Fun Parkour Pvp Survival Survive

OltraHorizon [1.8-1.16.3] Minecraft server

OltraHorizon server developers have developed a good Survival server. Here you can survive, go to the PvP arena, arrange weddings, create clans, just have fun.

the server contains:






King of the hill

2 Pvp arenas

2 Views of parkour

And much more

Crates Economy Fun Pvp

Luxily Network

–Ore Gen
– Quests
– PVP, with monetary rewards for top kills every month.
– Crates
– A fully developed economy
– MobCoins
– Island building competitions with REWARDS
– and a fun time.


LooDex – Ludex Minecraft server

The server is a work of art that ordinary users have worked on, ordinary players have made a server so that anyone can play on it. Do you know what this means? And the fact that the server is completely thought out for a convenient and exciting game! Everything is done to make it clear for a beginner and have fun for a professional MineCraft. The mechanics of the game are worked out to the smallest detail to completely immerse yourself in the taste of competition with other players and feel the keen sense of victory! Take victorious places on the LooDex server, show what YOU are capable of! : D

Fun Survival

VelikiiEvgenius world Minecraft server

The server was created for fun. There is absolutely nothing on it, only harsh survival in the world of ordinary minecraft. Well, there is also a private here. And also a small but beautiful spawn. All.

Fun Vanilla

Altimeyt Minecraft server

On this server you can do whatever you want, because this is a vanilla RP server, well, almost. There are data packs on the server, namely BlazeandCave’s Advancements Pack and RPG Loot. These data packs add a bit of fun to a simple game. The administration on the server is almost constant and will help if something happens.

Discord Fun

MORTIS | Hardcore SMP |

Our server was started on Sunday 27th December, making it about 2.5 months old.

We only have a couple of members in full Netherite and weve not yet finished building the spawn, so the server is very fresh, plenty of time to catch up and become one of the top players.

We are also rocking a dynmap if you ever find yourself in a pinch and/or lost :

Our community is incredibly friendly and inclusive, with people of many varying timezones. We have pronoun roles, a timezone bot, we even have a couple of forgiven cheaters. Dont worry, Im keeping an eye on them

We built a new shopping district at spawn for everyone to sell their goods, more in the #shopping-district channel on discord.

Our discord :
Our forum post :

Once you join the discord server, we ask you to be polite and refer to the #how-to-apply channel.

Fun Survival Vanilla

FinePlace server Minecraft


Do you dream of playing on a Minecraft server with a kind and responsive administration? Tired of servers with / gm, / fly? Then come to us! Almost vanilla survival. Fight, earn money, build cities, fight other players. We will be glad to see you!

IP: | Version: 1.16.3

Discord Fun Shops Survival

IUGUWSIO.FUN Minecraft server

IUGUWSIO.FUN – A new world of your fantasies. Start playing in a new way!

We are ready to present you the most comfortable game on our

Minecraft server.

New generation.

A completely new generation of the world on our server! These are the most beautiful landscapes

which you find in the game, build whatever you have in mind, implement your



Play with your friends or find new ones to make survival as fun as possible!

Use our discord server to chat and find new acquaintances. Distance –

not the limit.

Protection of territories.

Like many other servers, you can defend your territory from others

players who cannot break what is yours!


Do you want to sell unnecessary things and make money? There are shares on our server,

which allow you to trade with other players.

The shops.

Are you dreaming of creating your own store? It’s possible! Create and advertise your store on

our server.

We try to make privileges on the server such that they do not give strong advantages

among other players.


Our group in VK:

Our Discord:


QuazeCraft server Minecraft

Small minecraft server. You can log in from version 1.8x – 1.8.9x versions higher than 1.8.9 are not supported. There are very cheap privileges here and this is a vulture server ._ .. Come in have fun

Anarchy Discord Fun Plugins Pvp Survival

sqCraft server Minecraft

sqCraft – new anarchic minecraft server! Available from version 1.8! The server will not let you get bored, because there is a lot to do! Numerous quests will give you the opportunity to enjoy not only from completing them, but also from receiving pleasant bonuses, including both the regular server currency and donate currency, and smart merchants will certainly offer you a large assortment of game items for every taste and color! The server has a convenient menu for easy navigation, everything is simple and clear. There is a system of referrals, invite friends and get donate currency and a key to the case together. A large number of convenient plugins, fixes for fair PVP, adaptation of the server to the style of anarchy! You can also look at the map of the server on the site and find yourself a beautiful place, or find your neighbors! Convenient plugin for cases like in CS: GO. On the server, the vulture, dynamite, wizers, fireballs are allowed, the PVP mode is enabled in private, everything for a fun REAL survival! Found someone spoiling the fun with cheats? No problem! The / report command will help you punish the cheater promptly! The responsive administration assists in solving problems, as well as gives advice!

We have a VK group and a DISCORD server, join us!

Our DS:

Our VK:

Our IP:

Server map:

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