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Very Smug, Smart Girls Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server where very smart girls play. Well, most smart girls.

They don’t usually talk but it was interesting hearing about how some girls with smart guys aren’t that keen to go out with them that much.

They just don’t find men with smarts interesting enough.

Very smart, smug girl flips a finger in Minecraft

I also wonder why girls don’t really go after other smart women. There is a reason for that since smart women are usually all too reluctant to spend enough cash on a boyfriend in order to move up in their field of endeavor.

In other words, if you’re not smart about it, smart women are not the best. If not, then the fact you have an interest in this stuff won’t help anyway, right?

I suppose you’re correct, in that smart women are not the best. It’s not like they want to date a guy who’s smarter than you, that’s obviously a mistake.

But let’s talk about that. There’s a reason girls like smart guys so much and why they’re happy to get them into relationships.

The reason your average girl is not so happy with smart males is because she knows that this guy will become that guy. Your average female will not date a guy with intelligence, which is why she has no interest in spending money on him.

Hardcore Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

Industrialists Vanilla

Indrustilisten is a full vanilla Minecraft server, running paper version 1.16.4. We want to make it an open world. You can build whatever you want and destroy whatever you want. The right to free speech, expression, and creativity. It’s the full vanilla experience, without all the hackers and exploiters.

What we promise is truly the next generation of Minecraft. Bringing it back to the original roots of Minecraft. We go a step further by looking into what Notch wanted for the game. There is a reason for why you can grief in Minecraft. A reason for why you can say whatever you want. A reason for why you can build what you want. A reason for all.

You can find your answer, by joining Indrustilisten today.
Indrustilisten, here for you –

Economy Factions Mcmmo Raiding Survival

The Circle MC

The Circle MC is a new faction server. We are welcoming new players to our server. We have air drops every two hours that contain loot for players to collect.

Economy Factions Mcmmo Parkour Pvp

The Bumbo

|The Bumbo| Best factions server! server supports 1.8 – 1.16.x versions!
We got Vip zone, MobArena, MCMMO and many cool features for you to check out!
Jobs, Events, Parkour and more!!! Free Vip first month!

Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Towny



ARCO: Oniric, It is a server focused on pure and challenging roleplay, with a unique and exclusive map for the enjoyment of the player who will find hundreds of challenges and adventures in the new land that awaits him. More information in our discord.

Join our discord!
Check out our trailer!

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Towny

Clippers Network

This is a new bungeecord server with a full working towny server in it.
we will be adding bedwars and other fun game modes later.
what do we got implemented?
1. an auction house
2. a shop where u can sell and buy different blocks
3. wars
4. a discord where u can put in ideas to make the server better
we are still in beta at the moment so join now and watch the server grow!

Survival Multiplayer

Spirits Of Elements Minecraft server

the server opens in test mode, people who found bugs (and reported to the administration accordingly) will receive rewards in the form of things (possibly donation).

We would like to remind you that there is a “call a friend” promotion on the server – for every 3 people invited to the server a reward is also issued.

Economy Pvp Survival

Minecraft Sandbox

Welcome to Minecraft Sandbox! Our Survival World includes Housing, Anti-Cheat, /tpa, keepInventory, and much more! If you want more details, check out the discord server!

*Server is cracked but your skins will still show.*

Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Vibin Dojo

Vibin Dojo is part of the new generation of networks. Designed around the idea that players come first. With constantly evolving ideas and new additions to keep players interested. Vibin Dojo is for the players by the players!

– Fully updated Minecraft 1.16
– Premium Grief Prevention Plugins
– In-game events
– Survival
– Integration with Discord
– Ability to claim land and leave your mark on the world
– Friendly Community


We’re constantly looking for feedback and implementing new features!

Pvp Survival Survival Games


server for gaming come and play survuavl get better at pvp gaming pvp gaming more dfhkiuefge kdjlfghdfjlkghoiuethet iufdhfgejkfhneoiugjndf , jgne5iuoh xfm,gnjvkndgkjdtgp46yjhrvjxnm,cg5iu4 yhdhgfjkbmrdtnbrd6ijyu jrdsg,ppfggildfjgrtdeapohgijaeo[g;jkfgkrfldjgkfgsdljgfo[[4esiruy

Anarchy Creative Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival


Quadcrafters-Byzantium is a semi RP server based on late Roman/Byzantine era architecture. We are looking for players who want to live and build in this style.
Looking for mature players
More information can be found on our Discord.

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Very Smug, Smart Girls Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server where very smart girls play. Well, most smart girls. They don’t usually talk but it was interesting hearing ...
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