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FoxWorld Minecraft server

Greetings, traveler!
FoxWorld is a private vanilla server with a high-quality approach to development and feedback. The project is based on construction, but the recently launched third season is increasingly taking on elements of RP.
Our goal is to create a unique project where every player can have fun.

In order to start playing, you need to go through a simple verification in our Discord community.
❤ We look forward to seeing you on our server, dear traveler.

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Log Horizon

Play in an open world where you have to mine, craft, and hunt for resources to expand your territory as the king of an emperor and rule over the great world of survival. This Minecraft has crates, kits, ranks, a casino, bosses, and a lot more. What are you waiting for? Join now, and do invite your friends too.

Version: 1.8 – 1.20
Cracked: Allow

Free Fun

✅ReallyWorld✅FREE DONATION/FREE✅PETS/PETS✅ Minecraft server


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  • Welcome to the Cloud-SMP server.
  • A super unique SMP experience. With custom GUI’s everywhere. Custom armor & tools.
  • It is a very well made server.
  • Server IP:
  • Bedrock Server IP:
  • Our Discord Server: Discord
  • **💎1.19-1.20.**1
  • 🌳24/7 Uptime // Support!
  • ♦ Bedrock Cross-Play.
  • 💰Player-driven Economy.
  • 🧊Crates.
  • 🌍Located in Europe & US.
  • 🤝Great staff and support!
  • We hope to see you on the server soon!

    Factions Fun New Pvp Survival

    Welcome to CraftMC.US, your ultimate Minecraft Faction Server where adventure knows no bounds! Immerse yourself in a dynamic and thrilling multiplayer experience that combines the classic appeal of Factions with the excitement of quests and the depth of skill progression.

    Factions Fun Skyblock Survival Vanilla

    Cwoare Network

    Cwoare started in 2014, as a survival server then changed into a Network named Cwoare Network. We aim for a great community and fun.

    We currently offer the following game modes to our community:
    – Survival
    – Factions
    – Skyblock
    – Vanilla

    Discord Dungeons Fun Pvp Shops Survival

    MinePub SMP – Java & Bedrock

    Looking for an amazing Minecraft adventure? Join our top-rated, survival-focused server thats running on Minecraft 1.20.
    Weve got everything you need to experience a one-of-a-kind open-world experience, full of fun, exploration, and challenging gameplay. With our dedicated community of players, youll always have something new to look forward to, as we constantly add new features and content based on your feedback and suggestions.
    Come and explore our world, make valuable connections with other players, and enjoy the best Minecraft experience around.

    At and (port 19132), we offer a variety of features that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

    On both servers, youll be able to participate in thrilling PVP and PVE battles, where you can compete against other players or work with them to defeat enemies and protect your base.

    For those who love adventure, our servers also offer exciting Dungeons where you can explore, fight bosses, and solve puzzles with your friends.

    If youre looking for opportunities to earn in-game currency or advance your rank, we have multiple Jobs to choose from. You can even create your own shop and sell items to other players.

    Our servers have a small but active community of players who enjoy Minecraft every day. By joining us, youll be part of a group thats always up for a challenge and eager to make new friends.

    🎉 So what are you waiting for? Join us today and discover the incredible world of Minecraft. ⛏️🌎🧱



    Server owner “al elAIRlGRIEF c. – .al “NATTLES HAVE OPENED” “THE BEST NECK SERVER” “NECK WITH PISTONS” hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

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    VictusNetwork – Your Minecraft Haven | Survival | Creative

    Welcome to VictusNetwork – Unleash the Adventure!

    🚀 Version: 1.20.2
    🎮 Gamemodes: Survival and Creative

    At VictusNetwork, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate Minecraft experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a creative genius, our server offers a unique blend of Survival and Creative modes to cater to your every Minecraft desire.

    🌐 Connect with Us:

  • Twitter: @VictusNetwork
  • TikTok: VictusNetwork
  • ✨ Server Features:

  • Version 1.20.2 support for the latest content
  • Engaging and challenging Survival mode
  • Creative mode for unleashing your imagination
  • Constant updates and improvements for an ever-evolving world
  • Ambitious team dedicated to the best player experience
  • 🛠️ We’re Hiring!
    As we gear up for our grand opening, VictusNetwork is actively seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our staff. If you have a love for Minecraft and want to be part of a growing community, apply today!

    🌐 Server IP: play.victusnetwork

    🎉 Join the Adventure!
    VictusNetwork is not just a server; it’s a community of players who share the love for Minecraft. Join us on our journey to create something extraordinary. The adventure begins soon – stay tuned!

    Factions Fun Nations Survival Towny

    Towny Middle School

    Towny SMP this is a towny server which means you can claim areas and make mulitple towns and even nations.

    Towny server in Minecraft is a type of multiplayer server that uses the Towny plugin. Towny is a popular plugin that allows players to create and manage towns within the Minecraft world. In a Towny server, players can form their own towns, invite other players to join them, and work together to build and expand their communities.

    The plugin provides features like town protection, where only town members can build or break blocks within the town’s borders. It also allows for the creation of nations, which are groups of towns that can form alliances and engage in more extensive cooperation.

    Towny servers often have a dynamic economy, as towns can trade resources, and players may choose different roles within the town, such as mayor or resident. The plugin adds a layer of strategy and collaboration to the usual Minecraft multiplayer experience.