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hype | [1.10 – 1.19] | Without vypes | Voice chat | Mini-games | Helicopters | Clans | Skill leveling!

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █HYPEGRIEF▉ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

Hi all! We will be glad to see you on our server!

Hypegrief is a griefer server with rpg, rp elements and lots of mini-games. The server has a huge number of features, for example: voice chat, professions, unique items, and so on. The main feature of the server is a unique survival without wipes, privates, with many vehicles, clans, nations, pets, weapons and voice chat. In general, a world where there are many adventures


Our social networks:
✅Fan group discord:

Address: (1.10 – 1.19+)


Main mini-games:

• Bed Wars

• hide and seek

• Murder Mystery

• sea battle

• 2048

• sapper

• 4 in a row

• Chipmunks
• parkour

• survival


Here are the advantages of the server:

■ Ability to change the skin right in the game

■ Voice chat – /audio

■ Pets – /petinfo

■ Runes

■ Unique Items

■ Crystals

■ Mob spawners

■ Clans – /c

■ Nations – /f

■ Weapons – (coming soon)

■ Weddings – /marry

■ Friends

■ Transport (airplanes, helicopters, tanks, cars, submarines, etc.)

■ Autoshaft

■ Lumberjack

■ Automatic parkour

■ PVP arena

■ Animations

■ Auctions

■ Survival without wipes

■ Donate happens instantly

■Frequent updates

■ Vulture

■ Support for almost all versions (1.10 -1.19)

■ Improve skills

■ Earning money for the time in the game

■ Pirate

■ Choice of professions


PS The server has recently opened, so if you find an error, please write to our discord.

Creative Hub Minigames Networkserver Other Survival

The Isaiahman03 Network

This server is not just a smp server we have alot of amazing and fun things such as.
Hub server where you can use cosmetics such as gadgets and play games and do parkour and more. We have alot of things such as mystery boxes.
Minigame events Participate in minigames during events to earn Gems. What are gems for exactly ? Well let me tell you! you can earn gems by playing on the server or participating in our weekly events! you can use those gems to buy ranks which gives you access to more commands and more abilities and more kits
we have claims
we even have a PVP arena
all these things listed ubove are what we have for the SMP survival server to join click the NPC
To buy ranks just do /Points store and click the bedrock and it will take you to the ranks store GUI
We have a Creative CMP server for players who want to play on creative mode
Cracked is off
No Racism/hate/discrimination
No Swearing
No Hacking
No Ban Evasion
No Staff Disrespect/Impersonation/player impersonation/Disrespect
Do Not Ask For Op you will be banned if you do
please read /rules for more info

Port: 58040
Cracked is off
There Is ViaVersion So Dont Worry about Not Bring Able to join!

Don’t worry if you get banned we have a Hacker Jail where wee keep banned players you may appeal on our discord only if you have been falsely or unfairly banned!

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2P1G Community!

Welcome to 2P1G░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

✨ Long story short, 2P1G’s minecraft server is F2P! ✨

Afterwards, it’s up to you to see if you want to read the rest of this very short description…

(I would have warned you 😶! )

💾 This server (which in fact is not one), offers new players an Ordinary gaming experience which is not really Revolutionary but it has the merit of modifying certain classic aspects of a lambda minecraft server 😏.

In this server, there is not really much choice, because the staff is really too much, enormously and irrefutably of poor QUALITY 🤖.

To start, let’s talk about the game modes:

💛Mini games, To change classic game modes offered by category “C” servers (like Croissant 🥐) Here you can either play games already implemented (like “village defense” and “bridge”). can ask what you would like to have as Mini games 😛! If the idea is liked by the community (they are nice) We can then start the work 👷‍♂️.

*(Here, all sectors of the building work hand in hand with respect for nature and animals)*

💚 Survival! But unlike other servers who want to be better than others, here *yes there* we don’t care about other servers 👩‍🔬, because the goal is not to do better but to do something innovative!

Please find attached a Large summary list of the additions that there are on this server in relation to your preferences <3:

Old combat mechanics from versions before 1.9 revisited!

World Generation Revisited!

More realistic tree felling

Greed system

Quest system!

Different professions at your disposal!

Server using Grievance Protection

Custom crafts!

Economy system

Interactive map online!

Auction house between players

Interactive shop to resell or buy specific items

Tons of new types of fish to catch with different rarities,

/trades command for safer trading between players

Collectable Spawners!

Fun Minigames Parkour Survival

Babosada Network

Welcome to Babosada Network, a small server that is making a little hole to have fun with you and your community. What are you waiting for to meet us, come in, we already have minigames, survival, parkour, etc. And here is a little spoiler they are preparing the ground 🤭

Bedrock Bedrockedition Challenge Crossplay Java Javaedition Minigames Prison

✨⏳ Azitoth ⏳✨ | Minigames | Weekly Challenges | Leaderboards | Challenge your friends


Azitoth golden text with a purple vortex behind it and various Minecraft items being sucked in

Version: 1.14 – 1.19
Discord: Link

Step into the exciting world of Azitoth, where you can test your skills with our challenging monthly events to earn unique rewards and cosmetics! But be prepared: if you fall short, you’ll be sent to the prison where you’ll have to work hard to earn another chance to claim your victory. Join us and see if you have what it takes to become a champion!

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Toxel Lodge Pixelmon

A hand-built world recreating the rpg you know and love with additional content, quests, crates, and more.

Hosted by:

FoxesVenom (
CactusKai (

Discord: [url=(Link removed)][/url]

Toxel Lodge Pixelmon Minecraft Server

Apes Australia Australian Australianhosted Minigames Minigamesserver New Pvp Pvparena Server Shop Skywars Spleef Splegg Survival



APES MC is an Australian based Minecraft server that is run by an active team.
we have spent the last week building this server and are excited to release for everyone 🙂
come and say hi and play some minigames with us.

This server includes:

– Basic Survival (Including Helpful Features).
– Bedwars
– Economy system including (shops and auctions)
– Crates for those who wanna have a little extra excitement
– PVP Arena and Bosses

Discord For Everything:

Bedrock Java Minigames Proximitychat Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Voicechat

The Vuce


Play Kingdom Survival and many other games coming soon! You can join using the latest Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition by using the IP-address .

Website and forum:

Australia Buildbattle Creative Economy Family Friendly Fun Hardcore Jobs Kids Minigames Mobhunting Murdermystery Parkour Prison Pve Economy Safe Skyblock Skygrid Slimefun Survival

Addstar MC | Australian | Survival (SlimeFun), Skyblock, Skygrid, Minigames, Prison, Creative and more!

If you are looking for a fun survival server with a friendly player community, look no further!

Our server is designed to be a kid/family friendly and fun environment for everyone! We have a small friendly community of players and we strongly promote respect for all players. All player builds/homes are protected by Grief Prevention and we are able to easily “rollback” any griefing reported by our users. We also have chat censoring to protect against swearing. Our friendly staff are always willing to help you out or happy to just have a chat if you’re bored!


  • Safe Kid/Family friendly environment, heavily moderated.
  • Survival PVE world (with Nether)
  • Regular building competitions, with rewards!
  • Fun games with rewards (Spleef, Parkour, CTF, PVP games, Chess, Archery, Connect 4, etc)
  • Fully automated Survival Games
  • Incredible Prison server with bonuses, hidden secrets and challenges
  • Original SkyBlock with multiplayer teams.
  • Economy with Item/Enchantment Shops
  • LWC protection (chests, doors, dispensers, etc)
  • NO PVP,except in PVP designated areas and games.
  • Hack/cheat detection – Cheaters are not welcome here!
  • Server IP:

    Website: NotesThis server is designed to be a kid/family friendly and fun environment for everyone! We have a small friendly community of players and we strongly promote respect for all players.

    Custom Customplugins Economy Espanol Espaol Gapplepvp Hardcore Kitpvp Live Minigames Potpvp Rpg Sky Skylive Soul Spanish Survival Uhc


    A new Ultra Hardcore Survival experience… Do you have the courage?
    Pick a starting difficulty and prove yourself! When will your first death be…?


  • UNIQUE difficulty and progress system! Accumulate SOULS by defeating enemies WITHOUT DIEING…
  • OWN plugins, DIFFICULT enemies and with PROGRESS, IMPROVEMENT systems…
  • NO BAN death penalties: UHC mode, the ETERNAL STORM, CORRUPTED world, LUNAR ECLIPSE…
  • AMAZING worlds, HIDDEN powers, MINIGAMES, and more COMING SOON!
  • UNIQUE Items: like the ETERNAL STONE, it will restore your INVENTORY upon DIE!
  • Recommended version: 1.19 + Also playable in Console and Phone version! (BEDROCK edition)
  • Join us at!
    Active and friendly Spanish-speaking community, hackers and inappropriate behavior will be punished. Safe for everyone!