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NationMC Earth [SMP][PVE]{Towny}{McMMO}{Earth Map}{Vehicles}{Armory}{1.19.4}{1.16.4}

NationMC is a custom Earth world designed to create towns
within nations around the globe! Invite your friends to
collaborate in a real world location navigating around the world!

Server IP:

» /Help & /Menu (all custom features)
» Earth Map
» Towns & Nations
» Land Claiming
» Free Voter Ranks
» Custom Enchants
» Guns
» Drugs
» Vehicles
» Casino
» Marketplace
» Chest Shops
» Player Warps
» Stackable Spawners
» Random Teleport
» Fishing Tournaments
» Daily Rewards
» Seasons
» Quests
» Skills
» Custom Heads
» Player Tags
» Anti-cheat
» Friendly staff
» Hosted on the US East Coast

Server IP:



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Jericho Network

Welcome to our SMP server! We offer a fun and engaging Minecraft experience with 24/7 uptime, so you can play whenever you want. Our server is perfect for players who enjoy survival mode and want to build and explore with others. We have a friendly and active community, and our staff is always available to help you with any questions or issues you may have.
Our server features a variety of plugins to enhance your gameplay, including economy, land claiming, and more. We also have regular events and challenges to keep things interesting and give you a chance to win prizes. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player or just starting out, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on our server.
To join our community, simply connect to our server using the IP address provided. We look forward to seeing you in-game!

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Suntown Farms

Suntown Farms is another survival game but with its own customization and creativity. We strive to provide a healthy gameplay where everyone is treated equal and to grow larger slowly with the help of our community.

We are a fresh server but the available gamemode we provide is:

– Survival (Land Claiming).

All claims are grief-protected and server rules are heavily imposed to keep a safe and happy environment.

Things to know before you join the server:

We do not allow gamebreaking farms. We wanted everyone to work hard or to depend of their own luck to get to the top of the leaderboards!

The in-game prices will be heavily adjusted from time to time to keep the economy running, to make players go all out in earning money, and to make trading active!

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JaxCraft 5.0 | By Jaxiom Creations


JaxCraft is a small community Minecraft Server focused mainly on Survival, Creative, and Minigames. We also preserve old worlds in a ‘Legacy state’ so none of your hard work disappears over the years. There are various other ways to play on JaxCraft but these are the main ones. JaxCraft 5.0 also supports Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

JaxCraft has a wide variety of plugins ranging from land claiming and security, to creative plots and support for other editions of Minecraft. The most notable plugins JaxCraft has are; The EssentialsX Suite, GriefPrevention, MCMMO, Geyser-MC, Spartan Anti-Cheat, and PlotSquared creative plots.


We refer to our Survival world as an ‘Enhanced Survival Experience’. This is because our server is not pure vanilla and has several plugins for ease of use that do not affect gameplay at its core. This includes plugins like the EssentialsX Suite or GriefPrevention land claiming. The server also features the interactive map plugin, dynmap. This is primarily used for Survival however you can see the creative world and all Survival worlds prior to the current one.

Our Creative world is a Creative Plots world. What this means is that the entire flatland world is divided up in infinite 64×64 squares or ‘plots’. Players can claim these plots and build in them and only users in which that player has trusted can modify or change things about the plots or builds within them.

The Minigames we have on our server are just a port of a Jaxiom Creations team map called Minigame Madness. Minigame Madness offers 12 different reusable command block based minigames that range from PVP last person standing games to team objective games. When playing these games the main server will forward you to a smaller subserver as to not interfere with the Survival and Creative gameplay.

Legacy Status is essentially when we retire a Survival world and lock it to adventure mode when a major Minecraft update comes out. We typically retire each Survival world once a year when Minecraft gets an update but on occasion we will create what we call a ‘buffer world’. A ‘buffer world’ is when Minecraft has not received a major update in a long time and an update is not immediately on the horizon but players are wanting a new world. This world will be created on the same version as the world prior to it just so players can continue to use the server. When the buffer world is created the Survival world before it will be set to legacy status. When a world enters legacy status it is permanently locked to adventure mode as to preserve all original builds. Special permissions are also added that allow the players to enter spectator mode when in these worlds to visit old locations easier. All legacy worlds continue to be available for viewing on the dynmap.

JaxCraft has a wide variety of plugins ranging from land claiming and security, to creative plots and support for other editions of Minecraft. The most notable plugins JaxCraft has are; The EssentialsX Suite, GriefPrevention, MCMMO, Geyser-MC, Spartan Anti-Cheat, and PlotSquared creative plots.

For when you’re not playing on the server but still want to interact with the community, JaxCraft does have a discord to join. To participate you do have do complete a reaction verification under #rules to acknowledge that you have read and seen them. In summary the rules come out to “Be respectful and don’t be offensive”. We are very proud of our server and we would like to keep the community non-toxic.

Dynmap is a plugin installed to the Enhanced Survival Server. You may view the map by visiting this link.

Operations Note:
JaxCraft has changed from a server ready for and encouraging a large player base, to a small community server. The server has been recreated from the ground up in a way that better reflects this operating model. We will continue to accept new members to our community but we will no longer be updating or advertising the existence of JaxCraft. All currently published media will remain live but will become further outdated with time. Thank you for your consideration.

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Astracraft, UK server with Land Claiming, Survival +, Jobs, 1000+ Quests and more!

Since 2013 Astracraft has gained a loyal following of dedicated people that we just love to call our friends on AstraCraft, we are very different to the main stream servers for one simple fact…. we talk to you and you can talk back! we dont just mute players or troll them! we have a friendly team of adult admins who look after players every need!

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Kick Community MC Server

If you love Minecraft and want to join a friendly and fun community, you should check out our server! We have tons of plugins that enhance your gameplay, such as EssentialsX, Multiverse-Core, LuckPerms, and ViaVersion. You can explore different worlds, customize your ranks, use cool commands, and play with any version of Minecraft. Our server is also very stable and lag-free, thanks to our generous donors who help us keep it running smoothly. Come and join us today!

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AetherTale | BRAND NEW SMP | Custom items, enchantments & mobs! | LAND CLAIMING | PvE (+ PvP World) | Looking for staff!
Join a fresh and new community on a good qualiy Survival Server!
We offer a good and stable economy, clans, claiming, quests, custom enchantments, items, spawners, and much more!
But most importantly, NO P2W, all our ranks can be unlocked thourgh in-game currency + playtime!
Give our server a try! You will LOVE IT!!!
Lots of NEW content added recently!

1.19.4 Additional Claiming Design Economy Edition Edm Enchanted Exciting Java Edition Minecraft Adventure Regular Survival Version 1.19 Welcoming


EnchantedMC is a survival-based Minecraft server designed for players using the Java Edition version 1.19.4. Our server features an economy system with jobs, quests, and more to keep players engaged and motivated. We have a friendly and welcoming community that values inclusivity and positivity. Additionally, we have a claiming system in place to protect players’ builds and prevent griefing. We also conduct regular fun events and activities to keep things fresh and exciting. Come join us on our Minecraft adventure and experience EnchantedMC for yourself!

1.19.4 Anti-grief Claiming Forum Game Play Land Claims Landclaim Remo Rps Shops Smp Survival Twist Warps Welcoming

ShantyCraft | 1.19.4 | Survival | Land Claims | Player Shops

⚔️ ShantyCraft ⚔️

1.19.4 | Survival | Economy | Shops | Warps | Land Claims
Welcome to ShantyCraft! ShantyCraft is a new and welcoming survival server
running on 1.19.4! We have mostly vanilla style game play with a few
twists for a better experience. This includes a growing economy, player
owned shops and warps, and anti-griefing by claiming land. Come check
out our community today!
Play Now at

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BeelandMc | New Server!

BeelandMc is a new survival adventure, join now and play alongside other active players with the Lands claiming system and other grief prevention measures!