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[1.20+] QuantumSMrP Minecraft server

Quantum is an experienced team that has traveled through countless gaming worlds and brought together all the best in one place.

Simplicity is not only the best, but also the noblest

You won’t find complicated, scary plugins, eye-searing tabs, or breaking classic game mechanics here. The project is built solely on parameters that improve the vanilla game experience.

Discover Minecraft in a new way

The server has voice chat, reworked enchantments and aspects that improve the multiplayer component without in any way disrupting the vanilla nature of the game.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

The project was created on one of the best hostings – we guarantee a stable 20 TPS on the server 24 hours a day. Applications are accepted with just one button without any additional questions – getting to the server will not be difficult for you.

Our main goal is to become for you that home in the world of endless servers, so that you finally find square harmony. Become part of our family!

Discord Fun Vanilla

FoxWorld Minecraft server

Greetings, traveler!
FoxWorld is a private vanilla server with a high-quality approach to development and feedback. The project is based on construction, but the recently launched third season is increasingly taking on elements of RP.
Our goal is to create a unique project where every player can have fun.

In order to start playing, you need to go through a simple verification in our Discord community.
❤ We look forward to seeing you on our server, dear traveler.

Java Pvp Spigot Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist


A new Minecraft SMP server with the following specifications:

* Spigot Server (only few plugins)
* Java 1.20.2
* Whitelist server (Join Discord)
* Survival Multiplayer
* PVP allowed
* 20+ players
* Uptime: ~100%

Please join us at Discord to get in touch with other players on that server:

Survival Vanilla

STRANGER CRAFT – Vanilla survival server Minecraft

Vanilla survival minecraft

1202server 1202smp Adventure Crates Custom Dungeons Fun Mmo Quest Ranks Rpg Smp Smpserver Smpsurvivalserver Survival Vanilla


  • Welcome to the Cloud-SMP server.
  • A super unique SMP experience. With custom GUI’s everywhere. Custom armor & tools.
  • It is a very well made server.
  • Server IP:
  • Bedrock Server IP:
  • Our Discord Server: Discord
  • **💎1.19-1.20.**1
  • 🌳24/7 Uptime // Support!
  • ♦ Bedrock Cross-Play.
  • 💰Player-driven Economy.
  • 🧊Crates.
  • 🌍Located in Europe & US.
  • 🤝Great staff and support!
  • We hope to see you on the server soon!

    Claims Landclaim Mcmmo Semivanilla Smp Survival Vanilla

    Dasig MC [1.20.2]

    Dasig MC [1.20.2] Minecraft Server

      Welcome to Dasig MC Network! We are thrilled to extend our invitation to you, welcoming you to embark on an exciting journey within our unique Filipino-themed Minecraft Network.

      Here at Dasig MC, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of custom features and an immersive gaming experience that sets us apart from the rest. As you explore our servers, you’ll discover a world of adventure, community, and creativity waiting for you.

      Come explore the core of Minecraft with us, where our love of playing games and fostering community is fueled by the Dasig spirit, which translates to “courage” in Filipino. Get ready to unleash your creativity, forge new friendships, and conquer exciting challenges as you become part of our growing community. We are eager to see you in-game!

    Future Plans:

      Our aim is to implement unique custom features that blend traditional Filipino elements with innovative gameplay mechanics in Minecraft. This will include custom items, crafting recipes, themed events, and challenges, providing players with an experience infused with the rich culture and spirit of the Philippines. Furthermore, we will offer a player-driven economy, custom mobs, and special in-game celebrations tied to Filipino festivals and traditions. Ultimately, our goal is to create an immersive and culturally rich environment for players to explore and enjoy.

      To achieve this, we are deeply ingraining our Filipino theme in the visual and interactive aspects of the server. As part of this, players will soon encounter iconic Filipino landmarks, architecture, and landscapes as they explore our world. Additionally, we are in the process of incorporating traditional Filipino music, folklore-inspired quests, and seasonal events that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. This ongoing effort aims to ensure that our server provides an experience that is truly representative of the unique and vibrant Filipino culture.

    PS: I am the sole developer and owner of the server so extra hands would definitely help. This is one of my side projects as a student developer :D.


    ✅ Semi-Vanilla Survival [​1.20.2] (Under Development)
    ✅ More Upcoming Gamemodes!


    Griefing Noplugins Pvp Smp Survival Vanilla


    Vanilla survival server with no plugins (not anarchy)

    Common sense rules no cheating, spamming, etc.

    pvp and griefing allowed

    My friends and I along with some randos have been playing on this world for a while and have now decided to open the server to the public.

    Community Economy Minigames Survival Vanilla Whitelist


    NotHermitCraft is a community-driven Vanilla SMP. NHC has been around since 2019 and has grown into a friendly community of all sorts of players – redstoners, builders, role-players and more.We have players from 14-40ish from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe, with a diverse mix of male, female, non-binary, trans, abled, and disabled people. We have a really active Discord channel with a bot that lets you chat back and forth with players on the server too.

    Inspired by HermitCraft! vanilla+ experience with custom items, (proximity)voice chat, diamond economy, minigames, a (family)friendly community and more!

    Season 4(ever) has been going for almost a year now, but we’ve taken it very slowly. Some people have built big bases, others have just started out. This means we have a very diverse group of players – when you join you can ask newer people to stick together and have fun, or ask the more experienced people for help! Even though we’ve already begun, there is plenty for you to do! Not just in terms of ‘Minecrafting’, but also with minigames, events, roleplaying, and more!

    Our plan for Season 4(ever) is to never reset. If you’re looking for an established server / community, this would be the ideal server for you!

    You will find the Application Form in our Discord server here. Aside from the NHC events, we also host other events through Discord – like Last Life and UHC. Sometimes we also organise non-Minecraft Game Nights!

    *post will be updated in coming days*

    1202server 1202smp 120server 120smp Smp Survival Vanilla

    🌳☀️ 1.20.2 SMP 💖✨ Lutable SMP 🍇🌲 Land Claims ⚔️ Minimal Plugins 🏖️ Wholesome Community ☀️🌳 Logo

    👋 Hello! Thank you checking out our forum post.

    Lutable SMP is a new Minecraft 1.20.2 Survival Multiplayer server where I have tried to keep it as close to vanilla as possible while adding subtle plugins for QOL. This server doesn’t generate amazing picturesque terrain with a custom terrain generator or allow you to level up your acrobatics with McMMO. We have only added plugins to easily find a random location to explore and build your base, create trade shops to trade your items with players while offline, protect your builds from griefers, privately send messages to and ignore other players etc

    As the server is very new and we are only on season 1 things may be added, taken away or change slightly while we fine tune things. We will have oppertunities for you to provide feedback about Lutable SMP and suggest/vote on future features/plugins in the future.

    This message will be edited frequently with new information or changes to old information so be sure to stay updated. Make sure you read our ⁠rules to avoid any punishments and chat with the rest of us whenever you want in the community tab.

    Lutable SMP Server IP:

    Factions Fun Skyblock Survival Vanilla

    Cwoare Network

    Cwoare started in 2014, as a survival server then changed into a Network named Cwoare Network. We aim for a great community and fun.

    We currently offer the following game modes to our community:
    – Survival
    – Factions
    – Skyblock
    – Vanilla