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TrifectaMC Earth Solar System Political

Welcome to the new and improved TrifectaMC. We here at Trifecta want to welcome you to the brand new server with improved systems for better performance and a new time period. You will be an adventurer sent to discover and conquer the new lands that have appeared before you and reclaim what your ancestors have left for you. This will be a planet-hopping adventure starting from the earth and branching off to these new worlds. Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Triton, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Pluto. There is a revised cannons list as well as movecraft to compliment each other. Slimefun is one of the main industry plugins but does not control the economy as it will be mainly agriculture and production focused testing your ability to sell textiles and finished products to market. Please come by for a new adventure.

Discord: [​b][​/b]



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ArtiseMC is a 1.18.2 Next Generation Minecraft Survival server focused on high-quality Content. Our server is a unique Minecraft server, that offer a unique gameplay that is above other servers. What make us stand out? Artise stans out for its custom 1.18.2 genration, Bedrock Compatible, custom plugins + scripts, dungeon bosses, slimefun, balanced economy and much more!! we also allow cracked players!!

Bedrock IP: : 19132

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MelonMC Network

Do you love Minecraft? Come and play on the MelonMC Network! There is so much to do! Economy, Lands Protection, McMMO, Slimefun and much more!

We are looking for ways to make our network better. We are run by Player’s for Player’s.

Play on Bedrock? Sure! You can join with the same IP but use port 9392

Not sure if it’s for you? Come give us a chance, get to know what we offer and have a little play. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings, although we would appreciate some feedback if it’s not for you.

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Gargantuan 1.18.2 Economy SMP | Advanced Enchantments | Slimefun | PlayerShops | KeepInv

Gargantuan is a Keepinventory SMP with a variety of plugins to help enhance the vanilla experience. You can play like normal survival or delve into our many plugins such as Slimefun & some features you could find useful for getting stronger or making complex systems!

Many of the helpful commands you’ll find yourself using are /enchanter /sethome /warp /home /spawn /ah /pw /f /sf /playtime /tpa

X-ray & radar is accepted! any other form of cheating or exploiting is bannable.

Ranks can be acquired by doing /warp crates and opening the Rank Crate! It has a 5 day cooldown with a 50/50 chance of ranking up, or not ranking up. Higher ranks give special permissions such as/ec & chat colors

You will never lose your items because of KeepInventory, however, if your faction becomes venerable another can attempt to take it over and take your base! (highly unlikely to ever happen unless you stop playing for a month or two nonstop)

You can setup your own shops with the Chest-Shop plugin, example is in spawn!

Feel free to join our discord & give us your thoughts & suggestions for the server!

Griefprevention Shops Slimefun Survival

Flare’s Kitsune Burrow

Server Type: Survival
Key Features: Slimefun, Shops, Grief Prevention, Custom Mobs and Items, Jobs and RPG Skills, Resource World

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Blocksbreak Network

Blocksbreak Network is minecraft server located in Sri Lanka, We offer you latest minecraft gaming experiance. Join Now !!!!

-Vote Rewards
-and More !!!

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Ethereal Realms

Welcome to Ethereal Realms
Pick your race and join sides with your brethren in the RPG Style server! With Towny you can easily build vast Empires. Wage war with others of different races or even against your own race! War and Towny just not your thing that’s ok! Do Quests with our extensive and continuously growing quest lines or Become a merchant and open a shop! Sell your goods in the Auctionhouse to make quick profits! Have you ever wanted to learn Magic, In Ethereal Realms anything is possible!

Discord Invite:

Server IP:

– Towny
– mcMMO
– Quests
– Chestshop
– Auctionhouse
– Spells
– My Pets
– Jobs Reborn
– big door
– Slimefun
– Brewery


Rule 1.Use Common Sense at all times!Rule 2.No Racial or Sexual slurs at any time. This also includes Usernames!Rule 3.No Advertising other servers! This includes but is not limited to giving out ip’s on the server, server discord or anything to do with the server!Rule 4.Keep cussing to a minimum. Although cussing is allowed I do ask that everyone keeps it to a minimal for our younger audience!Rule 5.No Spamming. This includes CAPS, Repeated Messages, etc.Rule 6.No Hacking. Salwyrr, Lunar and other clients that add to the aesthics of the game are allowed. What is not allowed: XRay, Flight Hacks, Kill Aura or anything that gives an unfair advantage!Rule 7.No Sexual Conversation in the public chat! In order for any convo of this sort take it to a private chat and both users must be over 18!Rule 8.No gods are to be created with inappropiate names! These gods will be removed!Rule 9.Don’t use any exploits or bugs that may be caused throughout the server. We are working on getting these fixed don’t abuse them!Conclusion:This is not all of the rules but this is all of them for now. These rules most likely will be changed/added on too in the future depending on the servers needs! So the main Conclusion is be respectful, use common sense and just have fun and Everything will be alright!

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Mineshroom Minecraft Server

Mineshroom Minecraft Server

Version: 1.18+ | Number of slots: 30 IP:

The main goal of this server is to create a pleasant environment where you like to relax, relax or talk to people 🙂
We focus mainly on Survival enriched with Slimefun with a decent and reliable A-Team.
Here you will find a lot of gadgets that will enrich your game – Crates, ChestShop, Auctions, Jobs, Chairs, DeadChest, Dynmap, TreeAssist and many more!
If you want to take a break from Survival, you can try to complete some Quests, or visit our Minigames zone, where you can get full rewards.

Join us! We look forward to you 🙂

More information can be found on our Discord –

Earth Earthmap Econmomy Jobs Mcmmo Slimefun Survival Towny

A small village on Earth

Welcome to Viculus Earth! We are a brand new overhauled 1.18 Towny server using a 1:750 scale earth map. Our servers main features include an Earth map, Towny, Slimefun, Jobs, Economy, Mcmmo and much more! We also use a resource world for our players to grind xp/resources/money to preserve our main Earth map. (Resource world resets once a week)

Our earth map:

We use a play-time based ranking system. The more time you play on the server, the better rank you earn! Players gain new commands/perks every new rank. Our server also welcomes players from all platforms! You can join using Java, Bedrock or mobile!

Our dedicated staff work endlessly to provide a stable, active and fun community for all to enjoy! We pride ourselves on maintaining frequent updates to continue adding new content for our players.

Join our discord community for more information!

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Spikeycraft (1.18.2 Origins Mod-Free)

Spikeycraft Java 1.18.2 (Native 1.18.2), no mods
EULA compliant – No pay to win

Spikeycraft is a survival towny server filled to the brim with custom mobs, items, bosses, worlds, you name it! Dive into a universe of new perils, wonders, and advancement- or form a good old vanilla base, its your choice.

– Chunk based claiming
– Magic spells, equipment, progression
– Mobs and bosses with unique and creative designs
– Custom generated Overworld, Nether, End and new planets+moons
– Dozens of fish and crops
– Furniture, custom blocks, decorative heads
– Server, npc, and player shops

– Over 200 new plants

– Updates A LOT

– Active staff that actually takes suggestions for addons