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Furry LGBTQ+
Minecraft Community

Survival | Creative | Events

Welcome to! We are a warm and welcoming
community of minecraft players wanting to
have fun and enjoy gaming.

Join in on the fun over “” with the version 1.18 to 1.19. nwn
You can also hop on our discord via

Freebuild French Survival


PeaceAndCube is a French freebuild server shaped around survival.
World map has no limits and hasn’t been reset since the server creation back in 2013. A command to teleport yourself at random coordinates allows you to access new updates content.
Vanilla survival is made easier with homes, allowing you to move around quickly in the world, and claims to protect your builds.
The server also offers regular events as well as various activities like dungeons, jumps and homemade minigames.

PeaceAndCube is a freebuild server focused on survival.
The world has no limit and has never been reset since the server was created in 2013. A random tp command allows access to new generations.
The classic survival is facilitated by a system of men allowing to move more easily on the map and a system of claims to protect its constructions.
The server also offers regular events as well as various activities such as dungeons, jump courses or homemade mini-games.

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RolePlayMc [Cracked]

Welcome to this server! This server offers you everything that a premium server would offer you!

We have the following points for you:

  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • plots
  • Adminshops
  • player shops
  • Banks
  • pets
  • Clans
  • Trains
  • elevators
  • Various minigames:
  • Hungergames
  • Football
  • Paintball
  • OneBlock
  • SkyBlock
  • AcidIsland
  • Chess
  • Spleef
  • It is also possible to play from the Bedrock Edition! (Bedrock from PC or from mobile)
    However, port 19132 is required for the Bedrock Edition!

    On our server you have different possibilities to get money:

  • accept a job
  • complete quests
  • play minigames
  • build store
  • Store money in the bank and earn interest
  • Buy land and then rent it out
  • All mobs and monsters also drop money when you kill them
  • Of course there are also rewards for voting, which can sometimes be money and sometimes items!

    Create or join a clan! Clan wars are also possible!
    Both in the survival world and in the PVP arena! The system
    recognizes which clan you belong to and thus gets points! No
    fear, clan members can not harm you! So uninhibited
    off to battle!

    There are also weekly events!
    These can look different… be it a huge labyrinth where the
    first 3 players who escape this get a nice reward,
    or be it in the form of a football tournament. Now and again
    but we can also give you the good fortune to build a plot of land
    to hide many different items in this, and you are allowed to do the whole thing
    demolish property! and of course keep the collected items!

    The pets are normal mobs and monsters that you can buy. each
    Pet has its own pros and cons, so think about it carefully
    what you want!
    Of course you can too
    sell it and buy another one, but then you lose it
    Levels you have already reached with the old one! And the levels are
    important for pets! The higher the level of the pet, the better
    greater is the advantage it brings you!

    We also have a discord server where you can create a ticket, which is
    then look at the admins or the owner himself and try best
    possible to solve your problem!
    You can also use these tickets to make suggestions or wishes!

    There is also a channel for applications on the Discord server! So
    if you like the server and want to be part of the team,
    then just have a look at #application!

    We look forward to you! See you soon!

    Your RolePlay team 😀

    Dinosaurs Freebuild Hard Survival

    Land before TIME

    “Life will find a way.” — Dr. Ian Malcolm


    [​Set your Server Resources Pack Settings To Enabled or Prompt]

    [​None of the dinosaurs in the. Map are Jurassic World accurate (which means the like real life)]
    [The server runs on 1 resources packs and aternos if haveing trouble with it/them so you may need to download the packs first Project Mesozoic 2.0 & Weather2 ]

    So first if you haven’t checked out the Project Mesozoic 2.0 datapack or weather2 datapack go check them out before joining


    so this is a dinosaur survival world with multiple mergeing biomes and 22 dinosaurs and will soon have weather so what I’m trying to say is that it’s easy(sarcasm for those who don’t recognize it). Now I’m not talking about 22 dinosaurs in the world at a time I’m talking about 22 DIFFERENT SPECIES some carnivorous some herbivorous some you don’t even know


    also as far as events go umm so far the only one I know is if I don’t feel like playing I spectate a dinosaur and give it the glowing effect (usually It’s gallimimus)


    So since we’re in the early thousands or something the ground is untouched meaning a motherload of ores and diamonds and stuff so you can dig all you want to collect items but not to much you may mess with the ecosystem and same with trees you can chop one down but make a tree farm or something don’t kill a whole forest. Also the dinosaurs drop meat when killed.


    there are a lot of advancements on this server there’s the typical Minecraft then there’s FOSSILS AND PALEONTOLOGY with about 12 in that and Weather2 will add more soon.


    but I’m always trying to update it and make it fun so plz join us.

    Creative Economy Freebuild Freebuilding

    Siddiet’s Freebuild

    Now cross platform!

    Bedrock edition:
    Full server map:

    Siddiet’s Freebuild is a creative freebuild server with a bunch of add ons. It is open world and a plot system which ever you prefer. Every new player will get their very own plot to start out just ask any admin! Siddiet’s Freebuild has a whole economy and real estate backing the server. You’re not limited to just Freebuilding either, you can technically do whatever you want. Plots can be bought without upgrading your rank. Making money to upgrade your rank is fairly easy too. Upgrading rank allows access to building anywhere that isn’t claimed in the whole server/world. Join us and help us expand our ever evolving server! Please be respectful of the server and people’s builds.

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    Minedonia | Free Build | Role-Play | World Edit

    Est. 2021 | Turning Your Dreams to Reality

    Server Version

    We’re on 1.19.2
    We currently do not support older versions.

    About Us

    Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server with two worlds – a collaborative city world (main world), and a free world for build creations that may not fit in the city; or for just letting your imagination run wild! We have a dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play and hangout with! We have server rollbacks and daily backups created so all your creations are safe! We also have many resources to help you build anything you may dream of, including World Edit, Armor Stand Editor, Head Database, and more!

    How to Join

    We offer support for both Java and Bedrock Editions! Come join us with the IP’s below!
    Java Edition –
    Bedrock Edition – | Port: 8162
    Discord Server –

    Bauwelt Claim Deutsch Economy Farmwelt Freebuild German Shop Survival Voterewards | Survival, Economy & More! Opening: EARLY DECEMBER

    Welcome to

    What awaits you:

    Freebuild Survival

    – Bauwelt
    We offer you a beautiful, vanilla building world (1.19.2) where you can save your own plots with the help of our security system!

    – Farmwelt
    You can farm your materials in the farm world! Regenerated weekly!

    economic system

    JoraCraft attaches great importance to a functioning economy.
    Build your own shop in our mall and trade with other players!

    Nice togetherness

    A nice interaction is irreplaceable!

    Visit us today!
    Version: 1.19.2

    Economy Freebuild Pvp Survival Trading | 1.19.2 Survival, Freebuild, Economy & PvP – LAUNCH: 20. November 2022

    Welcome to | 1.19.2 Old School: Survival, Freebuild, PvP & Economy
    We’ve been working on Trikophalia for a long time now. We cover a vide variety of player origins. That is why we decided to make the general serverlanguage english. We have people from all around the World in the Staff Team as well as playerbase. (Germany, England, USA, Finland, Denmark etc.)
    Trikophalia is a place where everyone should feel included. We want to make everyone feel welcome here. Our priority isto have a simple yet content-rich classic Survival/Freebuild Server with a vivid economy. Join us and take part!
    Some of our Features (Not all)
    – 100% pure Survival/Freebuild/Economy & PvP- Auction House and Server Shop (Player Trade & Server Shop)- Protection System (Protect your Buildings in the Open World)- Jackpot, Lottery and Crates! (Try your luck and win a LOT!)- Quests (/quests)- Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rewards (/rewards)- Fishing Events!- Over 50+ custom Enchantments- Backpacks (Safe Items)- Death Chest & Death Coordinates (Get your Items back after a death)- Server Events every week to reward Players!- Purchaseable Chat Tags (In-game Money)- QoL changes like less fall-damage while Sneaking- A great Server based in Germany with enough RAM- A family envoirment ingame and in the Discord- Premium Ranks called “PIRATE” and “CAPTAIN” which are obtainable via Ingame Money- and many many more..!

    Chestshop Dynmap English Freebuild German Jobs Lockette Mcmmo Money Ranksystem Survival Warps

    Behind The Matrix Reloaded

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve only created the site once, we’re currently working on a remake of a favorite server from our childhood ( )
    If you were there then, please get in touch


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    Sapphire Network | Home of Sapphire Freebuild

    We are a blooming Minecraft server network

    Currently we only offer Freebuild as a complete experience

    Features of Freebuild include;

    – Timed Flight Potion

    – Ease of Flight add-ons

    – Custom trade economy w/spawn shops

    – OP tools

    Features of the Sapphire Network Include;

    – Discord w/ 2-way server chat channels

    – upcoming Bedrock Support

    – Upcoming 4hr game servers

    – Multi-Client support (V 1.9+)

    – NO P2W on any of our server nodes!