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Killing Villagers on Minecraft Server

Killing villagers in Minecraft brings me great pleasure. So I kill villagers in Minecraft. (Well, as much as I can kill them, because the game is so unforgiving; they will often get stuck and give me a few minutes. Then I die.) But not much kills me. I don’t

Minecraft Server for Female Incels

Most if not all incel girls have played Minewind or other Minecraft servers, and I’m sure most of them can relate to this. Minecraft has gotten so popular at schools and universities in many different countries that it sometimes fills classrooms just by itself, without even being mentioned in a

Anime Hentai Minecraft Server

I like anime, hentai and Minecraft becauseĀ ive a strong desire for “I dont care what anyone else says” and my friends and I laugh every now and then but there is little that we will ever discuss with anyone because there is so much taboo and the only place we

Bad Omen Minecraft Server

When you have bad omen in Minecraft, pillagers come out of everywhere and basically destroy you. There are so many pillagers in Minecraft and I gotta be honest with you that at times it’s easy to fall prey to their ways of getting to people and they are so persistent that

Minecraft Servers to Play on Halloween

Playing Minewind with catgirls on Halloween night is my favorite past time in Minecraft. The combination of catgirls, spooky music and a cat is just going to make you feel the most giddy. The first thing you’ll want to do is join a random sub server and spawn a catgirl

Minecraft Furry Server

Playing Minecraft with furries was an interesting experience to say the least, but the most interesting part of the server that I felt the most comfortable talking about was how it changed the way we viewed sex in the real world. Instead of just seeing a naked woman in a

Where DickGirls play Minecraft

Minewind is where the most popular dickgirls play all day. Dickgirls do exist in Minecraft and they are actually fucking awesome. But there’s also a certain type of dick-girl that is so fucking awful that I’m sick to death of them. You won’t remember the names of any of them because

Secret r9k Minecraft Server

Shy girls absolutely love playing this Minecraft server !!! All of you need to be nice, have a chat and have fun playing this server for a friend, as a friend. This server is not a porn server but a friendly Minecraft server run by real people. It’s easy to

Where girls with massagable boobs play

There is a reason why girls with massagable boobs like Minewind so much, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason they are so big may be because it’s a very good fit for them with the rest of their anatomy. The fact that girls with massagable boobs

Minecraft Server for Goth Girls

Ah, even goth girls like this notorious Minecraft server, I would love to visit. Maybe it would be fun to do a raid? There’s so many great places to come, and so many places to hide and hide in. I’ll post a list one of them in the next week.