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Happyjump’s Server

We are a 1.16.1 Minecraft survival server fitted with a server shop so players can sell unwanted or expressive items to make money to buy desired items (Yes diamonds) Work together or go solo to be the strongest player on the server. We also have 2 Parkour arenas ready for players who are bored and want a break from survival with the in game command /Warp Parkour.
Warp list: /Warp Shop /Warp Parkour /Spawn
Players can use the /Set Home command and also the /Home command to never lose your house.

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Dark Purple — IP:

Hello and welcome to Dark Purple!


Here at Dark Purple, we strive to make sure every player is satisfied with the content we put out. Currently we only offer survival, but we plan on expanding to additional gamemodes for our players to enjoy soon!

We value each of our players so in order to ensure everyone is happy we have a dedicated staff team to help moderate, develop, and build for our server! We are currently accepting new applications so if you are interested feel free to apply on our linked website.

Our server currently supports Minecraft 1.15.2 and offers a lot of content for our players to enjoy. From crates to ranks with awesome perks to use, to pvp arenas, our server has something for everyone to enjoy while playing survival. We pride ourselves on the community we’ve grown and we’d love to have you join us!

We hope to see you around and thank you in advance if you vote for our server!

Join our Discord server at:

– The Dark Purple Staff Team

Adventure Enjoyable Fun Survival Venture

Dream Craft

Best minecraft survival experience you will get πŸ™‚
Free rewards upon joining

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MC iji

~ Legit vanilla
~ Plugins
~ TPAs
~ Rules: No Hacking/Spamming/Advertising. Be Respectful.
~ Survival Only
~ Active/Helpful Staff
~ Website forums

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Free Fun Survival Towny


AppleRealms Towny Earth.
New IP:

AppleRealms Towny Earth is a Survival Server with a focus on Towns and the planet Earth. We are a friendly community, always helping each other out and having a whole lot of fun on the way. We cant wait to meet you.

– Custom Fishing.
– Set up towns and become wealthy.
– The map replicates the Earth.
– mcMMO
– Free lottery draw every thirty minutes.
– Auction House to sell items.
– Tree felling. Chop down entire trees with one hit and find rare loot.
– Resource worlds that reset every 30 days to protect the natural beauty of the Earths Landscape.
– Earn money by joining jobs.
– Vote daily to earn rewards in game.
– And more… Join to find out.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Discord Economy Free Fun Plugins Towny

The Clash

The Clash specializes in community driven, fun town experience that will for sure leave you wanting more.
1.7 – 1.15.2 SUPPORTED.

β€’ Custom Biomes
β€’ Custom Enchants
β€’ Balanced Economy
β€’ Growing Community
β€’ McMMo
β€’ Free FLY
β€’ Custom Plugins

Fun Funserver Other Server Skyblock


This server is skyblock SMP coming soon Owner will be online for 2 hours and chat with new players maybe afk sometimes. Admins will be on for 5 hours or less and will chat maybe afk sometimes.

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EscapeRestart | Creative | SMP | PvP | Lava Survival | Unique Gamemodes

EscapeRestart | Creative | SMP | PvP | Lava Survival | Unique Gamemodes


EscapeRestart is a premier Minecraft Community dating back to 2009, originally being called TheOnes/Blocktopia. While we have shifted to a general gaming community, we still aim to provide unique premium minecraft game servers that aren’t revolved around P2W.

Join us now on our forums, discord, or servers and interact with tons of players from all over the world! Not only do we offer Minecraft services, but we host even gameservers, mafia forum games, and more!






SimpleSMP (Survival)

Welcome to SimpleSMP. This is our brand new SMP server, with a ton of tweaks and QOL additions to make vanilla Minecraft a new experience. If you have been itching for a great survival server, this one is definitely for you. Some features include:

  • Dynmap
  • Custom Recipes
  • Ranking System
  • Player Shops
  • New 1.16.1 Features
  • & much more!
  • Make sure to come check out the new server for yourself to explore all the wonderful and cool things you can do!

    Rituals of Fire (Lava Survival)


    Escape the waves of lava and build a beautiful house to protect yourself!Ever played Classic Lava? No? Well come join Rituals of Fire and experience what Lava Survival really means! Earn cookies for surviving the round and use them to rank up or buy other items! Enjoy the many player-made maps by the EscapeRestart Community and feel free to submit one yourself! Come join. Have fun. Survive!
    Blocktopia (Creative)

    Tired of those Creative servers that require you to vote in order to use WorldEdit and only for an hour?! Then join Blocktopia where WorldEdit is free for everyone! Flex your creative imagination and build to your heart’s desire then rank up to enjoy larger plots and more perks. Create. Destroy. Repeat!

    Ranks & Basic Benefits
    Army of Darkness (Zombie | CTF | Infection | FFA | MOB | TNT)

    Four different game modes:

  • Zombie – A remake of the hunter / survival game type which AoD consisted of.
  • CTF – A fast paced capture the flag shooter- use guns and weapons to take out the enemy!
  • Infection – A remake of the Infection server, where one hunter tries to β€œtag” the humans by touching them.
  • FFA – A free for all short round experience, where players fight it out against each other with balanced kits.
  • Mob – Fight waves of Mobs that spawn and aim to survive as long as possible!
  • TNT – Defend your team’s Core and obliterate the opposing team!
  • Shop System / Ranks / Maps

  • Use Tokens to buy Cosmetic Items.
  • Each GameMode comes with their own Shop System.
  • Gain Experience points to rank up.
  • Original maps from TnT, AoD and infection.
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    HotSpot Gaming

    Here at Hotspot gaming you’ll find a nice small growing community all wanting to have fun we run
    Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2 on minecraft version 1.12.2 using the Technic launcher looking for more people to join our server but thats not all we do =]

    for those just wanting a good nosy we have a page setup on facebook peek your curiosity the facebook page
    we’ll keep any updates on there for anything we do and any updates we make to the server

    to get onto this you need the Techniclauncher which you can grab over
    look for Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2 boot up and join as normal πŸ™‚

    For those interested we run a Discord server although this is still new the invite link
    all welcome to come join us on there you will find somebody on most times that includes members and admins
    day and also night =] as we play a variety of games not just one.

    like most servers we have a few basic rules don’t worry
    (pick outs the encyclopedia j/ks)

    These are the rules for the server please follow these. by logging into and staying on our server you agree to follow them.

    – Rule 1: NO GRIEFING goes without saying anybody caught greifing will bypass the 3 stage system and get banned

    – Rule 2: I’d like to keep chat as clean as you can, that doesn’t rule out swearing sometimes that just happens but i mean excessive swearing you will get warned for

    – Rule 3: please don’t ask for members of staff to spawn items they’re not going to and begging will get you a warning

    – Rule 4: please respect other players everyone come to the server to have fun so be nice it helps

    – Rule 5: PVP is allowed but no over kill dudes that’s just not fun

    – Rule 6: NO STEALING its just wrong i will temp ban if i catch you

    – Rule 7: PLEASE don’t beg for higher ranks ill just ignore you and if you irritate with it i will kick and that’s a warning

    these are the rules as they stand, if they get updated as the server progresses i will update them here and give updates on the server
    Additional NotesPixelmon Reforged 8.0.2 – Minecraft 1.12.2 – 50 Slots – Greifprevention – Technic – Fun – Friendly – Community – Facebook – Discord

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    Dedicated 24/7 Survival server with 12Gb Ram > SSD > Latest Paper- Spigot Builds!

    Want a server thats quiet but has high volume server quality? Welcome to KingBoyz! Our dedicated staff and state of the art hardware provides the unique experience you and your fellow minecrafters have been looking for in a survival server! At KingBoyz we strive to provide as close to vanilla experience with the added benefit of anti-griefing protection, custom kits and gear, mini-games, quests and much much more! We like it nice and simple at KingBoyz! – No crazy colored names overloading chats – No 50 million tags/ranks – No underage immature staff members – No plugins that take weeks to learn commands. Simple to learn simple to love! As for Ranks they’re FREE! Ranks and higher commands are earned through time played!


    Custom Quests/Dungeons
    Mini Games
    Player Controlled Economy
    Custom Gear
    Custom Kits
    Free Ranks
    Mall with 300+ items (Buy/Sell)
    Advanced Anit-Griefing System
    Friendly Professional Staff
    No Stupid Rules

    Bring your friends! Create an Empire! Join our growing community and call the KingBoyz Server home!

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