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An Anime Modded Network, that includes loads of community loved mods in each modpack, with a many newly popular Anime related Mods, that bring many Animes into Minecraft.
Explore the worlds of Anime ranging from One Piece, Demon Slayer to even Tensura and Pokemon!

Download our modpacks here!:
Server IP:

Economy Equestrian Equestrianserver Forge Horses Horseserver Java Modded Roleplay Survival

Pixelcraft Equestrian [Modded 1.18.2 Equestrian Server] – IN DEVELOPMENT

Pixelcraft Equestrian

✦ A realistic equestrian Minecraft experience coming soon! Features SWEM, Farmer’s Delight, Genetic Animals & More!

All parts of this server are currently a big work in progress. We are looking for builders, moderators and more to help us move forward!

We update our progress most frequently here!

Create Curseforge Forge Survival


MechanoCraft :minecraft~1:

:Info: Info

MechanoCraft is a newly released server. It uses a custom modpack filled with unique and fun mods to make the experience more enjoyable. Create mod is one of the big names, create mod lets you explore new gadgets and esablish a factory to automate everything you need for future projects.

:question~1: How to join

MechanoCraft is really simple to join. Java support only for 1.19.2 forge. You will need to install a modpack from curseforge.

The IP is:

:readtherules: Rules

This is mostly a peaceful SMP but killing and looting are allowed. Griefing of any kind, breaking chests, breaking any blocks placed by another player without permission will result in a temp ban. Please keep the environment welcoming and cheerful.

:question~1: How to install modpack

We will have a couple ways to install the modpack. For now we only have 2 options. One is to use Curseforge and to add a custom premade profile using the download link on our discord. The other option would be to install all the mods manually. You can see the list on the discord.

:checkmark: Conclusion

Enjoy the game and remember to keep a clean and respectful environment. If you would like to request and addon or request help then open a ticked. Enjoy!

247server Forge Lunapixel Modded Modpack Nomapreset Steampunk Survival

Magma Punk (SteamPunk Modpack Server)

A fairly basic SteamPunk Modpack (by LunaPixel) Survival Server, nothing too fancy, includes a random tp button at spawn.

Requires use of the Modpack SteamPunk, which can be found on Curseforge

2b2t Anarchy Forge Java Minecraft Survival


🌍 Welcome to the National modded anarchy 1S1M Minecraft server! 🌍

Welcome to our server! This is a community server where you can have a fun adventure in the magical world of Minecraft. We are specially designed for players who love mods and we are waiting to meet you here.

🎮 Server IP:
🌟 Mod Package: You can find the mods and installation instructions used on our server in the relevant channels of our Discord server.

Server Features:
✨ Special Modes: We have added many special modes that will enrich your gaming experience.
🏰 Huge World: Explore and build your own home on a vast map.
🌐 Multi-Language Support: We enable players to interact in different languages.

Discord Rules:








If you tag me and want the server to be opened, you have to join the server.

Don’t ask if the server is open! Check it yourself and if it’s not open write it here: ⁠#open-the-server Send this message: @Glitch Open the server
Come to our Discord server to join our server and start the adventure! Our staff will be waiting for you here for your questions or assistance needs. We welcome you all to our server!

🔗 Discord Server Invitation:

Createmod Etc Forge Java Magic Modded Rpg Survival


we are looking to add a few more people to our modded server(still fairly new btw), you’ll have to go through to the discord to see about joining

here’s the discord link:

Darkrpg Forge Minecraft Survival

Holy SMP

This server is focused around a YouTube channel, however feel free to play on our world and explore new possibilities in Minecraft with over 30+ origins to choose from.
Invite link:

Battlegear Forge Furniture Moddedserver Modpack Server Survival Tech Tekkit Trains

Zilla’s Modded

Mine with a pickaxe, with robots, or with tunnel boring trains. You can do some comfy interior design, or you could build an industrial railroad. You can use the advanced combat mechanics and dual wield, or you could ignore them and fight the vanilla way. Shoot a boomstick, or throw spears like a caveman.

Zilla’s Modded is a Forge 1.7.10 modpack server based on the idea of playing how you want to. There’s something fun for everyone, whether you’re a technical player, PVPer, builder, or anything in-between. We’re looking for more players, so tell your friends!

Modpack download:


To install the modpack, you must “import” the ZIP file with either CurseForge launcher, Prism launcher, or ATlauncher (ATlauncher is preferred).

Discord community server for Zilla’s Modded:

It is highly recommend to comb through the list of mods in this modpack, and look at their CurseForge pages and wikis to see what they allow you to do.

The full list of mods included in the modpack can be found here:

Quick tips:
* ‘G’ opens up the crafting guide, and clicking “Set item” allows you to search the item list
* ‘R’ toggles battlegear mode (allows you to dual wield weapons)
* Your battlegear mode inventory is accessed by clicking the ‘BG’ button inside of your inventory.
* Voice chat: ‘v’ to talk, ‘.’ to enter voice chat settings
* If your voice chat doesnt work, you likely need to disable/delete the dynamic surroundings mod
* ‘F’ to fart when sitting on a toilet
* Tunnel bores and trains are cool :]
* There are explosive arrows, katanas, spears, and boomsticks ;]

Anarchy Anarchypvp Forge Pvp

Podum: The rush for soul iron

A fully anarchy modded server on 1.19.4! Have fun bounty hunting and gathering soul iron! Use cheat clients, or just play normally! Rush to get the rare mineral “Soul iron” to craft powerful armor, weapons, and droids! requires forge 1.19.4, mod at “” and JEI.

Use my promo code “blueclaws” + link to get a 25% discount on your first month of a bisect hosting gaming server!

Community discord – >

118server Adventure Economy Equestrian Forge Java Javaedition Javaserver Modded Roleplay Survival

Swemy Horseys

Swemy Horseys is equestrian roleplay and economy server. Swemy Horseys is based off the SWEM mod, as well as it features a variety of other mods. We offer economy, roleplay, competition, and adventure. Our server is still in early development, but still open to the public as we continuously work on upgrading the server and creating better and better content. Check out our website for much more in depth information and see what future plans we have cooking up!

Buy, sell, get a server job, or create your own business. Become a farrier, vet, stablehand, rescue worker, swe-mart employee, riding instructor, facility owner/business owner, breeder, builder, contractor, photographer, videographer, and much more!


Build, compete, create your own facilities, take care of your horse, ride with friends.

Play survival, explore, fight bosses, complete dungeons, and fight to earn your own dragon egg. You can travel the skies by dragon, and travel the landsby horse!

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