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Piglin Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch area is too great to be called cute. The exterior of her body is slim, and the shape of her stomach is like a beautifully crafted flower. The curves at her tiny hips are exquisitely cool, and the perfect hair is so classy that it makes one want to caress it. Although, she doesn’t just have a beautiful but small face, she has a beautiful body and great melons as well.

Freshly spawned Piglin in Minecraft near the nether portal.

I get so exited when I’m surrounded by Piglin girls with big tits and big asses. With each new Piglin I try to become more familiar with, I try to sense their personality and ability to hook up or fuck. I watch their sense of humor and approach to life. Because Minecraft is real life for me…and it can be tiring watching hours of beautiful, gorgeous Piglin be sexually abused and humiliated…and watching those who just wanna have fun ignore my pleas for sex.

Steve spilled cows milk all over peaceful Piglin triggering PvE response.

Some people think of Piglin as mindless pigzombies with big tits but ive noticed that it’s not the case.. like most Piglins, they are confused about Steve and why he chooses to kill them. Most Piglins, if you ask them straight out, will say that Steve doesn’t really need to kill them. This is one of many reasons why Piglin don’t find Steve attractive, but they still tolerate his presence and will not attack unless he is not wearing gold armor.

Listen to their goals and aspirations and never hurt piglings without a reason.

Kawaii Gang live

Voxel Mandala

A whitelisted Vanilla MineCraft server.

We strive to provide the most Vanilla MineCraft experience as possible, while running only the bare minimum of plug-ins needed to moderate and keep the usual detractors away. We love the game. We love the community.

The Mandala-doctrine demands that when the game receives a major update that significantly changes world generation, or introduces new materials, the world is destroyed and a new one (with a new seed) takes its place.

For more information and server application visit

Discord Pvp Skyblock Survival Vanilla

Arknesia Network

Arknesia is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find.
We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an active community and an active forum.

We currently offer the following gamemodes on our network:
– Vanilla with Protection Claim Land
– Survival Multiplayer Role Playing Game
– Skyblock Role Playing Game
– Bedwars Well Designed for PvP

IP Java Edition :

Discord :


Rust Valley Server

Before starting we want to tell you that our service is still under development, and we will be aware of what our community wants to share with us, we thank you in advance for all the support you decide to give us 🙂

After briefly describing what our service is about, we want to tell you in more detail about the functions we currently have:

Rust Valley is a server, which, unlike others, is a Java server that allows Bedrock users to access from their respective devices without problems. In addition, our server is paid, so it will remain open all day, every day from its launch.

Since we have just started working on the server distribution in Internet services such as, or related, our community is currently reduced, but we are working to give them the best possible service, so, in case you prefer it, you will be welcome just like all new ones

Another of the main characteristics that make our service stand out is that we are currently using and constantly working on keeping the server updated with respect to the updates and changes that Mojang makes in the Snapshots of 1.18, this means that, by default the server will start generating a terrain as if you were in 1.18, with the new generation of mountains and caves, all this using the latest official release for Java and Bedrock higher than 1.17

And well, before finishing, we want to make it clear that the server is always being updated and we apply many changes to it, so we openly recommend that you enter the Discord or WhatsApp group so that you can keep up to date with the update and changes that are made day by day on the server , in addition to being in those groups, you will have eligibility to be able to export your progress with the map changes and thus not lose your progress. You can access both groups from the servers website below. Dont forget it.

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival

SG-Network 2.0

Hi There Welcome To SG-NETWORK
This is The Only Minecraft Server To Provide 6+ Game modes + Cross play (Java + Bedrock)In India

port: 28435

Game modes We Provide:
-Survival 1
-Survival 2
-Village Defence
-TNT Run
-Murder Mestry
-SkyWars (Coming On Fall 2021)

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp


PCNetwork is a brand new mini-game server, play mini-games, earn coins, and UPGRADE YOUR PC TO THE MAX!


Creative Economy Factions Parkour Raiding Skyblock Survival


A new server created by me and my friend!

We have Skyblock, Factions, Dirt Survival and Creative! At the Hub we have gadgets to unlock and play with!
We have forums and an online shop that isn’t pay to win!
Check out Obama Gaming and Harobrane on Youtube and join today!

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Arx Frontier

Minecraft 1.17 SMP with Wythers overhauled world generator, new structures and dungeons, the Nether generation mod Incendium, specialized events and dynamically scaling world difficulty the Frontier will challenge and reward you!

Anarchy FTB Hardcore Pve Roleplay Survival Tekkit

Valhelsia 3


Economy Survival Towny Vanilla

DaBoiz MC

-Vanilla-Plugins-Economy-Dedicated Community-Big Builds-
Chill community looking to expand with more players!
The level is a large biomes map, the center being a desert.
Hard Mode, No Regen, Sleeping Percentage at 5.
Dedicated, Friendly, Regular Backups, Excellent Uptime
All that we are looking for are courteous folks Ex:(Filling creeper holes in towns, replanting trees for community farms, being generous, etc.)

Please submit a application for whitelist at
– –

Dynmap available at


Welcome to Minesaria where you can have fun in survival. server in development not 24/7 in development but Playable enters with friends and survives 🙂 Minesaria

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