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L’Cana MODDED Origins SMP! (we make yt videos)

Hello I am a small Youtuber trying to have fun and make entertaining content! I need more creators and members for my modded minecraft smp. More players=better gameplay! If you want to have fun playing this block game we call Minecraft, JOIN MY SMP! We have a lot of fun and you will be in youtube videos. If you are also a passionate youtuber, me and you can grow together! A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

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S!Lunar Is A survival Server to just relax!
A Mostly Vanilla Server, Usually on Easy or Normal.
The Rules In Place are to Insure there is No conflict.

Join The Discord!

We have Friendly Mods and (Hopefully Soon) a nice community!
There You Will Find Updates and Announcements, as well as different ways to talk, set up trade, and more!
Hope You Enjoy!

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Warzonefr.Mc | 1.16.5 | ✔️

Health !

You play Minecraft and you are looking for a server with:

– 🔫 3D weapons,

– 🚗 vehicles,

– 🏛 beautiful structures,

– 🕹 a gaming community,

– 🗺 and a beautiful map,

So I recommend our server
Warzonefr.Mc | 1.16.5 ✔️

The ip and the textures pack are on the discord.

⚠️Attention⚠️ the first 100 discord members will have a money bonus, so don’t hesitate for a second and join our discord!

– 📡 Our discord:

– otOther tickets:

– 📷 Our Instagram:

-🐦 Our Twitter:

– 🗾 Our menu:

– Our Banner:

We are waiting for you on the battlefield 😉

Note wiki:

We strongly advise you to read the wiki carefully so as not to miss anything essential!

Good reading !


The server is in 1.16.5, it does not require any mode only a texture pack which you can download in the lobby
#【📥】texture-pack, it is advisable to activate the music of Minecraft because this one has been modified.
Here is the IP:

II. Goal and flow of the game

Warzonefr.Mc is a Minecraft server inspired by fps war games like call of duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike or Fortnite. The goal is to kill as many people as possible in order to collect stuff and money to be able to buy weapons and move up in rank.
Unlike many fps games, there are no games, ie there is no winner, no top 1 etc. The game is endless.
When you arrive for the first time in the server, you appear in the lobby, ie an aircraft port, and you have the choice to go to the map, to the shop or to return to the lobby by clicking on the pnj titled “Wars”.
Once in the map you spawn in a plane with the back open. To randomly spawn on the map and receive your starter kit you have to jump from the plane.
To return to the plane do /spawn,
and to return to the lobby press /lobby.
When you die you respawn in the plane of the map where you died, and when you reconnect to the server you return to where you disconnected previously

III. Fire arms

In the server you can get weapons from chests, by killing people, or by buying them from the shop with money you earn either by killing entities or by buying it from our online store.
There are over 80 weapons and 7 types of ammunition.
To shoot take a weapon in your main hand and left click,
To reload right click with the empty weapon in your hand, and the correct ammo in your inventory, and to aim crouch. WARNING you will not be able to aim if your inventory is full.
All weapon information is marked when you hover your mouse over the weapon in your inventory.
You can shoot through doors, windows and leaves.
Headshot multiple damage and make a noise.

IV. Coffers

The map is covered with structures (like villages, camps etc.) in which you can find chests containing more or less good stuff depending on which structure the chest is in.
Every 10 minutes, the chests fill up.
They contain: firearms, swords, armor, food, ammunition and sometimes vehicles.

V. Vehicles

Underground, the map is crossed by long roads on which you can move in vehicles such as cars, racing cars and many others that you will find at the entrance to the highways in chests.
In the military base you can find planes, tanks, helicopters and even functional combat robots!
To place a vehicle simply place the chest on the ground, and to retrieve it, right click on it while crouching.
To shoot with tanks or helicopters, you have to take fireballs in your second hand and right-click while looking at the place where you want to shoot.
To bomb with the plane you have to put tnts in your hand and click right to send them below you.
Finally, to shoot with the combat robot, you simply have to left click continuously and look where you want to aim.

VI. Economy

When you are in the lobby you can by clicking on the npc entitled “warps” and selecting the diamond to go to the shop.
There are two types of merchandise there: Hard weapons you buy with in-game money, and money you buy from our online store or earn by killing entities. To access it, click on a traveling merchant or execute the following command: /Store.
When you kill a player you earn $4 when you kill a zombie you earn between $4 and $5 and when you kill a soldier you earn between $8 and $10.

VII. Voice Chat

The server includes an integrated voice chat that you can join either by clicking on the message that appears when you enter the server marked “Click here to Connect to the online audio client” or by doing the /audio command. When you are on the web page you can change the volume or join the local voice chat by pressing the green button marked vc.join.
To leave the voice chat simply delete the web page.

VIII. online map

Our server contains an online map that you can access by clicking on the link found in the #【🚦】server channel, or by doing the following command:

Application Apply Dot Free Gaming Helsby Helsbystudios Hermitcraft Join Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist Whitelistapplication


Welcome to DotSMP!Hey! Welcome to DotSMP, a fun and friendly survival minecraft server! Here we ask you to simply obey of 10 rules of compliance.

1. Respect all members and staff, we are here out of choice!
2. Don’t grief and break people property, this includes shops, houses, bases and anything that isn’t yours.
3. Please don’t post any unauthorised adverts/sponsorship’s/links in chats
4. Absolutely no racist or homophobic remarks
5. Do not use any Clients/Mods which may give an unfair advantage
6. Be responsible with your builds and don’t build 1×1 towers all around spawn!
7. Please don’t mess/troll with players that won’t/don’t like it
8. Avoid building too close to the spawn location as we will most likely have a shopping area here
9. Pornographic and explicit images are not to be created/shared in the discord/minecraft under any circumstances
10. Be nice to eachother and have some fun

Quick Info:
Ip Address:
Seed: -3811890468602107721

Quick Links:
Discord Invite:

Gaming Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Survival

AMSEC Junior High School (1.18)

> Crossplay Server (Java + Pocket)

> Fancy Plugins

> Make Friends

> Make Your Own House

> Also have a lot of features that cannot be described


Port:- 25565(Java) or 19132(Pocket)


Gaming Minecraft Pvp Smashcraft Survival


Smashcraft (est. 2011) is a semi-vanilla Survival Minecraft server. Some of features include climbing the Ranks, Block Protection, Player Shops, Jobs, mcMMO, Crates, and so much more. If you’re looking for a solid Minecraft experience, come check out Smashcraft at or join us in-game at

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LunarFire SMP | 1.18.1 | Grief Protections | Slimefun4

LunarFireSMP is just that a survival multiplayer,
PVP allowed,
we have grief protection with slimefun4!
hate mining no problem us also! make machines to do it all for you, explore and fight or live in harmony, its time to make your own story here in Minecraft! we want to invite you to join us on this

Anime City Gaming Japan Minecraft Minecraftroleplay Roleplay School Schoolrp

City Roleplay – Jobs | Cars | Money | Quests

City Roleplay - Jobs | Cars | Money | Quests Minecraft Server
City Roleplay - Jobs | Cars | Money | Quests Minecraft Server

Located on the east coast of Japan, Futaba is the hub for Japanese city life! Whether you take a trip to the shopping mall, exploring the countless shops & food stalls, or if you travel to the beach, and take the coastal walk up to the mountains, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy!

Be whoever you want to be, wherever you want to be; welcome to, City Roleplay!

City Roleplay - Jobs | Cars | Money | Quests Minecraft Server
Futaba City

– Choose your role, from a college student to a police officer!
– Run a business or a shop, earn money!
– Purchase your own custom item, modelled by our team!
– Own a tower, apartment or house!
– Message your friends on a working phone!
– Drive cars, play football, even find yourself a shooting star! You can do anything on City Roleplay!

Futaba Mountains

– Explore the mountains, by taking the train from the City!
– Own an island, yacht or even plane!
– Travel through the sewers – who know what you might encounter?
– Decorate your apartment, custom to your needs

Join us today on City Roleplay!

WE ARE NOW OPEN! Come check out the City of Futaba! You can play in a school, become a worker, or be unemployed!

Website –
Discord –

© City Roleplay 2021

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RabbitCraft | VineCraft | Factions:Apocalypse | InfinityBlock

Welcome to Rabbitcraft!

We are a friendly community server that emerged from a group of like-minded people back in 2020 when a semi-famous Youtuber had an SMP, on which we played. After several months of playing on the server, a theft occurred and we asked the moderators for help, but we received none. Instead, they told us to sort it out on our own and made fun of us. When we started to speak up, they banned each and every one of us, so we decided to run our own server and learn from that experience.

Rabbitcraft is led by Mods that have criminal record checks and a future planning team to ensure that we provide the best service. We want players to have freedom and safety which we never had – a place to call home and the power to change the direction of the server.

We offer four different vanilla servers:
Vinecraft: non-whitelist Mayan themed SMP
Factions: non-whitelist Zombie Apocalypse PVP/PVE server
InfinityBlock: non-whitelist modded Skyblock server
Rabbitcraft: whitelist SMP (invite-only)

As a matter of course griefing, stealing, or cheating in any other form are not allowed.

You can log in to these servers with any version from 1.xx.x to 1.17.x


Community Contentcreators Creative Events Gaming Nopay2win Survival

HyruleGamingGroup Public SMP | 1.17.1 | Survival & Creative

HGG PMC banner

Welcome to the official HyruleGamingGroup SMP PlanetMinecraft page!

The HyruleGamingGroup is a tight-knit community offering you exactly what you need as a content creator, artist, gaming enthusiast and more. Community spirit, friendships and teamwork are key to make our community as awesome as it is.

Our official Minecraft server has now opened up for a second phase, preparing us for the amazing journey 1.17 and the soon to be released 1.18 has set out for us.

We absolutely do not tolerate any forms of griefing, stealing and disrespect towards community members. If you’re going to do something scummy, you will get the proper punishment.



Discord invite link:

We have an active and strong Discord community where we all come together to talk, share art, play games and hang out. While this is what makes our Discord thrive, it is not required for you to get actively involved in all the discussion going on.

Joining the Discord is however a necessity, as it is required to play on the server, and since it is the only way to report bugs, bad player behaviour and provide feedback/suggestions in #mc-tickets.

Upon joining our Discord, give yourself the Gaming role by reacting to the Bulbasaur emoji. This will open up the important Minecraft channels for you. Navigate over to #mc-server-info and find @Block Nook

When you join our Minecraft server, you will be prompted with a four digit code. Send these four numbers to @Block Nook in a DM. The bot will take care of the rest and grant you instant access.

Are you getting the error message “You are currently not able to join, please contact an administrator.” after finishing the verification process? Contact a @Minecraft Staff member on Discord. You need one of two special roles to get full permanent access to our server, and someone from the administration team will take care of this for you.

Our verification on our Discord server is manual, meaning it can take a little while before you get access to the server.


We allow the use of /sethome, /spawn and /warp if one has ever been set. You will never be forced to use these commands and can continue playing the game exactly how you want to!
Commands like /tpa and /tpahere are not available on our server as we believe natural transportation in some cases make the experience more unique.

All available commands can be found by typing /help in-game.

Three major plugins we provide are Better Sleeping, Block Locking and Land Claims. Better Sleeping makes it so that sleeping only has to be done by a small percentage of players to skip the night, and Block Locking allows you to protect your own important blocks such as furnaces, crafting tables and chests from being used/looted. Land Claims allows you to claim your own land and prevent it from getting griefed. Upon spawning, you will get a book teaching you how to use the plugin. A Golden Shovel is used for all land claiming purposes. Unlike most servers, placing a chest doesn’t provide an instant claim!

On top of that, we run two datapacks from the Vanilla Tweaks pack. One of them that allows you to pose any Armor Stand in any way you wish, and one that lets you harden concrete powder by simply throwing it into a water-filled cauldron.

If you have any suggestions or features we could add, please create a support ticket in the #mc-tickets channel on Discord.


No griefing, stealing, exploiting or cheating of any kind.
Avoid building laggy Redstone builds.
Mods are allowed (e.g. minimaps, waypoints, etc) – Nothing that gives you an unfair advantage though! (e.g. hacked clients, xray resource packs)
Using a seperate account as an AFK farm/chunk loader isn’t allowed. You will be kicked and/or banned upon discovery.
You must be 13 years or older to play on our server.
No derogatory terms/phrases at all no matter the context.
Follow Twitch ToS at all times!
Do not spam sounds/music through the in-game voice chat feature. (Simple Voice Chat)

Is there someone breaking these rules or being generally unpleasant? Please create a support ticket in #mc-tickets

Streaming and/or creating video content on our server is allowed, you do not need to ask!


Our server supports Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, meaning you can join our server through one of your preferred editions of Minecraft.

Are you playing on Windows 10 or Mobile Edition? Simply enter the IP and Port 25565

Follow any of the following guides to learn how to join through Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Playstation 4.

Nintendo Switch:
Xbox One:
Playstation 4:

This plugin has not been developed by Mojang and is therefore not official. Bugs will occur and a connection to the server may be laggy. This is something out of our control and we can not do anything to fix any of these issues. Please do not create any support tickets regarding these problems.

Simple Voice Chat

Our server supports the Simple Voice Chat mod for Fabric. If you want to use proximity voice chat in-game, download the Simple Voice Chat mod for Fabric.

Please note that the Forge version is currently not supported.

Abusing this feature by spewing out hate speech, annoying loud sound effects or music (specifically DMCA) will get you banned.