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r9k Minecraft Server Robot9001

Shy girls absolutely love playing this Minecraft server!!! All of you need to be nice, have a chat and have fun playing this server for a friend, as a friend. This server is not a porn server but a friendly Minecraft server run by real people with real feelings.

r9k robot girl playing Minecraft with good friends while texting.

It’s easy to become a friend with shy girls when you can use your words as an escape from your emotions. If you can’t talk to them, then by all means, give them a chance. Remember to say something, even if it’s nothing.

r9k robot Minecraft girlfriends eating pizza together after a big raid on Steve's castle.

As long as you’re able to talk to them, it’s fine if they can’t listen and can’t do anything.

Don’t try to get their attention by talking directly to them. If you’re looking for them, you’ll get lost in your own thoughts.

r9k girl relaxing on a white bed before heading out to the wilderness in Minecraft.

There are two things that will help you with shy girls.

First, you need to learn how to get closer to them. Don’t give her what she wants. Instead, just give her things she wants by expressing your feelings in a pleasant way.

If she can’t get what she wants, it’s because she thinks your words have more value than hers. She needs to learn to accept what she has.

Minecraft r9k robot girls playing together in a dungeon without Steve.

Second, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

From there you can make a shy girl into your Minecraft girlfriend.

If you follow my tutorials on how to use Minecraft for sex you’ll be able to make a female sex slave at least twice as powerful as any other person in the server.

r9k girlfriend in Minecraft

That, in addition to your Minecraft girlfriends, might seem like a lot, but remember that they’re all just objects you can use and destroy whenever you like so if you use the right tools they will all have no real purpose.

And that being your best friend.

And your best friend that you never actually get off to.

I know I can’t stress this enough.

The only way to really know what will work for you is to try everything for yourself.

If this sounds complicated or overwhelming then don’t worry it is.

Kawaii Gang live
Anarchy Raiding Survival Vanilla

Escape Line

It’s not anarchy, but hacks are ok.
Well if you are looking for a server that does not ban users for hacking. You found it. Dont get me wrong there is anti cheat but you just wont get banned.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Survival Towny Vanilla

L3E Economy

Level 3 Engineers is proud to debut our 1.15.2 survival economy server!  
This server is designed to capture the the vanilla Minecraft experience and augment that experience with a fully featured economy system! When we set out to create this server, we wanted the economy to be well balanced while maintaining a level of enjoyment you’ll love! We have elected to add some quality of life plugins, such as EpicBackpacks and Ultimate Timber. Players can protect their bases with Lands!  
Our server is running on our network’s dedicated machine, which has an overclocked i7-7700K, 64GB DDR4, and NVMe SSDs in raid 0. All our servers are online 24/7. We conduct rigorous maintenance of all our servers to ensure the upmost player experience.The Overworld has been pre-generated 10K block in every direction from Spawn City.   
We have a live map of the world which anyone can view!

Join us today! IP:

Kitpvp Parkour Pixelmon Prison Skywars Survival Survival Games

JG Galaxy

Good morning, we invite you to join the server. We are developing the server, even so there is the: SKYWARS together with SURVIVAL. Totally very funny. Join us, what are you waiting for? SERVER NAME: JGGALAXY.COM (NOT PREMIUM)

Economy Factions Mini Games Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

Mortal Lands

Now hiring Staff!!! Want to apply? DM me on Discord!!! Oio980#7964
Also Subscribe to Oio980 on Youtube and Follow Oio980 on Twitch!!!



Minecraft by This is a standard Minecraft server in survival mode. All are welcome to play on this server.

Anarchy Raiding Survival Vanilla


Want a nostalgic feel of Anarchy on Minecraft? Then join TheAnarchyHub for a fun anarchy experience with your friends!

Raid some bases, build some bases, test your hacks, use your hacks in combat, travel to the world border and much much more!

Pvp Raiding Survival Games

Minion Order MOdded War Seasons

Minion Order MOdded War – Plan is keep this server small between 30 and 60 people in teams. It is a mirrored server as CreepersEdge and other friends that they play with in the original Modded War server (private). It includes 24 mods primarily Flan, HBM, and MCHeli as the major ones. We are playing Seasons in small groups with similar rules. Contact MoJuice for more information etc. Guns, Missiles, fun, raiding, content, and MUCH more.

Pve Pvp Survival


This server is Thaumcraft and all of the addons that I could find to make the mod more in depth and to realy capture the essence of medieval magic good and bad.


AGN Classic Towny

A new towny server on version 1.15.2. Hoping to bring back the glory of towny with a few changes. We have very active staff and a great community! Offering various cosmetics, a casino, server shop and many more to come.

Kitpvp Survival


Fight! Join our server for a one of a kind Kit-PvP server! Introducing Villager-Shops, Ranks, and more!

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