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Possibly Modded
Possibly Modded combines fan-favorite mods such as Immersive Engineering, Twilight Forest, Mystical Agriculture, and many others for an immersive experience that is left in the beholder’s hands to shape. Whether you explore the far reaches of countless dungeons and structures, or craft and shape new dimensions, there is something for everyone here. An ever-growing modlist based around community input boasts countless hours of fun for all.

24x7 Cracked Create Mod Modified Smp Survival Tlauncher

Create Craft

This server has over 120 well-known mods and runs 24/7 with no lag. Join the discord and download the mods:

You can join this server with a TLauncher account with no problems.

Major mods include: Create, Botania, Applied Energistics 2, Immersive Engineering, Ars Nouveau, Terralith, Twilight Forest, and the Thermal mods collection.

FTB mods are included as well that support chunk claiming and sharing.



version: 1.19.2

Modloader: Forge

Optifine compatibility: No (because of twilight forest mod)

r/TLAUNCHER - Cracked modded 24/7 online server with 100+ popular mods

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Allied’s Demon Slayer

We are a Demon Slayer modded Minecraft server, that includes loads of community loved mods, with a newly popular KimetsuNoYaiba mod, that brings Demon Slayer into Minecraft.

Explore the world of Allied’s Demon Slayer and choose between becoming a Demon Slayer or a Demon and fight your way to the top! You can also complete quests, aim to become the Demon King or the Sun Hashira, gain money by participating in the server’s activities and earn your title!

During your time in the server you can visit places such as the Entertainment District, The Mugen Train and take the Final Selection Exam!

– Story and side quests
– Events
– Custom Items
– Economy
– Survival

Download our modpack here!:

Server IP:

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Civilizations Of Kepler Modded Survival Server

Modpack Download: Civilizations of Kepler – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

  • About:
  • Civilizations of Kepler is about building civilizations with other players to accomplish large goals like space travel.

    To make Civilizations much better, mods added to allow armies, computers, massive technological machines, cars, planes, trains, guns, and many other things all compile together to make this pack amazing.

    Since it is designed to be played with friends a server is already started where you can play with me, the pack maker, and many of my friends and colleagues.

    Here is the Discord

  • Trading:
  • We have 2 mods installed so that trading with other players is a breeze. Shoppy mod adds bartering stations and shops. Bartering stations allows a player to trade items. The Shop allows players to trade items for money from the economy mod, eights economy.


    Does not work with optifine

    Civilizations Of Kepler Minecraft Mod

    Kinetic Server Host

    Mod Mods Origin Origins Steampunk Survival

    Nybblecraft Origin Server

    Welcome to the Nybblecraft Origin Server!

    Come try out our mostly vanilla server with some quality of life mods such as Waystone, Impaled, Vanilla Tweaks, Origins, Origin Classes and more. We are a LGBTQIA2S+ friendly server, with grief protection provided by Fabric LANd.

    This is a simple server, come play, relax, build and have fun. Griefing, Harassment of any kind, X-Raying, etc is not permanent and will result in bans however. Feel free to check out our discord for communications, rules, and getting started link with modpack.

    We run Minecraft 1.19.2 with latest version of Fabric and will update server as needed. Once you log into our discord make sure to go over the rules section.

    My Bio:
    I am a stay at home dad and I work from home full time as well, I love Minecraft as its a great sandbox game to just relax and build or play with others. The few servers I joined I often found were lacking the experience I wanted most from a server, so I decided to create my own. So come join me and others to just have fun and build a community.

    Discord Link:

    Lore Loresmp Mod Modded Origin Origins Originsmp Originssmp Rolaplaysmp Roleplay Survival

    Lapilli Junior High School Modded!

    This server is a roleplay server spanning back 2 years, with a whole universe of its own, and weekly improv lore days (Mainly saturday and sunday being as a lot of people have school in the week).

    This server is made for mature people who follow the rules, so if you’re not going to follow them then don’t join the server.

    To access the minecraft server you need to join the discord and get whitelisted, and the modpack is also in the discord.

    If you join the discord and you ask to be whitelisted and aren’t answered, please wait: the moderators might not be on, but don’t worry, you will be whitelisted soon.

    The lore is mainly improv and we have origins on the server as well as other mods to spice the game up and make it feel more fresh, but generally we don’t accept custom origins unless they are COMPLETELY balanced, as that lore would be ruined by an origin with overpowered abilities. Finally, some origins are locked for lore reasons, and there’s a dedicated channel for listing these in the discord server.

    Also, we’re a generally small community, so don’t worry about this server being a massive 300 player servers with bots moderating everything and a server with 40 people on at all times. What we are is a medium sized community with an interactive and active playerbase and staff team.

    We’d love it if you joined and played along with us!

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    BOGN Revival

    BOGN Revival is a Medieval MC Fabric server which includes 200+ mods with features such as:

  • New Biomes
  • Quests
  • Bosses
  • Teams
  • Land Claim
  • New Weaponry & Armor
  • Attributes
  • Magic & Summoning
  • Storage Terminals
  • Better End
  • Better Dungeons
  • Better Strongholds
  • Tons of Structures
  • New Dimensions
  • And many more!
  • The current version of Medieval MC is 14.5
    To join you must use the Curseforge Launcher.
    Server is 24/7. Hope to see you there!
    If you have any questions, join our Discord community

    Fabric Furry Mod Modded Pve Pvp Survival


    ╔═╗─╔╗─ ✩─✩───── ╔╗ ✩ ✩╔═══╗ ✩ ✩ ✩ ╔═╦╗
    ║║╚╗║║ ─✩ ─✩─────║║ ✩ ✩║╔═╗║ ✩ ✩ ✩ ║╔╝╚╗

    Welcome to NuzzleCraft! We are a new server hosting survival with mods using Fabric API on Minecraft 1.19.2

    We have plenty of mods to keep you entertained! Airships, vehicles and over 80 custom biomes!

    Explosions, mob griefing, drop inventory is on! This isn’t your normal kiddy furry server! WE LIKE MINECRAFT RAW

    Make sure to join our discord to get whitelisted!

    Guns Mod Modded Power Team Team Pvp Vehicles War


    A war based modpack. This is for two teams and for use on servers. Players will have to join Axis or Allies when joining and the journey begins.

    Current Server running this modpack: IP Version 1.12.2
    Modpack Link: WarBox – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

    Allies & AxisOnce you choose your team; you can venture off from spawn. Join other team members or go it alone! The world is full of buildings with weapons and other loot. We suggest sticking together with your team and hiding your weapons well!

    Weapons + ArmourThe modpack uses both Flan mod guns, Techguns and also Moder Warfare gun mods so you have a large selection to craft. There will be many structures that hold weapons, crates and other radeable goodies. From pistols, magnums or snipers and machine guns. This won’t let you down! This also includes AA guns, and mounted vehicle turrets and cannons.

    VehiclesThere is a number of vehicles you can craft, from small jeeps to transport you and some of your team, to larger tanks, trucks, helicopters and even planes. Make the most of the modern style transport and keep your vehicles safe!

    MobsThere are many new and realistic mobs on this modpack, this includes many real-world animals, with awesome animations and the ability to catch and maintain these animals for yourself. It also has different strength zombies and skeletons that have a chance of carrying a gun, so watch your back!

    Immersive EngineringPowe many useful items with the immersive engineering mod, create windmills or water mills along with other methods to create power and automate your war machine!

    Cool Countrys Mod Team Pvp Teams War

    The War SMP (MC War Mod)

    Hello, this is a server where people can start countries/teams and start war with others. there are guns and even nukes. “I know it’s crazy”
    That means that you have to install the mod and fill out the form to join the server if you need any more information, I highly suggest you join the Discord: