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Very Spooky Halloween Minecraft Server

Playing Minewind with catgirls on Halloween night is my favorite past time in Minecraft. The combination of catgirls, spooky music and a cat is just going to make you feel the most giddy.

Cat girl trick or treating on Minewind spawn, defeating spookies for sweets and seasonal gear.

The first thing you’ll want to do is join a random sub server and spawn a catgirl inside of it. I suggest Moon as it’s a normal world here, though you can pick any random world you like.

Spooky witch on broom in spawn, giving debuffs to unsuspecting players.

Do not approach sexy witch girls! Even though you can go on your own, you should go with someone who is supportive, like another younger witch girl! Last time we met she was like 2 and a half years older than me and i don’t even remember her face.

Secret Halloween succubus summoned in Minecraft during the seasonal event.

Use spell or even legendary magic to summon a succubus. Since I can’t have succubi or succubus working for me all the time I’m doing the whole thing manually. This is for people who want to use the succubus for their Halloween party. A succubus is a demon who uses possession for her charms, not slavery. Spouses can use it on each other (even if they do not love each other or the succubus). It’s like the secret spellbook and I heard you can only obtain it on Halloween. The spell costs fair amount of experience, but it’s really cool to have your very own succubus so its whatever.

Kawaii Gang live
Economy Roleplay Towny

USSR Server

Russia towny server! join our discord to be able to play! in this server we play in russia! if you dont behave…. you get sent to the gulag!

Economy Survival Towny

Dog Network MC

What is Dog Network?
Dog Network was a small survival server that started in 2014 and lasted for about two years. Members from the previous server have recently reunited many former players and have decided to bring the server back! The new Dog Network will continue to be a non vanilla SMP that is welcoming to everyone.

It is a no griefing, no PVP server that caters to its community and is always looking for ways to improve!

Faction Factions Factionsneedstaff Factionsop Needstaff Needstaffnewserver Needstaffnoapplications Skyblock Skyblockserver Skyblocksurvival Smallcommunity Smp


Friendly Community and Dedicated Staff.Unique Experiences
1. Factions Survival
-Team up with friends and battle the elements as you explore three vast survival worlds for resources and adventure.

2. Skyblock [​WIP]
-Go it alone or with friends and complete Skyblock challenges as you climb the island leaderboard.

3.)A SMP Experience [​WIP]
 -Survive the world alone and with no protection, no one is safe from anyone.

Join our Discord:
Server IP:

Mcmmo Pvp Survival

Minecraft Paradise

A fair, “no pay to win” i host a fair and equal server, Survival, and a few mods like /rtp /sethome /tpa and MCMMO we have land claims all players get 50k blocks /kit “tools” “food” “claim”

Prison Skyblock

AscoraPvP, is a prison server trying to give the best for our players. Make sure to join our server and feel free to play. Join our discord at

Factions Pvp Vanilla


Welcome to GodleeCraft Enhanced Survival Factions!

This is a brand new server that focuses on having a good community to play with along with a bunch of custom plugins that make the game play more exciting!
Some Features Include:
– Admin run events
– Custom Dungeons
– Custom Mobs/Bosses
– Hidden Treasure Hideouts
And much more!

Join our Discord:

The server is constantly being updated and worked on so come enjoy the game with us!

Economy Mini Games Parkour Prison Pve Pvp Survival


Large plots 50×50
Tierfarm | Monsterfarm | Nether – Endmonsterfarm
Wood farm | Nether Endmine | Ore mine
All ranks are also playable!
Iron | Gold | Diamond | Rare Crates
High chances of winning with great prizes
NPC Shops am Spawn
ChestShop for players
Many server events like
Mobspawning, chest search etc …
Monthly raffles
Jump and Run | Labyrinth | Freefall Tower | Runs | PvP Arena
And much more…

Economy Pve Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Dragon Syndicate

The Dragon Syndicate is an ancient civilization who used to rule our world. They disappeared long ago but left towering structures in their absence. Rumor says that those ancient structures house items of mass potential. Are you up to the task of retrieving them?

The Dragon Syndicate -or more commonly known as DSC- is a survival+ server with minimal game enhancing plugins (vein miner, expbottler, claims). The server features a full economy with a spawn shop, as well as player run shops downtown at spawn. Spawn itself was handcrafted by the server’s creators.

Survive with friends or live on your own on our wonderful server. Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you all to the DSC family!



This is a 1.7-1.8 kitpvp server currently being developed join our discord or check out the twitter page @ServerNylon

Anarchy Survival



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