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hey guys,
Good news for you. If you play minecraft java version, we have just launched our new server named Pixeledge. you can join the server by putting the ip below in the game. Its hosted on Bangladesh and that means you will get very low ping when your playing. Also this server basically runs on 64GB ram. So dont even think of lag.

Server ip-

V2 – ( vanilla ) 1.16.2
The Bridge- a minigame. minecraft version 1.8-1.16.2 (1.8 pvp)

To keep up with the updates stuffs check facebook, discord or the website

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NRG Network

Welcome to NRG Network. We are a newly opened server which currently consists of a vanilla+ survival server, a Creative server and soon to come a skyblock server. We have a non-griefing policy and we have a PvE environment. We have an economy system which also includes quests/jobs and in-game ranks of course. In the upcoming months we will be adding more servers to the network which we will be adding through polls, that our players will be able to vote on. We intend to grow together with the community so we match our communities wishes in the best way possible.

With NRG Network we strive to give the best player experience for all of our players by having active staff and frequent updates on bugs and new features. We have officialy launched since the 15th of february, so we are still a small community looking to grow.

Feel free to join our discord server to recieve regular updates and get to know our community.
We hope to see you soon.

Discord Survival Vanilla

STATE DAPCTBA server Minecraft

  • Vanilla server, survival, create states, play! We are mainly going to play through discord! Write to the administrator on the server!
    The administration is responsive and kind !!! We are waiting for everyone <3

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    Experience semi-vanilla Minecraft at its finest.

    Welcome to your first glimpse at Redhill. We are a semi vanilla community based server with a friendly player base. We are builder friendly, with many of our staff and returning players being stellar at the craft. You dont have to be a regular Grian to join though there are plenty of ways to play here.

    Embark on a journey on with your friends, or come alone and make some new ones. Then use our land claim system to build a masterpiece thats yours and yours alone. We have a designated shop area to strike it rich even without having to hit the mines. Whether you come alone or in a group, we cant wait to see what you can do.

    Land Claim
    Protect your builds from would-be griefers with GriefPrevention.
    Simply use a golden shovel to claim your land.

    Rank up by playtime. The more you play, the higher your rank.
    Each rank receives different perks and items.

    Enjoy awesome rewards for voting that are, well, actually rewarding.
    New rewards are added often.

    Player Shops

    We utilize the ShopKeeper plugin to create player shops using in game items as currency.
    Create your own shop at RedStone rank and reap the spoils.

    Creative World

    Come and enjoy our separate creative world.
    Claim your own creative plot at RedDiamond rank to build your hearts desire.
    You never know, we may use your build for the server.


    Be Respectful
    No Griefing
    No Hacking or Cheating
    No excessive swearing
    No Spam or Advertisements
    Follow the PvP guidelines listed on our website.
    No scamming
    And of course HAVE FUN.

    Discord Vanilla

    FrostMine server Minecraft

    FrostMine is a tube vanilla Minecraft-themed project at the highest difficulty.
    Our VK group: Our Discord channel:
    We are waiting for you on our FrostMine server!

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    Stone Zone is a small SMP that offers the Dankest survival experience for you to partake in. Copious Treasures and Challenges await You. Hostile MOBs will attempt to overwhelm your defenses, but with the Dank Loot You’ve collected along the way You’re bound to over come the challenge. Use Emeralds to buy all sorts of things; Including Villager Eggs. Create your own massive Villages and Farms to match. But be careful who you share your coordinates with as there is only basic grief protection. Stone Zone could be mistaken for an Anarchy, its definitely not. We have a few rules; No Racist/Hate Speech and No PvP Mods (Anything that can be used against other players). But other than that we don’t care how you want to play, or what you have to say. Join the Dankest SMP on the West Coast.

    Economy Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla

    The Wester Isles

    Welcome, traveler, to the wild, vast and mostly-uninhabited archipelago known as The Wester Isles.
    Within these four continents, and innumerable minor islands, there exists a tumultuous struggle for power and wealth. It is your decision: go to war to claim your slice of land through conquest; build an economic empire through trade and monopoly; or be a parasitic pirate that lives on the open seas and thrives off the plunder of others!
    Whether you decide to live peacefully as a hunter in the snowy taigas of the boundless North, or as a war-mongering Sultan in the sun-drenched deserts of the harsh South, you are welcome in The Wester Isles.
    • Movecraft: a plugin that allows you to create huge ships to sail the open seas, transport immense cargo (or troops…), and order naval bombardments.
    • Cannons: gives you the ability to build cannons, whether to mount on ships or as defensive installations for your settlements.
    • Brewery: brew and ferment your own alcoholic drinks (or get drunk, if you’re so inclined).
    • Towny: claim and protect land for your town or nation,
    • Cartographer2: gives you a minimap of The Wester Isles without the need for client-side mods.
    • Lockette: place signs to protect chests and doors.
    • BagOfGold: an in-game currency plugin.

    Economy Survival Survival Games Vanilla

    QM Craft

    If you want a Minecraft server with only some tpa and home plugins then QM Craft is the server for you! With claim plugins, friendly owners and without lag, you can play on QM Craft!

    Economy Survival Vanilla


    This is a minecraft vanilla survival server fully dedicated towards survival,
    we’re currently looking for a staff team so applications are opened!

    Prison Skyblock Vanilla


    We are a new minecraft server, we have versions 1.8 – 1.16.4


    SkyBlock 1.8.x
    Vanilla 1.16.4
    Working in prison

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