Fun Pvp Survival Vanilla

Mine Chill Server Minecraft server

A simple server for playing chill, no neck and pvp

The most vanilla survival!

Come on it will be fun!

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Funny Events

Hosting an event just for fun in minecraft. Please join so we can have fun. Server is cracked. The event is mini-games and other things. Event host is ItsFiloya_YT so do not listen to anyone else telling you to do something. If you die, you go to the jail but every round or two there is a revival round which ItsFiloya_YT will tell you about. Have fun!

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East Side Survival

Welcome to East Side Survival! My personal server designed to bring people together!
Anyone is welcome! Doesn’t matter your gender, sexuality, race, doesn’t matter!
All are welcome here!

The only requirement of this server is that you follow the rules!

Discord Server – coming soon
Dynmap – coming soon
Webpage – also coming soon

Chill Fun Minecraft Minigames Murdermystery Skywars Smp Survival Vibe


AsianSMP: The Perfect Place To Vibe!

Check out our discord:

Server IP:

Welcome to AsianSMP, a chill Minecraft SMP that has absolutely no paywalls! We offer a welcoming environment where you can make new friends and vibe with others, in this Asian themed map.

Originally, this server was just a fun place for my friends to hangout at (its Asian themed because our friend group is primarily Asian), as a barebones SMP, however I decided to release it to the public as a very minimal SMP that is quite literally just a Minecraft survival server. However we also include,

  • 1.19.3 latest version support
  • Upcoming new minigames! (Murder Mystery, Skywars, etc)
  • Factions creator
  • Marriage Command!
  • Active PvP community
  • Homes, Warps, and Player Teleportation
  • Anticheat System
  • A fun community waiting to get started!
  • This server is in EARLY DEVELOPMENT! Which means there could still be a few bugs that could appear here and there, if you find a bug please report it to the discord server!

    So what are you waiting for? Come join this oriental themed SMP!

    Fun Pvp Semianarchy Survival Vanilla

    Toes SMP

    Toes SMP is a vanilla SMP running on 1.19.3. On Toes SMP you can build, fight, explore, and anything you can imagine.
    1. No Swearing in chat
    2. Hacking/Exploiting (Xray and Duplication Glitches are not allowed.)
    3. The server is family friendly and open to anyone
    4. Have Fun

    Fun Pvp Smp Survival

    twisted realities SMP

    Hi! Are you looking for a chill Vanilla 1.19+ Minecraft server?

    Consider joining the Twisted Realities SMP then 

    Server IP:

    As of now, we are a small, but steadily growing community with amazing people in it. We’d be delighted to have you join us.

    The server is mostly Vanilla with just the right amount of plugins to make it truly enjoyable.

    Free Fun Rules Survival Vanilla

    Eternal server Minecraft

    Eternal is not just a server

    I’ll start with the fact that there are two servers. Just imagine: you play in the most exciting Survival with a couple of convenient plug-ins and excellent protection against all sorts of bad malware that gave up for the sake of trying to upset everyone for a penny. And then suddenly I got tired of digging in caves and running from green four-legged friends. “How to be?” – ask in other places. “Look at Borneo!” – hear here. Indeed, this is an island of freedom, imagination and creativity. Everything is ready here: a giant flat world with useful settings, a wooden ax with great power inside, and hundreds, hundreds of decorative heads for every taste, color and even letter! You can show your building masterpiece to your friends from all sides, you can also build together if the guests politely ask. In a word, this place is heavenly. Just like in reality!

    Makoto are great players

    We don’t get bored. How many possibilities! Open a store with good products at a good price, protected from both inflation and deflation. Arrange various events and competitions, participate and win in amateur performances of others! You can play alone, and with friends, and even with strangers, with whom you will surely make friends later. On the server there are, for example, cities and villages with their own style, way of life and entertainment. While you’re still free to build yourself a fully autonomous bunker, hidden at the very bottom of the new big world, it’s also fascinating in its own way. Come in even in the middle of the night – someone will definitely play here

    Makoto is fun

    Makoto is freedom

    Makoto is us

    Yes, it sounds very tempting. But these are just beautiful words. What about the technical side of the game? Griefers, cyberattacks, everything?

    – I’m glad you asked. Makoto is on a dedicated server, you won’t find one even on the second page of the results of the “cheap Minecraft host” query, its work is provided by the administration, which has been successfully doing this for many years. Griefers will be welcomed with open arms by a self-made protection system, thieves will be quickly detected by our FukuNaka bot and immediately reported to the moderators, who will process the request as soon as possible. In the chat, lovers of swearing do not appear then for a very long time. And just stupid people here are not held in high esteem. By the way, it is thanks to FukuNaka that the server remains under the supervision of the administration, even if none of the representatives are currently on the server. So many different systems have been created here, not to count. Everything for comfortable and stable work and play

    “That’s really what I wanted to hear. And yes, you seem to have convinced me to get to know this amazing beast better…

    IP Eternal:

    IP Borneo:

    VK group:



    Earth Fun Kitpvp Smp Survival

    Lanier SMP

    Lanier SMP is a Fun, Friendly place to meet new people and possibly make new friends. This is a fairly new server so… There might be bugs. Multiple gamemodes like Survival, Kitpvp and Earth.

    Community Communitydriven Fun Popular Server Vanilla Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival Whitelist Whitelistapplication Whitelistsmp


    Welcome To!
    Please Read All Information Below
    To Join & Become a Certified Whitelisted Member!
    ! Important Links !
    IP –
    Discord Link –
    ! Important Information !
    – Whitelisted Community Driven Server
    – Whitelisted Application Process
    – 24/7 Server Runtime
    – 100% Vanilla SMP
    – Active Members
    – Paper MC 1.19.3 (Updated Constantly)
    – New World
    – 10,000 Block Minecraft Border (First Update & Will Expand in Future Updates)
    – 20 Player Slots
    – 5GB on Dedicated Server Ram (Updating to 8GB to 10GB once Player Base Increases)
    – Tight Woven Community of Players with all Backgrounds in Minecraft
    – Server Sided Plugins that Enhance Gameplay (No Pay to Play)
    – No Ranks (Besides Owners)
    ! Owner Information !

    Hello all, I am Shrouting or you can call me Erik. I am currently 23 years of age and have recently gotten back into Minecraft Vanilla SMP. I have been playing Minecraft ever since its release back in 2011 and sadly quit in 2014 when Microsoft bought over Mojang. To me I felt like they ruined the game and that is why I quit so abruptly. Returning to Minecraft in 2023 has brought back a lot of nostalgia that I longed for when I was a kid. I wanted to create this server to bring back the aspects of Minecraft that I missed when I was a kid which was a 100% Vanilla Server (with the help of some gameplay plugins). I longed for the days when I would login to Minecraft and wouldnt have to worry about donating to a server to receive in game items and I could play Minecraft freely and have a community that I thought of as friends. In doing so I decided to open up LemonburgMC with the help of some great friends! The community is currently sitting at around 10-11 members, and we have a pretty solid player base! We do not stand for the little kid stuff such as griefing or any of that nonsense. We are all just friends who built a community and want to have fun on it! We hope you apply today and are able to join our tight woven community and we look forward to reading all your applications!
    ! How To Apply !
    Step By Step Instructions Below

    1. Join our discord @ the link provided above
    2. Navigate to the #whitelist-apps channel created
    3. Follow the format given and answer the questions in detail
    4. Post your application in the discord channel #whitelist-apps
    5. Await confirmation by discord emojis

    Thank you for reading all this information and we as members of LemonburgMC look forward to having you on the server!

    – Shrouting (Owner)

    Createmod Fun Iceandfire Mineminenomi Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Pvp Pvpsurvival Survival

    Shinsekai Adventure!

    Shinsekai Adventures!

    – what we have to offer –

    – 1 fruit per world –
    – open 24/7 minimal lag –
    – Max doriki 36k Haki 300 –
    – Conqueor Haki given randomly at birth -
    – 0 tolerance for abuse or cheating of any kind –
    We have Yonko, Warlord & KoP titles up for grabs!
    – Marine & Revolutionary Army Ranks as well
    – Frequent Events & Giveaways –
    – Dragons from the ice & fire mod and so much more –
    So come join us and set sail for a New World & New Adventures!