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Minecraft Catgirls Server

Catgirls are very rare in Minecraft but on Minewind they are somewhat common. They take on a different color scheme than other female mobs (you need to have a mob talker installed) and have a very strong color scheme. They will attack any other one that gets in their way if they decide there is an opportunity for combat. They can be seen by flying through walls while using overpowered dragon head and having no other special attacks.

Catgirl in Minecraft

Minewind will appear in multiplayer games when you have an extra dimension (you can see them with one dimension map, which allows them to stay between one dimension and the next). Also they make a pretty good target during war because they can be attacked from both ends.

Their pf stats show up on most Minewind profiles and when you’re logged in, their skill changes but skull stays the same. Catgirls don’t know the concept of being satisfied with such things, so they spend a lot of time on their beds.

Blue haired cat girl relaxing on a newly crafted bed in Minecraft

Catgirls have many tricks when in battle,  there are some excellent moves as well as some very useful and effective moves,  so let’s get started.

The first of them is: Killing an Opponent in one blow using a backstabber and strength potion is actually quite good.

Part of the reason is that they will never expect it.

Catgirls using the backstabber sword technique in PvP at spawn.

If you have a strong fighting style that works for you, chances are the opponent will give up in one blow or else won’t move forward at all.  And you don’t need to move around every time you attack an enemy.  Your attack is already in place if you attack with your backstabber sword.  When you are ready to strike, start attacking at the time.

Catgirl with backstabber sword is ready to attac and protec.

Remember that you have a big 30s sword, so when it connects…  Then attack!  A good strategy is when the opponent is not attacking or when something unusual happens.  In order to be able to see exactly what the opponent is doing, it is usually better to make a prediction.  For instance, if you predict something like a god apple, take the chance and attack with succulent and dyrn to knock the opponent into one side of the wall.  If you assume a totem you will do the same when you predict it.

Now you are fighting with your own judgment.

Kawaii Gang live
Disneyland Minecraft Other Pixiemc Retnick


Welcome to Disneyland Minecraft! With completely functional rides, and 3d modeled carts!

Minecraft Moddedserver Survival

The Goon Squad

Our Website:

We are The Goon Squad. We’re a fun community that just wants to enjoy playing modded minecraft without any drama. No whitelist so come join! ^

We are currently looking for new staff to bring in new life into the server

We communicate using Discord. Use this link to join our network on Discord:
We hope to see you on our server!

~The Goon Squad

Classic Pvp Без дюпа Без лаунчера Ванильные Выживание Донат Кланы Пиратские Приват Пустые Русские Свадьбы Экономика

VladMC Classic 1.8 – 1.16.2 Minecraft server

We are a start-up project. We are planning a lot of servers on different topics, where you can have fun and relax. High-quality builds, no lags and cheaters. At the moment, the VladMC Classic server is running on which you can remember the old days of minecraft and play with your friends, but if they do not exist, then it does not matter, you can always find interesting people on the server. In the coming updates, a lot of mini games, plugins, mods and maps will be added. Also, we are always looking for good people for moderation and administration. We are waiting for new and interesting people who will help our server become better! We look forward to seeing you!

Fly Roleplay Без лаунчера Донат Креатив Пиратские Приват Русские Свадьбы

LimeMC ALL GM 1 Minecraft server

Server DescriptionLimeMC – A young project that is actively developing. We’re not some kind of school server, no.

⭐ High-quality assembly
⭐ Lamp atmosphere
⭐ Cheap donation
⭐ Good administration
⭐ Powerful hardware



MC Survival – Quests/Jobs/Ranks/More

Come check us out today to join a great community and have fun playing Minecraft survival! Join us at MC Survival!

You can connect with the ip

We look forward to seeing you soon! 🙂

Colonize Faction Pvp Tech War Worldmap

War on the Block Front

Our modpack is a war/tech based pack with HBM’s Nuclear Tech Mod, Flan’s, and Galacticraft, among others. Our official country based war server has a real Earth map and and active community. Check it out!

Technic Page:

Boats Bridges Cannons Gates Mechanics Movecraft Pirate Piratesairship Pirateship Ships Survival

PirateCraft – Pirate themed minecraft server, build working ships and cannons! 1.12.2 – 1.16.3

⚓ Connect:

⚓ Website:

⚓ Discord:

⚓ Rules:

⚓ Live Map:

⚓ Getting Started:

⚓ Detailed Guides:

About us

PirateCraft is a Pirate themed Minecraft survival server. We are a 5 year tight-knit community that’s developed over the years into a wonderful family.

Our ethos for running PirateCraft is to have a permanent map that isn’t ever Reset, builds will be kept and protected, you can disappear for 3 months and come back to carry on where you left off! We’ve had players come back after 3 years and continue where they left off!

The world doesn’t get stale, Land & abandoned claims are regenerated over time to keep it fresh and clean, players can request Claims and Land to be removed and regenerated by our Staff Team.

Staff act like police, they only intervene when asked, you are mostly left to make your own way in PirateCraft, be it Solo or an Empire. We have a rich History documented over the years on our Wiki

Getting Started

There are no hurdles to get started, spawn is small, you just need to leave it in any direction to get started.
You spawn a deckhand on a shipwreck just off the coast, where has your crew gone? Gather resources and build yourself a home to survive. Do you Build your own Empire or Join an existing one? Maybe you fight as cut-throat solo Pirate laying down your own rules!
We have an in-depth getting started guide on our website:

PirateCraft - Pirate themed minecraft server, banner


☠ Moving ships, you can design and build your own ships then sail them, no mods needed! Battle, sink and steal Pirate ships, attach our working cannons too!
☠ Build and shoot cannons!
☠ Vast Crew System
☠ Survival game play with GriefPrevention protection and siege turned on.
☠ Build custom working Portcullis gates for castles!
☠ Build working bridges for your castle moats!
☠ Ranking system, to work your way up through the ranks unlocking bigger ships and perks
☠ Custom brewing of your own grog! Custom brewing technique, age your grog in barrels!
☠ Player marketplace to rent shops and sell/buy!
☠ No mods needed! Join now at


☠ Videos
☠ Gallery (Needs a lot of photos added!)
☠ Blog of competitions & Builds of the Month are listed on the homepage

We look forward to meeting you!

116server 188server Fairy Fairysouls Hypixel Other Pets Skyblock Souls

Fzzy MC Skyblock

Fzzy MC Skyblock is a great HYP1XEL Style Skyblock server with weekly updates. With Fairy Souls and Pets added there is even more to experience. Why not come venture through the Gold mine or slay some Diamond Zombies. Supports players from 1.8.8 – 1.16

Survival Multiplayer

[PL] ExtremeOnly | MC

The only well-kept MC server in Poland:

Name: [PL] ExtremeOnly | MC
Slot: 32

What does it offer?
– Plots
– Easy Exp (Lvl)
– Nice administration
– A large map of 100,000 boxes
– Easy recruitment (On our forum)

In the future:
– We will buy an advertisement for the server
– We will extend the network

Report an error:

Creative Dutch English Other Survival


A nice small minecraft community with survival and creative.

You can join in 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.1, 1.16.2 and 1.16.3
Use /warps to go out of the spawn.

link to outdated creative spawn Hortive

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