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Exodus Gaming

Our server can be played on both Java and Bedrock and different platforms. We are at the latest updates as well 1.17.1 on Java Edition and 1.17.41 for bedrock. But for full experience on the game its much better to play on Java.

Our Server Consists of Different Features

Survival –
| We have Realistic Seasons and In game time is Pacific Time.
| Random Teleporter
| Chest Protections
| No Resets
and more~


| Lands Claiming
| Custom Enchanter
| Custom Settings
| Balanced for everyone
and more~


| Jobs
| Party System
| Custom Mobs
and more~

Economy –

| Custom Shops
| Voting / Epic / VIP / Legendary Crates
| Auction House
| In game currency
and more~

Minigames –

| Custom Casino
| Parkour
| Sky Wars
and more surprises for launch~

During Beta testing some minigame features will be disabled till launch.

You can contact us at – EXODUS DISCORD SERVER


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SurvivalCraft Network

SurvivalCraft has been around for a little more over a year now, and in that time we have created a friendly, community-driven server that welcomes all new players. Our staff-team is dedicated to make sure every player has a fun and fair playing experience. We can guarantee this by keeping the community relatively small, which in turn makes sure we are able to monitor what is going on at all times. At the moment we offer:

– Survival
– Skyblock
– Minigames (Party Games, Bed Wars, Hide and Seek and Bomberman)

We have a Discord server where we have channels for anything from memes to server suggestions. This ensures that players have a platform to have a say in the discussions.

Griefing is not allowed on the server and we will roll it back for you without you having to deal with the hassle of claiming land. This allows for a great deal of freedom while building your builds.

All your belongings are locked away from other players through LWC so you don’t have to worry about players stealing from you.

A few of the plugins that give our server it’s unique characteristics are: CoreProtect, LWC, MCMMO and SilkSpawners.

Some other features you might check in for are: vote crates, daily bonuses and the economy system.

If you’re looking for a vanilla server with a bit of spice this is the server for you.

Discord Fun Minigames

DiscordsMC Network

DiscordsMC is a network-based community aimed to connect Discord communities together through Minecraft. We manage Minecraft servers for Discord Owners that arent as familiar with running them, so you can focus on the fun.

Information about networking opportunities on our Discord.

We offer minigames, unique servers catering to various Discord communities and interests, and much more.

Partnered with PebbleHost

Minigames Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla

Block Kings 1.18

Welcome to Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliffs!

Fresh map with a 2,500,000 world border!

We are a 100 percent Vanilla Minecraft server with simple rules and a friendly staff!

Pure Vanilla – No Plugins, No Mods. Vanilla TPA, Sethome, and Home commands!
Raid/Grief and PvP allowed.
No Hacking, No Spamming, No Hate Speech.

Server is always on the latest release
Come chat with us on discord:

Bedwars Minigames Smp Survival

Mystar Isles

A Mincecraft SMP That has multiple worlds! Play Minigames and even bedwars! Choose from having a normal survival experience or choose the Nether Only survival experience what has its own dragon to defeat! Get creative in the creative world and show off your building skills! Plugins like Veinminer, ExcellentEnchants, Aurelium Skills and much more help to make the server a fun experience!

Bedwars Minigames Minijeux Parkour Party Playtowin Pvp Pvpfaction Skyblock Skywars Surivival



English >>
Minerian is a Minecraft Mini-games and pvp faction server, it brings together an active community!
English >>
Minerian is a Minecraft pvp minigames and faction server, it brings together active communities!

Come to!

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⚜️ ArsonSetups | Flame ⚜️

Welcome to Arson Setups.
This is a test server where you can test premade servers before purchasing.

Server Information:
• IP:
• Website:
• Discord:

Discord Friendly Fun Loginsystem Minigames Other Parkour

Belven Network

We’re a newly created Minecraft server with some cool minigames! We’re currently in developing mode so if you want to help us out, feel free to join the server and help us! You can create your own parkour levels if you want!

Ranking system, XP based level, Coins system all available! Cool NPCs, parkour levels! Nice well designed lobby with cool structures.

We’re also hiring for designer. Join the Discord server for more info.

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Pog Survival With Bedwars [Java|Tlauncher|Bedrock]

| 1.17.1 |Survival | BedWars | Shops | Grief Prevention | Economy | Events | Pinatas | More!|

(Java and Bedrock McPe}
Port: 19132

About McPog

Our current map was started September 2th 2021 (Season 5)

Server has been operating since 2018

When McPog was created, our goal was to capture all the best aspects of our favorite servers and find ways to capture what made them great, and improve on what they were lacking. Throughout many seasons of problem solving and optimizing as well as developing a loyal following, we bring you the best season of McPog yet.

McPog is a constantly evolving world with Bedwars, driven by its friendly community and dedicated staff team. With a 99 percent uptime since the beginning, you can rely on us to provide you with a lag-free experience time and time again.

Server Features

  • Protect your land and chests with claims, PvP is enabled outside of public warp areas•
  • Weekly/ Monthly Events with EPIC Rewards•
  • In-Game /Shop Menu for Quick and Easy Access to Blocks and Items•
  • Advanced Enchants, Unique Items, Prefix Tags and Cosmetics•
  • Pinatas, Shop, Bedwars•
  • Community

    Our player base stems not only from North America also International however all are welcome. Many people are friendly and supportive to help maintain a positive space for all. We have an active Discord server for Prime. Discord is where we give out information about the server. There you will find important announcements, active text channels and voice channels etc.

    If you Join the Minecraft server and decide to stick around, please join the


    Enhance your survival bedwars experience in the ALL NEW 1.17 map with Prime Survival! Join the Discord server to stay connected with the community!

    Prime Survival Minecraft Server

    Estonia Minigames Skyblock Skywars Survival

    Village distance MC

    Village MC is designed for friendly and nice people.

    WE HAVE:

    Etc. …

    Come join now, and get the best experience.

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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