Base Bedrock Build Crime Gun Guns Hbm Immersive Immersiveengineering Immersiveintelligence Java Javaedition Javaeditionserver Mod Modded Mode Mods Nuclear Nuclearwar Nuke Nukes Pve Pvp Server Servers Survival Survivalmultiplayer Survivalpvp Survivalserver Sweat War Warcrimemode

NTM Extended 1.12.2

—-{{((WarCrimeMode Actived))}}—-
-Raid other players
-new armors
-get soldiers (ancient warfare)
-missiles and more booms
and etc.

—[​Rules Below]—

1. No attacking your enemies when 50% of their team is offline. (unless they are gone for more than 7 days)

2. Your allowed to scout your enemies base when they are offline, but you cannot loot or damage it in any way.

3. 8 Max allies per team.

4. No trying to rush world domination (We want this to be elongated this as much as possible)

5. No keeping prisoners for over 6 hours (They can attempt to escape)

6. Try to make wars last.

7. you must warn a team or give them a hint when your about to attack them

8. no mining into bases that isn’t yours.

9. no insiding your team. (joining them and then backstabbing them.)

10. No hacking or abuse of glitches/bugs

Arda Gondor Lord Lotr Melkor Mod Modded Mordor Morgoth Other Rings Roleplay Roleplaysurvival

Lord of the Rings Mod:Rise of Morgoth

Please note that this page will not be updated very often, and all info on the server can be found here.

Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!
—The translated inscription upon the One Ring, in the Black Speech of Mordor

Hello, people of Middle Earth! We are a Survival/RPG server running the the Legacy version of the Lord of the Rings Modbut we are not 100% dedicated to role play. Our server aims to allow players to do whatever they want to do in Middle-Earth, as if it were their own singleplayer world, while still having the community of multiplayer. The only difference is simple guidelines allowing for player leadership of factions.

If you have never tried the LotR mod before, this is the perfect server to try it on. We don’t have complicated rules or systems that require you to stop and read every five minutes. Instead, you can explore and play the way you want to as you learn about how the mod works.

There are many factions to choose from, and even if you aren’t a LotR fan, you will soon become one. Most factions are quite small, so they will need help growing to become powerful. It’s up to you, the player, to choose to support the Forces of Good, or Evil and the Order of Shadows. Or perhaps you want to settle down, and live as a farmer. Or even just become a bandit and rob anyone you see, Evil and Good both.

Our server features several structures built by our players, the most impressive of which are visible in our gallery. If you want to build something, we grant access to temporary creative mode to do so.

Important Links – click to reveal
Required files(This server is modded): The Lord of the Rings mod (Latest Legacy 1.7.10 version), CustomNPCs 1.7.10dand forge version
Wikia page: LotR Mod Wiki Page
Wikia: Our Wikia (Very outdated)
Our Discord: Discord Link

Ask if you have any questions/suggestions!

If you are unable to connect, please message us on the discord!

Fun Geopolitical Hermitcraft Minecraft Mod Multiplayer Small Smallcommunity Smallserver Smp Survival

Paper Jellyfish 1.20.1 Modded Server

Welcome To Paper Jellyfish!

We are a new Modded Server that mostly focuses on exploration and Building.

We are here to just open a whitelisted server for people who just wanna relax and play some minecraft.
Our goal is to make a community that likes to play together and enjoy some light camaraderie. Maybe be a Hermitcraft-like server!
or a small geopolitical server.

If you feel like you would like to join come to our discord and fill out a whitelist application!

  • Create W/addons
  • Farmers Delight w/ addons
  • Little tiles
  • Villager workers
  • Villager recruits (for some light pvp)
  • Alexs mobs and caves
  • Let’s Do (bakery, Blooming Natue, Herbal brews ect.)
  • Exposure ( to take cute pictures)
  • Waystones
  • And more!

  • Categories
    Mod Modded Origins Originsmod Originsmodded Originssmp Survival Voice Voicechat Voicechatmod Voiceproximitychat

    Slore Middle School

    A welcoming minecraft modded server that includes:

    – Voice chat
    – Origins
    – Alex’s mobs
    – Backpacks


    Be +13
    Be nice and welcoming
    No griefing
    No stealing

    Anime Ball Bcraft Black Blackclover Bloodcraft Bokunoheroacademia Boruto Clover Download Dragon Free Jujutsu Jujutsukaisen Kakashi Kawaki Madara Magicspells Manga Minecraft Mod Myheroacademia Mythicmobs Naruto Narutoshippuden Ninja One Onepiece Piece Pixelmon Pokemon Pve Pvp Realism Roleplay Rpg Sasuke Shinobi Shippuden Super


    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    Click to reveal

    Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a CHUNIN EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a CHUNIN.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes a JOUNIN.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.
  • Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a SPECIAL NINJA EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a SPECIAL NINJA.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes an ANBU.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.
  • Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a MEDICAL NINJA EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a MEDICAL NINJA.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes a MEDICAL SPECIALIST.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.

  • Categories
    Anime Ball Bcraft Black Blackclover Bloodcraft Bokunoheroacademia Boruto Clover Download Dragon Free Jujutsu Jujutsukaisen Kakashi Kawaki Madara Magicspells Manga Minecraft Mod Myheroacademia Mythicmobs Naruto Narutoshippuden Ninja One Onepiece Piece Pixelmon Pokemon Pve Pvp Realism Roleplay Rpg Sasuke Shinobi Shippuden Super Survival Multiplayer



    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    NINDEN Minecraft Server
    Click to reveal

    Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a CHUNIN EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a CHUNIN.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes a JOUNIN.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.
  • Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a SPECIAL NINJA EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a SPECIAL NINJA.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes an ANBU.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.
  • Click to reveal
  • In order to follow this path, you must take and win a MEDICAL NINJA EXAM first.
  • This is a tournament where the winner becomes a MEDICAL NINJA.
  • After this, you must take a JOUNIN EXAM.
  • This is another tournament where the winner becomes a MEDICAL SPECIALIST.
  • Each rank will award you with more jutsu and chakra.

  • Categories
    Kingdom Kingdombreak Medieval Mod Modded Moddedserver Moddedsurvival Pve Pvp Survival Survival Multiplayer Town Towny

    Kingdom Break

    Kingdom Break

    Kingdom Break Minecraft Server

    Kingdom Break is a high performance, easy to run modpack for the purpose of combining three things into Minecraft: a stable, low fantasy Medieval experience, a detailed combat system, and all the personalization a player can ask for, so that you can play, your way!

    Epic Fight! Within this modpack are an array of spectacular mods, all organized to be played around the Epic Fight mod, with some of the highlights including Iron’s Spells and Spellbooks, Epic Samurai, Epic Knights, Weapons of Minecraft, YDM’s Mob Health Bar, Corpse, Let’sForgePirates, L_Ender’s Cataclysm, and YDM’s Weapon Master.

    Epic Samurai and Epic Knight

    Breathe Life into Your World! Using William Wythers’ Overhauled Overworld, and River Redux as the world generation mods, this modpack brings Minecraft truly to life with a host of mods that enhance NPCs, mobs, and villages, such as: MCA Reborn, Better Villages, Overhauled Villages, Alex’s Mobs, Mutant Monsters, Dragon Mounts: Legacy, and Towns and Towers. The breath-taking experience is taken to another level still, as this modpack contains Embeddium, supporting both shaders and resource packs, and Distant Horizons, a fantastic mod that allows players to increase their viewing distance of their world without extending their render distance!


    A True Medieval Experience… As a themed medieval modpack, we’ve included a few fun mods that while preserving Minecraft’s core features, enhances them by adding new tools, blocks, decorations, and foods that fill your world with culture and decadence, some of these including: Villager Recruits: Cavalry Update!, Farmer’s Delight, Fairy Lights, Handcrafted, Harvest with Ease, Medieval Paintings, Lucky’s Block Siege, Rechiseled, Simply Tools, Traveler’s Backpacks, Serene Seasons, Supplementaries and many more!

    Be sure to visit our included dedicated server and join our Discord!

    Our dedicated server includes not only our modpack, but all of the plugins you may need to enjoy a full multiplayer experience. This includes Towny, to help encourage players to build true kingdoms themselves and rise to the ranks of monarchs and emperors!

    Now Controller Compatible with Controllable Mod!

    1192server 1192smp 1192survival Automation Bettercombat Combat Create Createmod Createsmp Factions Magic Medieval Mod Modded Moddedsmp Mods Smp Softrp Survival Twilightforest Voice Voicechat

    Sword And Copper SMP | Create | Magic | Combat | Factions |

    Welcome to the Sword And Copper modded SMP – A modded mix between create (and it’s many addons), combat overhauls (epic knights, better combat and create alloyed guns), various magic mods (most notably, iron’s spells and biomancy), exploration (when dungeon arise, twilight forest and few other miscellaneous structures), and many more changes, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of factions and territory control.

    Oh yea, we also have simple voice chat installed 🙂

    Join our discord to learn more, and if you decide so, leave your mark on the world, where time of Sword And Copper has finally come.


    Barebones Contentcreators Lgbtfriendly Mod Modded Origin Roleplay Smp Survival Youtubers

    ‘BareBones Plus’ – Origins | Mods |Origins | Create Mod | Streamer Friendly |

    BareBones Plus
    (More Pictures soon-)

    Are you mesmerized by the captivating visuals of the trailer? Eager to explore this one-of-a-kind world alongside your buddies? Search no more! BareBones Plus is here to provide you just that experience and so much more.

    Inspiration from the “Bare Bones” Series

    Our server is heavily influenced by the remarkable “Bare Bones” series, available for viewing on YouTube. We’ve worked tirelessly to replicate the atmosphere of the trailer, while adding an exhilarating touch for you and your friends to relish.

    A Treasure Trove of Mods Awaits

    Mods we Have

    – StoneHolm
    – Better Villages
    – terralith
    – Impaled
    – Origins
    – Create

    Plus, numerous additional mods to enrich your journey.

    Our Mission: Fun and Camaraderie

    At BareBones Plus, our aim is to establish a warm and delightful space for all. Whether you’re constructing, discovering, or merely sharing memorable moments with friends, our server is crafted for good-hearted, non-destructive enjoyment.

    Exclusive Origins for the First 3 Days

    To start things off with a bang, we’re granting custom origins during the initial three days of the server. If you’ve got a personalized origin in mind, simply send us the file alongside a link to its source. We’ll turn your distinctive escapade into reality.

    Join Our Community Today

    To hop on board our server, all you have to do is complete our application form. Upon finishing your application, you’ll find a link to our vibrant Discord community where you can mingle with fellow explorers and stay informed on server happenings.

    Prepare yourself for a laid-back, structured, and user-friendly experience as you set sail on your BareBones Plus expedition. We’re eager to welcome you into our world!

    Anarquia Anarquico Armas Gun Mod Rust Server Survival Thelastofus Tloz Weapon Zombies


    The Last Of US Server 1.19.2


    mods: [​color=#3598db][​/color]

    (everything is allowed) steal, kill, loot


    Application Applications Atapacks Bpn Creation Ctm Data Datapack Datapacks Pack Pnj Private Sub Survival Multiplayer Tale

    Tale of Creation Minecraft server

    New vanilla server. Survival without privates, with a minimum of plugins. Rewritten datapacks. Submitting applications to Discord –

    2 VoteGet button code

    100 Active Staff Adventure Auto Claim Discord Economy Mmu Muchmore Nam Name Survival Survival Minecraft Survival Minecraft Server Teams

    Dyrex Survival

    Dyrex is a 100 Survival Server with a good community and active staff!

    We provide a 24/7 Survival Minecraft server.

    Come join us

    Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Factions Mazes Minigames Parkour Playerheads Plotsquared Plugins Pvp Sanctuary Shopkeepers Showcase Signshop Souls Survival

    Hysteria Network 1.16.1

    Updated for 1.16.1Check out our Adventure world with many cool minigames such as TNT spleef, Parkour, Mazes, and much more.Introducing Hostility as a pure survival world without Factions or mcMMO for the souls that wish to build on their own, also with Grief Prevention.And Sanctuary, where the sun always shines and monsters stay away. It is pure survival with a twist no PVP and the ability to build in peace.A few Plugins listed for example:ArmorStandEditorAutoCrafterAutoRespawnBattleArena ColorSigns CreativeGates Essentials Factions GriefPrevention Horses Iconomy MassiveCore mcMMO Multivers-Core with Inventories NameColor NametagEdit PlayerHeads Plotsquared Shopkeepers ShowCaseStandalone Signshop SilkSpawnersSkychest Vault WorldBoarder Worldedit WorldGuardAnd Much more.


    Beginner Cart Carte Developed Economy Factions Founder Jump Jumps Mcmmo Onep Pve Pvp Relaxed Survival


    — Welcome to ConePvP! —
    Started on 3/27/2020, ConePvP is looking to provide a relaxed and simple factions experience for beginners and experienced players alike. In the coming days, ConePvP will be developed with more plugins, staff, and features.

    For now, feel free to join us for a 24/7 jumpstart on the next factions server! We would appreciate any and all feedback and thank you for visiting our server page.

    Happy Crafting!

    – Carter (Owner and Founder of ConePvP)

    Application Best Of Cpvp Enchant Fight Gold Kitpvp Loot New Gear New Pvp Pvp Rankup Sell Talk Unlock


    Looking for a new PvP server? We have just the one for you! Loot gold, sell gold and buy gear! Fight to become the best of the best. Rankup and unlock amazing new gear! With custom enchants, custom plugins and a soon to be great player base, we believe this could be a server for you! Join now! Looking for new staff, join and talk to staff in order to make an application!

    Awa Away Daily Economy Elf Feature Give Giveaway Giveaways Mini Games Pvp Quest Skyblock Survival Sus

    NSF Community

    Welcome to NSF Community We Just want a Dope Skyblock server People can play On We Hope to Make it self Sustaining And Will Add Feature requested As Best we can “Daily Giveaways”

    Active Staff Afk Bot Bots Forge Kitpvp Mining Payout Payouts Prison Pvp Robot Robots Survival Weekly


    VagueMC is a Minecraft Server that strives to give its players an enjoyable and safe experience. We have an active set of staff so if you have any inquires or just need some help please feel free to contact them. Don’t forget to have fun! We are currently looking for active staff members.
    Custom Unique Features
    Custom Robots – Coming Soon!
    Auto AFK Mining – Coming Soon!
    Custom Prison Enchants!
    Player Plots!
    Weekly Payouts!
    Check us out!

    1.16 1.16.1 Anarchy Server Cheap Cool Donation Fin Friends Going Lag Minecraft Kit Start Nation Plugin Plugins Riends

    GIPERFRIENDS Minecraft server

    Anarchy Server 1.16.1! You don’t want to come in! Find friends 🙂
    + cool plugins
    + some lags
    + cheap donation!

    Well, I think it’s worth going to the server !!!

    Advanced Big Biggest Cheat Cheater Economy Greatest Heat Kitpvp Mad Protect Protection Space Survival Towny

    The Next Network

    The most advanced survival server with the best cheater protection. From the time you join to the time you leave, our staff are devoted to making sure you have the best time on our server. With one of the most biggest and well made survival map, you have all the space you want to do your everyday survival activities with the fun of events, crates, and the greatest economy. We are also working very hard to start a kitpvp server which is to start up very soon.

    Ciudad Ciudades Data Guerra Ios Mundo Naciones Otros Para Proteccion Protecciones Survival Tame Towny Warp


    =======PixonCraft 1.16.1=======
    – IP:
    – DISCORD:
    – PAGINA:
    -Towny (es una modalidad en la cual los usuarios pueden crear su ciudad e invitar usuarios para unirse a ella, y así ir creciendo infinitamente!. Ademas de que puedes crear naciones e invitar ciudades para unirse a ella, para luego poder declararle la guerra a otra cuidad)
    -Protecciones (en esta modalidad podes crear tus propias protecciones en el mundo /warp survival para crear tu casa ahí sin correr el riesgo de que te la rompan)
    Te estamos esperando! ven y divertite con nosotros ??

    1.19 Casual Curseforge Customnpc Modpacks Questing Rdm Revive Roleplay Rpg Spoke Tax Tech Voice Voicechat


    Dear community, im Taknax and im a Modpacker, who created a modpack named Taknaxpack, with 234 mods uploaded on Twitchapp. A stable server atm with 20 slots is running. Im looking for tester and player. Aspecialy Bugfinder, Crafttweakercoder, Customnpcdesigner, Betterquestingwriter and casual player, who just want to have fun and try out something new. Discordmoderator and ppl with other special knowledge are highly welcome. The includet mods are very special. Tech, magic, adventure, rpg and city mods brings minecraft to another lvl. Pings, teams, revive and Voicechat mods make a mmo feeling. If u want try out with ur friends, write me a message with ur Username, Spoken language and ur age. My english isnt perfect, but enough. Most important thing is, u have to love minecraft and u welcome.


    My modpack:

    300 Claims Customenchants Eco Enchantment Enchantments Mcmmo Minecraft But Minecraft But You Pve Pvp Ranch Ranksystem Survival Survival Minecraft

    Prototypz Survival Server

    Welcome To Prototypz Survival Server. If you love survival Minecraft but you want a little twist onto it, you found the right server, here you can find custom enchantments (300+), level based mobs, economy, claims, ranks (obtained with in game money), and alot more… The server is constantly having updates to it and will continue to have updates. So if youre looking for a fun server for you and your friends come join us!!! See you on the branch!

    Complex Hide and Seek Hurricane Meme Minecraft Parkour Minecraft Spleef Mob Arena Neworld Nuclear React Serious Techno Technomagic TNT Run Ucl

    HurricaneWorld Complex of game servers Minecraft server Minecraft

    On the main page of the site we have a “Pisyun” button, which means that HurricaneWorld is a Serious project!
    There are no prohibited items because we do not know how to ban them. An overheated nuclear reactor will demolish half of your house, the market economy will allow you to set any price in the store and also make real money O_o. In the global chat, you can say where you were resting with the administrator’s mother and you WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING for that, we do not ban for nonsense and humor. You know the meme “You can’t build pussies here, bro”? Build anything on our server. Why are you still reading this text and not playing with us? By the way, we have a TechnoMagic 1.7.10 server :)))

    Communityoriented Communityserver Events Family Landclaims Movie Near Nights Requiem Share Smp Survival Trading Virtual Weekly


    What is The Requiem Community?
    Requiem is a multi-gaming community made up of the best people around the world. Everyone here is looking to have a great time and share experiences together. Being a multi-gaming community we have a large community focused around other games and looking to expand our small, but cozy, Minecraft community.

    What do we offer?
    We offer a family-friendly community open to all who act in a mature manner, where staff are virtually available 24/7 and always working to enhance the server and its member’s experience. As part of the requiem community we have weekly game events for our members aswell as community events such as movie nights in an effort to create an even closer tight-knit community. We currently offer a Survival SMP experience for our members with no game changing plugins. In the near future we are expanding to multiple servers, potentially running factions and creative plots.

    Join our Discord server where you can find a list of rules, trade rooms, and game rooms!
    If you get lost feel free to message me! nikedahl#0762

    1.14 1.14.4 1.8.9 Cru Date Discord Launch Launched New Update Recruiting Relaunch Rui Unch Update Updated


    1.8.9 – 1.14.4


    Adventure Bosses Challenge Dungeon Dungeons Econemy Expansion Huge Mobs Rpg Story Survival Terre Weapon Weapons

    The Outer Realms

    A HUGE gameplay expansion for Minecraft. Follow a story, choose a class, level up, complete quests and dungeons, gain special weapons, and so very much more!
    Join our discord:

    /d/ Adultserver Building Fans Fun Hermitcraft Hermitcraftfanserver Model Nonpvp Redstone Smallsurvivalserver Stands Survival Vanilla Whitelistapplication


    Welcome to Toxicraft! We’re a non-pvp, mostly vanilla, whitelisted server modelled after Hermitcraft.

    We’re looking for chill, fun players (preferably 18+ but we do on occasion accept over 16s) who are fans of Hermitcraft and what it stands for.

    If you’re interested in joining, complete an application here: Toxicraft Application Form
    (these are voted on by the staff team and can take a few days to process)

    If you would like to chat to our current players, see screenshots of what we’re currently creating or find out if your application was accepted, head over to our discord sever:

    Achievement Auctionhouse Elon Factions Grind Guilds Kool Lottery Mcmmo Nostalgia Opening Pve Pvp Retro Survival

    Caelum Guilds

    Quests | Dungeons | Custom Ranks | Guilds | AuctionHouse | Economy | Achievements+ | Events | Old Skool
    CAELUM GUILDS is your portal to the past!
    Custom Ranks, Auction Houses, and a complete new list of achievements to grind for. This OLDSKOOL Retro server in 1.15.2 will bring back your nostalgia! Looking for new players to keep expanding and building the server. Staff is always open to suggestions on new plugins and server openings are always popping up for staff! Come play with your friends on an OLDSKOOL GUILDS server!
    Our Plugins:
    AuctionHouse: A custom Auction House plugin for our survival world!
    Claims: You can claim your area so nobody can mess with your belongings!
    Custom Ranks: We have over 11+ ranks you can grind for overtime with IN GAME MONEY!
    Achievements+: Added achievements you can grind for as well!
    Lottery: Buy tickets and win extra cash in the lottery!
    Guilds: Join your friends in guild chat and build together!

    Base Beta Enjoy Factions Factions Server Invite Looking Oda Origin Original Player Pvp Riends Today Way

    Zulu Factions

    We are a factions server with all the original things added new and improved everyday. Feel free to join and check it out. We are in beta and are always adding things everyday. also looking for a player base come join today invite your friends and enjoy factions like it should be.

    Clans Drugs Earth Earthmap Earthmc Ffa Freeforall Harbor Mcmmo Mcmmosurvival Semianarchy Semivanilla Ships Silkspawner Silkspawners Smp Smpearth Survival

    MC Earth – mcMMO | 1.16.1 | Clans | Custom Recipes | Ships & Planes | DiscordSRV | 24/7

    Welcome to MC Earth!

    General Info:

  • This is a survival multiplayer server on a 1:1000 scale of Earth.
  • There is no /tp. Only tps are /clan base (if you are in a clan) and /home bed.
  • There is no land claiming. You are able to pick a country and no one else may spawn there, but everyone is entitled to build anywhere they want.
  • Unfortunately, there are missing structures, as the Earth map doesn’t support them. (Dungeons are confirmed to exist!)
  • There is no stronghold, only 2 end portals at Florida, Cape Canaveral and at Kazakhstan, Baikonur Cosmodrome.
  • There are also some plugins for quality of life and spicing up of gameplay.
  • At spawn, you must wait to get verified and teleported to an unclaimed country.
  • Plugin List
    mcMMO – Adds an RPG-like feel to Minecraft with skills and levelling.
    Ships – Adds a new form of transportation to Minecraft. Players can build ships, airships, submarines, and planes.
    Clans – Allows creation of clans. Main benefits are a home tp for all your clanmates, no friendly fire, and a chat & voice channel for your clan on the discord.
    SavageDeathChest – Creates a chest with your items when you die with a chest in your inventory.

    Other Minor Plugin Changes:

  • Mob spawners are able to be picked up with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Certain items without crafting recipes are now craftable.
  • Day and night are each 30 minutes long.
  • Hoes automatically replant crops and mine a wider range the better it is.
  • Bonemeal is less powerful but works in a 3×3 radius.
  • Powered rails with a redstone block under them are 8x faster.
  • Fire charges are throwable with right-click.
  • Mending can be acquired with an enchanting table.
  • If 60% of players on the server sleep then it becomes day.
  • All mobs can drop heads.
  • Wandering traders now sell a variety of block heads
  • Having tnt in your inventory while crashing with elytra may cause an explosion.

  • Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!