Survival Vanilla


Welcome to PikoCraft!
This is an Survival SMP where you can talk and play with other players online!
Here you will find a lot of nice people that you can play together with! and if you want to you can also play alone but thats not as fun but at the end of the day the choice is yours! Just follow the rules on the server and enjoy your stay!

Economy Survival Vanilla

Heaven MC

Heaven Mc is a semi vanilla smp everyone is welcome

Anyone can join and we are a friendly community

Economy Parkour Survival Vanilla


The CavernsMC Network is a friendly place for crafters to experience Minecraft as it was meant to be, without paywalls. In our network, we have a semi-vanilla survival server, a parkour server, and an upcoming duels/PVP server, each with their own unique features. Our pledge is to remain as fair as possible, while still being able to fund the server, and add new and exciting features. Our server is ever-expanding and always improving, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see in our community discord. You can join our discord by heading to and our server is available at so feel free to join both.

Roleplay Survival Vanilla

EnderEye Junior High

EnderEye SMP is modeled after Hermitcraft, an inclusive place where you will experience friendship, trust, respect and fair treatment. This server is an oasis away from drama and stress, where you can play a video game and not get judged for being who you are. EnderEye SMP is a 3 week old server modeled after Hermitcraft. This means that we operate on a system of trust, with a communal mooshroom spawn island/shopping district! Please abide by the golden rule of trust and common sense, as we value it above all else on this server. We do not use any claim plugins, we depend on trustworthy members and attentive staff to make sure everyone’s space is respected.

Anarchy Survival Vanilla

Just Another Anarchy Server

Welcome to JAAS (Just Another Anarchy Server).

I was sick of looking for Aus anarchy servers to play so decided to make one.

Minimal rules
Hands off admining (I play tho)
No world border (world borders suck)

Pvp Raiding Vanilla

Newest Snapshot Vanilla Raiding

Server IP:
FearRPvP is a unique Vanilla PvP server offering an amazing PvP experience. Our server is unlike most vanilla servers, and offers lots of features that are not found on most servers. Server is purely vanilla with zero plugins, using the newest snapshot

Anarchy Survival Vanilla


Explore vast lands and dominate the world by grinding! Here we have no rules! Vanilla gameplay with some special features along the way!

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Cookie SMP

Nice SMP that just started, vanilla SMP, with nice admins and a good community. Join for free cookies. Come join our community now!

Mcmmo Vanilla


Kayne_Dy: Server 1.16.5 features modified skills and weapons fight bosses and experience an immersive gaming experience, and earn money to take your faction to the next level and dominate the server!

Mcmmo Pve Towny Vanilla


Towny Server — Chill — Discord — plugins — Relax

A New Medieval-like server with a hand built spawn, a variety of plugins. Jobs to earn cash, Working shop and so much more! Join our discord and server! We are looking for staff members to help us work the plugins such as Towny, as well as run the server as it gains a larger populous.

Minecraft Hentai Server Banner

Hentai Minecraft Server

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420 Weed Minecraft Server

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Minecraft Sexting Server

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Dating Minecraft Server

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