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CraftDev | The one and only!

Your creative and minigames online server. We offer you minigames like Cores and TTT. And creative games like CityBuild or SMP. We hope you have a great experience!

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NosUnumSumus Survival

We aim to provide the best Minecraft experience possible for our community. At NosUnumSumus we pride ourselves in being user-friendly. Come check us out, visit our Discord and maybe you’ll like it here.

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ShineRanch () Survival – MiniGames – Hardcore. Minecraft server

Server owner “ShineRanch Survival – MiniGames – Hardcore.” hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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A German Minecraft server called Endermoon.

What’s up:
-Survival Multiplayer
-Kit PvP
and much more in the future 😀

Unser DC:
Paste the link later

Unser YT:

Unser TeamSpeak:

— More of me (Bonso08) —
Deutsche Minecraft Discord


Joint We’ll try to do some events and videos too 😉

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This the start of a Prison Server that will not fail to impress. The start of exploring ideas past just mindlessly mining blocks. This is Najee Prisons. A custom Prison Server featuring so many wonderful features one could sit here forever describing them. Offering a variety of activities other than Prison such as, Custom Pets, Mob Arenas, Wave-Based (pve fights), custom enchants, exploding rewards for certain actions, Upgradeable Kits, and a non pay to win friendly environment ready to welcome you! Of course we can sit here all day and give you reasons to join but you read enough. Stop right on by and give a try yourself 😀

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Banglamines Network

Banglamines Network

Welcome to Banglamines Network, an immersive Minecraft server that offers a rich variety of gameplay modes and a vibrant community, providing endless adventures for players of all levels of expertise. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through our interconnected worlds, where excitement awaits around every corner.

Step into a realm of possibilities as you explore the diverse gameplay modes on Banglamines Network. In Survival mode, test your survival skills by gathering resources, building shelters, and facing off against challenging mobs. Unleash your creativity in Creative mode, where you have access to unlimited blocks and tools to construct awe-inspiring structures and showcase your imagination.

For those seeking competitive thrills, our PvP arenas provide exhilarating battles and strategic gameplay. Engage in intense combat, participate in team-based matches, and prove your skills against formidable opponents. And when youre looking for some lighthearted fun, our collection of captivating minigames, such as parkour and racing, will keep you entertained and engaged.

Beyond the gameplay, BanglaMines Network boasts a dynamic economy that allows you to trade resources, acquire valuable items, and establish prosperous businesses. Whether you excel in farming, mining, or crafting rare items, our economy system provides ample opportunities to thrive and succeed.

Our server prides itself on fostering a welcoming and supportive community. Join a diverse player base from around the globe, make new friends, and engage in lively discussions. Our dedicated staff members are always available to provide assistance, ensure fair gameplay, and organize exciting community events.

Join Banglamines Network today and embark on an unparalleled Minecraft adventure. With limitless possibilities, a vibrant community, and thrilling gameplay modes, youll find a home where your creativity and gaming skills can flourish. The journey awaits you—see you in-game.

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Clubkhmer is a Minecraft server network that allows you to have fun in a collection of minigames with players, especially from Cambodia.

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Apex Games! – Survival Games & One In The Battle –

Welcome to Apex Games!

Welcome to Apex Games! A Brand new 1.19.2 Minecraft PVP Minigames server where you can play Survival Games on custom maps or you can play various One In The Battle game modes! We also have various kits that can be purchased in game by earning Coins while playing One In The Battle or Survival Games!

Currently we have 3 Survival games maps, The Mines, Sky Trees, and Snowy Peaks with one more map near completion and 2 currently in development.
As well One In The Battle has 2 completed custom maps, Spawn, and The Prison with 2 more currently in development!

So come check out Apex Games and try your luck in a round of survival games or see if you have what it takes to become the champion of One In The Battle! Maybe check out my personal favorite game mode, Zombies where you have to fight off wave after wave of zombies!

We are planning on adding more minigames soon!

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Finmine is a small, welcoming Vanilla Minecraft Server created in 2011. Want to meet new people and join a close-knit community? Look no further. While our player base is large, our server is never too crowded. The perfect environment for players who find larger servers overwhelming.

What we offer:
– Vanilla Survival + Economy, Jobs, & Player Warps
– 2 Creative Worlds
– Minigames
– Discord Community + Game Nights & Events
– Dedicated Staff

Come & join the fun. We hope to see you soon.

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KSU Esports MC

Version: Java & Bedrock 1.19.4
IP: (For Bedrock use port 25565)

We’re a collegiate server officially sponsored by Kennesaw State University through our Esports Program. We’re mainly a vanilla+ survival server, but we also have a creative world and minigames, such as spleef, PvP, and more to come! You don’t have to be affiliated with KSU in any way, non-students are welcome.

Our Discord: