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A Survival SMP Server W/ Slimefun+Galactifun, McMMo, Custom Enchants, 1.8 combat Geyser, tradinggui, veinminer, pvptoggle.

– No donations

– No pay2win

Optimized as best as possible. Located In East Coast North America

You must earn your items you cannot buy items from a shop or store using
“Virtual money” though you can buy some items from villagers.

Cottage Cottagecore Lgbtq Mcmmo Slimefun Smp Survival

🌸 CottageCraft 🌸 | Crossplay | Custom Worldgen | MCMMO & Slimefun | LGBTQ+ Friendly |

Welcome to CottageCraft!

We’re a revolutionary minecraft server where you can have fun, meet new people, and explore a custom tailored SMP experience unlike any other! We have overhauled almost every single aspect of the game without a texturepack. Starting with the most immersive, world generation. The Overworld, Nether, and End have been given an absolute facelift!
Custom structures have been added to make the world feel alive, and 115 biomes have been added. Even after exploring CottageCraft for weeks you still won’t see all the world generation alone has to offer! We also decided to completely overhaul the advancement system, and now include over 1100 advancements for you to collect!

Even though we include a bunch of custom stuff, we still include ALL of the classic quality of life plugins you have grown used to, along with a few extra plugins that just make the game objectively better! *cough cough slimefun*

We specialize in delivering a familiar yet unique experience you can’t get anywhere else! Catering a friendly community of people who love Minecraft, and are always happy to see new members around! If you have any questions please don’t be hesitant to ask in-game, on discord, or in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Check out our discord:

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SMPHome – Revived!

Welcome to SMPHome – Revived!
A revived project from a once thriving server, turned into a ghost town.
This is a public factions server taking place on a 1:1500 full-scale earth map!
Become allies with neighboring countries, or start a full scale war!
The server supports Java/Bedrock crossplay! (Bedrock Server)
Join our New Discord Server!
Welcome back home!

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Zadia Craft

Come check out a fresh new Minecraft server, ZadiaCraft!

Our server IP address is zadiacraft.apexmc.coand our Discord is at

We want to create a fun community for everyone. ZadiaMC is a welcoming place for everyone!

Please check out rules once you log on, and then have lots of fun!

Join a town with your friends or create your own town! Build something amazing with Slimefun! Grind away to earn money and level up your skills. There are all kinds of fun things to do in ZadiaCraft!

We also have a Dynmap here …

Economy Protection Roleplay Slimefun Survival

Dupe Craft

In this huge server you will be able to find a broader immersion in minecraft with many plugins which will make your experience more striking, creative and fun of course.

We have a plugin which adds countless new things to the famous Slimefun. Which adds armor, machines, talismans, bosses, among endless things. do not miss this great opportunity to enter our server!

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Forgotten Realm Java

Forgotten Realm is a small server focused on survival. The terrain generation is new, with floating islands, sky-high mountains and deep reaching caves. The mobs are also harder than vanilla, so you need to upgrade your character skills, like smithing, to be able to craft more powerful equipment and have an easier time fighting.

• Survival
– Slimefun;
– Pets;
– Skill system.

• Creative
– in case you just want to build without worrying about resources! Just remember to claim a plot of land [​golden shovel] to start.

• Mob Arena mode!

Server Version 1.19.2

Brewery Earth Economy Exoticgarden Infinity Mcmmo Slimefun Survival Towny Vehicles


CiviCraft is an Earth Towny server that was created by a group of friends in order to provide a family friendly environment for players to enjoy the minecraft towny experience. One of our goals for the server is longevity, meaning we won’t be resetting/wiping unless forced to by minecraft updates/outdated plugins. This way, players can spend time building their towns and nations without worrying about losing their progress regularly.

Axolotl Cosmetics Custom Nonp2w Skyblock Slimefun Survival

Axol Block Sky Block

Welcome to Axol Block Sky Block!

We promote a simple but custom experience that is entirely non p2w! Come on down for cool cosmetics, fun events, skyblock, and more!

We are a new server, so please excuse some of our hiccups.

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✠ PixeLLegends Survival – RPG – Opening Soon – Join our Discord for Updates! ✠


We are currently revamping it!
It will become a Friendly Survival server with RPG elements (RPG Worlds will still be open)

Join our discord for more info, updates and a release date:

Server IP:

Dungeons * Quests * Story * Bosses * Custom *


Starting out just as a factions server, Pixellegends has grown into a fully immersive open-world RPG server featuring unique classes, custom loot, and more! Take what you obtain in dungeons, and use it in our PvP world to fight others, and raid your foes in factions!

Arcadia was always a peaceful paradise, until recently, a dark demon from the depths of hell came into the land, causing decay in the world, and corrupting the minds of poor villagers. Another land, Hyboria, naturally filled with chaos, has been completely obliterated by the demon, causing ruckus and a world-spread civil war. Trust no one!

You have been sent off on a journey years prior, but after hearing about the terrible news, you detour, and journey back to Arcadia, hoping to restore peace in the land. Things have changed.

You speak to some of the villagers, who appear to be trustworthy, and they tell you an evil demon has swept through the land, and heavily corrupted it. You must pick a class, and become a powerful Hero!

In a fully immersive open-world RPG featuring over 300 quests, fight menacing bosses, level up your class, unlock new unique skills, enchant your items, and work your way to the top!

Are you the hero Arcadia needs? Can you save the world from the evil corruption? Find out today!

– Fully Immersive Storyline and Dungeon World
– RPG Classes and mcMMO
– Unique and Custom Loot
– Dungeons
– Magic and Wands
– Pets to Assist You in Battle
– Quests
– Bosses

We have over 70 classes available!
Im not gonna list them all.
But we have classes based on every type you can think of.
When you level your class by doing Quests, Killing Mobs or Mining things.
You will eventually be able to choose Specialisations.
Open World RPG
Factions with TNT
Factions without TNT
Duel/Mob Arenas
(Prison coming soon!)

Server IP:

✠ PixeLLegends Survival - RPG - Opening Soon - Join our Discord for Updates! ✠ Minecraft Server

Democracy Politics Roleplay Slimefun

Republic of Rosava


After the fall of the Republic of Polynesia, the Red Rose Rebellion members fled to a new land, with few natives and some Scarlithians already inhabiting the vast landscape. The ensuing chaos was stopped by the National Congress passing a new constitution, declaring the creation of the Republic of Rosava.

Could the Rosavians learn their mistakes from what had happened to their previous Republic? Only time would tell.

Republic of Rosava is a semi-serious political roleplay minecraft server.

Important plug-ins;

– Slimefun
– QuickShop
– XConomy
– Essentials
– Brewery
– CombatLogX

and many more…