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VanillaPlus SMP

VanillaPlus SMP is an 18+ Vanilla survival server with a few minor plugins (mob head drops, armour stand statues.)

A small, friendly community, we’re looking for active and friendly folks to join us for collaborative builds and co-operative gameplay.

Griefing will result in instant bans, but that’s not an issue on our server..

Apply here to join us – the server is Whitelist only.

Creative Creativeplots Randomized Survival Vanilla


UnfnyMC is the server for the popular Minecraft TikTok account Unfunny! Go check out our brand new server, and our TikTok, hosted by the great server hoster Nodecraft. Enjoy and have fun here!

Milk Pog Smp Strawberry Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Strawberry Milk SMP

Welcome to the Strawberry Milk SMP!

The Strawberry Milk SMP is a vanilla multiplayer server for people who just want to have a fun time playing vanilla Minecraft without things like towny and guilds and custom bosses and, you get the idea. I wanna make a fun place where people can play and enjoy Minecraft with people who want the same and create a nice tight-knit server for people to just relax and play some minecraft B)

Server IP Address:

We have a discord server! Click on the link here and you will be invited to join: (btw, the discord server is mostly just for voice-chat and isn’t the main focus here.)


(Doing any of the following will most likely result in a permanent ban, with some exceptions)

crop_din – This server doesn’t tolerate greifing, stealing, hacking etc.

crop_din – Derogatory speech towards any member or admin will result in a temporary ban.

crop_din – Just use common sense.

Helpful info:

crop_din – This server runs on a diamond economy, meaning items sold in shops (hand built and managed, without plugins. btw.) will need to use diamonds as currency. In addition to that, please keep the prices fair, price an item according to its rarity and how useful it is!

crop_din – This server isn’t exactly technical, players of all skill levels are allowed as long as they follow the rules. I will say this server is more aimed towards being chill tho, so don’t be all redstone pro 69,000x diamonds per minute farm, k?

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Classic Vanilla! 1.16.3

Try vanilla Minecraft using the latest version 1.16.3! We have no plugins that alter gameplay, map has no limit, pvp is on. Everything is like on vanilla 🙂

Pvp Survival Vanilla



AllOut is simply a vanilla survival server. There are no ranks, unlockables, loot boxes, etc. Griefing, PvP, and even client mods are allowed. The aim is to be just like a regular singleplayer world, yet have the ability to play with others.

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Who are we?

We are a whitelisted vanilla survival server, community-focused with a whitelist. We have an amazing shopping district, all player built! We have no items cheated in.

General Information
➤ Version: 1.16.3
➤ Server Address:
➤ Host: 8 gigabytes of ram, AMD 3950X – @ 4.2 GHz, hosted from Oregon.
➤ Map started: 4/22/2020
➤ Discord: Join our Discord server!

➤ Grief and theft prevention features: The whitelist application does filter out most unwanted people, but occasionally few people get through it and start griefing, stealing. We don’t have the resources to have staff members online at any given time, so we have means to log actions and revert them within seconds.

Datapacks and enhancements:
» Multiplayer sleep: If 20% of the players are asleep, the night will accelerate quickly.
» Double shulker shells: Every shulker drops 2 shells.
» Anti enderman grief: Enderman can’t pick up any block.
» Anti creeper grief: Creepers do damage to entities and not blocks.
» Player and mob heads: Players and mobs have a chance of dropping their head.
» Custom armour stands: Customize armour stands.

➤ Server addons: General improvement for the looks. These don’t give anything special, just make the server stand out a bit and overall feel nicer. Vanilla doesn’t allow this much customization, unfortunately.
  » Custom motd: A better-looking message of the day.
  » Custom messages: Death, join and leave messages have been revamped.
  » Better tab menu: A good looking player tablist.

Join us today!
We are looking for friendly and active new players to join! In order to join, you must apply. If you’d like to apply you can join our Discord server. We look forward to meeting friendly, and active new players!

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Handcraft — Hard Mode, Player Economy, Land Protection + Discord Community

We have just kicked off season three of Handcraft.

You can join now using the address:

Handcraft was originally created as a love letter to the early 2010s era of multiplayer Minecraft. A simpler time that me and many others have fond memories of. Since our launch earlier this year we have fostered a small following of players who share this vision.

Our aim is to create a challenging and rewarding environment that empowers the community to play together and collaborate. The decisions we make tend to be the ones that encourage people to collaborate on projects with frequent server events and a thriving Discord community.

Although we have land claiming (GriefDefender) and economy (PhantomEconomy, QuickShop, Jobs Reborn) we try and maintain a vanilla-like feel. The ideal situation is that you should be able to reliably do anything on our server you could do in the base game.

I am the founder of Handcraft, but we also have a diverse moderation team that spans timezones across the globe to ensure there’s help on hand 24/7. I am personally based in London, and our beefy 20GB RAM/Ryzen 3600 server is hosted in Germany ensuring little server lag and incredible uptime.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch with me here or on discord (Lewis Flude#0001).



Survival Vanilla

Vanilla Clouds

Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server. Just a vanilla Minecraft server.

Norules Smp Survival Vanilla

MarshCraft 1.16.3

Looking for a server with no rules?
Look no further!!

Only rules are…
No stealing
No lag machines
other than that its ok to do what you wish
if you wanana play the server with some security you can use a chest to claim block or a gold shovel.
multiple plugins for you to playwith and random dungeons throughout the world
monthly events

Economy Jobs Landclaim Mcmmo Pve Pvp Ranks Staff Staffwanted Survival Towny Vanilla

The Cattery

—- The Cattery MC —
—The Purrfect Server for you!—-
—- —-
Brand new towny/mcmmo server with custom lore, crates, and more coming this week!
Launching now in beta so come give us a peek!

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