.

    -A dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play with.

    -Constant back-ups and rollback plugin to get rid of griefers.

    – Compatible with the Bedrock edition too, but recommend you use the Java edition.

    We hope to see you around! Happy building!

    Java Edition:

    Version: 1.17.1

    Bedrock Edition:

    Version: 41846

    Join us today!

    Building Claiming Claims Creative Freebuild Funiverse Geyser Geysermc Smallcommunity Smallserver

    Funiverse Nations Maps | 1.17.1 | Free Build | Dynmap | Small Community

    Welcome To Funiverse!
    A Group of Creative Builders!
    Starting as a small group on Xbox 360 back in 2015 Funiverse has had building at it’s core. Ever since the beginning Funiverse has remained relatively private but with innovations and updates with Minecraft it was decided the best course for Funiverse was as a server. Our server offers newcomers a place to build with fellow builders who find enjoyment in improving their own building skills.

    Our Maps:
    Free Build World
    Everyone who joins immediately gets access to our Free Build World. Here you can claim land for building which also serves to protect your builds. Everyone starts off with 500 blocks to claim and earns 250 every hour played. Those who show interest and trustworthiness towards the server will earn the opportunity to advance towards the next maps listed!

    New Funiverse & Vehicle Plots (WIP)
    These maps are the next step for Funiverse itself! The goal of Funiverse is to create nations via semi-realistic builds and roleplay. Compete or Cooperate with fellow players working to build the biggest nations in Funiverse!

    Legacy Maps
    These maps are around for *mostly* historical purpose. Funiverse: Classic is where we started back in 2015 while Funiverse: Alter was our answer to an update on Bedrock Edition which prevented us from playing Classic. Legacy Build World served as a map for us to find potential people to play on the two maps. We keep these three worlds around as a monument to how we got here!

    We also have a Dynamic Map for map viewing! It can be found here: Dynmap

    Bukkit Community Creative Freebuild Other Paper Plots Spigot Sterreich Survival Tirol Twitch

    The Tyrolean Minecraft server

    Welcome to The Tyrolean Minecraft!

    This is a community server of the Austrian streamer DerTirolerAUT, but everyone is invited to join us and become part of the community. A number of different worlds await you on our server in which you can let off steam.
    There is something for everybody:

    – Spawn: When you come to the server for the first time, you will appear in the spawn for guests. Once there, you will receive a book with the rules.
    There are also signs that introduce you to the server and describe how you can confirm the rules in order to become a member.
    The spawn is the central point of the server, from there you can switch to the different worlds via portals. In the future, some features will be added here, such as a shop, …

    – Survival: As the name suggests, this is our survival world. There you can put your survival skills to the test. If you want a little boost at the beginning, you can equip yourself with the survival kit and get a few important items to start with. / kit survival can be used once every 24 hours. Use GriefPrevention to protect your belongings (info book in the survival kit). PvP is allowed here, but please stay diplomatic – Plot: On the Plot World you can claim a plot and let your imagination run wild in the creative mode. In the plot spawn you can go to the info area
    inform about the most important commands for creating a plot.

    – Creative: This is a creative freebuild world, which means you can build as much and anything as you want, but please follow the rules.

    – More will come later!

    We look forward to your visit to our server!
    If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact our Discord server:
    Have fun mining and crafting, see you!

    Companies Custom Economy Freebuild Java Pve Pve Economy Survival Warps (survival, economy)

    Introduction Welcome to! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, and we offer a strong coin-based economy and the ability to teleport. The server is semi-whitelisted, as you will have to take a quiz upon joining for the first time. You’ll be accepted if you answer five answers in a row correctly, with as many attempts as you need. The quiz is supposed to filter out bots, hackers and griefers.

    Survival The map is fairly fresh and expands automatically when new players join. You will be spawned at a random location in the map as soon as you finish the quiz. The server is mainly PvE (player vs. the environment), but you can enable PvP (player vs. player) if you’re into that. However, PvP is not enabled by default. Griefing is not allowed, and you can claim your land to protect from griefs with a golden shovel or with /claim. We also offer a resource world which resets monthly.

    Rules A very quick and short overview of the rules:

  • Griefing is not allowed in any way, even in unclaimed areas.
  • Tools to locate blocks and caves are not allowed, like x-ray.
  • Do not idle (or avoid the AFK-system) for farming or rewards.
  • Redstone that lags the server or keeps chunks loaded are forbidden.
  • Build at least 150 blocks from another claim.
  • Do not spam, have respect for each other, and do not scam.
  • See “/rules” in the quiz or in the server for more.

    Ranks We do have ranks: Traveler, Settler, Citizen, Artisan, Magnate, Loyalist and Veteran. You can rank up through this system mainly by playtime, coins, and by doing some tasks. Ranking up gives rewards and new perks.

    Economy Our economy is very stable and exists out of integer coins. You can create a company, with which you can create chest shops to sell items to other players. Reach buyers by setting a warp to your shop. All shops are listed on the website @ with their warp. You will get a basic income of 200 coins every day that you log into the server, and killed mobs will drop coins.

    Features A quick and short list of the features we offer: Chairs, ChestShop, Companies, Dynmap, Trades, AuctionHouse, Warps, HealthBar and UltimateTimber. With many more custom-coded addons, in fact: more than half is custom. We do plan on adding features like: Marriage, a parliamentary system, a House Market and Share Market, the ability to sell claims and animals and a lot more. Features we will never add include McMMO and Slimefun. These addons simply ruin the gameplay.

    Creative Verified players on Discord will be able to claim a plot in the Creative server that we also have. The plots are 128 by 128. The Creative server is meant to test out build styles and redstone, however you are free to do whatever you want.

    Discord // Website // Twitter // Reddit

    Freebuild Pve Pvp Raiding Survival


    Welcome to DupeCraft
    DupeCraft is just a “normal” Survival Server for you and you’re friends. The Server version is 1.16.3 and above.

    This is a wholesome, family-friendly community,
    so bring lots of positivity and fun, if you can.

    We have mcMMO running, which is a plugin that allows you to level up various skills and abilities to help with your activities and with fighting.

    Features for everyone:
    – You can set one home and you can travel to it anytime you want
    – There is a spawn where you are safe from monsters and other players. You get there with /spawn
    – Only 50% of the Players are needed to skip the night
    – You have an Starter kit with some Starter tools
    – If you want to play with friends, they could just send you a Tpa request with /tpa

    The Main Rules:
    1. No Duplication Glitchesallow!
    2. No Griefing (Only Raiding is allowed. But you are only allowed to Steal stuff, and not to destroy it)
    3. No Advertising
    4. Don’t ask for Op, Ranks or Items
    5. No Mods/Hacks
    6. Don’t be Racist or Sexist Remarks
    7. Respect all Players

    When you enter the server you automatically accept the rules and that they can be changed at any time.
    Disregarding the rules is punished with a ban or a mute

    We hope to see you and your friends soon and have fun

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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