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Introduction Welcome to! We are a semi-vanilla survival server, and we offer a strong coin-based economy and the ability to teleport. The server is semi-whitelisted, as you will have to take a quiz upon joining for the first time. You’ll be accepted if you answer five answers in a row correctly, with as many attempts as you need. The quiz is supposed to filter out bots, hackers and griefers.

Survival The map is fairly fresh and expands automatically when new players join. You will be spawned at a random location in the map as soon as you finish the quiz. The server is mainly PvE (player vs. the environment), but you can enable PvP (player vs. player) if you’re into that. However, PvP is not enabled by default. Griefing is not allowed, and you can claim your land to protect from griefs with a golden shovel or with /claim. We also offer a resource world which resets monthly.

Rules A very quick and short overview of the rules:

  • Griefing is not allowed in any way, even in unclaimed areas.
  • Tools to locate blocks and caves are not allowed, like x-ray.
  • Do not idle (or avoid the AFK-system) for farming or rewards.
  • Redstone that lags the server or keeps chunks loaded are forbidden.
  • Build at least 150 blocks from another claim.
  • Do not spam, have respect for each other, and do not scam.
  • See “/rules” in the quiz or in the server for more.

    Ranks We do have ranks: Traveler, Settler, Citizen, Artisan, Magnate, Loyalist and Veteran. You can rank up through this system mainly by playtime, coins, and by doing some tasks. Ranking up gives rewards and new perks.

    Economy Our economy is very stable and exists out of integer coins. You can create a company, with which you can create chest shops to sell items to other players. Reach buyers by setting a warp to your shop. All shops are listed on the website @ with their warp. You will get a basic income of 200 coins every day that you log into the server, and killed mobs will drop coins.

    Features A quick and short list of the features we offer: Chairs, ChestShop, Companies, Dynmap, Trades, AuctionHouse, Warps, HealthBar and UltimateTimber. With many more custom-coded addons, in fact: more than half is custom. We do plan on adding features like: Marriage, a parliamentary system, a House Market and Share Market, the ability to sell claims and animals and a lot more. Features we will never add include McMMO and Slimefun. These addons simply ruin the gameplay.

    Creative Verified players on Discord will be able to claim a plot in the Creative server that we also have. The plots are 128 by 128. The Creative server is meant to test out build styles and redstone, however you are free to do whatever you want.

    Discord // Website // Twitter // Reddit

    Freebuild Pve Pvp Raiding Survival


    Welcome to DupeCraft
    DupeCraft is just a “normal” Survival Server for you and you’re friends. The Server version is 1.16.3 and above.

    This is a wholesome, family-friendly community,
    so bring lots of positivity and fun, if you can.

    We have mcMMO running, which is a plugin that allows you to level up various skills and abilities to help with your activities and with fighting.

    Features for everyone:
    – You can set one home and you can travel to it anytime you want
    – There is a spawn where you are safe from monsters and other players. You get there with /spawn
    – Only 50% of the Players are needed to skip the night
    – You have an Starter kit with some Starter tools
    – If you want to play with friends, they could just send you a Tpa request with /tpa

    The Main Rules:
    1. No Duplication Glitchesallow!
    2. No Griefing (Only Raiding is allowed. But you are only allowed to Steal stuff, and not to destroy it)
    3. No Advertising
    4. Don’t ask for Op, Ranks or Items
    5. No Mods/Hacks
    6. Don’t be Racist or Sexist Remarks
    7. Respect all Players

    When you enter the server you automatically accept the rules and that they can be changed at any time.
    Disregarding the rules is punished with a ban or a mute

    We hope to see you and your friends soon and have fun

    Anarchy Anarchysurvival Buildbattle Bungeecord Creative Freebuild Hardcore Lockdown Newzealand Supersurvival Survival Uhc

    NZNetwork Minecraft [1.8 – 1.16.3] Kiwi Server – Bungeecord – Multiple servers – Great community – Minigames |

    NZnetwork Minecraft

    We are now open GLOBALLY to all players around the world! – All you old players who have moved overseas can now join with no VPN!

    Come join one of the worlds longest running Minecraft servers (Since 2010!)

    –> Some screenshots on this server advertisement are built by the user <-- –> Come watch Kim do some epic builds on it’s well worth it! <-- The most important information. The connection info!
    Use either one of these:

    Come join our Discord, it’s like the heart of our community

    Nznetwork runs on a fully dedicated system running a bungeecord network meaning we can run multiple servers without having issues such as low TPS or crowding.

    World Edit Creative world
    Build Battle
    Survival (Friendly survival)
    Hardcore Survival
    Anarchy survival (No rules! – except maybe one or two chat related ones!)

    *On the Hardcore Server:
    One old world, for the older players
    One fresh world, for 1.15.2 terrain generation with a nether and end that will be reset after each game version update

    The community on NZnetwork’s minecraft servers is one which has been known to spend hours on a Friday night building together or just getting upto general mischief by building the most random structures you could imagine.

    We aim to provide near 100% uptime, because an offline server just plain old sucks.

    To limit the risk of griefing and trouble makers, we run rollback and logging software and only allow players who have built a creation to access creative mode freely on our creative servers. This system has proven itself very stable as people who have wanted to destroy others builds don’t hang around and any that do slip through can do limited damage in survival mode. We can always roll back any damage they do anyway!

    A little history about NZnetwork:
    We are one of the oldest running Minecraft servers in New Zealand and have been online since 2010.
    Over 5000 players have joined this server since it’s initial release in 2010 (These players were only from New Zealand as the server was originally IP locked to New Zealand players only)

    115server 115servers 115survival 115x Acidblock Bees Bentobox Bentoserver Caveblock Cities Creative Dedicated Discord Economy Events Freebuild Griefprevention Mcmmo Mypets Pets Plots Skyblock Skygrid Survival Towns Vanilla Voterewards

    BadApples – Survival | Creative | Skyblock | 1.16.3


    RUNNING 1.16!


    Survival server for 1.16 – ever expanding world
    with fun plugins that keeps the game as pure as possible,
    but enhances all the best bits of minecraft!
    Brand new Map for 1.16 – with ALL the added bits,
    bees, the new nether and more!


    Server Economy
    Grief Prevention
    Auction House!
    Amazing Menu’s and GUi’s
    Vote Rewards

    Towns, cities and much much more,
    and more always added!


    100% Vanilla

    No plugins
    No protections
    Totally and 100% pure

    𝕁𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕆𝕦𝕣 𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕!

    Conomy Economy Freebuild Jobs Land Lands Pvp Survival Tropical Tropique


    Most orginal and Tropical minecraft server!
    Create your own lands on 4 huge islands and meet your friends!
    Get job,sell minerals,build, become emperor
    Write your story not to be forgotten!

    We waiting on you! <3

    Claim Faction Freebuild Hardcore Pvp Survival

    SingleLife MC – One Life ONLY

    SingleLife MC- One Life OnlySLMC is a hardcore server where you only have one life and cannot respawn after you died.


    Anticheat Antigrief Casual Chill Community Discord Economy Engels Freebuild Multiworld Nederlands Relaxed Shop Survival


    Funserver is a Survival server with nice elements. This way you can go out into the wide world and start your own adventure. Save money by fishing, killing fish and monsters or sell stuff in the auction house and collect everything with your hands and tools.

    Here is a small impression list of what our FunServer has:

    – Minigames
    – Earn money by selling products and opening crates
    – Fun mods and Fun plugins

    Of course we have a lot more to offer, you will discover this when you play on our server!

    We were dutch but we are slowly transitioning to English!

    2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone Alwaysonline Alwaysupdated Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Dream Fit Fitmc Free Freebuild Freedom Freeplaynet Grief Griefing Griefingallowed Hack Hacks Permanent Play Pvp Savage Survival Survive Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vannila

    Free Play Net – Freedom to play [1.16.4]

    Come play with no rules and everything is allowed (except speed). We encourage users to fully exploit the game of Minecraft to make it how they want it to be. Cheat, grief, and exploit your way to Minecraft domination. The only thing not allowed is speed. We still want a vanilla experience and it lags the server.

    The only plugins used are for server management and will not be used to tamper with gameplay, players, or their creations.

    Adminshop Auctions Auktionen Community Communitydriven Deutsch Freebuild German Germany Nogrief Nogriefing Playershop Premium Premiumplugins Spawners Survival


    Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf Avalonien

    Du hast keine Lust mehr auf Server die vollgepackt mit nervigen Plugins sind? Wir auch nicht!
    Bei uns hast du die Möglichkeit wieder simples Minecraft zu spielen (weißt du, so wie damals 2014 wo die Welt noch in Ordnung war)
    Baue wo du willst und wie du willst, alleine oder mit Freunden. Hauptsache du hast Spaß.
    Keine Beschränkungen durch Plugins.

    Was wir Dir bieten:

    • Adminshops, Usershops und Auktionen
    • Lotto und Glücksspiel
    • Premium Plugins
    • Farmwelt mit Random Spawn
    • Grieferfreie Welt
    • Eastereggs
    • Votebelohnung

    Um dem Vanilla Gameplay noch etwas Würze zu verleihen haben wir wir Shops eingeführt. Dies soll die Interaktionen untereinander anregen.
    Der Adminshop hat nur ein paar Basic Items um die Balance nicht zu zerstören.
    Die Usershops sind alle vom Spawn aus verfügbar. Das sorgt dafür das deine Items auch verkauft werden.
    Natürlich kannst du auch dein ganzes Hab & Gut verkaufen um im unseren Casino zu zocken

    • Community Discord mit 220+ Mitgliedern
    • Wöchentliche Steamkey Gewinnspiele (Discord)
    • Private Bots
    • ständige Wartung und Verbesserung
    • freundliches Team

    Kurze Geschichte zum Server
    Vor ca. 2 Jahren war der Server ein reiner Vanilla Server mit Redstone und Commandblock Mechaniken. Aufgrund von Cheatern und Griefern war dieses Konzept nicht lang tragbar. Der Server wurde vom Netz genommen. Monate später dann das Comeback mit Plugins. Lange hat es gedauert bis alles so ist wie es sein soll aber zu guter Letzt ist heute alles so wie es soll. Es gibt zwar nicht mehr die schönen Vanilla Mechaniken aber wir haben mit unseren Plugins ein gutes Kompromiss gefunden.

    Du willst Teil der Geschichte werden?
    Kein Problem. Wir suchen sowohl aktive Spieler als auch kompetente Teammitglieder. Interesse geweckt? Dann schau mal auf unserem Discord vorbei!

    Wir versuchen allen ein möglichst gutes Spielerlebnis zu liefern. Deshalb sind wird über Feedback dankbar!

    Wir und die Community freuen uns, Dich bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen!

    Creative Freebuild Minecraft Plugins

    Free Build – Creative


    This is a free to play creative Server on which you can play with your friends.
    We also offer our players the possibility to create their own survival world, on which they can play.
    In order to play on this Server you need to verify yourself on my discord Server This may take up from 1 to 24h till your account has it’s acces to our server.

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