1fighter2defenders (1f2d) is a minecraft server with no rules in open world environment. We promise players a full no rules experience with out any world resetting/trimming, everything will be saved for history.
The server has been online since 26. April 2021 making it 3 years old!
Thousands of players have visited the server at least once.

Griefing, building, cheating, everything goes.

IP to connect with:

Versions supported: [1.17 – 1.20.6]

Discord server:


BlockCraft Survival

BlockCraft Survival
Free crates
No griefing

Come join our small community very active in discord and we have community events for free ranks and in game items.


new anarchy serv

Hello, I have just created an anarchy server opening 05/18/2024 here it is ip:

The comet trots its objective anarchy servers

the server has


1 AMD EPYC 7543p core


the proueur misier upgraded with a queue with a subscription of 5 euros (yes I plan the money) to give priority to the server has no discord at the moment when is available after the release of the server time to configure it.

is for mods the text is 457 characters with 86 words I checked if its title is said if it is cached 😉


⬆️ Straight Up ⬆️

Server IP: StraightUp.Minecraft.Best

Located in Dallas, USA

Join us on Discord:

About Straight Up:

Founded April, 2019, Straight Up is a small, "run from home" style anarchy server, intended to create a laid-back survival experience that is as close to vanilla as possible.

[🧨] PvP and griefing permitted. No land claims or land protect.

[💻] Stable server performance.

[🌎] No world resets. Ever. Many servers boast this, but few have stuck around as long as we have.

[🍪] Minor quality of life changes to empower greater player freedom. Kill players to obtain their head. Eat a cookie to stop phantoms from spawning without moving your bed.

[‼️] Unobtrusive but effective anticheat to put vanilla players on a fair footing and maintain server performance.

[🚫] No /tpa, no /warp, no /home. No currency, factions, or econo-shit plugins that ruin the vanilla experience. Just Straight Up survival Minecraft. The way Minecraft was meant to be played.


Fermium MC

👋Hello and welcome to Fermium MC Survival!

😶‍🌫️If you want to hop on straight and see what the buzz is about here is the IP:



➡️We are small but friendly server community of around 10 players reaching out to you to invite you to join us on our adventures!

➡️We offer extensive amount of features so be sure to read them all as we tackle some things that players want but have to use mods, for example ChestSort which sorts your chests/inventory.

➡️Or want to filter your hoppers and make amazing sorting systems? Filtered hoppers got you covered!

➡️We also have our own Tool Leveling system where tools level up and get enchants naturally (you can still enchant them of course) but eventually they over power normal enchants and go beyond vanilla limits.



Our server offers next features:

➖ Custom crops and farming

➖ Upgradable spawners

➖ Upgradable hoppers

➖ Filtered hoppers

➖ Spawn plots

➖ Custom fishing

➖ Custom ores (based on terraria)

➖ Custom weapons, armor and tools

➖ Custom items (ex: world expander)

➖ Custom models (ex: furniture)

➖ Infinite blocks (builders love those)

➖ Inv backups (up to 50 per player)

➖ Item recycle (recycle your items)

➖ Player shop plots at spawn

➖ Leveled mobs for challenge

➖ Infernal mobs

➖ Death Chests

➖ Tool leveling

➖ Chest sort

➖ Temp fly

➖ Land claims

➖ Quests

➖ Daily quests

➖ Backpacks

➖ Bank

➖ Server map

➖ Builder wands

➖ Sell wands

➖ Chat games

➖ Custom currency

➖ Rotating shop

➖ Jobs

➖ Player warps

➖ Marriage system

➖ Pet petting

➖ Ranks

➖ Shopkeepers

➖ Vote party

➖ Quarries

➖ Skills

➖ Races

❔Did this tickle your pickle?

➡️If so join us at:



Florida SMP

Hello! My name is Matt and this is my minecraft server I am starting. The goal for this server is to have a chill place to relax and grind minecraft, build big bases, build farms, and chat with others. The server also has a competitive MCMMO aspect to it to add some spice.

All updates/changes to the server are voted on by the people, all suggestions are taken very seriously.

Started: 5/17/24 12:00pm





In Iperios you can create your own nation and refine your McMMO skills to fight in wars, get Geopolitical power to conquer new territories and earn wealth and Custom Enchants.

You can create your own nation, with your own form of government, laws and ranks, if you don't want to create your nation you can also join one already created.


We also have ressources camp in-game that can be conquered, they will become your first income of geopolitical resources for the geopolitical expansion of your nation. There are a lot of resources and buildings that can created, there is a complete list on the discord channels and active support.








How to join:

First you have to join the discord and ask for whitelist.

For the ip and some starter information you can read the message in #info-new-players.

Once you are in a staffer will guide you and give you a beginner kit, and then you can start!


– Discord: (Main)

– Facebook page:



This is a very simple vanilla world for those looking for a realm to show off there unique design interests in Minecraft. This realm is much like hermit craft with player made shops and mega bases.

We are opening the realm to outside players via an application process through our discord. (Pictures of past builds are mandatory!)

There are already multiple talented builders on this server but we want the realm to become more active with players from all around the world.

Here's the discord:

Also the realm name was originally a place holder but it stuck lol. Welcome to Ooooo!

Obviously no griefing or PvP, but it’s still turned on for mischievous fun! One player Sleep! All other info can be found on discord, give it a look and decide for yourself if its right for you.



Welcome to beautiful land of MineScape.

The world of MineScape is a Minecraft MMORPG aimed at the recreation of a classic game Old School RuneScape. Join now to get started on your journey to becoming the greatest adventurer whilst making amazing new friends along the way.

Visit the website and join the discord to get involved!


Interactive Custom NPC's and Mobs

Custom Quests

22 Custom Skills: Attack, Ranged, Magic, Woodcutting, Mining, Smithing, Crafting & More

Beautiful hand crafted map

Clue Scrolls: Rewards for solving clue scrolls

Daily Rewards!

Pets, Cosmetics, Titles






Latest blog: Tree Gnome Village Quest, Slayer Improvements & More DevBlog #41














Server IP:

Minecraft version: 1.20.4

Nerdcrafteria is the official Minecraft server by Nerdfightersfor Nerdfighters!

Players work together to create a fun environment for everyone. Our server has multiple worlds including a monster-free main world featuring an economy plugin and purchasable plots, a monthly-resetting resource world where you can gather things to sell to our Admin shop, as well as survival, skyblock and creative worlds for you to enjoy!

Nerdcrafteria is owned by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers. The server was founded in September 2012. Our focus is on promoting a fun family gaming environment for all, while raising money for The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck! A registered non-profit with the goal of making the world a better place!

Nerdcrafteria is a family friendly, PG oriented server. Anyone may log in, but you will be asked to accept our Code of Conduct upon joining. By accepting you agree to follow our rules and help us maintain the kind and welcoming atmosphere we've all grown accustomed to for over a decade! Our motto is: DFTBA!

  • Dont
  • Forget
  • To
  • Be
  • Awesome

While Nerdcrafteria is owned and paid for entirely by Hank Green, we do have a Donation storeWhere you will find various perks and boons you can donate toward!

100% of proceeds go to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck. Make sure to check with your parents if you're under 18 before making any purchases, and read the Terms and Conditions before sending in any donations!

More Information can be found on our website at Nerdcrafteria.comon our Discord and by watching our server tour video!

We hope to see you on the server!

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