Anarchy Economy Factions Skyblock Vanilla


The SCI Network owned and Co-Owned by 34486 and Airless(flightair). – The remaining server of the Legendary RuneCraft owned by SitaruRadu from 2010/2011 — 2015.


Creative Mini Games Skywars Survival Vanilla

SlimeyPlayz (Restarted)

Hello everyone! We are now using a new IP address to connect to the server. The old IP Address WILL NOT work in the coming weeks. Please be sure to transfer over to to play!

So this is a new SlimeyPlayz server! Our old one was on my computer but that computer somehow broke. It’s RAM disk overloaded and that caused the boot disk to fail so it kinda just…died. We’re still in the process of rebuilding so please be patient while we get back up on our feet! Our new server has more RAM space (double the previous amount!) so we are running pretty much lag-free! We currently have 2 creative worlds, one with 101×101 plots and another with 201×201 plots. We now offer basic WorldEdit with the Peasant+ rank that is achieved by playing for 1 hour. You can use very basic WorldEdit commands in the creative worlds. We also have survival on our server! The survival has several custom RPG style things such as poisonous spiders living in trees, to finding money inside grass! We now even have BlockParty, SkyBlock, Factions, Paintball, and so much more! Please come play on our server

Economy Pvp Survival Vanilla

The Irish Minecraft Server

The No. 1 Irish Server!!!!    NOW RUNNING 1.12.2!

Are you looking for the perfect Survival Server?
Well you’ve finally found it. This server is dedicated to players who love to play in Survival mode, but also like the fun found in a few useful plugins. The plugins are well monitored, and don’t spoil the Survival aspect.

This cosy server spawns you into a warm cottage by a small river dividing a forest and a desert. You make your way out and follow a soft path through the forest, past the Ravine Marketplace to a small village called SandyTown. It is protected by the lord of the realm above. Its the perfect place to start your new Minecraft journey. Exploring SandyTown will teach you everything the server has to offer. Each house has something new to discover. 🙂

– Player MarketPlace! Ranks and extra permissions! Killing mobs earns you Cash! Family Friendly! FAQ Room! New Extra Items! Rollback Grief Prevention!
– You can also earn 9 free diamonds everyday by voting for this server. Who said help others doesn’t help yourself? 😉

Explore, build, Fight, Play, Make friends or just chill out for an hour. Thats what this server is for. This is a small little haven to relax and have fun in.
To find out more, join the server. There is so much more to discover upon joining the server.

Factions Vanilla

Alpha Factions

This is a server with factions and a great connection and great staff. You can claim land and build castles and battle against other players!

Mcmmo Pvp Survival Vanilla


WWW.SWAT.LV. Nice gaming common.There is server’s such ass Rust, Minecraft, CS:GO and will be more. Come join us.

Adventure Other Parkour Vanilla

Emerald Parkour

Welcome to Emerald Parkour! This is a vanilla PARKOUR server with tonnes of maps for you to pass the time!

Building Discord Discordsrv Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftserver Hermitcraftshoppingdistrict Hermitcraftstyle Hermitcrafttype Redstone Spigot Survival Vanilla

RRTTTT – Vanilla 1.16 Survival Hermitcraft Style Server

  • Survival, Vanilla Server
  • Inspired by the Hermitcraft Youtube Series
  • Discord directly linked with the Minecraft chat, allowing you to communicate with people on and off the server
  • Various plugins to make a more enjoyable experience, such as mob heads drops
  • A friendly and active staff team
  • Shopping district, allowing you to buy and sell items as part of a community
  • Tweaked Vanilla Mechanics, such as 1 player sleep and craftable notch apples
  • Survival minigames district coming soon, a fun place to play and make minigames with fellow players
  • Lots of community events planned
  • Connected to a discord server with over 200 members link –
  • Categories
    Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


    We are a fun and friendly community and we are looking to expand our player base by recruiting friendly players to join. We will take in anyone who isn’t a dick all the time. Anyone is allowed be you human, alien or dinosaur, we got it all here. And if you’re anything like us then even better because we’re all crazy. We also host various events as well as building contests for a chance of winning prizes!

    Survival Vanilla


    We’re a whitelisted, vanilla server with a couple of plugins, but gameplay is mostly vanilla. Plugins provide an extra flavor to the game but it does not take away from the vanilla feel itself. There are some interesting plugins we have implemented, but you’ll have to play to see them for yourself Wink, wink!

    AutoCraft Community – Our goal is to be community driven. We want everyone to be involved. We understand that many players likes to venture out and build their own bases, but our goal is to stay together, build together, and play together. This way, you won’t feel left out and you’ll always be in the know with the latest server development. We have a LOT of community projects planned to do together, so teamwork is a must! We want this server to stay a community server so, if and when you do get accepted to join us, we ask for you to stay and play. If you want to venture out, let us know and we can definitely work something out.

    Evolution of the server – Also, we listen closely to the needs of our community. If there is a demand for a certain plugin or feature, it will not be ignored and will be discussed about. We’re starting off as a semi-vanilla survival server, but as time progresses and more people become involved, we’re willing to expand and explore additional options.

    If this sounds like the server for you, to play and grow with, apply for our whitelist here!

    Custom Pvp Vanilla

    MORTALKINGDOM [Black VS White]

    MortalKingdom is a custom-coded (MMO)RPG server focused on PvP. But as normal servers stick to vanilla minecraft, we have created a whole new experience for Minecraft. The universe is primarily build up from two different world and each serve their role. One for gathering items like vanilla minecraft, and one that is exclusively made for PvP between 2 Empires called “Black” and “White”. Next to that, we offer a unique combat experience due to a variety of classes you can become.


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