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Hot Girls Minecraft Server

There is a reason why girls with fantastic breasts like Minewind so much, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason they are so big may be because it’s a very good fit for them with the rest of their anatomy.

The fact that girls with fantastic breasts get all sorts of weird requests from boys is so weird I wish I didn’t know about it, but, hey, I can only imagine what it might be like for girls who have been with boys their entire lives. Because then they might not be able to do their current and former girlfriend stuff. It’s weird.

Hot girl relaxing on a crafted white bed after playing Minecraft

No wonder that girls with large breasts are often accused of cheating and cheating is such a big deal that these days everyone has a story about someone they know having cheated/getting caught lying about their past.  (I know a few people who’ve had their boyfriends stop talking to them on the phone, and then the girl goes out and they don’t see each other for a while.)

Hot girl crafting a bucket of milk in Minecraft

If you think about it, the only way you could avoid cheating from a guy would be if he was really good at seducing you and you really wanted to cheat on him, and you could cheat with the girl, but if he ever stopped trying to get you to cheat, that wouldn’t work either.  The only way he could stop taking care of you (a pretty high bar) would be if he wasn’t really

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Non pay-2-win Minecraft Network!

– Skyblock
– Anarchy/Survival
– Prisons

– Factions (Coming soon)


Survival Multiplayer

YouTubTV server Minecraft Aff = 3863

Customplugins Economy Spigot Survival


ALTGaming is a community built around Minecraft. We love to interact with new members. Hopefully, you enjoy your stay!



We strive to provide a positive survival experience with our diverse community. Join teams or towns, build an empire, explore community warps/builds, grind ranks and McMMO, or just mine all over the map. Come join us and pay the way you want to play!

– Powerful Land protection
– Silk touch Spawners
– Realistic trees
– Player warps
– Dynmap
– Discord community
– No Crates or P2W

Alloceanssurvival Skyblock Survival

CrazyBro’sTimeGarage (CBTG) – Server

This server has been a long in the making and has been redone allot. I think its ready for some players, I have all the shops working in each would the players are allowed to play in. basic survival and ocean survival world as well. I am working on a nether over world that is almost 100 custom but that is still long in the making and is not ready at this time. I also have skyblock and working on custom recipes for Skyblock so that its closer to skyfactory at this time that is turning leaves into dirt in the crafting table and more is to come. I hope we all can create cool things together and enjoy the creativity of each other. So join in and be the first to get in and started. The over world has a map house with is still a work in progress that dose 100 % random tp outside the protected area. I leave keep inventory on due to the fact you may die from the portal lol. the portal is unstable so you can ask an admin or op to kindly take you somewhere safe to build. so let have some fun and play together and remember it might start out lonely but you can help build the community that might lead to more then we ever hoped.

What is to come :

-Mini Games
-Survival Games


RaksaWorld –1.9-1.16.3– Minecraft server

Server Description✅══════ ஜ ۩۞ RaksaWorld [1.16.3] ۞۩ ஜ═════✅
For those who are tired of servers with dupes and admin panels. If this is about you, then come to us! A small calm tube server for survival. Without donation, cheats and other things. The newest version is 1.16.3! You can log in from version 1.9. Come in, we are glad to new players!
➡ IP:
➡ VK group:
➡ mcMMO, different mechanisms for your buildings!
➡ System of skills, abilities, character leveling.
➡ Own interesting achievement system with rewards!
➡ If you’re looking for fun, we have fun Parkour and Labyrinths!

Join the group to keep abreast of all events!

Survival Multiplayer

Randevucraft Minecraft server

Description of the server The server was created for comfortable survival, is constantly being improved.
Now a test is being carried out, and the development of buns.

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Anarchy Hacking Hacking Allowed Raiding Survival


pvp , anarchy , hacking
do anything raid bases play survival hack do anything.


Dragon Block: Fractured Universes

A Dragon Block C server, started 10/29/20. Punch stuff, go on adventures, have fun!



1.16.3 Community Server With Fun Plugins

We are a new and growing community who would love to make friends with new people.

Join today and be invited with a warm welcome 🙂

Corona (Covid19) Minecraft Server

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UA MC girls only server.

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Minecraft Nazi Server

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